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On paper the girls have nothing in common; however, they form a bond over their shared shoplifting habit. And can we talk about the whip-smart dialogue?! One of the lead characters, Lilith, is out as bisexual and is at the centre of a few queer storylines. Angst and a perfect face are the only two requirements needed and he checks both off.

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تحميل مسلسل when we were young. Both have since competed and placed multiple times in bodybuilding competitions.

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Viu is the best Drama & Movie app for Indonesians, Malaysians, Burmese and audiences in the Middle East and South Africa! You can stream & download your​. seoauditing.ru › adele-when-we-were-young-|-joe-woolfor.  تحميل مسلسل when we were young seoauditing.ru › title. Cast & Crew · Awards · Reviews & Commentary · Did You Know? · Storyline · Details · Related News · Contribute to this page. Reader Q&A. To ask other readers questions about We Hunt the Flame, please sign up. How many books in the series? 29 likes · Shelves: releases, read-in, fiction, ya-sff, young-adult, own-voices, poc-rep. I thought UPDATE: if you're in need of a glossary and pronunciation guide, look no further! ______. Lead source for cancelled and renewed TV show news + ratings since Referenced by NY Times, LA Times, USA Today, ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, BBC, PBS. 

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تحميل مسلسل when we were young

In fact, he could have been backspaced from the book and the story would have remained more or less intact. I suspect the passiveness was borne of a desire not to make Nasir unlikable, and not to risk having to deal with any conflict between him and Zafira, or indeed ask any difficult questions about the nature of dictatorship. This book feels oddly hesitant; it is afraid to humanise its villains, even though dehumanising our enemies is always extremely fucking dangerous, no matter how detestable we may believe them to be.

And because it refuses to dig into the politics of its world, we are left with no idea how this system operates and where Nasir really stands within it or indeed how he benefits from it.

It just expects us to believe that, after being relentlessly subjugated by a dictator who has put no systems in place to protect his position, the people of Arawiya would not even consider an uprising. Of course, all of this transpires in the midst of an endless, fucking endless desert, and a trickling plot that is paced in such a way as to lull the reader to sleep, then give them whiplash. In planning this review, I searched around for texts that nail slow pacing as a tool for building tension.

But the example I want to use might be…jarring. Just hear me out. I said hear me out is a masterclass in using every available tool to make slow pacing work for a story. The Shining is discussed in a variety of thematic contexts, but my interpretation of it was as a detailed examination of an abusive marriage.

When he realises that cheating will get him into trouble, she suddenly becomes grotesque to him. The film starts with Wendy discussing an incident in which Jack drunkenly injured his own son Danny, which Wendy, as a subjugated wife, then makes excuses for.

Every scene in The Shining , no matter how slow or quiet, serves more than one character or plot related purpose. This multitasking narrative is exactly why the movie works: it keeps its multiple threads taut, and every scene imparts several significant pieces of information that keep the viewer engaged. An example of this is the scene where Jack interviews with the owner of the Overlook hotel.

The story of the previous caretaker throbs, not only because of what we already know about Jack, but because of his forced mildness, his overblown interest in the hotel, and the way he slumps in his chair as if he already belongs there. Another example is the hedge maze scene.

We see Wendy and Danny struggle to escape from the maze, which we know will be a point of conflict later. We see Jack standing over a small model of the maze, which positions him as a vengeful godlike figure, looming over his wife and child and throwing them into his all-encompassing shadow.

He controls the hotel, as he controls them, and the maze they are escaping from is his toxic influence. They hone in on one character, or one small plot point, and moon over it while everything else is dumped at the wayside. This is also the reason why, after so much wandering in the desert, I had forgotten where we were going and what we were looking for, and who the hell the lion of the night was.

The narrative crawls along, stacking one block at a time, and then expects the reader to be excited about something that was briefly touched on once at the very beginning of the book. Some threads are also completely dropped, namely the Arz and the danger surrounding Sharr.

Our characters build these regions up to be inescapable prisons of death, but they traverse them with ease and without the appropriate equipment for survival in harsh climates. However, the Arz is conveniently magically removed before she and Deen are due to cross it to reach Sharr. Why include the Arz at all if it has no bearing whatsoever on the plot? Continued below View all 10 comments. Oct 30, Kerri rated it it was amazing. View 1 comment. May Owlcrate Box! Click on the link below my picture to see all of the goodies!

View all 8 comments. Book: I'm a cross-dressing fantasy epic with stolen artifacts and Middle Eastern influences Me: Cool, that sounds amazing. Book: Also, there's going to be an enemies to lovers romance where the prince is probably going to try to kill her at some point. View all 12 comments. I wanted to love the book but I couldn't. I liked this book though and I did not regret spending my free time by reading this book. The writing style in this book was pretty and I liked it and I also loved that this book made me open dictionary a lot because of the vocabularies that I didn't know because that way I could increase my knowledge about vocabularies!

I think this is the kind of slow pacing that does not make you feel bored because in that moment you also get to know the characters and all the things that happen are also interesting to know. The characters were also pretty good. They weren't boring at all especially Altair. He's pretty funny and made me laugh and roll my eyes a few times and I loved Benyamin!

I have massive respect for this guy. He's my favorite character in this book. But the main characters, Zafira and Nasir, I don't know what to say about them. Zafira didn't annoy me but she's also not my favorite character.

She's just On the other hand, Nasir quite annoyed me. I both understood and didn't understand him. Does that even make sense? To my delight, it was slow burn and enemies to lovers kind of romance. It lacked romance spark or intensity or whatever it was that could make me squeal or melt my icy heart.

I initially thought that there was a love triangle but thankfully it's not. So if you're like me, that you avoid books that have a love triangle, then don't worry! I liked this book but not enough to want to continue reading the sequel. Thank you for reading and liking this review.

I appreciate so much and hope you all have an amazing day! It sounds good and intriguing. I'm also in the mood to read a fantasy book and I'm ecstatic to start reading it! And did like it? Or do you plan to read it? View all 22 comments. Nov 12, Nilufer Ozmekik rated it liked it. Oh here we go again! Or not! Amazing cover and a great plot made my hands already glued to this book. I was so hopeful after the impressive start but then pace gets slower, my yawns get louder, frustration levels and consuming wine glasses with fewer sips ratios get higher.

Second thing about the book made me cut my points, the unlikeable characters! Zafira is mediocre, a little dull heroine, not my kind of energizing, witty, powerful, good-hearted character.

And Nasir is totally my kind of irritating, deserving more punches of mine he can chew type assholish hero! Interestingly the supporting characters are more enjoyable, connectable. Without Altair, I could even give two stars to this book but he stole my heart with his smartass comments. At some parts of the book, he made me laugh so hard that my husband thought I was choking so he tried Heimlich maneuver on me. And of course wise, experienced, fascinating philosopher Benyamin is well-rounded, truthful, loyal, respectful character.

Something was missing at those parts. There is quite balance between boredom and rekindling the attention. So as a result, it could be so much better book for me if at least the romance or characterization parts work so well, I can even handle the slow pacing.

View 2 comments. May 03, Layla rated it liked it. There were of course things that weren't my favorite, but I do think that this was quite enjoyable for the most part, if nothing else, there is that. Zafira bint Iskandar a huntress, known as The Hunter, as she keeps her identity a secret due to the prejudices against women in her caliphate, is the only person able to navigate the Arz, the evil forest surrounding the land, and hunt for food for her people, who would otherwise starve due to the climate of that area.

But if her identity as a woman is exposed, she fears that she would be targeted or her accomplishments disregarded. The Kingdom of Arawiya, inspired by ancient Arabia, has fallen to a curse, when the ruling sisters, who I believe are sorceresses of some sort, disappear.

Each caliphate has a different curse. One day, after a trip in the Arz, Zafira gets intercepted by the Sultan's assassin's, who claim the Sultan requests a meeting, and they are there to take her. She leads them into the Arz, and runs away.

That day, she is recruited by a witch who claims that she could be able to restore magic to the lands of Arawiya, if she embarks on a journey, to retrieve the Jawarat, which is in the heart of the Sharr. In her journey, she crosses paths with Nasir, who is on that same journey, but with different motives. Nasir Ghameq, a prince, the son of the Sultan, is a trained Hashashin assassin who eliminates his father's enemies, or anyone that would dare rise against his rule and the unjust rules that he has set.

He is sent on that same journey to follow the Hunter and then, once the Hunter finds the Jawarat, to kill him, and give that treasure to his father. But when things start to go off track, Zafira and Nasir, along with Nasir's companion, Altair, and Benyamin and Kifah, two other travelers they come across, end up teaming up. It is pretty tropey and predictable in certain areas to be honest. Not much caught me off guard, and at times I felt as if it was following a certain formula, not to mention, it took me a bit of time to push past the beginning.

But overall, I thought it was enjoyable once things took off. It was interesting and the story is one that I am really excited to continue.

I do wish there was a bit more, but I did think that it did take it's time to build this world. It was especially interesting that it is Arabian, which is not something I have read before. Plus the twist of magic, which I do hope it takes more time in the next book developing that aspect of things.

It is balanced in all aspects in which I consider essential to writing. It didn't overdo it with the flourish, but it also wasn't dull. I have no complains in those terms. BUT, the Arabic. Oh my God, that aspect killed me. For two reasons. One, there are no footnotes. I cannot stress this enough, if you are incorporating a language that is not in the one you are writing the story in, add footnotes where you add a translation the first time that word is mentioned.

It's not like the majority of the people reading the book are Arabic speakers. While the glossary and pronunciation guide on Faizsal's website was very helpful, if that was what they were going for, and they didn't want to add footnotes, the bare minimum would have been to add that guide in the back of the book. The online version is not accessible to everyone and it's existence in general is not known to everyone who reads the book.

Second, while I talk about how annoying it may be for someone who doesn't speak that language, I do, and even I didn't know some of the words. I am fluent in Arabic, and I don't think this is a matter of dialect difference. At least I don't think so.

Words were used incorrectly. And I don't mean to nitpick, or bash the author, that is never my intent, but that is something that hindered my enjoyment. Here are some examples what I say is by no means a concrete statement or fact. So shit. But the way it is used in this book, not the curse word shit.

You can't say "Oh kharra" or "kharra, I forgot my wallet". There are different variations of kharra that can be used to curse, but the way it uses it in this book is not it. But bloody, as in a lot of blood.

Not the slang word that people use to say "Bloody Hell". I'm pretty sure it's an already known fact to most that when it comes to adjectives, most languages have a feminine and masculine version of the word. And when it comes to a lot of the words in general, even inanimate objects are gendered. Not meaning they are literally one of the gender binaries, obviously they cannot be, but the way the word is structured is so.

The masculine version of the adjective being the default a lot of the time. So, I believe, when you are speaking in a gender neutral way, that is what you would use. This was a really confusing explanation of something that I myself do not completely understand, so I hope that the wording and explanation made at least a little bit of sense.

A concept in itself. Strong, determined, and most importantly it doesn't stress that she isn't like other girls, which, just the fact that I consider that a positive, really shows you how low the bar was. I do hope we get more depth from her in the next book and see her opening up a little more to others, because her character does kind of lack. Nasir He emits a lot of angst and is described as good looking. Which makes him the perfect YA love interest.

Angst and a perfect face are the only two requirements needed and he checks both off. Nasir is chained to the commands of his father. But he opposes all in which the Sultan stands for, and is someone that has good intentions and hopes when it comes down to it, that he is unable to fulfil or express. He is presented as rather stoic and doesn't let people in.

He is very strategic with the way he carries himself and what he gives away. I didn't connect with him as much as Zafira, but I do really want to see development on his part and see if that aspect is dealt with correctly.

Altair Unpopular opinion, but I didn't like him. He was too cocky and I was annoyed at him whenever he spoke. Plus I didn't care about him. The persona he put on was not for me. Comedic reliefs can either be done really well, or they can unfortunately fall short. Benyamin Didn't care about him either, but he's not a bad character, I think he is okay. He's supposed to be more or less the mom of the group and the voice of reason and wisdom.

He has a purpose. But he was a side character, that was I've always gravitated towards the side characters, but this is an instance where I can say that wasn't really the case. Kifah She has a lot of potential. She is feisty and skilled, and a lot can be done with her character. The Sultan I think I lost all faith in humanity when I realized that one of the villains' last name literally translates to Dark or Darkness.

And Nasir, his son, who people call the Prince of Death and is an assassin, also has that same last name, so my disappointment applies there too. It's a bit on the nose, ain't it? Yasmine That ending left me really excited to see what her character will bring to the table. All throughout the book we see her as the best friend, but the end has a lot of the potential to elevate her character.

Yasmine's brother "I hate to say it, I hope I don't sound ridiculous, I don't know who this man is. I mean he could be walking down the street, and I wouldn't know a thing. Sorry to this man. That's how pathetic his presence was. His entire character was so predictable, and I'm sorry, I do not care.

There wasn't enough build up or bonding. It felt rather shallow and forced for the sake of the enemies to lovers story arc. I do think that their dynamic could work out very well once that foundation of their relationship is solidified. Final Thoughts: There were things I liked, and things I didn't. I was going to give this a higher rating and then I started writing down my thoughts and realized that there was just so much that I didn't realize I disliked while reading the book, but long term, once my thoughts were formed, stuck out.

I would recommend only to the right person. I can both see why one would love this, but also hate it. May 21, unknown pokemon rated it it was ok. Instagram rant on youtube I know, I read this book a week ago and I'm only writing this review just now. It's been all over booktwitter and I'm not even on it and everyone keeps talking about it. It hit the NYT Bestseller list already and the internet is buzzing with everyone's opinions about it.

So let me add another opinion. For those who live under a rock, We Hunt the Flame tells the story of this random Hunter who's apparently the best in all the land but not when an attractive soft boi is in sight and who has to retrieve some random book that will bring magic back to her world. A prince is sent to stop her, kill her and bring the book to the king who'll use the book for his own gain.

But these two obviously fall in love yada yada, do I need to say more? Yes, it's the plot of Throne of Glass. My thoughts, exactly. My main point of the review is this: We Hunt The Flame has nothing going for it once you dismiss the Arab rep. Now, let's delve into the less sympathetic part of this review; the rant. The brooding prince was boring. He was always being existential over nothing. He's so suddenly attracted to the MC only because of the 'she's not like other girls,' trope.

Just ew, honestly it's we're beyond that 'She's All That' crap. Basically, the characters were flat and didn't try to be more than the plastic archetypes than the writer started with.

She obviously doesn't know who they are and is just shoving romance down our throat to make sure we don't question their individuality and are too busy shipping them instead.

Everyone gets a straight love interest, it wouldn't be a 00s style YA without that. I'm not sure I understand how hard it is to add a non-straight or non-cisgender character.

The MC had some great potential but instead, she just 'disguises' herself as a man to have an easier life. I wish we could have seen her morph slowly into the persona she has created and maybe question her gender identity but that's a big no-no in a 00s inspired novel. So everyone's gonna be straight. Whatever bitch. The plot lack of suspense and the tension doesn't build, it feels boring from beginning to end and unimaginative.

The quest is a succession of flat events that left me from bored to straight up cold by the end of the book. I was frustrated and couldn't even bother to feign shock at the so-called plot-twists'.

The plot is bare because the worldbuilding and magic system isn't developed at all and we're not supposed to ask questions. In conclusion, We Hunt The Flame is as boring and banal as Wicked Saints was a couple of months ago, and I don't even know if I'm going keep reading new releases labelled under the YA fantasy genre anymore because honestly, they've all been a disappointment this year.

View all 19 comments. Decades ago when magic disappeared a curse fell on each of the caliphates of Arawiya and a dark and dangerous forest known as the Arz is slowly taking over the land. When a mysterious Silver Witch appears with the opportunity for Zafira to free magic, she knows that it is her lifes calling to save Arawiya from its curse.

Nasir, son of the tyrannical sultan who took over when magic vanished, also has a mission of his own. Travel to the accursed island of Sharr, find the Hunter and use them to retrieve the magic.

What I liked: I thought the writing was beautiful, the author is really good with descriptive writing and oh my word all the food talked about in this book had my mouth watering! The feminist themes were great and the emphasis on friendship and sibling bonds were outstanding.

I really loved Altair, I thought he was such a fun character and the ball of sunshine that this book needed. The UK addition has a glossary at the back with translations of the Arabic words and even a pronunciation guide where you can see exactly how to say the names correctly.

I thought that was cool. What I didn't like: During the first pages of the book I was very optimistic. I don't usually mind slow pacing especially if we get good world building and development. Majority of this book was very very slow. The plot only picks up finally in the last pages. Reading this felt like I was experiencing Deja Vu.

I'm serious. Everything felt so familiar until I realised that the plot was basically a combination of other big YA books. I am not saying the author copied from these books. It was just too familiar and felt like I was reading something else all over again. Yes we get plenty of history about the characters but they still felt one-dimensional and flat. There were these random scenes where the side characters would start sharing their pasts.

These scenes really came out of nowhere and didn't flow well. Zafira and Nasir are both sullen and grumpy types, and then we have these two jokers, who i guess is supposed to lighten up the crew, but their personalities were too similar it started to irk me.

They were basically the same person. The romance was a big no no from me. It had no bases, just a couple of heated looks and bam!! When he finally asked a genuine question about nutrition, Erin responded. Once she met his pit bull puppy, she knew she was hooked. Now, their favorite date nights are evenings spent working out in gyms.

Both have competed in several bodybuilding competitions and have qualified nationally. They've also coached more than 1, clients online.

They then would use some of the money to travel around the United States teaching fitness seminars. He also worked as a personal trainer on the side. The rest is history.

He says fitness plays an important role in their relationship because it helps him relieve stress. Their fitness accolades? Participation trophies and their banging bodies. These two have high energy, are competitive and are determined to do whatever it takes to be the last couple standing. We are not hesitant to see a goal and go for it full force. We work great together in real life, so I think in this competition, we will just keep doing what we do.

After only two and a half months of dating, Luther proposed on Christmas Eve, and they've been inseparable ever since. Fitness helps them navigate their lives with focus and intention. Luther handles the workout plans, while Kathy handles the food preparation. Their mantra is "two minds are better than one," and they are undoubtedly at their best when they work together. The way fitness encourages others to love themselves and inspires them to be honest in their pursuit of their goals has provided them a great sense of purpose as coaches.

Now, they work out together every chance they get. They have extensive travel schedules for work, so they're constantly training on the go, whether in the mountains, on the beach or in a hotel fitness room. Shay is in charge of cooking and bodybuilding workouts, while Kyle handles cross-training workouts and finds new activities for them to try. We are a triple threat because we are bringing the body, mind and spirit to this competition! She had been following his blog and sent him a message to let him know how much she appreciated his information about transforming your own life.

After messaging back and forth and one in-person meetup, Mat dropped his life in California and moved to Hawaii to be with Ash. Now, they've built their lives around yoga. They've opened two studios and traveled around the country leading training sessions, all while eating a strictly organic plant-based diet. They say their biggest asset for the competition is the self-mastery yoga has taught them. This is our lives. We know nothing else. We breathe and sweat fitness!

Even though he was there with other people, he knew he couldn't live with himself if he didn't introduce himself to her. The rest is history! I loved how all themes were developed equally, there wasn't too much of anything, everything was perfectly dosed. It revolves around the youthful rivalry of high school students during the year Romanized title. Broadcast Period. Cast - When We Were Young. Supporting Cast.

One is adopted and raised by a wealthy mom whereas the other is adopted by a single father. One twist of fate leads them switching identities while one suffers from amnesia and the other is using her sister identity to solve the mysteries around the cause of her sister disappearance and amnesia.

She starts working at a public relationships company, but unfortunately meets a difficult boss. When we were young Submit Corrections.

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Jordan Rodgers. Jordan Rodgers is a rising media star within sports and entertainment. He claims she couldn't stop staring at him, but she remembers thinking he was there with a sugar daddy. Now, they train together all the time, and he cooks for her every day.

Andy has competed in national bodybuilding competitions, and Christina is gearing up for her first show. We support each other. We fight for each other. We push each other. We motivate each other, and we lift each other up. We are consistent and loyal and true to ourselves and to each other. Together, we can do anything. She was living in Los Angeles at the time and had set the app to only show her potential matches within a mile radius, but the two happened to end up within each other's radii in Orange County on the same day.

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They think their superior athletic abilities will give them a leg up in the competition. We may not be the biggest couple, but people will find out quickly that we are not here to mess around. She was on the track team, and he was a coach. Don't worry, though: They didn't start dating until she was off the team!

After years of thinking he was a dork, Jaret's sense of humor finally won Christina over. His being jacked didn't hurt the situation either. Now, their days consist of training together while running their YouTube channel. Christina wouldn't mind if a portion of that money also went toward an engagement ring. Hometown: Columbus, OH Occupation: Online Coaches Relationship Status: Dating "We share a huge passion not only for fitness, but for helping others gain confidence through this lifestyle.

We're constantly learning and sharing new strategies to help each other and the people that we work with. When he finally asked a genuine question about nutrition, Erin responded. Once she met his pit bull puppy, she knew she was hooked. With the Emerald Chain out of the way, it looks like the threat in Star Trek: Discovery season 4 will be rather different this time out.

What happens when the villain is not actually any kind of living, breathing entity, but something else? How do you solve that problem? Could we be looking at something technological Discovery season 2's hostile AI, Control? We can expect Star Trek: Discovery season 4 to follow a similar structure to previous years, with each season based around a self-contained story arc, with just a few loose ends left untied.

That was definitely a choice on our part and will continue on our show. The presence in the trailer of a Federation official — possibly the president — who has a mix of human and Cardassian facial features suggests that those long-standing Deep Space Nine foes may be up for a comeback, this time in the Starfleet camp. Part of Starfleet's remit will be rebuilding a Federation that's a shadow of what it was years earlier.

And eventually — who knows when? North America. Please deactivate your ad blocker in order to see our subscription offer. The utter blandness of plot, character, and setting, bound together by the same tone of unremarkable narrative voice, makes for something completely interchangeable. Any of these authors could have written any of these books, and it's as though the only thing that got them published is their appeal to the untapped market. Shoving in exotic foods and drinks, throwing in foreign words and terms, using names and a setting that belongs to another culture does not stand for worldbuilding on its own.

I'm also looking for non-Eurocentric attitudes , speech patterns, motivations, conflicts, etc. The last thing I'm looking for is your Standard Fantasy Character Template--the standard comic relief, the standard misunderstood bad boy, the standard girl-trapped-in-a-man's-world. That's not to say such character tropes do not exist in the non-Eurocentric world, but that is to say the idea of a "mysterious and misunderstood bad boy" in an Arab-esque world would be veeeery different from the American ideal of your "mysterious and misunderstood bad boy".

What is considered "comical" to the American Tween should be vastly different from that of an Arab-analogue society. This book failed to capture these cultural differences in the very fibre of its world and characters. If it had succeeded, then perhaps the world would have been less bland and cliche than it currently stands. When it does try to go deeper into its worldbuilding, it becomes contrived. Take for instance the Caliphate of Demenhur, in which our main character lives. There are five caliphates in all of Arawiya, but only Demenhur is grossly discriminative towards women, banning them from any formal employment, etc.

If you're a community on the brink of starvation, tertiary luxuries such as ice cream would be the last thing you'll find. And this is what instigated their distrust and lack of confidence in women because Six Sisters were bad, all women are bad, get it?

Forget the leap in logic, this is a clear contrivance besides, as every caliphate, including theirs, acknowledges that the Six Sisters "disappeared" because they were off fighting a war with the so-called "Lion of the Night", who was wreaking havoc upon the world, and anyone with half a brain could've properly deduced that they fucken died, ya morons. Their belief that the sisters deliberately took magic away from everyone made no sense and was a poorly concocted way of having Zafira forced to pretend to be a man for half of the book.

The book tried to explain away the caliphate's misogyny as something that stemmed from the Sisters' perceived betrayal of Arawiya. They started hating and distrusting women ever since the Sisters disappeared, taking magic with them. The sad thing is, there was no reason for having Zafira pretend to be a man in the first place , other than to provide a marginally interesting twitter pitch.

There were moments where the author tries to portray Zafira suffering from some kind of internal turmoil and internalised discomfort hence making her forced disguise relevant in that it affects her character development whenever later on--after she had already revealed her true identity to the world--she faces the option of either wearing her cloak apparently the only thing that disguised her from being a woman or discarding it in favour of her true, uncovered self. But these moments of self-doubt were so scattered and random, and so oddly specific that it comes across as little more than an unfounded quirk.

Her self-consciousness and discomfort does not come across in any other form or situation, it's nothing but an inconsistent character trait and an--again--contrived one at that.

Don't take my word for it, I've come with receipts. Certainly not if your writing style and character development don't emulate Socratic level observations. It's not even pretentious, it's just plain embarrassing.

I get second-hand embarrassment from reading such prose. She's a teen, and you can argue all teens are melodramatic, but at least have the decency to be self-aware in your prose that your characters are shitty-ass drama queens instead of taking yourself and her!

The only consistent thing about the prose is in how simply terrible it is. This review has succinctly highlighted what was wrong with the use of foreign terms, but let me go further with some examples to illustrate my problem.

Like, I don't mind if you use non-English terms such as Umm for mother, Sultan for king, etc. But in the second, the expression skies is used also as an expression. The problem with this inconsistency speaks for itself.

Why use an English translation in some instances, and use Arabic terms in others? But sooq?? There is already a term for it, one that everyone is familiar with, one that will not change the essence of your scene, nor make your readers scratch their heads and lose immersion in the story while they google what it means. Ready for it? You're welcome. When reading a book, we already read it with the frame of mind that everything, including character dialogue, has been translated from its original language.

Throwing in foreign terms at random , without some kind of internal consistency of when to use a foreign term and when to use its English counterpart, is not world-building, it is gimmicky. It is here comes my broken record replaying itself a cheap, lazy way of giving the illusion of a world i. Changing the word elf to safi does not suddenly make this a culturally different story when you're literally using the same beats and tropes as any Eurocentric fantasy novel. Lord help me. It seems like the only Diverse Stories being published and hyped are those that still somehow cater to the Eurocentric safe zone of appeal, while managing to pretend to be diverse for brownie points.

But did she actively find it? Why not? We don't know. All we know is she was snatched , plucked out of thin air by the enemy half-ifrit dude Candle and The Flame flashbacks, anyone? I dunno, the environmental and atmospheric details of this land was poorly done, okay , she suddenly heard voices and then it leads the MC to the magical book she was looking for.

Did our characters actually have to do anything proactive to find this book? I won't even go into how absurd it was that the island was touted as being this all-dangerous, ungodly, beastly thing that would eat you alive, but then it turns out it was. They could defeat ifrit with a bloody blade, the were-hyenas were talked away, the giant rukh didn't do anything but fly overhead for descriptive points, yaa!

Tell me again why an entire army couldn't have been sent? Beats me. I'm out. This book has sucked enough of my soul. View all 23 comments. Tomoe Hotaru oq wrote: "The representation might of course not be satisfactory for many people of Arabic roots.

But I especially found it very interesting that you oq wrote: "The representation might of course not be satisfactory for many people of Arabic roots. But I especially found it very interesting that you claim the motivations are Eurocentric since I saw the exa It is a sign of toxic masculinity and misogyny which, although occurs in Arabic society, is again not unique nor an indicator of their "culture".

I'm not going to write the book for the author. It's her job to find out what the general Arabic mindset, sense of humour, romantic banter, etc. I have no particular "wish" regarding which part of what she needs to convey.

It all combines into a whole, and the author has already failed from the fundamentals. The world lies in shades of grey. Good people perpetuate and even believe in harmful ideologies Some in higher degrees, others in lesser. This is reflected in the way they view and talk about things, how they interact with people, and yes, also their drive and motivation. I have to deal with these kinds of daily interaction non stop, from close friends, family, colleagues, everyone.

So when every bad guy in your book is a misogynistic murderer, and every good guy is a woke liberal, you have failed to portray what a real society looks like, especially when you claim to have an Arab-inspired setting, where people's ideology of what a "good" society is vastly differs from the Eurocentric ideal of a "good" society. There are plenty of other books out there that has made a better portrayal of Arab-esque culture and characters.

A good writer should be able to portray and address issues like this in a realistic way, which this book did not.

If all your characters in your supposed Arabesque-world sound, behave, and think far more like a 21st century American tween rather than like any one of my Middle Eastern friends or family members who live in an actual oppressive society, then you've done a poor job of it. Hiba I just wanna know if you are arab or not. Shelves: diaspora , m-f-romance , middle-eastern-author , middle-eastern-mc , releases , absolute-favourites , author-is-ownvoices , historical-fantasy.

October 30, We Hunt The Flame burns brightly in passion and fierceness to prove, to live, and to save those you love—including oneself—from the dangers seeping in through oppression and tyranny at the hands of a ruler, at the hands of a father, at the hands of a cursed cold choking one's house. With years of political powerplay acting as a spark to ignite a war and with a curse that's slowing seeping an eternal winter into the kingdom, Zafira —the Hunter—sails on a quest to search for an artifact that can possibly bring back the lost magic to this kingdom, and Nasir —the assassin—is tasked to retract the same but also, kill the Hunter.

And so it commences: a journey filled with threats, monsters, and forced companionship. Acquaintances lost and acquaintances found, the bonds gradually strengthen through distress and faith to form a squad—the zumra. On a land that shines brightly under the glaring sun and darkens under the starry night, emotions rise like the smoke from a scorching bonfire , feelings that can't be phrased but can be seen through the protective stance, the sassy exchanges, the rebellious decisions, and the tip of a blade on one's throat.

Set in ancient Arabia, the worldbuilding transports with ease and the lyrical writing soulfully infuses the story with culture and language. An intense romance simmering like a delicacy you wish to devour but can only wait for, and an equally intense portrayal of how parents, expectations, and responsibilities can hammer someone. Those Arabic words, that world building, these characters I can't stop thinking about, the self-love search, the romance through dual pov, the banter, that ending which makes me need the next book, We Free The Stars , and the beautifully lyrical writing.

Full review to come! August 26, Starting this again. I'm here for the Arabian world, a huntress I'll stan, an assassin I'll stan, the hate to love, and an intense adventure. Also, I'll pakka finish reading it this time; referring to when I stopped for no reason in july. August 01, I tried reading this but I think I need to binge-read this and right now, my reading schedule is just not giving me that kind of time so I'll have to save this for later. October 11, I recently received the paperback and can't stop staring at that beauty cover but i think it's high time i open it up and read this story because i'm sure it's gonna be so good.

View all 3 comments. Will revisit this the review later. View all 5 comments. Jan 04, Vibur semi-hiatus rated it did not like it. We Hunt the Flame was the stuff of vapid angst and painfully dull epiphanies and oh-gods-not- this -bullshit-again.

Or to be straight to the point, it was the stuff of tropes. Not that there's anything wrong in writing tropes. The problem is how they're written. First off, I should point out the protagonists are literal cutouts of tropes, like, literal flat, paper-thin, person-shaped cut-outs. And put together, the two of them have all the personality of dead tumbleweed. The problem was, there was We Hunt the Flame was the stuff of vapid angst and painfully dull epiphanies and oh-gods-not- this -bullshit-again.

The problem was, there wasn't enough specifics and particulars in their characterisations to separate them from the same old, same old. Oh, I suppose the characters were all different enough from each other to kinda muddle along and keep the plot going-ish, but in the end, none of them were fleshed out so as to feel real. And while Nasir's character was juuust a bit better because of his 'inner conflict', it was, as far as I'm concerned, rather poorly written, seeing as how there was nothing more to it than description after overlong description of him moping in cold-ass, masochistic self-denial of his feelings, god forbid.

And as for the plot, ugh. Small sputters of plot progression are trapped between meaningless pages of plodding through May 30, Angelica rated it it was ok Shelves: read , fantasy , release So like I forgot I owned this book. To be fair, I only bought the book for shallow reasons. And to be honest, a lot of hype, and a pretty cover, and a somewhat interesting premise is all this book has going for it.

This is a story that you've read before. You've already met these characters. You've also seen this plot before. The characters travel through some dangerous terrain to find some magical McGuffin and save the world from evil. Honestly, you probably also know this world despite it deviating from 'traditional' western folklore. Just add in some deserts and keep the vaguely threatening creatures that serve as supposed obstacles but will in no way inconvenience the characters from their quest, and they're pretty similar.

Literally, if you take away the Arab inspiration, this is just like any other YA out there. And yes, if I am saying that this book is nothing new it must mean that I've read many more like it.

Trust me, I've read them before. Some of them haven't been bad. Some of them have actually been good. If anything, at this point, I barely expect originality from the YA novels I read, so I try not to pay attention to the obvious similarities.

So, why am I being so mean to We Hunt the Flame? Well, because this book bored me, and that is something no book should ever do. Some people read to amass knowledge. Some to discover new worlds and new perspectives.

I read for the pure entertainment of it. And I was not entertained. Halfway through, I kinda just wanted it to end. I wasn't into the story. I wasn't won over by the characters. I wasn't intrigued by the plot. As I read, nothing was keeping me hooked. Admittedly, if I hadn't gotten this as an audiobook, I would have left it in favor of something else.

Thankfully, audiobooks allow me to multitask and I can listen to them at 2X speed. I keep saying this, but maybe I need a break from YA fantasy.

At this point, they're all starting to blend together into one big, multicolored blob of cliches and repetitive storytelling. And yet, there is nothing glaringly wrong with this novel, per se. It was ok. Just that. Like an unseasoned piece of boiled chicken. You could eat it. It will provide sustenance. It certainly won't kill you. But you won't necessarily enjoy eating it, and you probably won't go back for seconds. In the end, I didn't love this book. But do I recommend it?

Judging by the reviews, a good number of people really like it. Also, despite my negative review, there is nothing inherently wrong with this novel, except maybe some pacing issues, but I digress. Maybe this is a book for people who haven't been reading YA for the past decade and are just tired of it all. Maybe year-old me would have loved this. Unfortunately, it was year-old me that read it, and she was not impressed. View all 4 comments. Jul 26, Cait Caitsbooks rated it it was amazing Shelves: cute-romance , favorites , made-me-cry , reviewed , high-fantasy , i-will-read-anything-by-this-author , releases , fantasy , young-adult , i-love-these-ships.

Check out this review and more over on my blog! This book is absolutely gorgeous, inside and out. You do not want to miss out on this one of a kind read. Zafira is one of the only people able to venture into the Arz, a magical forest, and come back unaffected.

Disguised as The Hunter, she uses this ability to feed her village. But when she is told of a way she might be able to get rid of the Arz forever, she travels to the mysterious island of Sharr. Nasir is an assassin, son of the Sultan and Prince of Death. When his father sends him after The Hunter with orders to find what The Hunter is after then kill him, Nasir does not hesitate. But Sharr is full of ancient magic and forgotten powers, and with old threats rising, their quests, and their lives, are in jeopardy.

Her prose is perfection. There are so many gorgeous lines in this book. Seriously, the banter between characters in this book is fantastic. There are a lot of Arabian influences in Arawiya that I absolutely loved, plus some unique aspects that stand out. However, it does take some time to get used to the world and understand the politics, history, and magic, but with the help of the map and some nice exposition, it eventually falls into place.

I would say it took me around pages to really get immersed in this world and start flying through. That said, once it picks up, this book is perfect. The main group of characters are all very well developed, each with their own unique personalities and backstories. That just goes to show how good every single character in this book is. Nasir and Zafira are our two main protagonists, and I love them both so much.

I also wanted to mention Altair, because I love him so much. His interactions with Nasir made me laugh so many times in this book. Nasir really is the quiet emo guy, while Altair is sunlight in human form, so you can imagine what that dynamic is like.

I love him. We Hunt the Flame is astounding. This book is captivating, enthralling, and any other positive adjective you can think of. They were both insufferable children. With death counts. He was the darkness. For you, a thousand times I would defy the sun. Do you like enemies to lovers? Plot twists? First, it was obvious that a lot of it was setting up for the next novel, because we learned a lot and essentially got introduced to conflict after conflict, and never really saw anything resolved.

Spoilers in this paragraph! There were definitely some weaker parts or things that could have been explained better, but the story was so just endearing and enjoyable despite that.

I understand that he had to die to spur on Zafira and obviously his death was a big change for her character, but I think if it had happened later or in a different way it could have been more impactful for the reader!

AND they serve the slow burn trope so well which is always a win in my book. A melancholy caress. He lifted his chin when understanding dawned on her face. Nasir lifted his eyebrows as she lowered her bow. He was not sorry.

Like what?? Oct 30, Jessica Khoury rated it it was amazing. I was so fortunate to read this early! Richly imagined, intricately woven, cinematically told. Oct 30, Asma rated it it was amazing Shelves: books-you-have-to-read-right-now , favorites , fantasy , 5-star. Apr 28, April Aprilius Maximus rated it liked it Shelves: Thank you so much to the publisher for sending me a review copy! Okay, here's the thing.

Faizal has an actual gift, it's so beautiful. It's clear that the main character lives in a world where women are oppressed and is fighting to change it. He's the best character in the whole book. But, so slow. The middle section is literally just a whoooole lot of nothing. BUT this is such a cool story with great twists and a shocking ending that definitely has me wanting the next book, so I'd still recommend it! Shelves: buddy-reads , romance , young-adult , fantasy. View all 21 comments.

I've been meaning to read this but there are sooo many mixed reviews. Hope you enjoy! Ooh you're reading this!!! Lia Carstairs ArSi wrote: "Ooh you're reading this!!!

Readers also enjoyed. Young Adult. Science Fiction Fantasy. About Hafsah Faizal. Hafsah Faizal. Born in Florida and raised in California, she now resides in Texas with a library of books waiting to be devoured.

Other books in the series. Sands of Arawiya 2 books. Books by Hafsah Faizal. Articles featuring this book. As dedicated readers already know, some of the best and most innovative stories on the shelves come from the constantly evolving realm of

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