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تعديلات نموذج اجابة اللغة الانجليزية 2019.

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تعديلات نموذج اجابة اللغة الانجليزية 2019

  تعديلات نموذج اجابة اللغة الانجليزية 2019

Learn English Online " The Verb “Get” in English "

  تعديلات نموذج اجابة اللغة الانجليزية 2019  

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تعديلات نموذج اجابة اللغة الانجليزية 2019

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You have asked me about problems in the Arabic speaking community, so my expectation from the CoC is to have these issues solved.

However, maybe a person in Thailand have completely opposite issues, and including their solution in the Universal CoC will create a problem for the Arabic community. In my opinion the best solution for a CoC would be to have very generic guidelines in the universal part like respect, anti-harassment etc. Here comes the question of: What is a community?

And who defines a community? I am not sure that what is currently happening the CoC team dividing communities per language is the only path. I am sure that there are other ways that need to be discussed with the movement. Maybe the CoC should be country specific as each country has their own laws, that might conflict with other countries , maybe it should be language specific this will be most applicable for online , affiliate specific with a clear a noticeable support WMF to the affiliates on how to write and implement their CoC.

What I really do not want to see is a white western written CoC imposed on all, regardless of their cultures, traditions, and local laws. It will be healthier to have one set Universal "guidelines" written in a document, but the CoC should not be universal, there should be versions of it, each community having it own, adapted to its needs, laws and local culture.

My points are related to Arabic Wikipedia only. This misleads users towards their rights and obligations on Wikipedia. This point may create a community of a little creativity, in which opinions and objections are not expressed easily.

So I suggest constantly emphasizing that everyone in Wikipedia with their various responsibilities are only volunteers and not official spokespersons, and also encouraging everyone with their various experiences to actively participate in Wikipedia or give their opinions to develop it. For example, when a user comments or speaks in the form "We at Wikipedia reject Similar comments are very harmful to Wikipedia.

The lack of communication methods within the community, and a need for appropriate methods to increase effectiveness and shorten time and effort.

The personal interest prevails over the public interest in some wikipedia activities, which usually harms wikipedia more than it benefits it. Inequality in treatment, restrictions on newbies, remember that each one of us was a newbie.

New comers are like children who come to explore; a word may bring cause them to withdraw and go back. Ravan talk , 2 April UTC. Also, I see that the online discussions of the community are not familiar or known to all users, especially beginners, who are not in direct and effective contact with experienced participants to guide them and inform them about the possibility of participation and discussion on the various project pages.

That is why I see the necessity of highlighting and emphasizing its freshness, the awareness of new users on this aspect in order for them to become familiar to them and for Wikimedia projects sites to become one of the most used websites as a variety of social media. On the ground: Challenges include matters related to the personal aspect of the individual: his behavior, his personality, the extent of his openness, the level of his social communication skills, etc. This all determines the extent of his benefit and benefit from courses, meetings, workshops and various activities held.

Organized participants hold burden, including: lack of some social networking skills, the ability to interact and lead the event to achieve maximum benefit, manage and organize the session and ensure the maintenance of existing users and attract and attract new ones, and maintain a permanent channel of communication with him. In my opinion, users should be informed of the start of any practical workshop on all Wikimedia projects and then access to the topic of the workshop in detail in order to ensure the provision of all the awareness and responsibility that should be done on the shoulders of the event and at the same time benefiting Of the skills, abilities and talents that may exist in some users and they were not able to disclose or think about exploiting it for the reason of not knowing them only!

On the ground: I attended several meetings and workshops and my impression was very good. There is organization, sequence in presentation, good communication skills and I saw keenness and motivation for others I witness.

However, I see an urgent need to hold workshops or bring volunteer people, whether from the institution or others, to develop and strengthen some aspects and skills of users, with the need to ensure that we keep abreast of developments and the speed and technology we face.

The Arab Committee considers that the implementation of CoC cannot succeed without the participation of the Wikimedia communities, as the community is and should be the empowered entity of implementation. In this context, we hope that the intervention of the WMD employees will be limited, and we hope to sense their effective communication and wise deeply-thought of decisions, in order to avoid problems such as FramBan and Super Protect referring to the cases that happened in the English Wikipedia previously ; these problems may undermine the trust between communities and WMF.

Usamasaad talk , 5 April UTC. There is also a fear of editing Wikipedia, as it is considered a crime in some Arab countries, so for example I avoid writing about anything related to the Arab world on Wikipedia. Tifratin talk , 5 April UTC. Nagy talk , 5 April UTC. Initially, I would like to clarify that I have been engaged with Wikipedia for a short period, specifically since , may be my answers would be a bit beneficial:. I do not know how a person who is not a specialist in literature, language, or medicine, for example, can judge and decide if a content is accepted or it cannot be approved!

Sadly, the policies in place are meant to punish the person who voices their opinion and concerns. They ostracize those who harm the beautiful image of love and peace in the movement. Also, the way reporting issues works is utterly ridiculous since it lacks transparency. I have been a strong supporter of this ever since its birth.

We need this to try and solve the problems we have online and in person. In general, most of challenges may relate to the absence of financial transparency and waste of grants money e. Also populism and nepotism play a major role sometimes or most of the time , i.

If you have more relations, then your opinion is correct; excess bureaucracy which lead to long boring discussions without real outputs. I feel comfortable when there is a code of conduct, and I'm interested in code of conduct that is applied and respected by everyone on Wikipedia. Generally, I think the existing behavioral policies are somewhat sufficient, but we need to clarify ways of monitoring users with authorities in Wikipedia community, with raising awareness to avoid the misuse of the high permissions Sysops, etc.

Also, community should avoid boring, polemics and non-useful discussions that we all witnessed and participated in, especially we do not have time for such discussions. We must focus on issues related to consensus among various Arab cultures, especially at the linguistic level, as there are multiple linguistics and dialects in the Arab world, for example names of vegetables and fruits are not the same in all Arab countries; so I think we'd accept all dialects with few restrictions, especially in articles names, so we increase our diversity in Wikipedia which already exists in the Arab world, also it helps us in reducing conflicts between users when it comes to creating separate Wikipedia for each dialect.

We should take into account the history of the translation of foreign names, also why not take advantage of the role of the media in this.

Until now, I didn't deal with other Wikipedians on real life. I see that code of conduct will be useful in specifying Wikipedia terms of use, and answer our questions around writing and adding information.

Moreover, I wish it'll resolve conflicts. I admit that I am too lazy in engaging with the projects and initiatives related to Wikipedia, due to my passion of editing; on the other hand, I try to keep myself away from getting into wrangles and long discussions that I may be led into, which hence will consume my time and negatively affect my mode and editing goals; however, I learned a lot and corrected many of mistakes by following the guidance and comments of my experienced colleagues.

But at the same time, I faces some situations with other experienced colleagues that caused problems, either because of my voting for someone which was claimed to be incorrect and to be re-thought of; I consider this trespass of my freedom, which turned to a discussion in my page, and caused breaking-off my relations.

Discussions have a negative part as well as a positive one, where we can learn negotiation and communication skills and learn from the expertise. Unfortunately, we always lose the discussions in which people are stubborn and intolerant about their believes and thoughts.

Imagine if a policy that implies racist acts gains supportive votes this way, specially many people respond for call ups based on their relations without caring for the administration acts! A dismissed user can apply to comeback with a signed commitment not to repeat the bad behavior or mistakes than caused the termination; the community has to accept or reject it the request.

I also think more efforts have to be done to recognize the women voices, because in Wiki project, working with men differs from working with women. I would like that we, women, are understood, despite the fact that we have more responsibilities at home, at work, in the society , we try our best to be effective wikipedians; this should be appreciated; women who can only work online must be appreciated and supported this was something that annoyed me in one event I attended; I cannot give if I am not encouraged, supported or recognized.

I would express my rejection of any Wikipedia that relates to local dialects, which I believe resulted from Cultural intolerance and may be because the initiators fail in working with the original community. I believe this cause dispersion. I am personally not convinced of these projects, and the existence of one dialect-wiki encouraged others to request approvals for other similar projects.

Omda4wady talk , 26 April UTC. Administrative folly that the project is legitimate. From Meta, a Wikimedia project coordination wiki. Anass Sedrati : : I am sorry for the late reply. I admit that my editing contribution decreased through the last years, which impacted my awareness of the related problems. I think the major challenge our Arabic communities face is applying the basic principles and goals of Wikipedia within the collaboration and common work that frames the editing activities.

Although Wikipedia is built by accumulative efforts, it doesn't necessarily mean that every contributor or organizer has adapted these principles.

It is not possible to detail these matters because of their sensitivities, but, no doubt, that every Wikipedia group and society in the Arab region now suffers from internal divergence, which may hinder all work and distract us from the goal of free knowledge into interests and parties that are hardly linked to Wikipedia In my opinion, most contributors lack the knowledge and experience needed to handle the problems they face, while they contribute because they have passion.

However, this doesn't necessarily mean they have the social skills needed to deal with complicated humanitarian problems that need experienced manager to solve. As far as I know, there are no existing policies that apply to Arab user groups, and as for the Arabic Wikipedia, I see that we have excellent policies to deal with these problems, but applying these policies may be subject to personal opinions and judgement.

I need to know how the intended UCoC will interact with the existing Arabic or other languages policies; neither the existing page on meta nor the strategy recommendations clarify that. I think the existing policies of some wikipedias , such as Arabic, are sufficient to deal with many problems, theoretically.

The challenge is the implementation. I want to see how the CoC will respond to these types of problems. I don't know what the UCoC will include, but some things have cultural and linguistic characteristics , so cannot be equally implemented. I am afraid we have seem some in the Strategy recommendations upfront. In fact, I see that the Arabic Wikipedia Community faces some challenges, especially in the online activities, but less in the on-ground projects.

In my opinion, these behaviors are often caused by multicultural and mentalities in Wikipedia, which leads to different reactions, specially that a specific behavior can be seen as unaccepted, while others consider it normal.

Unfortunately, I think such problematic cases cannot be solved with a generic solution, but I emphasize the relation between this and the diversity of the community, I sometime compare our situation with the English Wikipedia community, how would we react and interact if we have a similar diversity; the English community includes participants from almost all countries, but controlling the behaviors of all there is a huge achievement; while our participants come from a few number of countries, but control is still moderate.

Concerning the on-ground projects, and in spite of my modest contribution in such projects, I sensed that personal conflicts between participants reflect on the wiki activities including not to overlook the mistakes of others, which in turn creates a non-comfortable atmosphere. The same applies on offline participation, where higher awareness is needed because people meet face to face, they have to learn how to ignore bad behavior and not to react in a worse behavior, for example.

Time and discussions may answer my questions. My answers to the previous questions include an answer to this question as well, But yes, of course, the Arabic Wikipedia community needs an intensive glance and considerations of our different cultures and ways of thinking; this is very normal.

We have to believe that there is no absolute "yes" nor "no" concerning learning; experienced participants have to be given the chance to communicate their opinions and thoughts.

I think policies are not clear for many individuals, may be because its not understandable or there are no common language to unify thoughts or to accomplish work professionally. I support the code of conduct, and I think it has to be detailed , takes into consideration the objectives of each existing policy; it has to consider that wiki projects are voluntary, so it has to be accurately written. I think the biggest problem which can be sensed on a daily basis is lack of coordination with governmental authorities in many Arab countries, which makes many participants uncomfortable to edit Wikipedia; another problem is the elasticity of many terms that cause edit wars, personal problems inside and outside and this leads to prejudice against Wikipedia or refrain from it, and vandalization attempts for the second question, unfortunately, some groups deal with fear with the problem of coordinating with authorities, it's their right to fear.

I initially agree on the idea, but need to read its terms first. I think the CoC should include terms that aims at enhancing the relations with external authorities, like governments, and to enhance the content. I don't want to find rules that tightens the way of the newbies and volunteers. But if it begins to expand to local ethical and behavioral points in a particular community, it will only collide with the opposite effect in other communities. Therefore, I think that choosing the provisions of the code should not cause unpredictable issues that waste time in the future when applying them.

One of the things that Arab community and perhaps all communities may ask is ensure equality, justice and transparency of all kinds. Arabic community may not want, or at least it is very difficult to include political issues in CoC, such as putting controversial points as facts, like talking about the occupation in antisemitism ideas. Such things may be linking improperly.

The Arab Community usually faces different challenges, the most important are these related to behavior, which represents the way we deal with each other; In the absence of a clear and simplified policy that controls participants' behavior, especially since the community includes a diversity in terms of the environment and culture, what is acceptable in one community is not acceptable in another.

As for the community initiatives on the ground, I apologize for not answering as I didn't participate in any of these initiatives. Most of the participants lack knowledge and experience to deal with and handle the problems they face. Some of them for example, reacts to a bad behavior with a worse behavior. For Arabic Wikipedia, I think the policies are still not clear and not simplified; for example, editors assume that the current policy is clear and known for newbies, as it's clear for themselves, and hence none guides the users towards these policies, which reflects negatively on the users who are not familiar with these policies.

The idea is good, but it's better to know what the CoC will include first I wish that the CoC considers the cultural differences among communities. I think that the structure of the user groups has to be broken down in order to control the volunteers who participate in offline events and workshops; Most of the participatnt dont' know how to edit, they don't read the policies nor they do commit to the principles such as the unaccepted literal translation; so if the groups are split into smaller sub-groups in the workshops, supervising would become easier.

Also, you can sense sometimes bad faith by new editors or by participants of certain backgrounds of the challenges: paid contributions, contents that doesn't comply with the standards and policies. I consider that adding a low-quality and unaccepted paid biographies is dangerous, fraud,, and use of gaps; so this has to stop.

In addition, bad faith and negative behavior must be stated clearly in order to take the appropriate actions against it. Some communities, like the Arab Community, it's difficult to enforce things by policies, for example, some users will team up to prevent policy enforcement I think in the communities where law is enforced, yes policies can be beneficial, but not in other communities. I believe it's a must.

I think the biggest challenge facing our community is controlling the behavior of individuals and groups on the ground, where complete oversight and absolute transparency are almost impossible. From my own experience, I see that our group pursues a policy of double standards: members who do not have friendship with the influential members and leaders are dealt with strictly, while shocking behaviors of others are tolerated and sometimes encouraged.

This encourage bullying and disrespect. Currently the group is almost divided into two teams: new members are not sufficiently aware of the principles and policies of the community and do not appreciate the seriousness of these behaviors and are not aware of how to confront them, the other team consists of the experienced members who are fully aware of the friendly space policy but they violate it because they are comfortable the other team is not aware of things.

That is why I suspect that the problem is not due to the absence of expertise and skills in managing human relations, nor in ignoring the principles of the community, but in the absence of oversight by a neutral external party over user groups in which the most experienced and knowledgeable members make use of the unawareness of other members with many things to do whatever they want, without accountability or supervision, instead of guiding and maintaining a healthy public atmosphere within the group.

In terms of existing policies, I think they are theoretically excellent, but they remain very inadequate due to the absence of effective implementation mechanisms and to communicate them to all groups of community. For example, the "trust and safety" team is excellent, but many members, who don't attend international conferences do not know about it. I think creating a detailed code of conduct is important, but the most important thing is to accompany it with a well-thought-out, effective activation methodology.

Principles exist, but the problem is in making sure they are adopted and applied I am not aware of the aspects the CoC will address, but I hope that it will focus on activation and implementation mechanisms more than principles. The principles are currently present, but the ways to implement them are what remain somewhat unclear; and I think that the CoC alone is not enough.

Rather, there has to be a monitoring team to ensure that it is implemented, such a team has to be very close to the various groups of communities. It should focus on gender equality, respect for religious and non-religious beliefs, and sexual orientation of all, especially while working on off-line projects and in wiki-related conferences and events. I think that the properties that need to be taken into consideration are linguistic peculiarities only, such as the example that Abbad referred to about the inability to use a neutral language regarding masculine and feminine in Arabic.

The most important challenge now is dealing with paid-editing. Even if there are no policies, there is always a negative impression against such participation. The impact of this issue will remain as long as there are people who are not fully convinced of their voluntary work. UCoC has to be strict against security and harassment. Teak can be cut easily, if the tools are sharp.

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Piston pumps can……………for pumping air or water. The pedals of a car……………………. A hammer 2. Different materials 3. If a car battery is flat 4. A fire extinguisher a have different properties. Begine with "A new aquarium" 3- The workshop be cleaned. It is also used for making good Furniture.

A- Answer the following questions : 1. What are the properties of wood? What is wood made from? Where is teak grown? B- Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d: 4. Teak is …………. In colour. The underlined word "it" refers to ………… a Burma b India c Teak d wood 7.

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