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It has a great mix of stealth, tactical shooting and all out, in your face, duel auto-shotgun wiedling, death dealing mayhem. Product guides and documents. I would recommend what Larry does, which is to try using an extension tube or closeup filter on your macro lens. Lana jay art patreon.

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I agree with all your points here — your ending video had me really confused and dissatisfied. I got the secret ending and completed it, overall it worked for me but now on my second playthrough, I'm not even on the heist and it limits you to two islands which I didn't realise and it feels great to interact with side stuff earlier.

Leveling up and getting a bit of street cred, making a name for yourself, knowing what happens you can guide your experience more which I'd be super interested to see in one of your modded playthroughs, see if you enjoy it more that way. Also your modded playthrough are top tier. The point of that last mission wasn't to save your life, it was to go out in a blaze of glory. Every time the phone rang in game the Chaz and Dave song "Rabbit" would start in my head.

I have literally been in the middle of doing whatever it is they want me to do when they call to tell me to do it. I'm pretty much in agreement with Gopher, particularly concerning the pacing. I had a similar issue with The Witcher 3 although it was handled better where your priority should be finding and saving Ciri, ie the main quest and everything else, as interesting as it is, should be secondary, tertiary or not important at all to Geralt.

Only the idea of gaining allies for the fight against the Wild Hunt saved it in that regard and even then, a huge amount of content could and should be ignored if you're role-playing. In true hind-sighted fashion, this is what I would have done with Cyberpunk to make the role-playing experience more "immersive".

When you arrive in Night City, whichever path you choose, you are a nobody. You can still meet Jackie in the same way and form a partnership. You then start to build your reputation. You start to do the jobs as they exist in the game, working for the fixers, meeting the other characters and helping them, building your contacts and crew.

It would also have been awesome to be able to have a companion depending on the job and your character choices, for example, if you're playing a combat heavy character, you could have T-Bug or Nix helping you with net-running and hacking. If you're playing a net-runner you might have Jackie or River or another combat heavy character to help.

I seem to recall The Witcher had a recommended level for quests. The same thing could have been done with Cyberpunk to actually encourage you to do side quests to build your level.

To the main thrust of my idea. This would be the point of no return and you are somehow told as such in the briefing it could be said that this is the mission of a lifetime and you should settle any outstanding business before you start it. The mission goes ahead as in the game. How much more impactful would Jackie's death have been if you'd had him as a companion for the bulk of your playing time up until that point.

From then on, the game would run on rails a little as you race against time to find the information you need before the final assault on Arasaka depending on which ending you steer towards. You could even find out that "helping" Johnny to settle his own affairs somehow delays the decay of your own mind which would, at least, give you a reason to do his side quests once you are "infected".

Whichever ending you go for, that would also be the end of the game. No going back to just before the point of no return hate that. Any DLC should also be set before the point of no return. I'm aware that a lot of Johnny's dialogue and observations would have to go or be spoken by another character as well as quite a few of the mission stories being adjusted to fit but that would be a small price to pay.

In fact, I think it would make the "building up" part of the game even more fun as you would have more agency over your choices without second guessing how Johnny is going to react. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Games Freedom! Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn. Its not even pretty Reply. I badly need a better GPU… Reply. You are able to leave with Panam but you would have to attack Mikoshi with the Nomads but that changes basically nothing since the overall story still gives you 6 months to live even if you take up Hanako's offer Reply.

Did you do the same video with witchers1,2,3, Skyrim, fallout 3,4 and other games? Especially because then i'm rewarded as a player for going through the entire story, whereas the canon end to the game sets it up for either a vague send off to your character, a setup to a small DLC i doubt we'll get due to the immense launch backlash, or a setup to a sequel i doubt we'll get due to the immense launch backlash Reply.

At a certain point in the VR part of the ending, V was red, the background was mostly flashy white and Silverhand's convo prompt was blue… Reply.

Also included in the video outro shoutouts. Request a game for us to play via stream on Twitch. Holy shit, it's two guys playing games together. That's never been done before, right? Our videos are typically minutes, though they can sometimes be longer. We also stream on Twitch every now and again. If you're actually bored enough to have seen any of our videos, thank you. Likewise, if you're actually rich enough to want to give us money, thank you. Shop Lens. Buy Lens on eBay now!

The lens can attain a magnification of up to 5. A Canon macro flash makes it easy to take close-up flash pictures. Conventions used in this instruction Warning to prevent lens or camera malfunction or damage. The UD element, three-group floating system, and other features result in excellent delineation at all focusing distances from life-size to 5 magnification.

Dedicated solely to macro applications, this lenss unique design employs a floating elements. Download drivers, software, firmware and manuals for your Canon product and get access to online technical support resources and troubleshooting. This sounds worse than it really is as a grain of rice says Canon can fill the viewfinder. Subjects this tiny generally do not need as much DOF as something like a flower. Has been visited by 1M users in the past month.

MP-E 65mm f x Macro Photo. Lineup of exceptional macro lenses and accessories. Solutions for Specialized Shooting. The lens features the range of 1x to 5x magnification, i. From a life-size to 5x magnification when a 7 mm object fills a 35 mm frame. The UD element, three-group floating system, and other features result in excellent delineation at all focusing distances from life-size to 5. Product description Best SLR Lenses of Read More A specialty lens designed for extreme close-up imaging, the MP-E 65mm f x Macro Photo from Canon lets you render subjects at up to five-times life-size magnification with a minimum focusing distance of.

Canon MP-E 65mm f x A unique lens exclusively for use in the macro realm, the MP-E 65mm can fill a 35mm frame with an object as miniscule as a grain of rice. Instruction Manual. Macro photo lens mp-e 65mm f jpn. Mp-e 65mm f 1. To register or delete lens peripheral illumination correction data, please follow the steps below. Connect the camera to the computer, then set the cameras power switch to. For the details about how to connect the camera and the computer, please refer to the instruction manuals that came with your camera.

Canon Photo Companion Canon Photo Companion Canon Photo Companion Make the most of your camera and bring your stories to life with quick access to tailored, easy-to-use content. Canon U. You may obtain technical support for your Product as follows E-mail support via our Web site at Telephone assistance from a Canon U.

Of course, like its younger brother, it isnt just a macro lens like the MP-E 65mm its perfect for portraiture, including closeup beauty shots. Heres a spider picking a fight with a bee to look. Its optics, dedicated to macro work, are superb. The Super Macro is quite an interesting lens. Canon offers the MP-E 65mm f x Macro lens, but that costs over twice as much as the Zhongyi, and of course, it only comes in the EF mount.

Its physical and optical characteristics are similar to the Canon EF 85 mm f lens. Since this lens is not a macro lens, it is lighter and smaller than the macro lenses. It is also a stop faster. Therefore, it can act as an excellent general-purpose lens. It is the Canon MP-E 65mm lens. It is lens and it will ONLY focus at super macro objects, which means you cant use it for anything other than highly specialized macro photography.

I do not recommend it for what you want. I would recommend what Larry does, which is to try using an extension tube or closeup filter on your macro lens. I need to know the size of the horizontal image the Canon EOS D shoots for a photo contest requirement of x. Answer this question Send Brenda, No comments 0.

Canon L lenses have a red ring around the front of their barrel. This lens differs from Canons other optics as its a manual-focus-only macro lens that can reach magnifications of up to 5x life size. Canon became the first to build the motor that drives the focus inside each lens, rather than using a motor inside the camera body. Lighting for both shots was from a flash unit held off to one side. Extension tubes are just spacers that fit between the camera body and the lens.

Canon MP-E 65mm f X Macro Photo is a unique manual-focus lens designed exclusively for macro shooting, between life-size 1x and 5x life-size V at its maximum magnification, you can fill a 35mm frame with a grain of rice.

Canon PowerShot SX70 HS equiped with a 65x mm optical zoom lens covers ultra-wide angle to extreme telephoto to suit working with a wide variety of subjects.

The unit is attached to a grove in the front of these lenses. Software Instruction Manual. See page for instructions to look up things in the Software.

The twin side lights can be adjusted independently for various lighting effects. The lens can only be used in macro distances and cannot focus to infinity.

A 58mm filter thread is also available. The enclosure of the lens is made of metal to strengthen its durability. Sample Images. Macro lens. Announced Production status Discontinued. Maximum format 35mm full frame. Fast speed. Magnification ratio at the closest focusing distance. Focusing distance range limiter FULL.

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It is easy to lose the plot a little but it almost does not matter as it is pretty obvious your aim is to find someone and not die in the process.

Beyond that the atmosphere is great and the scares are well delivered. It tends to build up the tension slowly, allowing you to wind yourself up more and more until the game feels ready to jump out on you and see if you snap. My play through was pretty short, but I am told there are a number things I missed and it is possible another play through would let me find some different areas.

If you love horror games this is a must have game really, but keep your expectations at a mid level. There are times the game will frustrate you in minor ways, and yet the game deserves the cult classic status it enjoys. The story is dark and engaging, the world is deep and lore filled, and the moral ambiguity will have you racked with doubt about the choices you have made. But make no mistake, you will make choices in this game, and you will have to bear the responsibility those choices bring.

If you dont mind working through a clumsy interface, and like a game that makes you work for it: The Witcher: Enhanced Directors Cut may be the game for you. Early Access Review. This game is a lot of fun. The graphical style is awesome and the music, ambient sound and narrator dialogue are all near perfect. But what I love about this game is that it feels like a finished game, and for an early access game that is a great achievement. It manages to deliver a polished, playable and above all else fun gaming experience.

Big game publishers should take note: This game is in a better state than many triple A titles are at release. And it is early access! This is how early access should be done. Not a ground breaking game, and it competes in a massively over saturated genre, but Dying Light is a polished and solid game that is a lot of fun to play.

The first game started out scary and ended up more than a little frustrating, but I recommended it because it was a unique experience that I was glad to have had. Unfortunately for me, Five Nights at Freddy's 2, feels like the exact same game with only minor differences that do little to change the experience.

The jump scares seemed more predictable, and thus were not remotely scary, and the mechanics came down to once again pressing buttons and clicking the mouse in the right places as fast as possible without making a mistake. If you loved Five Nights at Freddy's, you will probably love this game as it really is more of the same. But for me, it is one to miss. I have been a fan of Wolfenstein since the original and I was hoping beyond reason that the latest incarnation of this single player first person shooter classic did the franchise justice.

And it did that and then some. It went back to the basics, polished them up, and delivered one of the best games I have played in a long time. Select a membership level. Patron You get access to the patron only feed where you can post messages to me and other patrons, and get access the patron only messages and videos. About Gopher. Making videos as a full time job is one hell of a lot of fun. It is actually a lot of work but it is the sort of work I just love doing.

However at the end of the day as a job it also has to allow me to make a living for me and my family and that is where Patreon comes in. YouTube is not the best way to make a living unless you are a super star and worst of all it is very unreliable.

Some months are good, some are not so good. So in the end a content creator like myself needs to find alternative ways to keep going. Now there are many such ways and I will be trying them all out, but one way is for my content to be supported directly by you guys. That is where Patreon comes in. You can now support me with a small donation each month if you have the means to do so.

But please only do so if you are comfortable with it. You guys support me in many other ways already and this should not be seen as a requirement. At this point I would be financially stable when added to the YouTube ad revenue.