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Chung Yeung is a day when tourist attractions, shops, restaurants and markets are open and in full swing. National Day. New Year's Day. The day following the Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival

Hong Kong’s list of public holidays

The Third Day of Lunar New Year. The Fourth Day of Lunar New Year. Ching Ming Festival. By subscribing to the iCal calendar from as a feed or importing it to your application, you can add Hong Kong public holidays to your e-calendar easily! Comprehensive list of National Public Holidays that are celebrated in Hong Kong during with dates and information on the origin and meaning of holidays.

Hong kong public holida 2020. Please be careful.

A Year Planner with public holidays for Hong Kong. Asia/APEC - Upcoming Hong Kong official public holidays, bank holidays and national holidays from July to June Updated nightly. Statutory Holidays for · 1. The first day of January, 1 January · 2. Lunar New Year's Day, 25 January · 3. The third day of Lunar New Year, 27 January · 4. The​. Overview of holidays and many observances in Hong Kong during the year Feb 15, Monday, Fourth day of Chinese Lunar New Year, National holiday the table above may be preliminary. If you find an error, please let us know. Statutory Holidays in Hong Kong The Employee Ordinance of the Labour Legislation has stipulated that 12 of the 17 public holidays are compulsory for.

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The following list of general holidays for is gazetted today (May 17) for Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Establishment Day, July 1, Wednesday. HONG KONG HOLIDAYS. The next public holiday in Hong Kong is. 1st July​, ThursdaySpl Admin. Region Establishment Day. Hong Kong Holidays.Hong kong public holida 2020 Public Holidays Hongkong · Ching Ming Festival is on Saturday, 04 April · Good Friday is on Friday, 10 April · The Day Following. Holiday planning , here we come! As per our annual tradition, here is a list of Hong Kong holidays for the year ahead — that's , start. Hong Kong Public Holidays · 1 Jan, Tuesday, New Year's Day · 5 Feb, Tuesday, Lunar New Year · 6 Feb, Wednesday, The Second Day of Lunar New Year · 7. There are 17 legal public holidays in Hong Kong. Here are their dates and associated events in and , along with helpful tips for travelers. Here is the list of public holidays for , according to the Hong Kong government: January Wednesday, 1 January – New Year's Day.

Hong kong public holida 2020.

Public Holidays in Hong Kong Planning your travel schedulel for the year ahead? Here's how to make the most of the Hong Kong public holidays for short breaks away. iCal is compatible with most of the current calendar program. We currently provide data of HK public holidays for For new users.

Hong Kong Public Holidays and How to Make the Most of Them · Saturday 25 January – Tuesday 28 January (Chinese New Year) · Friday. Accurate, up-to-date public holidays, bank holidays, and observances in Hong Kong for ready to be integrated into your application.   Hong kong public holida 2020 New Year's Day. January 1. Friday. Anniversary of the Birth of Hamilton. Lavity Stoutt. March 1. Monday. Good Friday. April 2. Friday. Public holidays and statutory holidays in Hong Kong are holidays designated by the Government of Hong Kong. They allow workers rest from work, usually in. تحميل نسخة ويندوز 7 متعدد 32 بت iso Hong Kong banks are open on all week-days and most (including retail banks) are also open on Saturday mornings. All banks are closed on Sundays and general. Hong Kong Public Holidays · New Year's Day · Lunar New Year's Day · Good Friday · Easter Monday · Labour Day · Buddha's Birthday · Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat​).

Hong kong public holida 2020

Hong Kong Extras - Public Holidays and New Year falls on a Sunday in , the fourth day of Lunar New Year is designated a public holiday. The following is the list of public holidays in Hong Kong in Holiday, Date, Weekday, Note. New Year's Day, Jan 01, , Wednesday, Public Holiday.  Hong kong public holida 2020 Hong Kong Public Holidays · New Year's Day: 1 January, Wednesday · Chinese / Lunar New Year: 25 January, Saturday · The 3rd Day of Chinese / Lunar. The list of Hong Kong statutory holidays · 1 January , Friday · 14 February , Friday · 13 February , Saturday · 15 February , Monday · 4 April.

Hong Kong public holidays how to maximise your time off!

Hong Kong: complete schedule of public and bank holidays, closure of banks and stock exchanges, school vacations, trade fairs, cultural and sporting events. 1 January: New Year's Day (Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, Cambodia, Malaysia, Myanmar, Laos). 6 January: Substitution.  Hong kong public holida 2020 Mainland China, Hong kong, Macau - General Holidays. VisaInChina provides China visa services since  

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Hong kong public holida 2020

Banks are open on Saturday, except after Good Friday Internet extension:. Convert here! Summer holiday beginning - Saturday July 10, School holidays :. Summer holiday end -- English schools - Monday August 9, Ghost Festival - Sunday August 22, Spirits being in high gear, thet are treated with a sumptuous feast, to please them and to bring luck to the family.

Summer holiday end - Wednesday September 1, Parliamentary election - Sunday September 5, Special Events :. Late mid-Autumn festival - Wednesday September 22, Secular holiday :. Fall holiday beginning - Tuesday September 28, National Day - Friday October 1, Secular holiday : Conmemoration of the foundation of the Chinese Popular Republic in Not a paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday.

Fall holiday end - Monday October 4, Chung Yeung Festival - Thursday October 14, Secular holiday : Families gather in front of their ancestors' graves and tidy them.

They burn paper money, for use by the deceased person. Paid holiday when falling on Saturday or Sunday. Mega Show - Wednesday October 20, Tradeshows : Gift show www. Access directly countries and regions here! Thursday July 1, Secular holiday. According to General Holidays Ordinance cap. Therefore, if the holiday is on Sunday, the Government will take the next day as compensatory holiday and will only gazette the compensatory holiday as public holiday.

If you wish to obtain information of festivals, you may need to consider other iCal service. If you subscribed to the iCal using Google Calendar and then synchronised it to your mobile device according to the steps introduced in our blog article, you may remove it in the Google Calendar and then do the synchronisation with your device again.

Please click here for details. Notice: JavaScript is not enabled. Please enable JavaScript to view this site. Close search panel. FAQ: Service Categories. Top Enquiries. Hong Kong Public Holidays iCal iCal is available in the following three language versions: English, Traditional Chinese and Simplified Chinese From now on you can save time in adding public holidays to your electronic calendar!

Note: Subscription steps may vary with different iOS versions. If you have any. Android users. In the mobile device, Tap "Settings" on the Home screen. Select the Google account used for synchronizing your mobile device and sync with the calendar app. Open the calendar app. It is assumed, naturally, that the goddess will also take care of the dragon boat racers.

The dumplings are washed down with beer or realgar wine. Food markets are everywhere and music and live entertainment fills the air with an atmosphere of excitement. Tuen Ng Festival is more than years old and is marked with a public holiday in Hong Kong. It became a holiday in mainland China in During the full moon on the fifteenth day of the eighth month of the Chinese calendar, Hong Kong celebrates the Mid Autumn Festival.

In the Gregorian calendar, this occurs in either September or October. In Hong Kong, the day after the festival is a public holiday. This is a harvest festival that has its history dating back over 3, years to the Shang Dynasty when people thanked the moon god for the harvest.

It is still a time of giving thanks. The Mid Autumn Festival is a time for families to spend special time together, and for prayer where people pray their specific requests. The festival runs for a week and, during that time, Hong Kong is transformed into a show of sound, colour and light. Lanterns are everywhere, from ancient style, modern and paper and children are captivated by the fun lanterns they are given.

One of the best shows to watch is the lion dance, which is put on in many locations across Hong Kong. The lion dance involves two people dressed in a stunning costume doing amazing feats of balance and dance.

To be a part of the atmosphere, some of the most popular places to visit are Causeway Bay, Victoria Park and Victoria Harbour but many towns and villages put on special shows too. The most popular treats that everyone eats too much of are the moon cakes and is why the festival is known to some as the Moon Cake Festival. Others refer to it as the Lantern Festival.

A special delicacy for Mid Autumn Festival is the hairy crab, which is only in season for a few months from September. The male hairy crab, unusually, is in high demand, rather than the female of other varieties and is an expensive menu item at many restaurants during the festival. Hairy crab is often accompanied by Chinese wines or ginger tea.

According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this day falls on the ninth day of the ninth month. This is around early to mid-October in the western Gregorian calendar. On Chung Yeung, families climb the hills to visit the graves of their ancestors. Because he was away from his village, the family survived a mass slaughter of all in his village. Other legends also exist about the origin of Chung Yeung.

Today, it is a day of memorial. It is also a day of outings, family gatherings and picnics. Unfortunately, due to the large number of people going to the hills to visit graves, to offer burnt offerings and to have picnics, there is a higher incidence of hill fires getting out of control, even now when there are additional fireproof bins for hot ashes. Please be careful. If Chung Yeung falls on a weekend, the following weekday is a public holiday.

Chung Yeung is a day when tourist attractions, shops, restaurants and markets are open and in full swing. These are very crowded, especially if the date is on a Sunday, which is always busy in its own right.

Another fun tradition at Chung Yeung is the flying of kites.

  Hong Kong Weekends and Unofficial Holidays

We've compiled the dates for and for your convenience. If any of these holidays fall on a Sunday or another holiday, employees might be entitled to a day off on the weekday following. Weekends: Generally, Hong Kong people do not work on Sundays, and some companies, stores, business offices, and government buildings and offices close early or don't open at all on Saturday.

Travelers note: During the weekends and holidays, the tourist areas of Hong Kong are more crowded than during the weekdays and workdays.

So you might want to plan your outings to the popular tourist places with this in mind. Christmas Carolers. Most of the Hong Kong holidays are associated with festivities and events that are tourist popular.

Both Western holidays such as Christmas and Chinese festivals such as the Spring Festival holiday are Hong Kong festivals associated with traditional decorations, events, customs and festivities.

You might want to schedule your trip to Hong Kong to coincide with festivals times to enjoy them. The main objective for issuing such electronic consumption vouchers is to boost local retail consumption.

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How to Get Tax Deduction in ? Here is how. Hong Kong Public Holidays in March 11, June 12, April 20, April 09, April 01, February 19, December 27, December 16, October 30, The first day of January 1 January Wednesday 2. Ching Ming Festival 4 April Saturday 6. Labour Day 1 May Friday 7. Tuen Ng Festival 25 June Thursday 8. National Day 1 October Thursday