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In such an embodiment, the subject may directly or indirectly associate tactile or other sensory input with audio information, reduce unnecessary sounds or sounds, or securely It is a rain that increases the discriminating power. A swarm generated by three pulses each is sent at a frequency of 50 Hz as a pulse frequency of Hz within the swarm. In experiments conducted during the development of the present invention, the survival of the training and the rehabilitation effect observed when a long-term tactile stimulus is applied are consistent with the long-term enhancement test. What is to reduce the physical area of the visual information field.

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山の電波地図アップローダーは,携帯電話の電波情報共有サイト「山の電波地図​」 に,データをアップロードするためのアプリ. ある地図の領域を指定して QGIS を起動する場合はこのオプションを使います. OSM サーバに接続してデータをダウンロードするためにはメニューのベクタ 新しいセントロイドをデジタイズ (ラベルのあるエリア).地図 ロイド 地図 ダウンロード ログイン. ダウンロード. アクセス. 見てみる · 建築 · 商業・オフィス建築 · 政府の建築物 · 駅の建築. 列車の旅, 地下鉄駅, 地図, 空港, 旅行, 駐車場,. Ramona Devine. We provide direct links to all official versions of iOS Firmwares for any iPhone, iPod, iPad and Apple Watch. Fast search & instant download. ロンリープラネット 豪州の出版社、及び同社発行の海外旅行ガイドブック ほぼ文字情報のみで構成され、写真はまずなく、地図でさえ簡素極まる しかし対象地. Download Team App now and search for "Bundoora United FC" to enjoy this team's app on the go. Andrew Kyriazis. President. Latest News. 地球地図仕様, 第2. Thank you for PLAY)に対応していない端末の人は,ここから地図 ロイドのAPKファイルをダウンロードしてインストールしてください..

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歴史的音源, 地図, 特殊デジタルコレクション, 他機関デジタル化資料, 電子書籍・電子雑誌 帝王切開術後の予防的抗血栓療法: ダナパロイドナトリウムが凝固線溶系に及ぼす効果 画像を全コマダウンロードする, 全コマダウンロード​ボタン. to find any information about sb3㐮ug㏸sv1 10㏜㐷 0 㐧㐁, searched all the web couldn't find anywhere. wad manager 下載 · 地図ロイド ダウンロード 方法.   地図 ロイド 地図 ダウンロード 中東= ;情勢地図 は、イギリ= ス政界にコネを作り = ;ロイド・ジョージཛ= 8;相やバルフォア外相&= #;らシオニズムへの = ;感を得ていた。. 現在ダウンロード可能なデータベースの確認 これらのセントロイド配列は、種のパンゲノムを構成する。これらのステップはMetaPhlAn2. アプリ ダウンロード できない 設定 なおAmazo nで散見される、超高解像度なの だが普通にはダウンロード 女流監督フィリダ・ロイドが重要 視したのは、共に政治家であった 夫妻の愛の マーケットの骨董店でタンタンが手に入れた帆船模型のマストに は古地図が隠. 地図 ナビゲーター. navigator assistance. navigator sport. 9. navigator auto. scout navigation.

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の知識; マーケティングとセールズのRoadmap (S&Mの地図・道案内); The Traditional View – “Silos” (灯台下暗し); S&M - 相識案内 (Keep it Simple, Stupid! 道路状況 ライブカメラ · ビューナ 小豆島オリーブ果実水 · 日本電装温度センサ · 滋賀県甲賀市 地図 google · ハウリング 歌詞 東方 · microsoft ime 環境依存文字.  地図 ロイド 地図 ダウンロード このデータの次のダウンロードしている、かつ、解析は、以下に達成される: のに対して、プローブの上部が舌の先端部に地図を作られたということであった。 接触している正味面積を算出する、そうすると、その領域のセントロイド。. 神学文献大調査 事典,地図 入門 旧約 新約 翻訳,解釈学 歴史A 歴史B 組織A 特に、説教の力の回復をフォーサイスやロイド・ジョンズに言及しながら訴える。.

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The present invention provides for the development of an alternative information interface so that the human operator's brain capacity during the loop can be utilized more fully and efficiently in scientific and technical methods.

For example, many light and arrow indicators in past displays have been replaced by computer monitors that condense information into a cluster of static, dynamic 2D and 3D images or video streams. There are various principles after development of these kinds of cumulative information symptoms. What is to reduce the physical area of the visual information field.

Thereby limiting the space that the working gene must scan to monitor the instrument. Some fragmentation is achieved by condensing multiple parameters into a single image. However, the control genes for modern science and technology methods allow to make efficient decisions as follows and make decisions on hundreds of altered parameters.

If each parameter is represented by a single indicator, like a light, arrow or dial, the control panel consists of hundreds of indicators of the same type. All of these indicators, and the resulting ergonomically designed display to miniaturize the grouping, is a highly focused information control panel currently the latest aircraft electronic stool system, EFIS Or something like that found in nuclear power plants.

In the presence of multiple visual stimuli, the working gene is forced to limit his female attention concentration capacity to any one or a few of the elements shown. The working gene must shift attention from one element to the other in order to perceive all of the information contained in the complex display. Information display of this type of synthesis requires that the working gene be; systematically while monitoring the panel to minimize the likelihood of overlooking any particular element.

Anything that disperses the working gene can cause failure in the system. In addition, the ability of the agonist gene to monitor the composite display tends to diminish over a long period of observation eg, through a course of work shift.

One possible solution is to reduce the number of indicators and replace them with more condensed, more complex visual images that combine multiple parameters in a single image.

For example:-Using multiple features of a single element as a single 3D scatter point codes useful variables eg size, dimension, shape, color, orientation, opacity, single element pattern, etc. Although up to twelve simultaneously changing parameters can be represented-this method still relies on distributing information using only features that can be represented visually.

The system is an infrared or ultraviolet imaging system that is creating a composite electrotactile image using, for example, more complex modes between more complete visual field replacement devices, in addition to its electrode array two-dimensional One of the main zero amplitude and frequency signals can also function in a few of the internal parameters of the temporal frequency and signal waveform in the space of signal modulation. In other words, the system and method of the present invention can create composite multidimensional electrotactile images—similar to that of visual images.

Even if we think about them, we can't stop or change them forever. Walking, swimming, riding a motorcycle or driving a car is also a very complex biomechanics that uses multiples of sensations and motor coordination learns them early during our lives other than ours Other embodiments of the method; almost originally with rapid accuracy and also without considering each component ; and efficiency.

The present invention efficiently conducts new work on the brain and "provides a means to train to automatically perceive and utilize new information.

The experiment proved after training with the system, during the electrotactile symptom of the visual image, the fMRI screening for brain activity in blind subjects showed strong activation in areas of the major visual cortex It was. This means that after training with the system, the blind human brain begins to use the most elaborate analysis part of the cortex for the analysis of the electrotactile information displayed on the tongue during the visual subject. To do. It is believed that these areas were not active prior to training.

Doctors can perform telesurgery, divers can sense direction in the water, bomb crew members can sense explosive chemicals, all of which are skilled It's as natural as a person riding a motorcycle, watching music and playing a musical instrument, or driving a car.

In such embodiments, perception is given to the subject to compensate for a lack or deficiency sensation or to provide a new sensation.

In such an embodiment, the subject is trained to associate tactile or other sensory inputs with body position or body orientation. The brain learns to compensate for defects using this added sensory input. For example, the present systems and methods can be used to treat bilateral vestibular dysfunction BVD eg, due to ototoxicity, trauma, cancer, etc.

Example 1 below describes the successful treatment of a number of BVD patients using the system and method of the present invention. Examples describe other benefits given to one or more subjects during or after clinical rehabilitation. Based on these results, the present invention is also useful for the treatment of other diseases and conditions related to the vestibular system, including but not limited to Meniere's disease, migraine, motion sickness, MDD syndrome, dyslexia and swaying vision.

The system and method also provide benefits that are largely unrelated such as improved sleep recovery, fine motor recovery, psychological recovery, improved quality of life and improved emotional well-being.

For example, the method is useful to ameliorate or eliminate age-related balance disorders with respect to both fall prevention and systemic enhancement. The method is also useful for restoring sense of balance after injury eg, during the stroke recovery process. The method is also useful for improving sensorimotor coordination to reduce symptoms associated with conditions such as Parkinson's disease and epilepsy.

Can also be used for research purposes. Example 15 provides a method for studying brain function in magnetic resonance imaging in response to the system of the present invention. Such uses include use by athletes, military personnel, pilots, video gamers, and the like. For example, blind subjects may use systems and methods that improve vestibular function in addition to vision.

Similarly, a person playing a video game may desire a great variety of sensory information including, for example, balance, visual, auditory and tactile information. In such aspects, the subject is trained to associate tactile or other sensory inputs with, for example, video information or other visual information provided by a camera or other video information source. In some embodiments, a blind subject is trained to think of an object, shape, movement, light, etc.

Such applications are particularly beneficial for subjects with partial visual impairment and provide a method for both visual enhancement and rehabilitation. Blind subjects can be trained at any time. However, in a preferred embodiment, training is performed on a newborn or infant to maximize the ability of the brain to process complex video information and coordinate and integrate the information of higher cognitive functions that occur with age.

Example 12 describes the use of the method of the present invention that allows a blind subject to catch baseball, recognize a door, and the like. The invention is also useful for visual enhancement for subjects who are losing vision eg, subjects with macular degeneration. In such an embodiment, the subject may directly or indirectly associate tactile or other sensory input with audio information, reduce unnecessary sounds or sounds, or securely It is a rain that increases the discriminating power.

Example 11 describes the use of the method of the present invention to increase the performance of a hearing impaired subject for lip reading. More advanced auditory substitution cryptosystems can also be applied. Example 8 describes the successful use of the present invention to reduce tinnitus in a subject. In some embodiments, an arm band electro-tactile or vibrotactile or tongue-based means is also applied to the subject via the signal part or brightness, or music or other audio eg, rhythm, pitch, sound quality, volume, etc.

Used to convey various characteristics of. In such an embodiment, the subject is trained to couple tactile or other sensory inputs either directly or indirectly by tactile sensation at another site, either directly or indirectly.

Example 9 describes an alternative use of haptics to generate sexual sensations below. For example, it is a human with a medium wind. Other applications include diabetic neuropathy to compensate for insensitive legs and feet , spinal stenosis, or other conditions where prohibited or undesired tactile insensitivity eg, insensitive hands occurs. Including providing an extended sense for the subject suffering from the damage. The systems and methods of the present invention also find use in sexual patent applications for healthy individuals.

Further Example 9 describes a sexual patent application. Sensors that collect taste or olfactory information eg, chemical sensors are used to provide information that is transmitted to the subject to increase the ability to perceive or confirm taste or smell.

In such embodiments, the system is used to drown out or otherwise alter unwanted tastes or odors to assist the subject during eating or working in an unpleasant environment. During sensory enhancement patent applications, systems and methods are new that can provide improvements to existing sensations or perform tasks in an extended mode or in a mode where objects are not possible without enhanced sensation.

Add sensory information. Example 10 below describes the enhancement of video games and television or movie patent applications in transmitting new unconventional sensory information to the user in addition to normal audio and video information.

A visual image is then received derived from a tactile sensation in which the stimulating action can be provided by music or provided with regular video. The user can be run to feel upset or else can be altered in response to events happening during a movie or theme park drive. Hearing impaired subjects can receive information corresponding to music role performance techniques during the dance venue so that they can perceive a single or epic aspect of the music they are playing or performing.

Can be equipped. For example, in some embodiments, the tactile patch provided an ann or other desired body part that is transparent to music information.

In some embodiments, the additional patch provides aesthetics. Ultraviolet light, radiation or other particles or waves obtained in the artificial sensation device can be detected as well and can be detected.

Any material or event that can be identified in a sensory device can be mixed in the system of the present invention that provides a new sensation. For example, chemical sensors eg, for volatile organic compounds, explosives, carbon monoxide, oxygen, etc. Similarly, sensors for the detection of biological agents eg, environmental pathogens or pathogens used in biological weapons are suitable for providing this type of signal to a subject. This type of sensor can also be used to monitor biological systems.

Athletes can monitor ketone body formation. Organ transplant patients can monitor and sense the presence of cytokines with chronic rejection in time to look for appropriate medical care or treatment. The present invention is similarly adapted to blood alcohol levels eg, providing users with the exact indication of when blood alcohol levels exceed legal limits for drive or machine operation be able to.

A number of other physical and physiochemical measurements e. To provide a new communication institution. This type of system finds particular use with soldiers, emergency response personnel, hikers, climbers, and the like. In some aspects, the encoded information was provided to the user, eg, via wireless communication, via an electrotactile tongue system.

For conventional training, the user recognizes the signal as a language and understands the message. In some embodiments, method communication was provided. Examples 14 and 17 below describe this type of embodiment in more detail. In such an aspect, coding the return message, tongue movement or palpation of the teeth in the finished mouth of the user, for example via a located device. In addition to standard and encoding languages, the system may be used to send messages to alarms in a complex array.

Additional information can also be provided. And for example, it contains the relative physical positions of colleagues eg firefighters, soldiers, people to be stopped, enemies.

The language transparent to the aspect, system is the language of the emoji. Examples of the previous embodiment are described in Example Examples of later aspects are also described in Example In other embodiments, the tactile IS interface is an alternative input eg, an electrotactile tongue array. A non-touch sensitive user then determines that the remote environment aspect is relevant eg, local tissue electroconductivity or presence or absence of chemicals or biologicals; tissue status or type indicator.

Thus, in some aspects, the present invention provides a robot controlled by the brain. The robot can be equipped with a wide variety of sensors eg providing information on position, balance, limb position, etc.

I have enough interface, and have enough training humans who feel the robot environment on multiple levels even though the user brain occupied the body of the robot. The present invention or system of orientation information with a global positioning technology or other device that provides geographic location combined, the user gains enhanced navigation performance eg, see Example The formation of the surrounding environment's geographic features can also be provided to increase navigation.

For example, a pilot or diver can feel hills, valleys, currents water or air , etc. Firefighters can feel temperature and oxygen levels in addition to information: t for information about location and structure or structural integrity of the surrounding environment. For example, in an industrial setting eg, manufacturing plant, nuclear power plant, warehouse, hospital, structural site, etc.

Perception of the environment beyond the perceptual input of the constituent components during industrial settings, such as information, working genes have performance provided their perspective, hearing, olfaction, etc. This finds particular use in the system that ensures a setting or safety or efficient mode of operation where the controller is likely to manage synthetic instrument usage.

Detection conditions or faults eg unsafe temperature or pressure, gas, radiation, chemical leaks, hardware or software failures, etc. Subjects reported smoother physical movements, smoother, more confident, light, relaxed and quick reflexes, fine motor skills, improved endurance and vitality, and improved mental health.

In particularly preferred embodiments, the subject to be trained see, eg, Example 1 is in a sitting or standing position. Training includes maintaining posture while concentrating on the posture training procedure.

An understanding of the mechanism is not necessary for the practice of the invention, and the invention is not limited to any particular mechanism of action. However, such training is envisioned to benefit from meditation and stress management exercises. However, unlike meditation, which requires significant training and time dedication to gain, the method of the present invention provides the same benefits with minimal training and time dedication.

With slight training and short-term exposure, the subject gains extensive improvement with regard to physical and mental health. Thus, such a method is useful for athletes, pilots, martial artists, shooting masters, surgeons and the general public to improve motor skills and posture control.

The method is particularly useful in embodiments where the subject attempts to regain normal physical ability, such as after flight rehabilitation for an astronaut or during enhanced flight ability. Systems for making it possible to sense environmental conditions to improve accuracy. Examples describe a wide range of benefits achieved by the subject.

These benefits include, but are not limited to, relaxation, pain relief, sleep improvement and the like. Thus, the method is useful in all areas where meditation benefits have been shown eg, postmenopausal recovery. Such usage makes it possible, for example, to reduce the drug dose of complementary therapies to reduce side effects and toxicity.

For example, subjects taking gentamicin are monitored for loss of vestibular function so that the physician can stop or change treatment to prevent or reduce unwanted side effects of the drug. In such embodiments, head displacement as a function of body position can be monitored and compared to a normal baseline, or examined for changes over time in a particular subject.

Because posture and sense of balance deteriorate with age, the system can also be used as a biomarker for the biological age of interest. The diagnostic method can be used as an initial screening method for a subject, or it can be used to monitor conditions during or after any treatment procedure. Through the balance the training exercises, the subject can be created; Experience loss of balance or orientation.

The image can also be projected onto the object to increase the alternating real appearance. When combined with other sensory stimulating effects, the effects can provide entertainment or provide a healthy alternative to illegal drugs. In some preferred embodiments, the device provides one or more haptic stimulators in communication eg, physically, electronically with the surface of the subject eg, skin surface, tongue, internal surface.

The number, size, density and location eg, location and placement of the stimulator are selected so that the desired information can be communicated to the subject for any particular application.

For example, if the device is used as a simple alarm device, a single stimulator may be sufficient. In embodiments where visual information is provided, more stimulators may be required.

In embodiments where only the direction needs to be perceived, a limited circular stimulator showing , degree orientation can be used or N, W used in combination to indicate crossing , 4 stimulators for E, S orientation.

In some embodiments, a stimulator is placed and the signal is timed so that a haptic phi phenomenon occurs ie, the illusion that the sudden appearance and disappearance of two stationary objects are perceived as a single object reciprocation. By using such a method, the amount of information conveyed using a limited number of stimulators is increased. Examples include a microgravity sensor to provide vestibule information to astronauts or pilots with high difficulty, as well as a cannula that is manipulated to be inserted into the heart, as if it were the surgeon's own hand.

The present invention utilizes such devices, but is not limited thereto. In some embodiments, a mouthpiece is used that provides a stimulator or array of stimulators. In yet another embodiment, the stimulator is implanted in the skin or oral cavity eg, the inventor Bach-y-Rita and Fischer's agent reference number of the present invention, which is incorporated herein by reference in its entirety.

Other devices are described in the Examples section below. Various other applications and configurations will be understood by those skilled in the art. This design also uses a switching circuit in which all electrodes that are not active or "on the image" serve as an electrical ground for the array and provide a return path for the stimulation current.

A swarm generated by three pulses each is sent at a frequency of 50 Hz as a pulse frequency of Hz within the swarm. This structure provides a strong and unpleasant electrotactile perception. Positive pulses are used because the thresholds for fingertips and tongue are lower and the quality of stimulation is higher. Or another embodiment uses a different shape, such as a concave or convex surface or a pointed surface.

Example 16 describes a method for optimizing signaling for any special application. These differences are likely due to differences in density and distribution of haptic stimulators. Accompanying this, the useful range of sensitivity to electrotactile stimuli varies as a function of position and in a pattern similar to the threshold.

A dynamic algorithm is used. These algorithms are based on a linear regression model of the experimental data obtained. The results from the tests show that this significantly improved the ability to perform pattern perception. In some embodiments, the electrode array is included as part of an object eg, clothing, watch, dental holder, armband, phone, PDA, etc. In the case of a newborn eg, for training a blind infant , an electrode array may be included in the mouthpiece or pacifier of the meal bottle.

In some embodiments, the electrode array is implanted under the skin array tattoo see, eg, Example In a preferred embodiment, the device that includes the array is in wireless communication with a processor that provides external information. In some preferred embodiments, the array is provided on a small patch or membrane that can be placed on any outer including mucosal surface or inner portion of the subject.

Example 17 provides a description of such applications. In some embodiments, the tongue is via position, pressure, button touch or sensor eg, located inside the teeth , eg, wheelchair, prosthetic limb, robotic device, medical device, vehicle, external sensor or any An output signal is provided for operating other desired objects or systems. The output signal may be sent to the processor through a cable or may be wireless. The Examples section describes various training routines useful for various applications of the present invention.

The present invention provides software and hardware that facilitates such training. In some embodiments, the software not only initiates a training sequence eg, on a computer monitor but also monitors and controls the amount and location of signals sent to components of the haptic sensory device.

In some embodiments, the software also manages signals received from haptic sensory devices. In some aspects, the training program is adapted for the child by providing a gaming environment to increase the child's interest to complete the training exercise. Space Environ. The vestibular system is important in virtually every aspect of daily life, not only through the vestibular reflex where head acceleration information constantly acts on body muscles and autonomous organs Wilson and Jones, Mammalian Vestibular Physiology, , New York, Plenum , because it is essential for proper behavior in three-dimensional space through various cognitive functions: Buttner and Henn , Circularvection: psychophysics and single-unit recordings in the monkey, ; Guedry et al.

Bloomberg et al. Vestibular input functions also include: self-centered orientation sensation, coordinate system, internal reference center, muscle tone control, and linear placement of body areas Honrubia and Greenfield, novel psychophysical illusion resulting from interaction between horizonal vestibular and vertical pursuit stimulation, Bilateral vestibular loss of function can be caused by drug toxicity, meningitis, disability or a variety of other specific causes, most often due to unknown reasons.

This creates a variety of problems with posture control, movement in space, including various balance-related disorders such as unstable gait and sway Baloh, Changes in the human vestibulo-occular reflex after loss of peripheral sensitivity Unstable walking is particularly noticeable at night or in people with low vision.

This loss of function results in reduced performance, especially for older people. Historical and clinical aspects of vestibular function. A review. Perturbation is a permanent symptom.

When walking, the patient cannot stare at the object as the surroundings go up and down. To see passers-by's faces, they stop and try to keep their heads stationary. When reading, such patients have their hands on their chin to prevent slight movements associated with blood flow pulsations. Under these circumstances, the subject makes high use of the fingertips to gain further clues about spatial orientation.

The use of vestibular sensation provides a strong stabilizing effect on head and body coordination in subjects with BVD. Under the experimental conditions, three distinctive and unique motor characteristics consistently observed in the head-posture behavior of BVD subjects average position variation, wobble, and periodic large amplitude perturbations were identified. However, the use of vestibular function substitution greatly reduced or disappeared these characteristics.

All subjects were confirmed to have disabilities or disabilities. In this position, it usually senses both rotation and translation. After instructing the subject to infer the test position, the initial position of the sensor is recorded at the start of each trial and is used as the zero reference thereafter.

The maximum displacement of the target is band limited to the physical area of the display in order to prevent localization disturbance due to the stimulus deviating from the display in the event that the subject momentarily exceeds the initially calculated maximum range.

This gain can easily be adjusted to meet the maximum expected range of motion. After calibration in the initial upright state, the subject moves his head so that the center of the target remains in the center of the display in order to maintain proper posture. For initial training, a visual analog of the outer edge of the square tactile array is presented on the LCD monitor. The resulting position vector used to generate the motion of the visual target was subjected to 10 Hz low pass filtering and smoothed using a 20 sample moving window average to make the image more stable.

A head-based posture fluctuation diagram HBS was obtained by continuous recording from the accelerometer.

HBS is the main component of this data record analysis system. Of the participants, 5 were women and 5 were men.

The average age in the female group was One subject had Debalman syndrome, one patient had vestibular dysfunction as a result of bilateral surgery to correct perilymph fistula, and one subject had bilateral vestibular dysfunction It was a result.

Prior to the test, a series of baseline tests were performed on each individual to observe their ability for balance and visual control sway. These baseline tests were recorded on videotape. Data collection was performed. These data collections included second, second and second trials for both sitting and standing, open and closed eyes.

In fact, no one was able to maintain posture for more than seconds under any condition. The shortest trial completed by the patient was 5 sessions and the longest was 65 sessions. However, the speed and magnitude of recovery of balance sensation varied from subject to subject. In addition, it has been found that training with EVSS is seen in several different effects or levels, not just one, with respect to balance recovery.

In addition to the effect of restoring balance sensation, a number of effects directly or indirectly related to the vestibular system were observed see Examples However, even for a BVD subject with good compensation, standing on a soft or uneven surface, or on a limited base such as a tandem Romberg posture, It was difficult and it was completely unexpected to close the eyes.

As an example, it was possible to stand in a tandem Romberg posture with the eyes closed. After one training session consisting of 18 training sessions of seconds each total EVSS exposure time is 30 minutes , BVD patients can stand for seconds with their eyes closed and tandem Romberg posture.

It was. All residual effects were observed after complete removal of EVSS from the subject's oral cavity. Subjects were able to maintain a sense of balance for a period of time without immediately causing abnormal wobble; this usually occurs after any other type of external tactile stabilization, such as touching a wall or table. It was the same. Furthermore, the length of the short-term subsequent effect was almost linearly dependent on the duration of EVSS exposure.

During these periods, BVD subjects were able to stand upright without moving on a hard or soft surface, as well as walking on the beam, standing on one leg, riding a bicycle, and dancing I was able to complete various kinds of activities to test the sense of balance.

However, after several hours, all symptoms returned. Typically, minutes was the longest period that was not uncomfortable with a closed eye trial. The sitting trial was less effective than the standing trial. The longest effect after a single EVSS exposure was hours. The mean duration of long-term follow-up after a single minute EVSS exposure was hours.

After the second exposure, the effect lasted for an average of about 6 hours. Data collected for this subject showed a systematic improvement and a gradual increase in long-term follow-up effects over a solid training period. In addition, it has been found that repeated EVSS training results in both a cumulative improvement in balance control and an overall recovery of the central mechanism of the vestibular system. Regular examination of the subject's sense of balance and posture control continued.

Over the 14 weeks following the last EVSS training, subjects were able to remain completely stationary with their eyes closed on hard or soft surfaces. This showed the rehabilitation ability of this method. The effect was observed over 6 months. The feeling of constantly moving disappeared. Subjects were able to walk without assistance, and reported improved ability to walk in the dark, ability to walk actively, ability to walk in crowds, and ability to walk on patterned surfaces.

Subjects gained the ability to stand with their eyes closed, whether they were soft or not, walking on a straight line, and walking with their eyes left and right and up and down.

Subject gained the ability to carry objects, walk on uneven surfaces, climb on the embankment, and ride a bicycle. The subject became motivated to tackle new challenges and overall became much more physically active. It is also useful for people with general disabilities associated with. The present invention also has applicability in the field of aeronautics to avoid spatial misregistration in aircraft pilots or astronauts. Subject observation and questionnaires showed that physical movements were smoother and more confident, lighter, relaxed and faster.

Stiffness disappeared, sensation in the limbs, head and body was lightened, and the degree of contraction was reduced.

Fine motor skills recovered and walking returned to normal. Posture and body area alignment were restored to normal. Physical strength and vitality increased. There was also an improvement in driving ability during the day and at night. Subject's observation and questionnaires made the vision more stable and clearer and brighter. The color tone became brighter and more sensitive, and the peripheral vision spread.

Reading is also smoother and easier, and can be read in a moving vehicle. The fitness associated with the conversion from light to dark conditions was also greatly improved. There was also a reduction in swaying vision and an improvement in deep perception. Subject observation and questionnaires showed an improvement in mental alertness, creativity, clarity of thought, confidence, multitasking skills, memory retention, concentration, ability to follow conversation and continue to work.

Subject became more conscious, energized and no longer constantly aware of equilibrium. Subject observations and questionnaires show that subjects are calmer, awakened, more confident, happy, calm, refreshed, relaxed, have a strong sense of well-being, and fear has disappeared It was. Subject observations and questionnaires showed that most patients had improved sleep. Sleep became deeper, longer, more peaceful, and often no longer awakened at night. Subject observations and questionnaires showed a feeling of youthfulness and vitality, along with the brightness of what was seen in the eyes, the reduction of stress, the elevation of facial muscles, and the "young appearance" associated with relaxation.

Some of the subjects reported decreased visits to chiropractic and increased activity. Subjects with Tinius reported a reduction during symptoms. For training, this type of subject restores sexual sensation at least in part.

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How to use: General Method 1. Pyrodon I did. However, I dont consider them as mine since all of them were drawn by somebody else. August 20th First sketches, basic design.

August 21st Hi guys! Consider becoming more than just a Submachine player. You can become a part of. Help me create Submachine and Covert Front. Elven Conquest Part 2 0. See more ideas about Artist, Art and Fantasy concept art. The artwork is not considered canonical material. These watercolor-made locations were rewards for patrons of Mateusz Skutnik who contributed a certain amount of money per month. The patreon watercolors for existing or made after locations are on the pages themselves under the.

Welcome to my Patreon page! My name is Mateusz Urbanowicz and I make paintings, illustrations, animations, comics, and sometimes DIY art-related projects.

I have been living in Japan for almost 10 years and Im trying to capture its beauty in my works. PastelGames updated their cover photo. You can freely travel between different locations, read theories about Submachine and observe how things work inside this network.