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Volume 3, Issue 1, Summer and Autumn , Page Prevention of Proteus mirabilis Biofilm by Surfactant Solution. Periodontal disease. Decrease tissue fluid by decompression of blood vessel. Volume 12, Issue 1, Winter and Spring , Page

رسائل ماجستير ،رسائل دكتوراة في الرياضيات.pdf

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كليشة الختبارات لعام 1439 بصيغة pdf. The perception of women attending Tanta M.

Self-administration and Reliability of Computerized Neurobehavioral Tests among Egyptian Pesticide Workers. Volume 37, Issue 2, Spring , Page ​ seoauditing.ru › seoauditing.ru › posts. Youssef Hamdi Ibrahim Happy Rahaf Nabil Yahya Abdelhamid Hamdi Kinda Yasser Adel Fares Ahmed Mohamed Adam Bassam. seoauditing.ru https://arabcode.​seoauditing.ru seoauditing.ru​app/جدول-اختبارات-منتصف-الفصل-الدراسي-الاول.html seoauditing.ru​app/التقويم-الدراسي-لعاموhtml. seoauditing.ru › 仰若水 › frappe.

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كليشة الختبارات لعام 1439 بصيغة pdf.

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  كليشة الختبارات لعام 1439 بصيغة pdf דפי עבודה past simple past progressive כיתה ח עם תשובות

كليشة الختبارات لعام 1439 بصيغة pdf

  كليشة الختبارات لعام 1439 بصيغة pdf

كليشة الختبارات لعام بصيغة pdf

  كليشة الختبارات لعام 1439 بصيغة pdf  

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كليشة الختبارات لعام 1439 بصيغة pdf

Effect of various feeding frequencies on growth performance and previously starved fingerlings and juveniles of African catfish Clarias gariepinus. Effect of feed, manure and their combination on the growth of Cyprinus carpio L. Effect of a rotifer and artemia on survival and growth performance of gilthead seabream Sparus aurata larvae. Assessment of Oreochromis aureus caught by different fishing techniques at Lake Borollus, Egypt.

Essential Heavy Metals. Effects of recreational scuba diving and snorkeling on coral reefs of the sheltered bays of the Red Sea, Egypt. Effect of drains on the distribution of zooplankton at the southeastern part of Lake Manzala, Egypt.

Impact of pollution on macroinvertebrates biodiversity in Ismailia Canal, Egypt. Reproductive biology of the musky octopus Eledone moschata Cephalopoda: Octopodidae in the eastern Mediterranean, Egypt. Volume 16, Issue 4, Summer , Page Biodiversity of meiobenthic invertebrates in Lake Bardawil, Egypt. An economic study of the production and consumption of fish in Yemen during the period Volume 13, Issue 13, Winter , Page The Lower Part of the Statue of Hotep no. Volume 33, January-March, Winter , Page Volume 33, April-June, Spring , Page Calypso Yellow.

Volume 33, July-September, Summer , Page Volume 33, October-December, Autumn , Page Chemical Weed Control in Sugar Beet. Lumbar disc surgery in pediatric population, Is it a special entity distinct from adult? A Review of 29 Cases. Report of 14 Cases. Extraforaminal Intraradicular Disc Herniation. Case Report. Is Anterior Platting Necessary?

Atlantoaxial Rotatory Fixation in Children. A Series of 22 Patients. A Series of 86 Cases. Injury of the Synchondrosis of the Dens. A Personal Experience of 15 Consecutive Cases. Cervical Facet Dislocations. Clinical and Radiological Outcome. Effect of Carob and ginger herbs on induced nephrotoxicity in rats.

Influence of Sage Salvia Officinalis L. Role of nutrition in mental health among students from University of Assiut. Study the impact of sweet basil extracts Ocimum basilicum to reduce blood cholesterol. View Article PDF 4. Hepatoprotective effects of marjoram Origanum marjorana L. The preparation of healthy low calorie ice milk containing green coffee and Stevia. Central Nuclear Pharmacy, Our lost Treasure. View Article PDF 5. View Article PDF 6. View Article PDF 7.

View Article PDF 8. Volume 46, Issue 2, September , Page Volume 23, Issue 1-A, June , Page Volume 23, Issue 2-A, December , Page Synthesis of multifunctional acrylate monomers MFAMs and their applications.

Volume 23, Issue 2-C, December , Page Volume 2, Issue 1, Winter and Spring , Page Volume 2, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn , Page Volume 4, Issue 1, Summer and Autumn , Page A survey on parasites infecting mullets from Egypt and Libya. Some factors affecting metacercarial infections in Oreochromis niloticus collected from brackish water, Ismailia, Egypt. Determination of some rheological properties of cow manure using a shear vane.

Natural diet of the moon crab, Ashtoret miersii Henderson, collected from the southeast cost of India. Ecological studies of Aulacaspis tubercularis Diaspididae: Hemiptera and its nat-ural enemies infesting mango trees in Sharkia Governorate, Egypt. Comparative annual analysis of the inspected armored, soft scales and mealybugs Hemiptera: Coccoidea populations on Hedera canariensis in Alexandria , Egypt. Ecological studies on the common white mealybug, Icerya seychellarum seychellarum Hemiptera : Monophlebidae associated with Dodonia viscosa in Alexandria, Egypt.

Some ecological aspects of Kilifia acuminata Hemiptera : Coccidae and its para-sitoids on mango trees at Sharkia Governorate, Egypt. Population dynamics and control of masked scale , Mycetaspis personata Hemiptera: Diaspididae infesting Ficus nitida hawaii in Alexandria, Egypt.

Parasitoids and predators associated with scale insects and mealybugs Hemiptera: Coccoidea on fruit trees at coastal area in Egyptian western desert.

Seasonal activity of the red-striped soft scale insect, Pulvinaria tenuivalvata Hemiptera:Coccidae infesting sugarcane fields at Qena, Egypt. The protective effects of ginseng plant extract ginsana and garlic powder against the bad effects of lambda-cyhalothrin insecticide on kidneys of female rats.

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Effect of Trifolium alexandrinum extracts on the kidneys of diabetic rats: Biochemical and histological study. Possible protection of Vitamin E and Alpha-lipoic acid against early changes in alloxan diabetic rats. Histological and histochemical study of effects of arsenic on the liver of adult male rabbits. Studies of the Genotoxic and Histopathological effects of the Organophosphorous insecticide 'Profenofos' on white rats. Pilonidal disease simple pathogenesis but complex management.

Volume 27, Issue 1, Spring , Page Aspergillus fumigatus and Cylindrocarpon candidum fungi induced apoptosis in HepG 2 cell line through activation of caspases enzymes. Lipids and oxidative stress in blood serum of alloxan-induced diabetic rats: possible effects on liver and kidney tissues. Evaluation of the synergistic effect of danazol and radiation exposure on some biochemical functions in female albino rats.

The protective effect of L-tryptophan versus alpha lipoic acid against L-arginine-induced experimental acute pancreatitis in albino rats. Cytogenetic Study in Couples with Recurrent Miscarriage.

Epistaxis Management. Volume 26, Issue 1, Winter , Page Response of Pepper Plants Capsicum annuum L. Conservation of Acacia tortilis subsp. Response of Faba Bean Vicia faba L. Micropropagation of Pelargonium sidoides. Isolation and Culture of Pineapple Ananas comnosus Protoplast. Characterization of Date Palm Phoenix dactylifera L.

Hook f. Volume 4, Issue 1, Winter and Spring , Page Volume 4, Issue 2, Summer and Autumn , Page Volume 37, Issue 1, Winter , Page View Article PDF 9. Trans-Thoracic Echocardiography patienteducation aub. All rights reserved. What is Trans-Thoracic Echocardiography? Trans-thoracic echocardiography TTE ,. Its our pleasure to inform you about Alfurat school our awesome activity day next Thursday, which is going to be about Practicing.

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Info Info Dr-Ahmed. Chapter 1: II. Zain Broadband Thank you for choosing Zain Broadband. Aim to shape apical 3rd of theroot: a widening apex. Small caries confined to enamel: A. Preventive measure. Amalgam feeling. Keep under observation. In enamel caries passing half of enamel: A. Leave it. Radicular cyst b.

Odontogenic keratocyst c. Dentigerous cyst d. Periodontal cyst. Dentegerous cyst. Mounted stone. Coarse diamond point. Daimond bur f. Matrix band with no additional finish c. A necessity for any dental restorative material is its ability to take and maintain a smooth surface finish.

Composite resin restorative materials with fillers and matrix of differing hardness are difficult to finish and polish. The use of aluminum trioxide discs is a popular and acceptable method of finishing composite restorative materials where the material is accessible.

Burs and stones are used for finishing and polishing inaccessible areas. This study was undertaken to compare the surface finish of composite resin restorative material when finished with white stones, superfine diamond burs and aluminum trioxide discs.

The finished surface was measured with a profilometer and the roughness average value used to compare the surfaces. The aluminum trioxide discs gave the best and most consistent results. It was possible to attain similar results with the superfine diamond bur.

However, the results were highly variable. None of the methods used achieved the smoothness of composite resin cured against a transparent matrix. Supra erupted tooth can be treated by: a.

Ortho intrusion b. Extraction c. Crowning after endo d. All the above d. Incremental lines of Retzius B. Perikymata C. Imbrication lines of Pickerill D. He came back to the clinic next day complaining of un comfort with the denture. After u re check ,no pain, good occlusion, good pronunciations , but u notice beginning of inflammation in the gum and outer margins of the lips , u will think this is due to: A. Vit-B deficiency.

Sclero edema. During speech or swallowing or opening the mouth just glossitis Angular Cheilitis and discomfort increasing while day : A.

Vitamin B deficiency. The periodontal tissues comprise which of the following tissues: a. Gingiva and the PDL. Gingival, PDL, and alveolar bone. Gingival, PDL, alveolar bone, and cementum. Gingival, PDL, alveolar bone, cementum, and enamel. The periodontium comprise which of the following tissues: e. Periodontal ligament PDL. Alveolar bone. The following chemically bonds to the tooth: a. Composite resin. Dental sealants. Glass ionomer cement. All of the above.

In countries with higher annual population growth rates, the need for community — based preventive programs would be greater for: a. Dental caries. Periodontal disease. Dentofacial anomalies. Dental fluorosis. Mild hyperglycemia. Anti hypertensive drugs with ganglionic blocking agent.

Anti depressant therapy. Oxford Handbook of Clinical Dentistry — 4th Ed. Vaso-vagal shock. Loss of consciousness,most frequent cause: a. CO2 increase. Orthognathic ridge relationship class II presents several problems which should be taken into consideration when constructing complete denture prosthesis. These include all except: a. Require minimum interocclusal distance.

Have a great range of jaw movement. Require careful occlusion, usually cuspless teeth are indicated. Orthognathic Ridge Relationship: Class II or retrognathic : is usually difficult as the patient looks toothy, often holds the mandible forward to improve appearance with subsequent TMJ problems, usually have a great range of jaw movements in function, require careful occlusion, and usually needs a large interocclusal distance.

Class III jaw relation in edentulous Pt. It will affect size of maxillary teeth. Affect retention of lower denture. Affect esthetic and arrangement of maxillary denture. Planning centric occlusion for complete denture, it is advisable to have: a. Definite tooth contact of upper and lower anterior teeth in order to facilitate the use of anterior teeth for incision.

The posterior extension of maxillary complete denture can be detected by the followings except: a. Hamular notch. Fovea palatine. Vibrating line. The distal palatal termination of the maxillary complete denture base is dictated by the: a. Maxillary tori. Posterior palatal seal.

Vibrating line: a. Between mobile and non mobile soft tissues. Oral surgeon put his finger on the nose of the patient and the patient asked to blow. This done to check: a. Presented after insertion of complete denture complaining of dysphagia and ulcers what is the cause of dysphagia?

Posterior over extension at distal palatal end. Over extension of lingual. Over extension of hamular notch. Nausea is a complaint that a new denture wearer might encounter. Thick posterior border.

Denture under extended. Denture slightly over extended. After insertion of complete denture, Pt. High vertical dimension. Low vertical dimension. Thick denture base. Over extended denture base. Dental Decks — page Most common complete denture post insertion complaint after 24 hrs. Overextension causing laceration. Which palatal form is more retentive and offers better stability to complete denture: a.

V shaped. Wide palate. U shaped. Flat palate. All relate to retention of maxillary complete denture except: a. Tongue movement. Type of saliva. We can use for palatal posterior seal: 1. Le jao carver. Kingsley scraper. The most frequent cause of failure of a cast crown restoration is: a. Failure to extend the crown preparation adequately into the gingival sulcus.

Lack of attention in carving occlusal anatomy of the tooth. Lack of attention to tooth shape, position, and contacts. Lack of prominent cusps, deep sulcus, and marginal ridges.

An examination of the edentulous mouth of an aged Pt. Cystic degeneration of the foramina of the anterior palatine nerve. Loss of osseous structure in the anterior maxillary arch.

Flabby ridge tissue in the posterior maxillary arch. Insufficient interocclusal distance. Dental decks — page Occurs clearly in excess of normal expectancy. Is habitually present in human population. Affect large number of countries simultaneously. Exhibit a seasonal pattern. The Pt. Antibiotics are synergistic to steroids. Antibiotics inhibit herksheimer reaction.

Antibiotics protect the Pt. The post operative complication after the removal of impacted third molar is: a. Secondary hemorrhage. Alveolar osteitis. If the oral tissues are inflamed and traumatized, impression for making a new denture: a.

Should be started immediately in order to prevent further deterioration. The occlusion of the existing denture is adjusted, and tissue condition material is applied, and periodically replaced until the tissues are recovered, then making impression takes place. All of the above are correct. Polyether impression materials: a. Are less stable dimensionally than polysulfide rubber.

Are less stiff than polysulfide rubber. Can absorb water and swell if stored in water. The indication for the use of lingual plate major connector includes: a. For the purpose of retention. When the lingual frenum is high or when there is a shallow lingual sulcus. To prevent the movement of mandibular anterior teeth. Lingual plate: a. Shallow sulcus. Mobile anterior teeth. Deep sulcus. All of above.

Dental decks Lingual bar contraindication except : a- shallow lingual sulcus. Lingual bar indication: a- short lingual frenum. In class I partially edentulous lower arch, selection of major connector depends on: a. Height of lingual attachment. Mandibular tori. Periodontal condition of remaining teeth. An anterior fixed partial denture is contraindicated when: a. Abutment teeth are not carious.

An abutment tooth is inclined 15 degrees but otherwise sound. There is considerable resorption of the residual ridges. Crown of the abutment teeth are extremely long owing to gingival recession. In registering the vertical dimension of occlusion for the edentulous patient. The physiological rest dimension: a. Equals the vertical dimension of occlusion. May be exceeded if the appearance of the patient is enhanced.

Is of little importance as it is subject to variations. Must always be greater than vertical dimension of occlusion. Three weeks after delivery of a unilateral distal extension mandibular removable partial denture, a Pt. Defective occlusion. Exposed dentine at the bottom of the occlusal rest seats.

Galvanic action between the framework and an amalgam restoration in the abutment tooth. It is treated by: a. Immediate surgical removal. Instruct Pt. Reassure Pt. Examination of residual ridge for edentulous Pt. Upon examination of alveolar ridge of elderly Pt. Management: a. Minor surgery is needed. Inform the Pt. Special impression technique is required.

In recording man-max relation, the best material used without producing pressure is: a. Bite registration paste. The posterior seal in the upper complete denture serves the following functions: a.

It reduces pt. Retention of the maxillary denture. It compensates for dimensional changes which occur in the acrylic denture base during processing. Function of post dam: PPS a. Prevents tongue from palate touch increase comfort. In recording jaw relation, best to use: a. Occlusal rim with record base.

Occlusal rim with base wax. Occlusal rim with nacial frame. Radial fissure. Tapered fissure. The goal of construction of occlusion rims is: 1. To obtain the protrusive condylar guidance.

To obtain the lateral condylar posts and incisal guide. A temporary form representing the base of a denture which is used for making maxillo-manibular jaw relative record for arranging teeth or for trail insertion in the mouth is: 1. Bite rims.

Custom tray. Set up. Base plate. To recheck centric relation in complete denture: a. Ask Pt. To wet his lip and tongue. Recent years, there has been an evidence that the prevalence and intensity of the caries attack has been diminished in the more economically developed countries, mainly because of the wide spread use of: a.

Artificial water fluoridation. Fluoride toothpaste. Dental health education programs. Cost effective method to prevent dental caries: water fluoridation. In recent years, caries reduced in developed countries mainly due to: a. Water fluoridation. Individualized oral hygiene care. In terms of caries prevention, the most effective and most cost effective method is: a. Community based programs. Individually based programs. Private based programs.

The effects of natural fluoride versus added fluoride in reducing dental caries as it relates to the concentration are: a. The same. When does child should be first exposed for using tooth brush: a.

As eruption of first tooth. One year old. Two years old. Primary school year. When a child must first exposed to the use of the tooth brush: a- Of age of 2 years. Parents should supervise brushing up to at least 7 yrs of age to avoid over-ingestion of toothpaste and ensure adequate plaque removal. When tooth paste is used, the child is advised: a- not swallow. Fluoridated toothpaste for 3 years child is: a.

Not recommended. Non of above. Teeth already calcified. Calcium in the mouth counter. Mentally ill child, the best way to apply fluoride: a. Acidulated phosphate fluoride. Natural sodium fluoride.

Fluoride varnish. Stannous fluoride. Fluoride decreases dental caries by remineralization of enamel: a. Person drinking fluoridated water, using toothbrush with fluoride, rinsing with fluoride mouthwash, then no need to put pit and fissure sealants in his permanent teeth: a. Dental fluorosis: a. Is indicative of systemic fluorosis. Can be contracted at any age. Becomes less noticeable with age. Is reversible.

Is largely preventable. Fluorides are most anticaries effective when: a. Incorporated in the tooth enamel.

Present in the blood stream. Present in the plaque and tissue fluids bathing the newly erupted tooth. Present in the ingested foods. Present on the intraoral mucous membranes. Fluoride is not taken up systemically from which of the following sources: a. Topical applications of fluoride. Fluoride reduces caries activity by: a. Reduces bacterial adhesion and carbohydrate storage antimicrobial activity. Enhances the precipitation of insoluble fluoroapitite into the tooth structure.

Fluoride enhances remineralization of the noncavitated carious lesions. Communities with high annual population growth need education about: a. Perio disease. Optima water fluoridation: a Optima water fluoridation: a 0. Actual destruction of micro-organisms in the root canal is attributed mainly to: a.

Proper antibiotic thereby. Effective use of medicament. Mechanical preparation and irrigation of the canal. None of the above. The most probable diagnosis is: a. Reversible pulpitis. Irreversible pulpitis. Acute apical periodontitis. During post insertion examination of a 3 unit ceramometal fixed partial denture. One of the retainers showed chipping of porcelain at the ceramometal junction. In order to avoid the problem the dentist must: a. Reduce the metal to 0. Have uniform porcelain thickness.

Have occlusion on metal. Keep porcelain metal junction away from centric contacts. What is a Pier abutment? Single tooth holding one pontic. A tooth that supports a removable partial denture. Which are the ways in which the proximal contacts can be checked? Use a pencil. Use a shim stock. Use a silicone checker. Use a dental floss. The incisal reduction for a metal ceramic restoration should be: a. The occlusal reduction for an all metal veneer crown should: a. Be as flat as possible to enable an easy fabrication of occlusion anatomy.

Follow the occlusal morphology with a clearance rating from 1 to 1. Follow the occlusal morphology with a clearance of no more than 0. Be the last step in the tooth preparation. Gingival retraction is done: a. To temporarily expose the finish margin of a preparation.

To accurately record the finish margin of a portion of uncut tooth surface apical to the margin in the final impression. Even in the presence of a gingival inflammation. By various methods but the most common one is the use of retraction cord. Regarding tissue retraction around tooth: a. Short duration of retraction of gingival margin during preparation of finishing line.

Retraction of gingival margin during taking final impression to take all details of unprepared finish line. Usually retracted severely inflamed gingival margin. Retraction of gingival margin can be done by many ways one of them is retraction cord.

Loose enamel rods at the gingival floor of a class II amalgam cavity should be removed using : a. Straight chisel. Gingival curetla. Gingival marginal trimmer.

Dental Decks — page Art and science of operative dentistry — page Hand instrument which we used to make internal angles retentive grooves and preparation of cavity walls in the cavity is: a. Angle former. File d. Enamel hatched. What is the cavo-surface angle of prep. To provide maximum strength of amalgam restoration the cavo-surface angles should: 1.

Approach 75 with outer surface. Approach 90 with outer surface. Be supported by sound dentine. Be located in area free of occlusal stress. Which of the following materials has been shown to simulate reparative dentine formation most effectively when applied to the pulpal wall of a very deep cavity: a. Copalite varnish. Calcium hydroxide preparation. Zinc phosphate cement. Anhydrous class inomer cement. Calcium hydroxide is best pulp capping material because: 1.

It has best seal over pulp. It induces reparation dentine formation. The most accurate impression material for making the impression of an onlay cavity: a. Impression compound. Condensation type silicone.