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Therefore, the pattern compiled by the above code only matches "tin", "tan", "ten" and "ton", but not "Tin" and "taN". To create a case-insensitive pattern, you should specify an additional parameter when calling the compiler:. After creating the Pattern object, you can use the Pattern object for pattern matching through the PatternMatcher class.

The PatternMatcher object performs matching checks based on the Pattern object and the string. You need to instantiate a Perl5Matcher class and assign the result to the PatternMatcher interface. The Perl5Matcher class is an implementation of the PatternMatcher interface, which performs pattern matching according to Perl 5 regular expression syntax:.

Using the PatternMatcher object, you can use multiple methods to perform matching operations. The first parameter of these methods is the string that needs to be matched according to regular expressions:.

In other words, the regular expression must completely describe the input string. In addition, in the above three method calls, you can also use the PatternMatcherInput object as a parameter to replace the String object; at this time, you can continue matching from the position of the last match in the string.

When the string may have multiple substrings matching a given regular expression, it is useful to use a PatternMatcherInput object as a parameter. When replacing String with a PatternMatcherInput object as a parameter, the syntax of the above three methods is as follows:.

Task: Analyze a web server log file and determine the time each user spends on the website. Analyzing this log record, we can find that there are two items to be extracted from this log file: IP address and page access time.

You can use grouping symbols parentheses to extract the IP address and time stamp from the log records. The IP address consists of 4 bytes, each of which has a value between 0 and , and each byte is separated by a period. Therefore, each byte in the IP address has at least one and at most three numbers. Figure 8 shows the regular expression written for the IP address:. The special meaning of periods in regular expressions has been introduced earlier in this article.

The time portion of the log record is surrounded by a pair of square brackets. You can extract all the content inside the square brackets according to the following idea: first search for the opening square bracket character "[" , extract all the content not exceeding the closing square bracket character "]" , and search forward until you find the end Bracket characters. Figure 9 shows the regular expression for this part. Now, combine the above two regular expressions with grouping symbols parentheses into a single expression, so that the IP address and time can be extracted from the log records.

The complete regular expression is shown in Figure Now that the regular expression has been written, you can write Java code that uses the regular expression library.

In order to use the Jakarta-ORO library, first create a regular expression string and a log record string to be analyzed:. Unfortunately, the escaping process is prone to errors, so you should be careful.

If you want to recheck, you can try to output it to the screen. After initializing the string, instantiate the PatternCompiler object, and use PatternCompiler to compile the regular expression to create a Pattern object:. Now, create a PatternMatcher object and call the contain method of the PatternMatcher interface to check the match:. Next, use the MatchResult object returned by the PatternMatcher interface to output the matched group. Since the logEntry string contains matching content, you can see the output of the class as follows:.

In this case, I suggest you use two regular expressions. The first one is shown in Figure The second regular expression is shown in Figure It divides each attribute into name-value pairs.

Now let's look at the Java code that accomplishes this task. First create two regular expression strings, and use Perl5Compiler to compile them into Pattern objects. When compiling the regular expression, specify the Perl5Compiler. If the html string contains the FONT tag, the matcher will return true.

At this point, you can use the MatchResult object returned by the matcher object to get the first group, which contains all the attributes of FONT:. Next, create a PatternMatcherInput object. This object allows you to continue the matching operation from the last matching position. Therefore, it is very suitable for extracting the name-value pairs of the attributes in the FONT tag. Create a PatternMatcherInput object and pass in the string to be matched as a parameter.

Then, use the matcher instance to extract the attributes of each FONT. This is done by specifying the PatternMatcherInput object rather than a string object as a parameter, and repeatedly calling the contains method of the PatternMatcher object. Each iteration in the PatternMatcherInput object will move its internal pointer forward, and the next test will start from behind the previous matching position. Let's take a look at another example of processing HTML.

This time, we assume that the web server has moved from widgets. Now you have to modify the links in some pages:. If you can match this regular expression, you can replace the link in Figure 13 with the following:. The expression in Figure 13 appends all the content matched and extracted as a group to the back of the link.

Now, return to Java. As we did before, you must create the test string, create the objects necessary to compile the regular expression into the Pattern object, and create a PatternMatcher object: View Image. Next, replace with the substitute static method of the Util class of the com. The first two parameters of this call are the PatternMatcher and Pattern objects previously created.

The third parameter is a Substiution object, which determines how the replacement operation is performed. I have written an article that converts office documents to pdf before.

Most of the web uses flash to view documents or other things, because we cannot install Adobe Reader, but we will install Flash Article Directory Java uses swfTools to convert pdf files to swf files Download swfTools installation java code How to view the generated swf How to deal with the blocking of adobe flash player in Chr Vue uses the FlexPaperViewer plugin to preview the swf file pdf to swf file The project has to go to the lower right corner of the LOGO to print the source code in the upper right corner.

Can add QQ t Programmer Sought. Home Contact Us Privacy Policy. At the time I heard this demand, I wanted to use swing because I only know some swings , converted the pdf into a picture, and then each page corresponds to a picture, but immediately denied it, the first converted picture is not clear. I know now and the effect of zooming in and out of this picture is not good.

Second, I don't want to spend time with others to argue about the slow swing. Just happened to enter a new company with no tasks. Looking at flex, would you like to convert PDF to swf? This thing is to convert each page of pdf into swf.