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Crushstation Creating an adult sexpionage RPG. Read More. Even if most of my patrons are supporting me at a very small dollar amount level, the fact that anybody wants to sign up every month to support the content I make is a win. Balancing these out can be a juggling act. The team on Patreon as over supporters and it is still very much in development with new releases, patches and upgrades being updated all the time.

Top Patreon Adult Games: Top Earners + Biggest + Highest Paid + Successful

Ranked list of the most popular Patreon adult games including top earners. Updated daily. Become a patron of Naughty Games today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the Furthermore, all our games will be free once completed. We put together a list of some of the top games and gaming content creators on Patreon. Finished Games: First big project - “My little angel" (FINISHED) In this game you play for an immoderately lascivious man, who turned his toes one fine day, and. My previous game is "Lust Affect". It is a completed project, which is a parody of the famous franchise from "BioWare". You take on the role of Captain Shepard.

Completed patreon games. Dushniy Games is creating adult games.

So currently we have one completed game and two games in development. NO MORE MONEY. PLOT No More Secrets is a visual novel game with a lot of. Become a patron of Ocean today: Get access to exclusive content and experiences on the world's largest membership platform for artists and creators. My first game, SL, is a choice-based visual novel and has been completed in I'm hard at work on my next project, Tales From The Unending Void. So before you click on any of them, let me put a disclaimer up. BEFORE YOU DONATE (as if, but I like to be optimistic) READ THIS: 1. The game will be finished. The only game that I can think of that is truely completed is Noxian Nights. Trials in Tainted Space, while not 'completed' per se, is pretty much a.

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Only one of the top five projects on crowdfunding website Patreon isn't a podcast. A videogame called Summertime Saga is currently ranked. Top 5 Adult Games on Patreon for #5 Treasure of Nadia#4 Virt-A-Mate#3 Monster Girl Island#2 Fallen Doll: Operation Lovecraft#1.Completed patreon games votes, comments. m members in the Games community. The goal of /r​/Games is to provide a place for informative and interesting gaming . 35 votes, 12 comments. There are so many good games on Patreon, but it seems like almost none of them are even close to that sweet sweet 1. Venture patreon Incest patreon games. Slice of Venture 2 (Which is a completed Patreon-funded game (as well as its DLC)). I am currently in the process of creating two games - “Dating My Daughter” and "​Sunshine Love". My second AVN “Melody”, was completed in December of Patron is a survival city builder with a unique social dynamics system. Happiness, the standard simple feature of all such games, in the case of Patron is means to truly run a society and not just a city filled with automatons.

Completed patreon games.

Naughty Games I want to play free Patreon adult games of the best indie porn game developers in the world! Video games are known to have some of the most rabid fanbases in. Download scientific diagram | Filled dots: all Patreon projects, dots: adult games, triangles: games. Figure is based on data from Graphtreon () on.

Sex games are a big business on Patreon, with top projects attracting completion if the worst does eventually happen,” Eromancer wrote. There are dozens of porn & sex games on Patreon. be more prone to bugs and glitches than completed and ready-for-market equivalents.   Completed patreon games from a PACK and uses it in battles to beat his opponents. Strategic, immersive and with innovative mechanics. Get ready for an adventure filled. By supporting creators you love on Patreon, you're becoming an active I absolutely agree this project deserves to be finished because of it´s. ピアノの森の満開の下 パッチ Does Patreon have anyway to see completed projects by category or type In other words Scammers disguised as Patreon game developers. Summertime Saga is an adult high quality dating sim game, currently in development You can download the game for free, but by supporting the game on Patreon you gain When do I know I've completed all the content within an update?

Completed patreon games

Hi, we're Patreon. We believe people who make things should get paid for the value they give to the world. Patreon is a membership platform that makes it easy​. Porn games, best mobile and online porn games, flash porn games, sex games with download.  Completed patreon games If you liked Lust Epidemic you'll love Treasure of Nadia. Connect on Discord, Twitter, or Patreon to stay up to date as the game progresses. August 1, There's nothing more empowering than bringing a creative project to life independently, whether that's a game, a film, a podcast or a book.

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All The Games In My Patreon. Patreon Games. This is a page It will be updated on a monthly basis with new chapters as the game is completed. For a full.  Completed patreon games  

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Completed patreon games

Dave Member. Oct 30, Does Patreon have anyway to see completed projects by category or type?. Maybe it is just me but it seems to be getting more and more common for Patreon developers to start out with a fairly decent level of follow thru in terms of responding to the market and providing frequent updates or at least being honest upfront as to how often they will occur. They then seem to sort of just drift away and stop communicating with little to no updates and an endless stream of broken promises as to when the new update will come out.

But I do want to finish. If not for you, at least for my friends. They seemed to like it. I have pretty much everything I need to make the game. The only thing that I lack is a decent microphone to record my own sounds, but I am sure I'll be able to get one soonish. Make sure you are ok with that before donating. The game will be free now and when completed obviously, lol , so if you don't have any spare income, but still curious how the game will end, well, don't worry, you'll see it.

There will be no benefits to tiers. I don't plan to lock the content or anything like that. I hail from the land of subpar communism, so the game and all it's features will be available to everyone. I may toy with an idea of creating a new tier where I put your character in the game or something, but that depends on how successful this whole venture is. Patches may be slow, but they will be big.

I don't plan to add one picture and release a new version. Make them fall in love with you? Or fail and lose everything? Neither by blood or by law. Furthermore, all our games will be free once completed. We do not sell products in this page. We are looking for people who want to support us so we can keep doing what we, and you love!

Our Email: [email protected]. Reaching this amount will enable me and Rocco to move and live in the same country, set up our studio and accomplish our main dream! Become a patron to Recent posts by Naughty Games. How it works. Choose a membership. It's a subscription service, meaning if you produce music, podcasts, videos, or any sort of content on a continual basis, it's a good fit. If you're a big developer with a few shipped games and want to make a few extra bucks, the chances are Patreon won't really work unless you manage to remain approachable -- the platform is not for faceless corporations.

Your project also needs to be clearly defined, with a transparent roadmap that you should stick to as much as possible. Just be clear about what you are creating, and deliver regular content on a predictable schedule. Take the time to really think about that schedule as retracting Patreon promises could hurt the community. In an early draft of its Patreon page, People Make Games committed to creating a new video every two weeks. We changed our page just before launch day.

You can always add commitments later on, once you're sure they're feasible, but it's much harder to take them back. Patreon pages are set up around reward tiers, each one corresponding to a different membership level. Balancing these out can be a juggling act.

Set your prices too low and you'll be missing out on opportunities; set them too high and you'll be missing out on potential patrons. We ended up getting the idea to create bespoke art prints for our patrons from the German educational channel, Kurzgesagt. Nab some of the best ideas you come across. So if it's within your bandwidth, it's great to offer a variety of ways for people to support you.

If you give your patrons too many ways to support you, then you're going to be overcommitting yourself and not getting the return on investment. But it was really important for us to not gate any of our main content only behind Patreon. We know that not everyone can pay, so we want to make sure that Patreon rewards are extra and on top of things. This idea of Patreon rewards being bonus content on top of your usual work is a good approach, as it avoids antagonising fans who don't pay.

Dale also decided not to lock her content and chose a different solution altogether. I don't feel undue pressure from my audience, and they know they're not being strong-armed into support they can't justify. When you first create your Patreon page, it can be tempting to promise the Earth to attract patrons, but make sure you can actually bring these pledges to life. Not every Patreon needs to have 15 reward tiers. Find out what your audience really wants and give it to them, even if that's just one reward.

That golden rule is particularly important if you're thinking about having merchandise as one of your reward tiers. There's a diminishing line of return between what you offer as a monthly reward, what they pay for, and what it costs you. Not just the hard costs of the actual shipping materials and fees, but also like the time it takes you to manage those physical goods. Adeoye adds: "Learning what you're able to achieve within bandwidth as a creator, along with understanding what the audience wants is a very important aspect that will come through trial and error early on.

If you're using Patreon for videos or podcasts, consistency shouldn't be difficult to achieve, as the content naturally lends itself to the platform's business model. But if you're using it in the run up to launching a game, or any type of one-off content, make sure you deliver content consistently.

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The game is free to download but Patreon patrons get exclusive benefits include discount rewards, private download servers, upcoming scene spoilers, and more. Summertime Saga is close to being the finished article and is well worth a free download to see what all the fuss is about. Created by a joint team of writers, programmers and graphics designers, DFD is funded on Patreon by the second top earner, a creator called Palmer. Together with 6 other creators they form the game studio, Love-Joint.

The game is free to play and has some nice graphics but is mainly a text-based adventure where you get to select from multiple choice options which the game remembers. The story unfolds with you as the owner of a diner in which the girl you have raised as your own daughter works alongside some very attractive young ladies. However, the artwork is good and a lot of effort has gone in to the storyline. Its literary sci-fi porn tat you can change but with some extra surprises thrown in.

Start off by choosing your species human or one of several made-up and customizing your profile before really getting in to the story proper. Advance through the levels by progressing through the story and build your stats according to the choices you make. Fenoxo Fenfen is the 3 rd most successful creator on Patreon at the moment and has over 6.

With 6, patrons via Patreon, Redamz is the 4 th most popular creator of adult games on the platform. Redamz is responsible for Monster Girl Island, a hentai style 3D game with plenty of lewd action to enjoy onscreen. You can play the game for free from their website but it is quite outdated having initially been produced in There are some new developments taking place but it does seem a little disjointed with updates.

Gameplay is pretty standard and you get to explore the 3D world of this island which is inhabited by you guessed it monster girls.

A richly animated 3D dating sim game, ICSTOR has created a highly playable adult game with minigames and a dynamic movement system with interactive map.

The plot is simple enough and you play the role of a university student who arrives in town to discover that everyone in the city is hot for him. From local business owners and other students to university staff and random strangers, you can build relationships, keep an inventory and enjoy full animated scenes of your adventures. You can also receive text messages from the women you date! This is a well updated Patreon porn game and the developers keep you informed about progress on new versions and new scenes as they are being released.

They are a well supported developer on Patreon with more than patrons pledging their monthly support. Fortunately, for most users who are just after a great game, the result is ever-more realistic characters and VR experience.

VirtAMate delivers some amazing graphics with improved lighting, auto-genital texture creation and hair simulation. It allows a lot of customization and you can interact with the characters in a huge number of ways and positions.

Fyre Festival Dialect Backdrop : A custom Backdrop for Dialect, about if the storms isolating the influencers trapped at Fyre Festival had gone on a lot longer. A chaotic, social-media-fueled extravaganza of mania and desperation. A full oneshot scenario and two sub-playbooks produced for the French translation of the game! A 4 player print-and-play card game that takes about thirty minutes. Also comes with a basic guide to writing Monsterhearts scenarios!

Played with a dreidel or a top and d4. It makes a great party game, and is an easy intro for new roleplayers. The Builders were gripped by a vision most grand: a colossal tower, spearing the sky. Their vision will not come to pass. They may get close, but this is a game of them falling away from each other, and bringing the tower down with them, until the debris lies all around them.

Venture Maidens is creating Dungeons Dragons Podcasts Patreon Venture Seas was not only created out of a personal desire to produce kinky smut, but for a desire to provide engaging game-play.. Design your player character, sail the seas, delve into dungeons, perform strategic card-based combat, buy and sell loot, romance your shipmates, run an on-board brothel, and generally get into erotic situations throughout this deep and intricate experience. Venture Seas — Patreon Completely Revamped!

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Patrons pledge to support artists and creators on a reoccurring basis for each work created, empowering a new generation of creators the ability to make a living off of their passions. But how much, and how quickly?

By collecting supporters for an artist, or publication, or group in one place, Patreon is building a paid platform to support creativity. VentureSeas Patreon, Twitter, Youtube - earnings, statistics, graphs, and popularity rank updated daily.