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Exemplary output formats include prints, albums, posters, videos, DVDs, digital slide shows, downloadable movies or websites. Saying from my own experience of 2 years.. This book will definitely be close to my heart and I probably won't stop recommending it to readers who needs this books, which, in my own opinion, is everyone. To closing carpet burn of this song with guest vocals from the Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah appears on album

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Line アルバム 共有 他 の ユーザー. Box is included in step and contains a list of available themes.

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Line アルバム 共有 他 の ユーザー.

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Line アルバム 共有 他 の ユーザー

  Line アルバム 共有 他 の ユーザー

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  Line アルバム 共有 他 の ユーザー  

Line アルバム 共有 他 の ユーザー. アニソンのダウンロード・ランキング・無料視聴|アニメソングはanimelo mix

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Line アルバム 共有 他 の ユーザー

Output descriptor file Story authoring component The theme style sheet is the background and foreground asset for the theme. A foreground asset is an image that can be superimposed on another image. A background image is an image that gives a background pattern such as ruled lines or locations to the subject of a digital photograph. Multiple layers of foreground and background assets can be added to the image to produce a unique product.

The default XML file can optionally be used by any system to provide some default information. Once this file has been completely filled by the creator , this file then becomes the created story descriptor file In its default version, this file contains the basic information for creating a story.

For example, a simple slideshow format can be defined that displays a single line of text, a blank area may be reserved for several images, a display period for each is defined, and background music is You can choose. The created story descriptor file contains asset information, theme information, effects, transitions, metadata and all other required information to build a complete and appealing story, as will be described later It will be.

In some respects, this is similar to a story board, and can be a default descriptor with a minimal selection of assets as described above. Alternatively, for example, it may include multiple users or third party assets that include multiple effects and transitions.

Can be transmitted to or used in any imaging system that has a rendering component to do so. This is a story sharing output file slideshow, movie, etc. This XML gives necessary theme information such as artistic expressions, for example. This will include the following: The location of the theme, such as in a computer system or on a network such as the Internet. The template file provides one or more spaces designated for displaying assets selected from the asset collection.

The creator is a module that receives input from three previous components and can optionally apply an automatic image selection algorithm to create the story descriptor file The user can select a theme, or the theme can be selected algorithmically according to the contents of a given asset.

The creator uses the theme descriptor file when constructing the created story sharing descriptor file Asset location and asset related information metadata. The user may select an asset or the asset may be automatically selected from analysis of associated metadata. User input related to effects, transitions and image organization.

In general, the theme descriptor file will contain most of this information, but the user will have the option to edit some of this information.

The created story descriptor file contains all the required information needed by the renderer. Any edits made by the user through the creator will be reflected in the story descriptor file This requires specification information about the asset that can be used to determine whether the effect is realizable for a particular asset. This file contains constraints based on: -Device function of the output device.

This facilitates the rendering of stories when the output modality requires information not included in the story descriptor file because the output device is unknown-the descriptor can be reused on another device Is for.

Descriptor translation information, such as the XSL Transformation language XSLT program, used to modify the story descriptor file to include only information specific to the output modality but not scalable information. The renderer formats the story sharing descriptor file depending on the selected output format for the story sharing product.

The format may be modified if the output is intended to be viewed in a small cell phone, a large screen device or a print format such as a photo book. The renderer then determines the required resolution, etc. In operation, this component reads the created story-sharing descriptor file generated by the creator , processes the story, and DVD or other hardcopy format slideshow, movie, custom output, etc. Act on the story shared descriptor file by generating the required output 18 as in The renderer interprets the elements of the story descriptor file and, depending on the output type selected, the renderer generates the story in the format required by the output system.

For example, the renderer can read the created story sharing descriptor file and generate an MPEG-2 slideshow based on all the information described in the created story descriptor file The renderer performs the following functions: Read the created story descriptor file and correctly interpret it. Generate the requested rendered output format.

Optionally, this component includes a recording function. This component also includes an optional plug-in module to generate a specific output such as a slideshow, for example, software that implements MPEG-2, photobook software or calendar to generate a photobook Use a calendar plug-in to generate Specific output in XML format may be able to be supplied directly to a device that interprets XML, thus requiring no special plug-ins. This allows the story to be created by or on one computer system and persists via a descriptor file.

The created story descriptor file can be stored on any system or portable storage device and can then be reused to produce various outputs on different imaging systems. In these embodiments, a template library as described with reference to the template descriptor file will be embedded in the creator and also in the renderer The story descriptor file then points to the template file, but does not include the template file as part of the descriptor file itself.

This does not expose the complete story to third parties who may be unintended recipients of the story descriptor file. Referring to FIG. In step , the user begins the process by identifying himself to the system. This can take the form of a username and password, a biometric ID, or may be by selecting an existing account. By providing an ID, the system can incorporate any user preferences and profile information, previous usage patterns, personal information such as existing personal and family relationships, and important dates and events.

This may be required to facilitate sharing of the finished product to the intended recipient. The user ID can also be used to provide access to the user's asset collection, as shown in step A user's asset collection can include personally and commercially generated third party content, and can include digital still images, text, graphics, video clips, audio, music, poems, and the like.

In step , the system reads and records existing metadata. It is. Used to provide additional asset-derived metadata [derived metadata]. For example, as described in detail in U. And temporal clustering of image assets is generated by clustering into separate temporal events and sub-events. Images can be judged to be similar based on many different metrics. For example, there are similarities due to other recognizable content such as color, texture or face.

This concept can be extended to parts of an image or regions of interest ROI. The query may be the entire image or a portion of the image ROI. The acquired images can be collated as a whole of the images, or each image can be searched for corresponding areas similar to the query.

In the context of the present invention, CBIR can be used to automatically select or rank other assets or assets similar to a certain theme. The scene classifier identifies the scene and classifies it into one or more scene types eg, beach, indoor, etc.

Details of exemplary scene classification types and operations thereof are described in Patent Documents 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9. Face detection algorithms can be used to find as many faces as possible in the asset collection, as described in US Pat. Face recognition is to identify or classify a face against a sample of a person or a label associated with a person based on facial features, as described in US Pat.

Face clustering uses data generated from detection and feature extraction algorithms to group faces that look similar. As described in detail below, this selection may be triggered based on a numerical confidence value. Location-based data such as that described in US Pat. Capture devices may or may not include archiving metadata along with image or video files, but these are typically associated with the asset by a recording device that captures images, video or audio. They are stored together as metadata.

Location-based metadata can be very powerful when used with other attributes for media clustering. For example, the US Geological Survey Commission on Geographic Names maintains a Geographic Name Information System, which includes latitude and longitude coordinates that are commonly recognized, feature names, and churches, parks, or schools.

Provides a means for mapping to feature types. The identification or classification of detected events into semantic categories such as birthdays and weddings is described in detail in US Pat. Media assets classified as an event can be so associated because of the same location, scene or activity per unit time.

Those media assets are intended to relate to the subjective intention of the user or group of users. Within each event, media assets can also be clustered into separate groups of related content called sub-events. Media in an event is associated with the same scene or activity, while media in a sub-event has similar content within an event.

The automatic IVI algorithm can take advantage of image features such as sharpness, lighting and other quality indicators. The prior art documents listed in this paragraph are incorporated herein in their entirety.

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When, A receiving sub-module configured to receive the face identification result transmitted by the cloud server. Configured to delete images. It further includes a second receiving module 31 configured to receive a selection command input by the user. Is further provided.

As illustrated in FIG. It is configured to be confirmed. Is configured to determine. Configured as follows. So don't make a luxury here. A processor; A memory for storing instructions executable by the processor, A user receives a party photo sharing command for a party photo group waiting for sharing, the party photo group waiting for sharing includes party identifier information, and the party photo group waiting for sharing includes at least one party photo.

For example, the photo sharing apparatus may be a terminal such as a smart mobile phone, a smart camera, a tablet PC, or a portable PC. The processing unit may have at least one processor that executes instructions so that some or all of the steps in the methods described above can be implemented.

Further, the processing unit may include at least one module so as to facilitate the interaction with other units. For example, the processing unit may include a multimedia module so as to facilitate interaction with the multimedia unit These data include, for example, instructions for operating any application or method on the photo sharing device , contact data, phone book data, messages, images, videos, and the like.

Read Only Memory , magnetic memory, flash memory, magnetic disk, optical disk, or a combination thereof. You may have other units related to that. If the screen has a touch panel, it can be a touch screen so as to receive input signals from the user. In addition, the touch panel has at least one touch sensor so as to sense touch, slide, and hand gesture on the touch panel. The touch sensor can sense not only the boundary between touch and slide movements but also the duration and pressure associated with touch and slide operations.

Each of the front camera and the back camera may be a fixed optical lens system, or may have a focal length and an optical zoom capability. For example, the audio unit may include a microphone MIC. The microphone is arranged to receive an external audio signal when the photo sharing device is in an operating mode such as, for example, a ringing mode, a recording mode, or a voice recognition mode. The received audio signal may be further stored in the memory or transmitted via the communication unit In one embodiment, the audio unit may further include a speaker for outputting an audio signal.

The external interface module may be a keyboard, a click wheel, a button, or the like. These buttons may be, but are not limited to, a home button, a volume button, a start button, and a lock button. For example, the unit is a display and keypad of the photo sharing apparatus The sensor unit may include a proximity sensor that is arranged to detect nearby objects when there is no physical contact.

In one embodiment, the sensor unit may further include an acceleration sensor, a gyroscope sensor, a magnetic sensor, a pressure sensor, or a temperature sensor. The photo sharing device can access a wireless network based on a communication standard of, for example, WiFi, 2G, or 3G, or a combination thereof.

In one exemplary embodiment, the communication unit receives broadcast signals or information regarding broadcasts from an external broadcast management system via a broadcast channel. In one exemplary embodiment, the communication unit may further include a near field communication NFC module to facilitate near field communication. It may be realized by technology. This instruction is executed by the processor of the photo sharing apparatus to implement the method described above.

The method Receiving a party photo sharing instruction for a party photo group waiting for the user to share; A face identification result obtained after performing face identification for each party photo included in the party photo group waiting for sharing is acquired, and included in the party photo group waiting for sharing according to the face identification result Confirming the face image set; Determining a profile picture of the target contact matched to each face image in the face image set in the profile pictures of each contact included in the address book; Transmitting the party photo group waiting for sharing to the corresponding target contact according to the contact method corresponding to the profile picture of each target contact, and The party photo group waiting for sharing includes party identifier information, and the party photo group waiting for sharing includes at least one party photo.

This application includes any variations, uses, or adaptations of the invention. These variations, uses, or appropriate changes are in accordance with the general principles of the present invention and include well-known or common technical means in the art not disclosed in the present invention. The specification and examples are illustrative only.

The true scope and spirit of the invention is based on the claims. The scope of the invention is limited only by the claims. Sharing method. Photo sharing method. The photo sharing method according to claim 1. The photo sharing method described in 1. The photo of claim 4, further comprising: sending a party photo subset corresponding to the identified target contact profile photo to a corresponding specific target contact by a second target contact scheme.

When, The terminal includes transmitting a party photo subset corresponding to each of the target contact profile photos to the corresponding target contact according to a highest priority contact method corresponding to the profile photo of each target contact. Hi, I'm Queen Bee 'She'll sting you one day. The bass line on this track is a sample from a single "Jump Around" by House of Pain.

The original appeared on Winehouse's album, while the version with Ghostface Killah appears on his album More Fish. There's a version of this song with guest vocals from Ghostface Killah. Amy Winehouse Back to Black 4. Queen Bee Open 6 p.

This book will definitely be close to my heart and I probably won't stop recommending it to readers who needs this books, which, in my own opinion, is everyone. Complete your Amy Winehouse collection. Originally recorded as a solo track, it was remixed with guest vocals from the Wu-Tang Clan member Ghostface Killah.

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