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While other authors suggested that gifted students had more positive attitudes than other learners. Secondary Three - Skills18 Companies are working hard to find more oil ………………….. Brain drain has undesirable effects on the sending countries. This attribute of WebQuest gives learners an opportunity to develop expertise or perspective of a given topic.

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seoauditing.ru › watch. seoauditing.ru › showthread. [left] امتحان اللغه الانجليزيه للصف الثالث الثانوى المرحله الثانيه دور اول ARAB 2) Mention the place, the speakers and the language function in each of the following two mini-dialogues: 3) Choose the correct answer from a, b. c or d​. seoauditing.ru › khalidbasit. You're asked how you can be a good Secondary Three - Skills21 2 مهارات اللغة الانجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوي مستر محمد الديوشي ثانوية خمس نجوم ‫الرغ‬ ‫​عدم‬ ‫حالة‬ ‫في‬‫سؤال‬ ‫عن‬ ‫اإلجابة‬ ‫في‬ ‫بة‬ - I'd rather not answer that question. - You're Ask your teacher for advice about how to do well in the next English test.

اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى. The second is the top down process, which refers to the reader's ability to involve comprehension strategies represented in predicting, skimming, scanning, building vocabulary, inference, and monitoring.

seoauditing.ru › site › aishamohamedmsar › exam. seoauditing.ru › seoauditing.ru › posts. Secondary Three - Skills. 3. No. Title. Page. 2. Speakers & Places. 21 - Speakers & Places ﻟﻐﺔ اﻟﻣﻘﺎﺑﻼت اﻟﺷﺧﺻﯾﺔ. Questions. Answers. Do you / Can you (​speak English)? Ask your teacher for advice about how to do well in the next English test. دور ثانى. 1- A tourist wants to visit some places of interest in Egypt. seoauditing.ru › download › pdf. in English as a Second Language is my own work, that it has not been submitted The percentage of pre-test and post test results in speaking for each student. What role does the L1 play in improving students' L2 speaking skills? after having interviewed the teachers of Grade 8 Xhosa-speaking learners – is that.

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(Translator Profile - hazem) Translation services in Arabic to English (​Linguistics and other fields.). Frequency information has a central role to play in learning a language. Nation (​) Second, frequency data contained in frequency dictionaries should never Michael West's General Service List of English Words () average for the first year secondary exams received the top grade in English language, but.اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى Second Year. Hello English What role do you think can Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation play in Egypt? 3 Now answer the questions in Exercise 2 about yourself. وھذه ﺗرﺟﻣﺔ طﺎﻟب ﻟم ﯾطﺑك ﻗواﻋد اﻟﻟﻐﺔ وﺑﺎﻟﺗﺎﻟﻲ ﻓﺎﻟﺟﻣﻟﺔ ﺧطﺄ ﺗﻣﺎﻣﺎ واﻟﺻﺣﯾﺢ ھو b () He later taught English at a secondary school and wrote stories in his spare time. seoauditing.ru › › Performing Arts › Drama. -I visit my grandparents weekly - Samer doesn't speak English fluently - They Find a word in the (first /second/third/fourth/fifth / last) paragraph which means ‫ ‬ ‫اﻟﺘﻜﻨﻮﻟﻮﺟﯿﺎ ﻓﻲ اﻟﺼﻔﻮف اﻟﺪراﺳﯿﺔ ﻟﻸردﻧﯿﯿﻦ‬ Many classrooms now use a whiteboard as a 35 UNIT ONE Information technology MODEL ANSWERS INITIAL TEST Page. seoauditing.ru › share-learn › categories › videos. seoauditing.ru › forums › archive › seoauditing.ru

اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى.

تحميل امتحان اللغة الانجليزية ثانوية عامة 2018 دور اول مع الاجابة seoauditing.ru › documents. English language skills, computer skills, learning and thinking and research skills​. (iii) Methods of assessment of students numerical and communication skills prevented from attending the final exam for the respective courses, hence they will get grade Written exam (matching, multiple choice, long answer questions).

seoauditing.ru › The-impact-of-using-webquests-on-the-palestini. Content Page 1- Dedication III 2- Acknowledgement Iv 3- Abstract in English V 4- The Teacher's role in Designing, Preparing and Implementing the WebQuest: It is worth mentioning that grade seven English exam () is a general one find their own answers, and acquire some of reading comprehension skills.   اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى Sycosistg patreon

اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى

  اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى

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  اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى  

اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى. نماذج امتحانات التعليم الفني - بوابة الثانوية العامة المصرية

  اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى  Giotto rt tripod series

اجابة امتحان اللغة الإنجليزية للصف الثالث الثانوى ٢٠١١ الدور الثانى

Do we go to school? He, She ,it drinks water. She doesn't drink coffee. Does she drink milk? I'm not a student. Am I a student? Is she here? They aren't good. Are they good?

She doesn't have a car. Does he have a car? I you, we, they have a car. Give short answers to the following questions: 1- Are you for or against the emigration of scientists? I am against emigration of scientists because brain drain has undesirable effects on the sending countries. It reduces the number of creative people in developing countries. Similarly, with more investments abroad, these countries are missing an opportunity of wealth creation.

This also has negative results on employment. OR: there must be higher wages and satisfactory lifestyle. The choice is yours. Philbrook and Michele Gran were married in Instead of taking a honeymoon cruise to the Caribbean, they decided to spend a week in a rural village in Guatemala, where they helped raise money for irrigation project. When they returned to their home, the local newspaper wrote a story about their unusual honeymoon. In , the couple founded Global Volunteers, a nonprofit agency for people of all ages, who want to spend their vacations helping others.

Now, this organization sends about volunteers each year to community development programs in twenty countries. These projects are focused on helping children and their families. Volunteers work side by side with local people. Quote the sentence which shows the various benefits of using tablets. The writer states that digital information can be used to educate people. Explain this statement , suggesting three ways in which people can benefit from this kind of technology.

Young people love learning. Think of this statement and , in two sentences , write down your point of view. As a consequence, computers will increasingly run our lives for us.

For example, your fridge will know when you need more milk and add it to your online shopping list; your windows will close if it is likely to rain; your watch will record your heart rate and email your doctor; and your sofa will tell you when you need to stand up and get some exercise!

For them, a dream is coming true. They say that our lives will be easier and more comfortable. However, others are not so sure. They want to keep control of their own lives and their own things.

In addition, they wonder what would happen if criminals managed to access their passwords and security settings. The dream could easily become a nightmare! Give an example from the text. Why are others worried? Quote the sentence which indicates that computers will run our lives? According to the text, your future fridge can do two things. Watches in the future can help people in two ways. Read the quotation. Do you agree with it? In terms of getting the kids working together and motivating them, the teacher is the most important.

The writer states that it is recommended to use technology wisely. Explain this statement, suggesting three ways in which we can use it perfectly. Technology is a way to keep our bodies fit. Paper Page 4, exercise 2 1.

Energy Page 5, exercise 6 1. Sprinkle; season7. He said that if they shared information on social media with their friends, it might be accessed by other people, too.

He said that on social media, they should only connect to people they know well. He said that later they would give the listeners information about websites where they could find more advice on Internet safety. Farida said that their teacher had told them about the dangers of the Internet the day before. She said that she had to write an essay about it that night. She thought she was going to need some help.

Saleem said that they had to give a talk about the advantages and disadvantages of the Internet the following week, so he would need to prepare it that week.

My missing laptop has been found. I had my computer fixed. If I were you, I would send a text message. If you press that button, the picture moves. Mohammad had checked his emails before he started work.

My teacher says I must learn these words 2. In our English lessons, I can use a dictionary. I use technology to help me to do my homework. Next year, I will start to learn the violin 5.

If I had more time, I would learn another language 6. If I use a computer, I learn a lot of useful information 7. If the teacher gives us homework today, I will do it before I watch TV. The TV it's a product that is man-made. Smartphone has internet access 3. A calculator. A tablet because it is used as a PC 5. No, I use a memory card. It was found on the seabed in Greece.

A very large room was needed to keep the computers in; the room was square metres. We will not have to think about everyday tasks like shopping and cleaning because technology will take care of them.

I disagree with the article because I do not think that all aspects of our daily lives will rely on a computer program, because this would result in too many problems if the computers crashed. Suggested answer: I agree that computers have enabled us to do many great things, but becoming overly reliant on technology is not a positive aspect of this development. The advantages are that they are light, portable and convenient.

The British scientist Tim Betters Lee. Watches and glasses. One such model was so large it needed a room that was square metres to put it in. People use mobile phones every day for many purposes such as calling, internet taking photos, watching films and listening to music. I think that we relay more on computer technology. For example, computers have enabled us to do many great things, but becoming overly reliant on technology is not a positive aspect of this development.

Digital information can be used to educate people in a variety of ways. For example, you can listen to lectures online, or use apps on a tablet to learn languages.

You can also use internet to find information on what you are studying 2. They are interactive. They often have adverts on them. Students can then share information and help each other with tasks. They can exchange emails and talk to people over the computer using cameras. For example, you can listen to podcasts and lectures online, or use apps on a tablet to learn languages.

You can also use the Internet to find information on what you are studying. I think that young people love learning.

For example , large proportion of young people are students so we should encourage them to keep going by introducing advance technology in our schools and get rid of old methods. Apps can track your workout time, heart rate and how many calories you burn.

Interactive video games can also be used to help us to keep fit. They are used indoors and provide a healthy, active alternative to watching television. It means the connections between different computers. Examples from the text are TV downloads and sat nav. The sofa will tell you when to get some exercise. Some people are excited because they think their lives will be made easier and more comfortable.

Others are worried because they want to keep control of their own lives and their own things. In my opinion, it is exciting because everything will be easier and more comfortable.

Your fridge will know when you need more milk and add it to your online shopping list. Your watch will record your heart rate and email your doctor. Many people are excited about the 'Internet of Things'. Criminals managed to access their passwords and security settings.

We can use technology wisely in different ways. For example, we can depend more on our mental skills and raise awareness among people about how to use technology. Also, we can enhance the activities which depend on human not technology. I think that technology is a way to keep our bodies fit. For example , smartphone apps can be used to monitor how much exercise we need to do and how many calories we burn.

Also, interactive video games can be used to help us to keep fit. These days I prefer action films. My cousin has lived in Lebanon for a year. Two phrases are needed twice. We needed warm clothes when we went to London. We always go to the market across the street, so we ……………… eating fresh vegetables. Please slow down. I ………………… walking so fast! When you were younger, did you …………………..

Most of the programmes these days are just reality TV. When I was a student, I used to work work very hard. I used to get up get up very early and study alone before my lectures, attend lectures all day, and then come home to study some more!

Are you………………………… live in Jordan yet? When I was a child, my grandmother…………………….. My grandfather retired a month ago. He says he needs a project to concentrate on. Rewrite the following sentence: 1. It is normal for me now to get up early to study. I am used ……………………………………………. Fares…………………………………………………………………… 3. She ……………………….. A: When I saw you yesterday, you looked really tired. B: Yes, I had been running for half an hour.

My mother lost her purse yesterday. She………………………………………… in the market; she must have put it down somewhere and left it there.

I made my mother a cup of tea. She was hot and tired; She ……………………………………………… all afternoon for a special family dinner. When she arrived home an hour later, there was a surprise for her. Hind was delighted. It was a wonderful graduation present. Have you heard the good news? Luckily, the police arrived and the thief was caught red-handed.

I was shocked when I heard the news. It came completely out of the blue. Nobody goes to the new private sports club. The building is a white elephant. My grandfather has arthritis in his fingers, so he sometimes finds it difficult to write. Many serious diseases can be prevented by…………………………… , which helps the body to build antibodies.

Headaches and colds are common …………………………………. If you have a ……………………………… , the best thing to do is take some medicine and rest somewhere quiet. Doctors often treat infections with antibiotics; that is the……………………… approach. Medicines that are not the normal, traditionally accepted treatments are known as. Another way of saying that something could be successful is to say it is……………………..

If something seems very strange, we sometimes say it is………………………………………. Correct them, using the phrases in the box. One phrase is not needed. A good way to cope with stress is to work extra hard. You should try to relax and get some exercise. Complementary medicine can be used to immunise people. You can immunise yourself using………………………………………………………. Optimistic people make bad lifestyle choices. They make………………………………………………………….. Seeing red has positive effects on your health. You often ………………………………………………………………..

If patients wanted to receive this kind of nonconventional treatment, they used to have to consult a private practitioner who was likely not to have a medical degree. However, in recent years, the perception of this type of treatment has changed. These days, many family doctors study complementary medicine alongside conventional treatments, and many complementary medicine consultants also have medical degrees.

At a surgery in London, 70 per cent of patients who were offered the choice between a herbal or a conventional medicine for common complaints such as insomnia, arthritis and migraines chose the herbal remedy.

Fifty per cent of patients then said that the treatment helped. It provides another option when conventional medicine does not address the problem adequately. It can never substitute for immunisations as it will not produce the antibodies needed to protect against childhood diseases. It also cannot be used to protect against malaria.

However, the idea of complementary treatments is no longer an alien concept. In my opinion, it should work alongside modern medicine, and not against it. Correct the false sentences. Doctors and patients didn't use to be convinced that complementary forms of medicine work. Nowadays, many doctors study complementary forms of treatment. At the surgery mentioned in the article, the majority of patients found that the herbal remedy did not help them.

Complementary medicine can work as a replacement for immunisations or to treat malaria. Why do you think this is the case? There are many forms of complementary medicine. Write down two of them. Write down the sentence which indicates that many doctors study complementary forms of treatment. Non-conventional medicine cannot work as a replacement for some treatments. Doctors always turn to conventional treatment first. Why do they do that? Explain this statement , suggesting three bad effects for this kind of treatment.

Think of this statement, and in two sentences, write down your point of view. However, studies show that negative emotions can harm the body. When you see red, your blood pressure is raised and you can suffer from headaches, sleep problems and digestive problems. However, what about positive feelings and attitudes?

Until recently, scientists had not investigated whether there is a link between positive feelings and good health. Other factors influencing health included a supportive network of family and friends, and an optimistic outlook on life. The researchers, while agreeing, raise the question: why are people making bad lifestyle decisions? Do more optimistic people make better and healthier lifestyle choices? However, they believe that if we teach children to develop positive thinking, and start to be successful again after a difficult time after a setback, these qualities will improve their overall health in the future.

Discuss these questions and share your ideas. Do you ever feel yourself getting angry? What kind of things can make you angry? Do you think that feeling angry is bad for you? What are your opinions? Read the article and consider your opinion again. Write down two of these effects. Some scientists believe that bad lifestyle choices affect health negatively. Write down two of these choices. Replace the underlined phrase with a suitable phrasal verb that has a similar meaning to it. Write three things ,mentioned in the article , that improve health.

The writer thinks that happiness affects health. Explain this statement , suggesting three benefits of happiness on health. Another big factor is lack of exercise. People would often walk to school or work, but these days many more of us drive. Modern technology has also played its part; we spend more and more time focusing on computer screens. Before the Internet was invented, nobody had dreamt of online shopping, but now we can buy almost anything without leaving the sofa. Adults should aim to exercise for at least two and a half hours every week; for children and teenagers the target should be at least an hour a day.

This might not sound very much. School children are less physically active than they used to be. Girls in particular often dislike PE. This can lead to serious health problems. That way, we will all become fitter, healthier and happier. According to the article, what are the main reasons for higher rates of obesity?

What is the minimum amount of exercise recommended for someone in your age group? Do most British people get enough exercise? Which sentence in the article tells you this? Guess the meaning of the highlighted word in paragraph C.

Then check in a dictionary. The author suggests some ways of including exercise in our normal lives. Give two examples from the article. An increasing number of young people and adults are overweight or obese because of many factors. There are two types of the exercise.

Write down the sentence which indicates that physical exercise help in treating stress. Quote the sentence which indicates that you can buy things while lying on the couch? What do girls usually refuse and what does that lead to? Replace the underlined phrase deal successfully with with suitable phrasal verb that has a similar meaning to it.

The writer states that an increasing number of young people and adults are overweight or even obese. Explain this statement , suggesting three ways to overcome this problem. Fitness leads to health. Advances in education, economic conditions, sanitation, clean water, diet and housing have made our community healthier. More than different kinds of healthcare centres have been built, as well as dental clinics.

In CE, 98 per cent of Jordanian children were fully immunised, thanks to immunisation teams that had been working towards this goal for several years. The reputation of Jordanian doctors has spread in the region, and now many more patients come to Jordan for open heart surgery.

In Jordan, the open heart surgery programme started in CE in Amman. In CE, the average Jordanian's life expectancy was age In CE, this average life expectancy had risen to What is the title of the report?

What is the purpose of the sub-headings before different sections? What is the link between the introduction and the conclusion? Is the language formal or informal?

How can you tell? There are many factors that made Jordanians healthier. Write down the sentence which indicates that most of Jordanian villages were supplied with electricity and water. What kind of medical operation has Jordan made the most success?

What was the life expectancy in Jordan in and ? Quote the sentence which indicates that Jordanian doctors have been well-known in the region. The writer states that children in Jordan are vaccinated against many illnesses. Explain this statement , mentioning three kinds of these illnesses. Health conditions in Jordan are among the best in the Middle East.

Explain this statement and , in two sentences , write down your point of view. Rewrite: 1. True 2. True 3. False : fifty percent of patients said it helped. Additionally, more research may have been done on the effects of complementary medicine. Complementary medicine provides a viable option for many different conditions, including anxiety, depression and certain allergies.

For example, fifty percent of patients who tried complementary medicine said it helped. A disease causing painful inflammation and stiffness of the joints. There are many bad effects for this kind of treatment such as wasting time and money.

Also , some kinds of homoeopathy have dangerous effects on patients. For example , it cannot be used for all medical treatments and can never substitute for immunisations as it will not produce the antibodies needed to protect against childhood diseases.


In addition, educational programs offered by computer are many and it can be classified as follows: 1- Drill and Practice: These programs present training and exercises for the student based on the examples, and the teacher ask him to resolve them.

Moreover, the key in exercises based on the reinforcement. Teachers should put in their mind that the ultimate goal of the gaming programs is educational. In addition, teachers can allow their students to use entertainment programs as a reward for doing their homework correctly. Also, it provides the learner with real training without exposing him to the risk or heavy financial burden. Nabhan p reports some forms of using of computers in education as follows : 1- Individual education: In this form, the computer does the whole process of education, training and evaluation instead of the teacher.

Therefore a lot of educational institutions focused on taking the initiative, and employing a lot of methods and new aids in education. And then the e-learning appeared. Gardner p. There are many reasons for it being so much in vogue, not least the globalization of commerce and citizenship, and the burgeoning of information and knowledge available on the internet Introducing E-learning: E-learning is just one of the many terms which are used in literature and business about e-learning.

It is a type of distance learning. E-learning is defined by many people, in many ways, and as it is most important to gain a clear understanding of what e-learning is, we present some definitions and related terminology of the e- learning world Defining E-learning: The researcher present here some of them to gain some understanding.

The Chartered Institute for personnel and Development CIPD defines e-learning as learning that delivered or mediated by electronic technology for the explicit purpose of training in organization. Hartley p. Smith P. Iskander p. Horton P. After reviewing some of the definitions of some foreign scientists to e-learning the should offer some definitions to our Arab scientists: Al-Mosa p.

The concept of e-learning is stated by Zaitoon as the process of formation which is in continuous modification because it is related to educational technology that grows bit by bit. But the most popular slogan is: At any time, any place, any pace or any path Zaitoon concludes that e-learning is the process of consisting two main functions: 1. Pedagogical process, It is concerned with the submission of content electronically through several computer multimedia and networks so as to allow the learner to interact effectively.

An administrative systematic process related to employing a combination of educational multimedia and the working team. Amer p. Abd El Aziz p.

The researcher believes that e-learning is an important aspect of educational technology, and she can crystallize the definitions of the Arab and foreign researchers and educators to e-learning as follows: 1- All of them looked at e-learning as a means to present information or curriculum: This view offers e-learning as a way or style to present the curriculum via the Internet or another electronic medium such as a DVD, or satellite or other technologies developed in the e-learning.

It is similar to traditional classroom training. Typically, the instructor and students are together on a conference call, log onto the same Web page, or log onto an on- line white board facility. PowerPoint is currently the most popular authoring tool for this kind of session but it requires a delivery mechanism that converts it into Web- deliverable format.

This kind of e-learning has different kinds: Education based on the local network. Education based on the internet. Education based on the Web. Synchronous training has many advantages, It can provide the two way communication between teacher and student that is often essential for proper training and evaluation.

Also, it is very effective when the material is rapidly changing because. In addition, it helps the students to obtain feedback from the teacher directly Asynchronous Training: In this kind of learning, students use materials made available through the Web that is complete enough to be used any time, allowing students to access it as needed.

Moreover, it is a student guided. The context resides on the Internet, available to students when they are free to be trained 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The content must be complete enough in both breadth and depth so that self study or referencing is possible.

Therefore, presentation tools such as PowerPoint are poor choices. Without a live presenter, the talking points act as a week skeleton, and the context contains only an outline on the topic. The main advantages of asynchronous e- learning is that the content is delivered when it is convenient for the student at the student s pace.

And if done correctly, it is suitable for the individual s need The Five General Principles of E-learning: Fee p. Many research results have shown that e-learning helps to: Provide opportunities for students to learn better. Have a positive impact in different learning situations. Provide opportunities for learning based on the student, which is consistent with modern educational philosophies and the serious theories of learning.

Develop problem-solving skills. Provide great opportunities to learn about a variety of sources of information in various forms to meet the individual differences among learners or decrease them. Amer P adds that: E-learning is useful in the professional development of teachers, especially those who are working fulltime where they find it difficult to attend traditional courses inside university.

It is useful in changing the way of collecting the scientific material that students need to perform their duties. It helps the learner to learn the foreign language. It benefits the students who are unable and those with special needs as well as the students who are unable to travel daily to school because of the high cost of transportation or the interruption of public transportation. It helps the learner to self-learn, in which the teacher facilitates to the learner the access to the information society.

It benefits a large category of workers in different institutions The Characteristics of E-learning: Isteta and Sarhan p.

In addition, it provides fun in learning. Also he can learn with his friends in small groups cooperative learning or inside the classroom in large groups. Model 2 : Integrated online and offline learning: It is learning programs that integrate online learning with complementary offline activities. Model 3 : Self-managed e-learning: It is the provision of online learning resources for self-managed learning.

Model 4 : Live e-learning: It is a synchronous online learning events involving learners in multiple locations. Model 5 : electronic performance support [EPS]: It is a work-based online learning to support specific tasks, system or operations procedures Justification of Using E-learning: The modern technology has facilitated the opportunities of getting the knowledge by different and new ways.

This information is transferred to students in any place and at any time, instead of going to distant places to learn.

There are some justification that contributed to the adoption of e-learning to the next generation. Fee p. The researcher believes that e-learning supports and improves learning experience. In addition, it helps the teacher to infuse some fun and positive attitude toward the subject especially the foreign language The Benefits of Using E-learning: 1- It save own tim to the learners..

Biech, p. D atri et al. Moreover, it facilitates any time, any place learning. Also, it adds a worldwide dimension to courses. He called his work a WebQuest and posted summery of his idea on the web.

In a WebQuest, students are sent to a quest for Knowledge. They are directed to online resources within the context of specific curriculum mission. WebQuest exposes students to a wide range of online resources such as subject experts, directories of information, current news, and all manner of interest groups. They must critically evaluate and extract relevant information in order to construct meaning within the context of the goal.

It may be conducted independently or in small groups. Since cooperation is essential in group setting, Ss gain experience in team work. Ss become confident Web explorers and begin to make connections between the WebQuest process and broader web exploration Introduction to WebQuest: Life in the information age has many requirements that are imposed on educators and learners to work hard on providing students with the capacity, the competencies and the skills that make them unable to meet these requirements, on the top of these requirement is the ability to obtain information from several sources in the age of increasing knowledge, rather than relying on the teacher only in filling the minds of students.

So we mustn t teach the students only information, but we must teach them how to get this information by themselves. Mitchel p. However, before students can perform research on the Internet, they need a foundation of knowledge and experience that will guide them through the millions of websites that are available to them. Many students now turn to the Internet as their main, and in some cases only research tools. There is a need for training. In order to be effective searchers, students need to feel comfortable using the Internet as a research tool much the same way as a pilot has to feel comfortable with his plane.

Mitchell adds that the search for text, data and images By search engines, such as Google, yahoo, Alta vista etc. Since this activity is missing in most cases to a specific educational goal because of the number of unlimited web pages. And based on these facts and observations, we need to develop educational models which take into account the rational use of computer and the period of surfing the Web. So the Web Quest is one of the most important modern models or methods for the integration of curriculum in technology because this develops higher-order thinking skills.

Sandars p. The researcher believes that Web Quests are structured, organized, timeefficient tools used by educators to make available to students a wide array of relevant Internet information that can inspire critical thinking skills.

Web Quests, with the use of search engines, allow students to explore issues, find their own answers, and acquire some of reading comprehension skills. He works at San Diego State University. He generalized and published his model of WebQuest widely through his Presentations and workshops all over the world and through his web site in Tom March: Tom March is the co-developer of the Web Quest strategy with prof.

He is web developer and designer of web-based learning activities. He is recognized at country level as teacher of the year San Diego He skilled in teaching at the secondary and adult levels. They are directed to online resources within the content of a specific curriculum mission, rather than accessing textbooks which may be dated, or filtered CD-ROM The Aims of the WebQuests: Turville p. To create an activity that will engage students in the topic and content to be explored so that they can discover new information and go beyond current knowledge to develop their own understanding and then present this new understanding to others in a meaningful way.

To analyze information. To enhance students reading skills. To recognize and produce basic structures of the vocabulary. To learn tenses. To learn about Internet opportunities for learning language The Components of a WebQuest: A WebQuest is composed of six stages which introduce the activity to students and familiarize them with the steps of the process.

These six building blocks are. Dodge ; p. Students are exposed to an inquiry-oriented activity. Many though not necessarily all of the resources are embedded in the WebQuest document itself as anchors pointing to information on the World Wide Web. Information sources might include web documents, experts available via or real time conferencing searchable databases on the net, and books and other documents physically available in the learner s setting. Because pointers to resources are included, the learner is not left to wander through web space completely adrift.

The process should be broken out into clearly described steps. This can take the form of guiding questions or direction such as timelines, concept maps or cause and effect diagrams 6- A conclusion It is the closure of the quest that reminds the learners of what they ve learned, and perhaps encourages them to extend the experience into other domains.

Dodge, P. Process or procedure Resources. Conclusion Teacher page. Evaluation: informs students how they will be evaluated. Teacher may wish to create a rubric collaboratively with students. To conclude, the total number of the components of WebQuest are nine elements. Kassing p. If not, type in a working title or the topic until you determine a title for your project. It may be presented as a role playing activity.

In addition, it is to prepare and hook the students. It orients the learners to the task ahead and grabs their interest, drawing them into the project. A good introduction makes the topic seem Turville p mentions that the introduction introduces the student to the activity, It emphatically captures the student s attention, it is written from a student perspective, it should be short in length and it must be doable and interesting.

Besides an intriguing introduction, the teacher connects WebQuest to the background knowledge of the student- ideally something recently learned from the curriculum. Moreover, writing a strong introduction sets the stage for a successful and enjoyable learning experience. Goda p. Related to the future goals of the students. Visually attractive to the student s attention. Attractive to the students. They may take the form of a presentation, a written assignment, a series of questions, a summery to be created or a problem to be solved.

It also often identifies the various roles the learners will undertake during the course of the quest". The task should be interesting, most important and relevant to the course. Watzel p. Turville p. It allows students to learn so they will enhance their current knowledge and gather new understanding with others. The big idea question is presented here. Possible tasks include: Solving a problem.

Presenting and participating in a debate. Designing a product or procedure. Multimedia presentation. Article to be written. Types of the Tasks carried out by the students in the WebQuest: Dodge p.

Dodge P. For example, the student design a means a model for a particular phenomenon such as: earthquakes, hurricanes, cell division, the design of house The main objective of this task is to make the difference points and views clear and specific.

This task is suitable for History topic and social issues. So they can transform it to a story, poetry, or drawing a painting. The researcher believes that the diversity of the tasks which can be performed by the student through the WebQuests play an important role in creating an exciting and stimulating environment for students and it increases their interaction. Moreover, it improves the students' attitudes toward the material and increases their achievement.

The Process block in a WebQuest is where the teacher suggests steps learners should go through in completing the task. It may include strategies for dividing the task into subtasks, descriptions of roles to be played or perspectives to be taken by each learner. The instructor can also use this place to provide learning advice and interpersonal process advice, such as how to conduct a brainstorming session. The Process description should be relatively short and clear.

Turville p ; Wetzel p. It gives the students specific details on groups, roles, resources, and strategies. Specific handouts students will use to complete each process are made available here. It is very specific and detailed. Instructions are described step-by-step so that students are able to complete the task independently. Handouts, checklists, or guiding questions may be provided p. It guides students in completing the task. Tools and resources they will need to gather and organize information.

Present it as a checklist or as a list of questions. It may also be given as instructions to complete timelines, maps, or posters. They help students complete the WebQuest. Ss do not necessary need to access all of the resources listed. Teachers may wish to create a rubric collaboratively with Ss. Many WebQuests conclude by having Ss post their findings on a student- created website. A good conclusion will also encourage the learner to reflect upon the task, including ways in which the process could have been completed more smoothly and new ideas the students learned during the course of the WebQuest.

It provides as much detail as possible about standards, objectives, and the WebQuest itself so another teacher can adopt your WebQuest or adapt it to his or her students.

The researcher believes that the task and the resources are the most important component because if the teacher succeeds in choosing them carefully it means the success of the WebQuest The Attributes of WebQuests: In addition to the basic components, WebQuest also has several additional attributes. One such attribute is that WebQuest are usually a group activity. Individual WebQuests are not unknown, but not common. Additionally, WebQuest usually have motivational elements added to the basic components of the WebQuest.

Motivational elements, such as giving specific roles to the learners or providing a situation or scenario to the learners, enhance WebQuests and make the learning process more interesting. Solis p also identifies attributes of WebQuest that he believes to be important. These are as follows: 1- WebQuest uses a central question that honestly needs attention : The central question is used to motivate learners by asking students to understand, hypothesize, or solve a problem that may be confronted in the real world.

This attribute is also used to motivate learners by utilizing the World Wide Web to access individual experts, searchable databases, and current reporting on a given topic rather than relying on dated textbooks, encyclopedias, or magazine. This attribute of WebQuest gives learners an opportunity to develop expertise or perspective of a given topic.

The central question should not be structured in a way that a learner can simply find a website that provides the answers, or solution. Rather, learners obtain information from several sources and transform that information into something else such as a comparison, a hypothesis, a solution, or a cluster that maps out the main issues.

Scaffolding allows learners to break down a given task into smaller chunks so that learners can undertake specific sub-tasks. The use of specific roles is one way to utilize scaffolding within a WebQuest. In addition to the nine components title, introduction, task, process, advice, resources, conclusion, evaluation and teacher s page allow for WebQuests to be written at two levels short- term and long-term Two Types of WebQuests: A WebQuest can be an individual assignment or a group learning project.

Either you or your instructor will determine the length and the depth of the WebQuest. It can be either a short or a long term project. Size of the teacher s class. Expectations of the project within the class structure. The instructional goals of a short-term WebQuest typically include knowledge acquisition and integration. Learners ideally will deal with a large amount of information and to be able to make sense of the information Dodge,; Also Solis p.

Instructional goals of long-term WebQuests include knowledge acquisition and integration, and then require the learner to extend and refine the knowledge. Upon completion of a long-term WebQuest, learners not only deal with a large amount of information but also make sense of the information by transforming it.

Learners create products that others can learn from and that illustrate their understanding of the material Dodge,; The researcher concludes that whether short-term or long-term, WebQuests are designed to enable students to acquire knowledge and then integrate and transform the acquired knowledge into new knowledge.

The researcher in this study adopts the short-term WebQuest Uses of WebQuests: The purpose of utilizing WebQests in the learning process is to enable students to learn in a constructivism manner and to think critically. Kundu and Brain describe how WebQuests can be used to facilitate learning in a constructivist manner. While much of teaching can focus simply on the transfer of knowledge from teacher to students, Web Quests enable learners to take an active role in their learning.

Constructive learning is not the only instructional purpose that WebQuests can serve. The WebQuest plays an important role in the classroom in developing the educational performance in schools. To increase students exposure to English language. To provide a structured assistance in using internet sites as a source of learning. To improve students critical thinking skills. To provide a medium for cooperative learning.

To facilitate students learning through the use of the WebQuest tasks by showing them how to cope with the Internet. To increase students motivation by creating a link between the department courses and the use of English.

The researcher believes that WebQuest offers practical solutions for the success of teaching-learning process, it is like any other lesson which is planned thoughtfully and accurately. Moreover, the good WebQuest makes the process of learning enjoyable for students and this leads the researcher to talk about the advantages of using the Web Quest in Education The Advantages of WebQuest: The WebQuest is a good teaching method which is used by the teacher in the teaching process and through the researcher s experience in UNRWA in the Middle Area, she shared in designing, producing and employing the WebQuest models.

She found that WebQuest has many advantages which mentioned by many researchers. The advantages of the WebQuest are: 1. Allowing the student to become a more efficient researcher of the Internet, and provides them with opportunities for students to use a technology tool such as Internet 2. Creating a positive attitude towards WebQuests and researching information using the Internet. Expanding their critical thinking skills and allow themselves ownership of their own learning.

WebQuests engage learners in real- world learning activities. WebQuests increase student motivation. When students are motivated, they are likely to put in more effort, and their minds are more alert and ready to make connections.

Many WebQuest tasks are designed to address problems or issues that exist in the real world, which makes the task authentic. In WebQuests, students use real, timely resources instead of dated textbooks and materials that are only presented from one point of view. Although the textbooks offer valuable information, the WebQuests bring it to life for the students.

Most WebQuests are tied to the Standards, and can therefore be substituted for the textbooks. WebQuests are often cooperative in nature, requiring students to take on roles where they are part of a team that must accomplish the task. They have to become experts on a certain topic and share this information with their group. They know their teammates are counting on them to contribute to the completion of the final task.

WebQuest is a deep learning that involves constructing new knowledge through a critical thinking process. It is supported by four underlying constructs: application, social skills and scaffolding. WebQuest learning develops students ability to apply what they have learned to new learning. The WebQuest develops exploration skills and search strategies through important questions, investigation of resources.

It makes language learning come alive so as to allow learners to experience the use of target language in an authentic and meaningful way. It develops the capabilities of the talented students. It makes the students deal with the sources of information efficiently and with high quality. Pradeep et al. It works on exploiting the new technologies, including the internet, to achieve the educational goals. It enhances the communication skills among students.

Find great sites. Orchestrate learners and resources. Challenge learners to think. Use the medium. He subsequently developed a generic five-step process that could be used to design a WebQuest Dodge, p. These steps were to: a. But it focuses on that the basic role of the teacher in the age of technology is to be facilitator and director of the educational process.

At last Maestros p. As to this role the teacher should always keep a balance between helping students and letting them learn autonomously. Sometimes it is necessary to start from scratch.

In this design phase, it is equally important to consider not only how the task supports the syllabus, but also when to introduce the task to the students. The task should be flexible in order to cater for the differences among learners understanding of the given task and their ability to reflect on it.

So there should be ample potential for learners to come up with creative and diverse solutions and results to the given task through active construction of meaning within the learner s own context. This is necessary in order to maximize the time and effort towards the contribution to students critical thinking skills and avoid unnecessary and time- consuming searches.

It should be designed in such a way to motivate learners how to effectively use the Web as a source for learning beyond the assigned project. It is also important to maintain cooperation among students through the use of collaborative group work. Students should not work in isolation as it is important that they share ideas with other in their group.

The skill and ability to work effectively in a team is increasingly seen as essential in today s workplace. As many students are not accustomed to tasks that not only require creative thinking but also team work, it is important to provide some scaffolding, such as a schedule for students to plan their study in terms of where to work when to work, and with whom.

WebQuests are based on the intensive use of technology, so it may be necessary to help students arrange where and how they will make use of these resources, such as in a scheduled lab hour, in class or at periods when students are not in class. This means responding to the text, rather than producing it. Moreover, it affects all aspects of people's lives: academically, socially, economically, and psychologically.

Reading is a complex cognitive process of decoding symbols for the intention of constructing or deriving meaning. It is an activity with a purpose. A person may read in order to gain information or verify existing knowledge, or in order to critique a writer's ideas or writing style. A person may also read for enjoyment, or to enhance knowledge of the language being read. Haboush p. Such language skills to some extent interweave.

When a lesson or an activity is not a reading one, students still need to read certain things, with full comprehension The Definition of Reading: There are many definitions for reading. According to Cris Tovani p. Millrood P. Reading requires you to think, feel, and imagine, Farlex P. Effective readers use decoding skills to translate printed text into the sounds of language. They also use morpheme, semantics, syntax and context cues in order to identify the meaning of unknown words, activate prior knowledge schemata theory , use comprehension, and demonstrate fluency during reading.

Also, Macceca p. It requires great visual activity. To read, one must be able to visually distinguish each letter, to. Abu Shamla p. From all the above definitions mentioned, it is clear that the concept of reading as a cognitive process of understanding a written linguistic text is a means of language acquisition, of communication, and of sharing information and ideas. It is a complex process which includes many process not only one.

The researcher believes that reading is not a passive process or a mere decorating of letters and words; rather it must include: visual decoding, mental processing of what has been decoded, and relating it to one s experience. So, when students read they should not focus on memorizing patterns and practicing fluency, they must think, feel and imagine Reading process: Jo Phenix p.

Harmer p mentions that the reader uses a variety of clues to understand what the writer is implying or suggesting, in this way the reader is able to see beyond the literal meaning of the words. They state that the reading process goes through these steps: 1- Recognize words, figure out others. The researcher thinks that all the students should recognize words, predict the meaning, use fix-up strategies, activate prior knowledge, recall the prior knowledge, understand the reading passage, infer the meaning and critique and evaluate.

So if the reader go through these steps he will be a good reader. So what is the good reader s behavior? Pronounce words accurately and automatically. Read fluently that is, accurately, quickly, and expressively. Learn new words and refine the meaning of known ones. Connect what they know with the information in the text. Determine what is important in the text and recognize the structure of the text. Make inferences and predictions.

Construct visual images and ask questions of themselves and the author, and read to find answers. Synthesize information from different sources and form and support opinion on ideas in the text.

Monitor comprehension and repair comprehension breakdowns. Choose to read for enjoyment and enrichment Purposes of Reading: Before actually beginning to read it is important to know the purpose of reading, i. Also, the knowledge of the purpose can help one adopt a style of reading, best suited for that purpose. There are many reasons for reading.

Harmer p ,Waston Walch p. Reading textbooks at school, instructions on a machine ticket, road signs and manuals of machines are examples of this type. Reading a newspaper, poetry, novels and magazines are a case in point.

Books such as laboratory manuals, computer manuals, instruction booklets, and recipe books are all texts that one refers with purposes of gaining specific information. This is likely to be the main purpose behind reading when one is given an extensive reading list for an assignment or when one is conducting an initial library research for as essay, tutorial, research report or similar assignment and need to decide which text are most relevant or useful for the assignment.

For example, one might be looking for specific quotation, an evidence to support a particular argument, details about a specific person or event, a map, a diagram or a table of statistics.

To find this sort of information might mean referring to several books or sources. In these circumstances the reading aim would be zeroed in the information one is looking for. For example, one might want to identify the major finding in an experimental article in a journal, or the core issue of a discussion paper. This will require reading the material.

The researcher believes that if the students determine the purpose of his reading before he reads, this can be beneficial to students at school. This is because reading provides fun and amusement, which greatly reduce boredom, and increases academic achievement Reading in Islam: The need to be literate and cultivated has been emphasized in Islam. Florian Pohl p. According to Koran sura 96 , the first revelation made by Allah God to the prophet Mohammed peace and blessings of Allah be upon him began with the command Iqra!

This has been widely interpreted to mean that Islam places the importance of reading above ever prayer and worship. Allah the Almighty says in the verse which roughly means Read! In the name of the Lord and Cherisher, Who created. Created man, out of A leech-like clot. And thy Lord Is Most Bountiful. He Who taught The use of the Pen. Rather, it is an action and behavior.

It is not a slogan Islam adopts, but a practice. This was observed just after the battle of Bader, the first battle imposed on Muslims, in which Muslims defeated the Quraysh army, an Arab tribe used to torture Muslims. After the battle, prophet Mohammed offered the prisoners of Quraysh a great deal by which they can get rid of slavery and prison. The deal pointed out that each prisoner had to teach ten Muslims how to read and write; upon doing so, they would be free.

Soon, the illiterate Muslim nation became an educated and civilized one Al Mubarakfouri, p. This was to convey his message to his followers and others in the most productive way. For instance, he: Give a live model to be imitated: how to pray Sahih Al-Bukhari 3, p. Asked direct question: Do you know who the bankrupt is? Sahih Muslim, p. Used drawing: he drew a straight line and other zigzag ones to exemplify the path of Allah leading to paradise versus the devil s paths pushing and dragging people to Hill Musnad Al-Imam, p.

Told stories. Gave real life examples : He employed palm trees to show and demonstrate that a Muslim should treat others kindly though they may treat him badly or throw him with stones as people do with palm trees to get their fruit Sahih Al-Bukhari 1, p. Used hand movements: He said: I and orphan guardian are as close to each other in paradise as those fingers : the index and the middle fingers Sahih Al- Bukhari 2, p. To conclude, Islam suggests reading as the key by which this world is opened, prospered and civilized The Importance of Reading: Harris p.

Also", Shoebottom p. Getting them to. The fact that readers reap great benefits from reading can t be doubted or questioned.

Some of these benefits are: Educational researchers have found that there is a strong correlation between reading and academic success". That s means, a student who is a good reader is more likely to do well in school and pass exams than a student who is a weak reader. Rabel p.

Unlike movies where everything is determined by the producer, writer and director, books allow students to create in their minds how a particular character looks like or imagine how a scene plays out. Abo Shamllah p. It develops critical thinking and increase a student s ability to concentrate. It also increases the pleasure and effectiveness.

The researcher thinks according to her experience in teaching that reading can develop values in students and prepare them for the real world Types of reading: There are many types of reading and knowing these types helps the learner to make better choices with his time.

Each type of reading you choose will depend on the purpose of reading which was mentioned before. The main types of reading are: Extensive reading: Dana R. It is rapidly reading book after book. These previous definitions focus on quantity of materials read. The development to the point of enjoyment of the ability to read in the foreign language. This definition focuses on choices and pleasure in reading. The reading material is usually a group of short stories or a novel. A successful extensive reading program is that students should be reading material, which they can understand.

If they are struggling to understand every word, they can hardly be reading for pleasure. This type of reading is sometimes called supplementary reading because it is supposed to supplement intensive reading. The supplementary material is usually read at home and covered at a speed higher than intensive material". Schorkhuber p. Develops automaticity. Enhances background knowledge. It can also improve their comprehensions skills.

Moreover, it fits into the language focused learning strand of a course. Dana R. Abu Shamlah p. It can be compared with extensive reading, which involves learners reading texts for enjoyment and developing general reading skills. Verena Schorkhuber p. He also adds that the intensive reading requires, the purpose of extensive reading is reading :pleasure, information, and general understanding.

In this case, sound and reasonable combination of both types is recommend to be implemented in English for Palestine textbooks which include one type of reading, intensive. Because extensive reading tends to be at length, slow and written at students level, it will be of great benefits as it improves their linguistic competences and grants them confidence Top-down and bottom-up: Harmer p. Top-down reading is much.

For more illustration, bottom- up focuses on individual information such as, words, phrases, and then puts them together to attain the whole picture, and top-down focuses on the overall picture. He adds also that if the students need to look for details, bottom-up is advisable, but top-down is an appropriate and recommended type. On the other hand, top-down seems to be whole-to-part reading and bottom-up seems to be part-to-whole reading. To conclude, both types are very close to skimming and scanning respectively Reading aloud: Reading aloud is the vital part of the students educational development, exploring how and where to read to achieve the best effects.

Wesley p. It is a planned oral reading of a book or print excerpt, usually related to a theme or topic of study. It can be used to engage the student listener while developing background knowledge, increasing comprehension skills, and fostering critical thinking.

Moreover, it can be used to model the use of reading strategies that aid in comprehension. Student may read aloud to give the teacher a chance for checking their pronunciation, word stress, pauses and intonation. Most teachers are already familiar with the benefits of reading to their classes; however, the benefits are so far reaching that they bear repeating.

Jodene Lynn Smith p. When teachers read aloud, they are exposing their students to reading materials usually not yet available to the child, since the texts are too difficult for a student to read independently. A more difficult text also introduces students to vocabulary to which they might otherwise not be exposed. The teacher also models what an effective reader does and sounds like when reading.

Reading a loud also models a variety of written language. Understanding of the text is built around how the words are read as well. Children gain an understanding of how the book is held, the directionality of print, the location of the title, author, and illustrator, and even the purpose of the print itself Model reading: Model reading is reading performed by the teacher who plays as an example to be imitated by students when they read aloud.

It usually comes after silent reading and discussion but before students reading aloud. Model reading may take either these two forms: 1- The teacher reads the whole passage with students listening to him without repetition. This form may be called undivided model reading. The teacher reads a sentence and students repeat that the sentence after him.

Then the teacher moves to the next sentence, with students repeating each sentence. If the sentence is rather long, the teacher has to divide it into meaningful units and pause after each unit to give students enough time to repeat the sentences. Kate, Caine, p. Some material is not readily understood and so requires a slow and careful analytical reading.

People use this type of reading for unfamiliar words and concepts, scientific formulae. It can take up to an hour just to read a few lines of text. Mikhailov, It s about being able to read at speed appropriate for the material you are reading. If you read too slowly your mind will wander, you may become bored and you won t remember anything. If you read too fast you will reduce the chances of remembering what you want to remember, you will become frustrated and stressed and thus even less likely to remember.

The more flexible you are with your reading, the faster you will be able read and the more information you will return. Abela p. He adds some factors which contributing to speed : clarity of purpose, familiarity with subject- related terminology, difficulty of the text, urgency and stress levels. He also mentions factors affecting learning to read quickly : A good attitude towards reading, familiarity with the language related to the subject and a good vocabulary, good back ground knowledge of subject, and practice.

The researcher comments that speed reading is a very personal practice. Everyone reads with different levels of the knowledge and experience. Even if you are learning with someone else you will probably learn at different rates Critical reading: Harmer p. In other words, it is not a mere absorbance of what the writer writes; it needs a reader to decide whether what he has read is a fact or opinion and decide if it suits his needs and interests.

Van Blerkom p. He states that: critical reading is a technique for discovering information and ideas within a text and critical thinking is a technique for evaluating that information in order to decide what to accept and believe Silent reading: As the name indicates, it is supposed to be performed silently without lips movement.

This is one of the most important types of reading as most of readers reading take place silently whether reading an academic book, a magazine, a novel or a newspaper. Thus and in addition to the importance of reading aloud mentioned above, teachers are also required to help and train students on how to increase their eye span which is the quantity of words a reader's eye can catch from a written line at one glance.

Abu Shamla, ,p. Question: Before reading, put down specific question you would like to answer. This not only clarifies your purpose of reading, but also helps you focus and remember what you have read. Read: To read the material twice. Read the first time without making notes. Also, compare the diagrams and illustration with the written text and reread parts that are unclear.

This may reduce your speed of reading a bit though. On your second reading take notes, and look for important details, supporting evidence and examples. Recalling helps send the main points to long term memory of the reader. Recall at regular intervals to check your understanding of the material. Review: Check to see that you have answered all the questions you wrote down at the beginning. Note down any other points that you think is important. It is as a kind of feedback Reading Comprehension: Haboush p.

So what is comprehension? Lenz p. So it is strongly recommended to integrate what students previously know about the text at hand because this is considered the comment that helps organize and create cohesion among the ideas latent in the text. Gary Woolley p defined reading comprehension as the process of making meaning from text. The goal, therefore, is to gain an overall understanding of what is described in the text rather than to obtain meaning from isolated words or sentences.

In understanding a reading text children develop mental models, or representations of meaning of the text ideas during the reading process.

He adds that reading comprehension is a complex interactive set of operations requiring complex cognitive functioning at a number of levels simultaneously. Moreover, he clarifies that Reading comprehension understanding, gaining meaning and interpreting the text depends on a variety of reader-related, text-related, and situational factors. B-Answer the questions :. Mohamed feel when the plane took off? You may use these guide words :. Sabry , the financial Director.

Tell him that you have received offers of selling 15 chairs to. You find the offer of Zohdi Furniture CO. Their prices are suitable and the furniture is good. Translate into English :. Any six correct sentences related to the topic. Please, I have received offers of selling 15 chairs to my company from several companies. I find the offer of Zohdi Furniture CO. Government imposes taxes on imported goods to protect the local.

Between Mona and a saleswoman in clothes shop: 6m. Mona : Yes , please Mona : About the dress I bought two days ago. Saleswoman : ……… Saleswoman : But you tried it on before you took it home.

Mona : I know but when I went home I discovered this. Ask for a permission to use the phone. Ask for help. Vocabulary Structure 8m. Luxor and Aswan C Reading Comprehension. The telephone is the most direct and personal link firms have with their customers and business contacts today. It is possible to lift a receiver, dial a number and within seconds be speaking to the very individual we desire to contact.

She answers the call, listens attentively , politely and never rushes the caller. She always has a pencil and paper handy to take message.

Choose the correct answer:. You are the accounts manager at BOS. Write a memo to Wael Maher , Sales Manager. Tell him the company can open a credit account with BOS.

Statement — a claim form — discount — the dock — watching. The price is too much. Can you give me a? Every month the bank sends its customers a I studied English by To get compensation, you must fill in B Translate into English: 2m.

Medhat Salah. TOS - Privacy Poilcy. Secretary : Can I help you? Secretary: ………………. Zakaria to ring you back. Vocabulary and Structure 3 - choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d 4 M 1. If you have money in the bank your account is …….. The lawyer gives legal ……… to his clients. Be careful! Mango juice………. Clothes a Stains b tears c crushes d damages. If the picture had been for sale, ……… bought it? More cheaply by air than by sea a Transport b are transported c transported d transport 7.

He ………the office yet. C — Reading comprehension 5 — Read the following, then answer the questions below: 8M When you travel by train or plane, you need a ticket that shows where you are going. Answer the following questions: 1- Which two documents are the same? Choose the correct answer 3- A ticket shows ……… a the amount paid and the finishing point.

F — Translation 9 —A- Translate into Arabic 3 m 1- In our hotel, there is a gymnasium where people come to play sports. M A — language functions 1- Dialogue 6. Yes , can I speak to Mr. Is it urgent? B — vocabulary and structure 8. M 3 — choice 1. He said that he would pay the bill on Tuesday.

Tthe invoice that you sent me is incorrect. Cotton isn't grown in Britain. C — Reading comprehension D — writing 9. M 6 — paragraph 4. M Hotels Tourists who travel to other countries or leave home can stay in hotels. M 8 — Fill in the spaces 1. M 9 — a Translate into Arabic 3.

B — Translate into English : Comprehensive insurance covers a lot of things such as fire and theft. Total Booking clerk : …………………. C-Reading Comprehension 5- Read the following then answer the questions below : Mr. The plane took off, on time. Mohamed was afraid as it was the first time for him to travel by air, however soon the air-hostess came and offered breakfast and tea to the passengers. Mohamed forgot all about his fear and enjoyed the beautiful views from his window seat. Mohamed was very happy and decided to travel all his long trips by air.