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Then they give up and try to find a good private investigator to keep tabs on Dan over the silly season. Ft Hohepa Te Moana. This week's guest Hohepa Te Moana wants his charger back and Maori wards established. Todd and Kaya convince Hohepa to get into a political career he'll later resent and we lament the bond we used to have with Dom. Ft Daniel Sanders.

This week, Daniel Sanders talks about queer stuff as it pertains to representation in art here in NZ, the ways in which this has been lacking, and also some strategies going forward where a queer methodology might just save us all! We chat woo woo and small towns whilst alienating our last three Patreons by excluding Todd and Dominic completely. Colin Mitchel. This weeks guest is playwright, coffee Barron and arms dealer Colin Mitchel. Emily Edrosa. This week our guest Emily Edrosa and Todd soberly reel in a very drunk Kaya as we discuss Emily's cartoon reality in LA and her return home to begrudgingly play some shows.

Tyson Campbell. We talk about his experiences facilitating first-people's cultural output in Melbourne, how similar strategies could be implemented here in New Zealand, and his hopes for Pakeha culture engaging with Kaupapa as a two way street. Lourdes Vano. We pulse check the political veins of the country following another deflating election. It's not all doom and gloom though as we solve our golf problems.

It's season 4 season! It's the season finale! This week we peer into an uncertain future and excavate some hope for our listeners. Dom is off searching for a new lampshade but James saves the day with some Dan fiction.

It's your usual fix of politics, trying to figure out Dan's movements and utter nonsense. JJ Peters. This week we are joined by JJ Peters who has had a fuck of a year. We dig up a review of Dom's play and Dan auditions for JJ's IG live series on mental health but leaves a lot to be desired. Dom is back and appears to be regulating his emotions well, Todd explores the decor of the rabbit hole and we form rival youth work organisations.

Stay for the dulcety guided meditation! On this weeks bonus we realise our final form as relationship experts, Todd inevitably spills beer on his laptop and Dom explains his future plans he's going for a walk with his mum. Mara TK. This week we are joined by a heavy hearted Mara TK. Mara discusses his brother Billy TK and his concerns around the last few months.

Sounds dark huh? Don't worry, we bookended things with laughs and made some time to discuss Mara's incredible art. Essa May Ranapiri. This weeks guest is poet and artist Essa May Ranapiri. We talk about sonnets, how Todd has been living his dream of hanging out with dads and the dire state of politics in this stupid country. Tina Ngata. This weeks guest is Tina Ngata.

David Farrier. Nobody again. With a guest withdrawal leaving us to our own devices the gang is forced to get very meta, Dom shows his beatboxing chops and we relive the time a fancy restaurant denied us service. The bonus train rolls on collecting all the cheap beer in it's path. Are our Dad's ok? Why are suits corny? Has Dan been having sex? This weeks guest is artist, tattooer and muscly cherub Mayonaize aka Mr Wormsley. He doesn't like to discuss art so he does some while we wander the conversational streets of dogshit and fireworks.

Dom identifies the meth users in politics and Dan tires of choking story. Ricardo Menendez-March. Nat Jaques. Toyah Hoetzel. This weeks guest is Toyah Hoetzel. Toyah did a brief stint as a cop in Melbourne before moving into social work. We discuss toxic work culture, healing from that and whether she ever arrested Dom for stealing bananas.

To hear the full episode head to www. Adam Tukiri. This weeks guest is Adam Tukiri aka Dhamarat. We discuss his new song Arms Down and performing with passion. We eulogise Kath and Kim star Paula Bennet and Adam gives us an exclusive song included in the episode! This weeks guest had better things to do than come on our stupid podcast but never fear because we soldiered on regardless.

Join us as we discuss poetry, diseases and Dan getting arrested for pissing in public. Elyssia Ra'nee Wilson-Heti. This weeks guest is Elyssia Ra'nee Wilson-Heti. We discuss sex education through cultural experience, nudity in theatre and the time Todd and Dom went undercover to expose hollywood creeps.

Demi Hunziker. This weeks guest is artist, activist and Only Fans hustler Demi Hunziker. Todd's neighbours try to kill each other in the background but we keep it cool, discussing sex work, why The Warehouse is the devil and David Seymour's knitting abilities.

Raiza Biza. This week we speak to Rwandan slash Hamiltonian artist Raiza Biza. Dom wonders if he left the oven on as he BLM marches, Todd is pissed off and Raiza is in a creative hibernation groove. The police are not ok, Dan is ok and the kids are definitely ok. This weeks guest is the indomitable Chloe Swarbrick of the Green Party.

We deep dive on Todd Muller, dog grooming and how mean word clouds probably won't end civilisation as we know it. Who needs guest when you have a private hell of thoughts to divulge and friends at the IRD. This week we ponder life affecting art, a big week in NZ politics and ducks.

Joel Birch. This weeks guest is artist and lead singer of Amity Affliction, Joel Birch. Kristina Cavit. Dom and Krissy leap at the opportunity to undo a terrible grievance done to Todd and Dan contemplates the fiscal benefits of carparks and shoplifting rings.

Kaya Sparke. This week our heroes do battle with time itself. A race against the clock as Dom has eaten a weed brownie and might be rendered mute within the hour. Our brilliant guest Kaya Sparke puts Todd in his place and Dan drums up some business for his Uber endeavour. Tom Scott. This week our guest Tom Scott hits his dak vape and explains relativity, Todd recounts a sexy dream and we ponder the morality of fighting babies.

The startling discovery that Dom is indeed an avatar of Ralph from sapranos has us all reevaluating our lives. Kara Kupe. This week we lay out our 10 step plan to running your own flailing business.

We dig deeper into the enigma of Dan as guest and underwear impresario Kara Kupe dishes all the dirt. As we enter the second week of lock down, the 3 idiots have reached out to their friends Lubin and Louisa to come on and talk about labour as a concept, the union movement and what the future could look like post COVID But never fear, after a 4 year hiatus Todd, Dominic and bloody Dan, are back for season 3 of everyones favourite podcast.

We talk about homelessness, starting a business and find out what Dan has in common with Brock Lesner. This weeks guest is comedian and actor, Cori Gonzalez-Macuer.

We talk about comedy, try our best not to talk about UFC , and Todd gets to the bottom of why people in Chile call each other Asshole. Dan tells us a tale of woe about his foray into extreme sports, Todd talks about the joys of WINZ and Dominic complains incessantly about his sore neck. This week we sit down with teacher, former member of Breakin Wreckwordz and avid tramper, Sam Tanielu. We talk about education and raps, Todd regales the time he escaped from the cops with some loot, Dan tries half heartedly to answer our general questions, and Dominic is disgusted in everyones love of rugby.

With Dom back in the city and Dan's Uber career in the toilet, the team decided to get things rolling again. Todd devises an ingenious measure of success in New Zealand, Dan recounts the time he tried virtual reality and was stuck in a windowless room for 12 hours, and and Alex and Ryan talk about the joys of owning heaps of toys as adults. They talk about graffiti, fatherhood and Nicks peculiar fashion choices.

On this weeks podcast we speak to artist and podcast enthusiast Henrietta Harris, we grow one step closer to finding a private investigator, Todd has a nasty looking rash, Henrietta puts every other artist to shame with her work ethic and talks about Jonah Hill being a fan. This week we sit down with Grammy nominated artist Sarah Larnach to talk about art, being a pervert, killing and saving pets, Dan's double life and hiring a private investigator. That's right ladies and gentlemen, New Zealnd's 6th most popular podcast returns bigger and better than ever well, we updated the theme song This weeks guest is none other than Liam Finn.

We talk about song writing, love and the TPPA. Did Mike Hosking turn up to fight Todd? Will Tusiata Avia relentless mock Dominic and do an amazing poem? Will Ra Pomare over come his nerves? The answer to all these questions will be revealed in this weeks podcast. There's also music from Emily Edrosa and Matthew Crawley plus banana bread galore.

This weeks guest is rapper and lego enthusiast David Dallas. We talk about tennis, rap battles, Todd punching people and the downside of social initiatives.

This weeks guest is actor Frankie Adams. We talk about the perils of being famous in New Zealand, the time Dominic was almost on Shortland St and Frankie admits she's confident she could beat the shit out of Dan. Jen mercer onlyfans. Christy mack rides war machine. Patreon sims 3 hairstyle newsea fairy.

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