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Roof Garden. Patras is a pilot city of the Council of Europe and the European Commission Intercultural cities programme. A warrant was later issued in February of when the defendant failed to appear in court. In the city was captured by William of Champlitte and Villehardouin , and became a part of the principality of Achaea.

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Patras municipality within the region of Western Greece. Patras municipality (in green, Dimos Patreon) and its municipal units within the regional unit of Achaea. Argos most often refers to: Argos, Peloponnese, a city in Argolis, Greece. Ancient Argos, the ancient city. Argos (retailer), a catalogue retailer operating in the. Once again we turn to Ancient Greece to delve into one of the world's most infamous A Citi-Block is thrown into chaos when the local eating champ gets stuck! Asheville City Government is weaker than ever, with more than 30 cops having This morning, when I visualized Greece in the midst of anti-austerity protests. Her awards include: The Freedom of the City of London ; the Order of The rise of the Golden Dawn in Greece was a direct result of the economic.

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It will include pensioners residing in the following countries: Europe (Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Cyprus, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Greece, Ireland, Italy. Monitoring Immigrants' Integration in Local Government in Greece” (LOMIGRAS). This project can be found in Thessaloniki, Greece's second largest city to the north. ERT website, 'Anti-Ratsistiki Vdomada apo to Dimo Patreon', 15 March. Builders of Greece - CreativeForge Games, Strategy Labs | I have a Patreon! ♤ Humble Bundle. Sara jean underwood patreon download. Patron saint of europe. Mass edit tags patreon. Avatar herr der elemente cosplay. Shkolnisa 私人. Patreon citi greece. Be a Patreon! Frederique & Archie. Bonjour Citygaragistes,. We were excited to launch our new Patreon page last week and many of you signed up. Welcome.

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She has broken through the health and fitness industry with great triumph and perseverance. The city is built at the foot of Mount Panachaikon , overlooking the Gulf of Patras. As of the census, the city of Patras has a population of , and the municipal unit has , inhabitants; the municipality has , inhabitants. The population of its functional urban area was , in In the Roman period, it had become a cosmopolitan center of the eastern Mediterranean whilst, according to the Christian tradition, it was also the place of Saint Andrew 's martyrdom.

Dubbed as Greece's ' Gate to the West' , Patras is a commercial hub, while its busy port is a nodal point for trade and communication with Italy and the rest of Western Europe.

The city has two public universities and one technological institute , hosting a large student population and rendering Patras an important scientific centre [ citation needed ] with a field of excellence in technological education. Every year, in February, the city hosts one of Europe's largest carnivals. Notable features of the Patras Carnival include its mammoth satirical floats and balls and parades, enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of visitors in a Mediterranean climate.

Patras is also famous for supporting an indigenous cultural scene active mainly in the performing arts and modern urban literature. It was European Capital of Culture in Patras is km mi west of Athens by road, 94 km 58 mi northeast of Pyrgos , 7 km 4. A central feature of the urban geography of Patras is its division into upper and lower sections. This is the result of an interplay between natural geography and human settlement patterns; the lower section of the city Kato Poli , which includes the 19th-century urban core and the port, is adjacent to the sea and stretches between the estuaries of the rivers of Glafkos and Haradros.

It is built on what was originally a bed of river soils and dried-up swamps. The older upper section Ano Poli covers the area of the pre-modern settlement, around the Fortress, on what is the last elevation of Mount Panachaikon 1, m 6, ft [4] before the Gulf of Patras.

The largest river in the area is the Glafkos , flowing to the south of Patras. Glafkos springs in Mount Panachaikon and its water is, since , collected in a small mountainous reservoir-dam near the village of Souli and subsequently pumped in order to provide energy for the country's first hydroelectric plant. Patras has a Mediterranean climate. It features the typical mild, wet winters and hot, dry summers, with spring and autumn being pleasant transitional seasons.

Autumn in Patras, however, is wetter than spring. Of great importance for the biological diversity of the area and the preservation of its climate is the swamp of Agyia , a small and coastal aquatic ecosystem of only 30 ha 74 acres , north of the city centre.

The main features of this wetland are its apparent survival difficulty, being at the heart of a densely populated urban centre that features a relatively arid climate and its admittedly high level of biodiversity, with over 90 species of birds being observed until the early s, according to a study by the Patras Bureau of the Hellenic Ornithological Society. The first traces of settlement in Patras date to as early as the third millennium BC, in the area of modern Aroi. Ancient Patras was formed by the unification of three Mycenaean villages in modern Aroi, namely ancient Aroe, Antheia from mythological Antheia and Mesatis.

Mythology has it that after the Dorian invasion, a group of Achaeans from Laconia led by the eponymous Patreus established a colony. In antiquity Patras remained a farming city. It was in Roman times that it became an important port. Later on, and following the Roman occupation of Greece in BC, Patras played a key role, and Augustus refounded the city as a Roman colony in the area. In addition, Patras has been a Christian centre since the early days of Christianity, and it is the city where Saint Andrew was crucified.

In the Byzantine era Patras continued to be an important port as well as an industrial centre. By the 9th century, there are strong signs the city was prosperous: the widow Danielis from Patras had accumulated immense wealth in land ownership, [ citation needed ] the carpet and textile industry, and offered critical support in the ascent of Basil I the Macedonian to the Byzantine throne.

In the city was captured by William of Champlitte and Villehardouin , and became a part of the principality of Achaea. It became the seat of the Barony of Patras , and its Latin archbishop primate of the principality. In , Patras became Venetian , until it was recaptured in by the Despotate of Morea and its despot Constantine Palaiologos , who thus succeeded in recovering for the Byzantine Empire the whole of the Morea , apart from Venetian possessions.

The administration of Patras was given to George Sphrantzes , while Constantine was immediately contested by the Ottoman Empire and later, in , became emperor of the Byzantine empire. Though Mehmet granted the city special privileges and tax reductions, it never became a major centre of commerce.

Venice and Genoa attacked and captured it several times in the 15th and 16th centuries, but never re-established their rule effectively, except for a period of Venetian rule in — after the Morean War. In a naval battle took place off the city between the Russians and Ottomans. Patras was one of the first cities in which the Greek Revolution began in ; [10] the Ottoman garrison, confined to the citadel, held out until Finally the city was surrendered on 7 October to the French expeditionary force in the Peloponnese, under the command of General Maison.

The new city was planned under the supervision of Stamatis Voulgaris following orders by Ioannis Kapodistrias. Patras developed quickly into the second-largest urban centre in lateth-century Greece.

In the early 20th century, Patras developed fast and became the first Greek city to introduce public streetlights and electrified tramways. In the Second World War the city was a major target of Italian air raids. In the Axis occupation period, a German military command was established and German and Italian troops stationed in the city. After the liberation in , the city recovered, but in later years was increasingly overshadowed by the urban pole of Athens.

Since , mayor of the city is Kostas Peletidis. The city is divided into the upper and the lower section, connected with roads and broad stairs. The upper section Ano Poli is the older and the more picturesque; however, the lower section Kato Poli is laid out according to the city plan, featuring a variety of squares.

A replica of Patras Lighthouse , the city's emblematic old lighthouse — which was at the dock of Ayios Nikolaos — rises at the end of Trion Navarchon street, near the temple of Saint Andreas.

In general, much of Patras' coastline is framed by roads and avenues running alongside; these include Dymaion Coast to the south and Iroon Polytechneiou Street to the north. As a part of the European Capital of Culture programme, there was a project for the restoration of the city's architectural heritage.

Patras' center is characterised by a composition of architectural currents and trends. During the 19th century many neoclassical buildings were constructed in the city. Patra is a relatively newly built city, as its medieval buildings were completely destroyed in the Greek War of Independence.

The oldest surviving buildings apart from ancient monuments and the castle are the church of Pantocrator in Ano Poli and a residential building Tzini's house at the corner of Agiou Nikolaou and Maisonos street, built in The area on the south of the castle, around the Roman Odeon , the church of Pantokrator, in the Upper Town Ano Poli , is the most appealing of the city, because of its status as the only area where construction height is limited to two-storey buildings.

At the beginning of the 20th century, outside the school complex "Georgios Glarakis", line 2 of the tram ended, starting from Agios Dionysios, going up Dimitriou Gounari Street, passing behind the church of Pantanassa, entering Roman Odeon and finished outside the Glarakis school complex. Historical buildings and mansions of the city, apart Tzini's house, include also the Prapopoulos building, Golfinopoulos mansion Alhambra , Perivolaropoulos mansion, Palamas house, while among the demolished after WWII were Tsiklitiras mansion, Kanellopoulos house, Chaidopoulos building, Frangopoulos house, Green mansion and Mineyko mansion.

Nowadays, the municipal units of Rio , Paralia , Messatida and Vrachnaiika have functionally become a part of the wider urban complex of Patras. Apart from the city center, the main districts of Patras are:. Patras is the regional capital of Western Greece and the capital of the Achaea regional unit.

Since , the city is also the capital of the administrative division, which includes along with Western Greece the regions of Peloponnese and the Ionian Islands. The current municipality of Patras was formed at the local government reform by the merger of 5 municipalities that made up the Patras Urban Area. These former municipalities, which became municipal units, are: in parenthesis their population, [24]. The municipality has an area of From on, can data also reflect the city's urban area population, as all the municipalities that made up the Patras Urban Area were joined to create the new larger Patras municipality, formed at the local government reform.

Heavy infrastructure works performed in the s include the Peiros-Parapeiros dam to provide water supply for Patras and surrounding towns [29] and a "small industries" park that will be constructed next to the Glaykos river and provide an easy connection with the new port.

A metropolitan optical network will be deployed in the city, with a total length of 48 km 30 mi. Two major state hospitals operate in the city: the Agios Andreas Hospital is the oldest of the two; and General University Hospital of Patras. There also exists two smaller state hospitals, Karamandanio - a children's hospital, and the Center of Chest Diseases of Southwestern Greece.

A large range of private hospitals and clinics operate in parallel. Numerous art venues [31] and an ultra-modern archaeological museum [32] were constructed for the needs of European Culture Capital designation. The cultural and educational facilities include the Municipal Library, the university libraries, many theatres, the municipal art gallery, [33] the University of Patras 's facilities, the Hellenic Open University and the Technical Institute of Patras.

A number of research facilities are also established in the university campus area. The economy of the city largely depends on its service sector.

Its main economic activities include retailing, logistics, financial and public sector services. Patras suffered a severe problem of deindustrialization in the late s and s when a number of major productive units shut down in successive order. The area still retains some of its traditional winemaking and foodstuff industries as well as a small agricultural sector. In , the new Infocenter of Patras was established, inside the neoclassical building of the former market "Agora Argyri", in Ayiou Andreou street.

The building includes a conference hall, along with multi-purpose and exhibitional spaces. Titan Cement Company operates a large cement factory, with a private port, in Psathopyrgos , a suburb of Patras. Patras hosts several timber manufacturing companies, and a wood distribution center of Shelman. The largest local company is Abex. Patras has several packing and industrial equipment companies.

The most important of them are the local Antzoulatos and the multinational Frigoglass , a subsidiary of Coca-Cola , headquartered in the suburbs of Patras. Ideal Bikes is the leading bike producer in Greece, with large export activities. This had an important impact on the city's economy and resulted in high levels of unemployment in the s. Patras companies also focus in dress production, the most important among them being DUR. Some of the largest industries in the city belong to the soft drinks and drinks sector.

The city is also home to many leading Greek wineries and distilleries, among them the venerable Achaia Clauss and Parparoussi located in Rio. In the food sector, Friesland Foods , through the local subsidiary NoyNoy , operates a new yogurt factory in the city's industrial area.

Patras is also home to important fish-farming companies Andromeda , Nireus. Acciona has completed the largest wind park in Greece, on the Panachaiko mountain, overlooking the city of Patras. Fuck all of them. Citi comes off the worst in the survey, so maybe you can let that be your guide. My current bane, Fifth Third Bank, is in there as the third least trusted bank.

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