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Concerning "Happy End", the music has absolutely no relation to the title. Shaking off naturalism, daisy chains and As a result of such innovations, YMO were credited at the time for having "ushered in the age of the computer programmer as rock star. Cook with confidence. Ryuichi Sakamoto.

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Yellow Magic Orchestra is the first official studio album by Japanese electronic music band Yellow Magic Orchestra, who were previously known as the Yellow. Media in category "Yellow Magic Orchestra album covers". The following 24 files are in this category, out of 24 total. A. File:After seoauditing.ru · File:Vinyl after. Yellow Magic Orchestra Profile: Japanese electropop band, formed in The principal members are Haruomi Hosono (bass), Yukihiro Takahashi (drums) and. Oct 21, - Explore qynthnghm's board "YMO" on Pinterest. See more ideas about orchestra, album covers, record jacket. Though Hosono had stuck to Japanese-language lyrics in Happy End, YMO recorded in English with assistance from a translator. Seeking more.

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Yellow Magic Orchestra. The art of the cover and promotion video for overseas sale were both designed by a US creator and the motif was oriental Japan. Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, and Yukihiro Takahashi are the founding members of Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO), the legendary group whose. Haruomi Hosono, Ryuichi Sakamoto, Yukihiro Takahashi · Firecracker () · Rydeen () · Computer Game (Theme From the Circus) () · Tong Poo (​). Yellow Magic Orchestra is a music studio album recording by YELLOW MAGIC This page includes Yellow Magic Orchestra's: cover picture, songs / tracks list. YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA is a Progressive Electronic / Progressive Rock artist from Japan. This page includes YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA's.

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Sign up for Deezer for free and listen to Yellow Magic Orchestra: discography, top tracks and playlists. The idea was that they would create an album that centered around a Cover Version of American exotica artist Martin Denny's song "Firecracker", plus a​.Yellow magic orchestra album art The third member, bassist Haruomi Hosono, boasted an even more impressive discography, including four solo records as well as a number of production credits. Yellow Magic Orchestra discography and songs: Music profile for Yellow Magic Orchestra, formed Genres: Synthpop, Electropop, City Pop. Albums. Check out Yellow Magic Orchestra by Yellow Magic Orchestra on Amazon Music the Futurism of the head turning to wire's on the cover that's distinctly original. Each album has been made available as both a standard and box set editions, with the latter including pixelated covers, new liner notes, unseen. A review of Yellow Magic Orchestra's first album, released on November 25, on November 25, in Japan (Alfa, ALR) with unique album cover.

Yellow magic orchestra album art.

Tracklist: See all artists, albums, and tracks tagged with "yellow magic orchestra" on Bandcamp. The first official studio album by Yellow Magic Orchestra. Pioneers of The US version features unique cover art and special mixing for the American audience.

Yellow Magic Orchestra covered All You Need Is Love, ファイアークラッカー [​Firecracker], Day Second Hand Songs - A Cover Songs Database Magic Orchestra (or YMO) from until , with one reunion album released in YELLOW MAGIC ORCHESTRA Y.M.O ( UK track digitally remastered 2-​CD, combining the Japanese & US versions of their debut album from   Yellow magic orchestra album art Album Cover. Please login to make requests. Please login to upload images. Album After Service. Yellow Magic Orchestra After Service album cover. "But (then) Yellow Magic Orchestra (YMO) and Plastics came out, and we the legendary American dance show “Soul Train” performing a cover of “Tighten Up”​. カロッツェリア cpn3798 pc navi studio ダウンロード Tracks were picked not only from YMO's discography but also from the members solo albums during the Alfa years. Find Other Pitchfork Music Festival Dates. Unique Yellow Magic Orchestra stickers featuring millions of original designs created and sold by independent artists acnh - kk technopop album cover Sticker.

Yellow magic orchestra album art

Furthermore, YMO is said to be the first to use electronic instruments such as the Vocoder VP, and the first to release an album that heavily used samples and​. While Jackson's cover, which incorporated his own set of lyrics, did not make the final cut for Thriller due to copyright issues, it was eventually.  Yellow magic orchestra album art

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Yellow magic orchestra album art

Firecracker 3. Simoon 4. Cosmic Surfin' 5. Yellow Magic Tong Poo 7. La Femme Chinoise 8. Bridge Over Troubled Music 9. Mad Pierrot Total Time: The Yellow Magic Orchestra' were almost a replica of Kraftwerk from the far east but with a more human, less robotic feel but equally as electronic. This album, at times sounds hopelessly dated, but at the same time is attractive like a big cuddly Panda giving you big kisses and slobbers across your confused face.

Good bubble gum music which is instantly forgettable unless you're into analogue keyboards, in which case its brilliant. The synth-pop flare is very obvious upon first listen, but so are elements taken from classical, jazz, funk, and light usage of traditional Japanese music all thoroughly electrified, of course.

As far as synth-pop goes, the compositions on this album are very sophisticated. A strong mechanical vibe is present throughout the album, and really sounds like the modern- Japanese answer to Kraftwerk, and it works extremely well. What they overlook is that from the moment YMO chose their name, they operated with a sense of humor. Differences between the Japanese and U. Tensions between Sakamoto and Hosono never fully resolved, leading the band to go their separate ways in before reuniting decades later.

Get the Sunday Review in your inbox every weekend. Sign up for the Sunday Review newsletter here. Skip to content Search query All Results. Pitchfork is the most trusted voice in music. A promotional release of the latter backed with "Firecracker", dubbed the "Special DJ Copy", was also given out to radio stations in anticipation of the album's release.

Community Showcase More. Follow TV Tropes. You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Each member of the group was heavily interested in the series of new synthesizers and drum machines introduced by companies like Moog and ARP. Together, they formed a coherent union of their individual experimentation. While the explosion of new technology in music brought about excitement, it also introduced a new set of fears.

This potential technology-fueled dystopia would be explored for decades to come, from musicians like Burial as well as influential anti-capitalist writers including the late Mark Fisher.

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The synth-pop flare is very obvious upon first listen, but so are elements taken from classical, jazz, funk, and light usage of traditional Japanese music all thoroughly electrified, of course. As far as synth-pop goes, the compositions on this album are very sophisticated. A strong mechanical vibe is present throughout the album, and really sounds like the modern- Japanese answer to Kraftwerk, and it works extremely well.

Some tracks also include very strong electro-jazz touches that sound similar to Weather Report or the electro-funk era Herbie Hancock. I tend to enjoy anything funky, jazzy, or Japanese, so this uniquely Japanese-sounding robo- electro-jazz-funk-pop album was something that spoke to me in the sweetest way. This is one of the only '80s albums that I feel is truly essential in the work of progressive electronic, though it may be an acquired taste for people looking for the stark experimentalism of Conrad Schnitzler or the drawn-out cold landscapes of Tangerine Dream.

Definitely recommended for fans of Squarepusher or Ryuichi Sakamoto's solo work. For something fun, weird and silly, I would think Japan is the first place I would go to! Yellow Magic Orchestra is widely considered to be the Kraftwerk of Japan, artistic innovators in the realm of electronic music, back when it was new er than it is today.

Although undeniably progressive in the way they make use of textures here, the Yellow Magic Orchestra is in fact a progenitor of light synthpop here. There is plenty of catchy weirdness to enjoy here, although it can be said that the campy nature of the work gets out of hand at parts.

I have never been much of an expert in electronic music, but Yellow Magic Orchestra sound certainly ahead of their time.

Most notably, this is because the music that Yellow Magic Orchestra are making here sounds like a direct precursor to video game soundtracks. Although Super Mario Bros, Pokemon and Star Fox would not gain popularity for about twenty years yet, the music and sounds used here sound like a total influence or the music and sounds in video games.

On a contemporary note, Yellow Magic Orchestra is operating on a similar scope to Kraftwerk, albeit with a much more upbeat sound. Instead of densely orchestrated soundscapes, Yellow Magic Orchestra are using these strange sounds to make incredibly catchy and fun music. The most melodic moments of this album are magic, being equal parts quirky, fun, and memorable. There is also the feeling that the music does not take itself too seriously, which can be a good thing in parts, but the silliness sometimes gets out of hand, and this results in a sometimes bumpy experience.

While Yellow Magic Orchestra are masters of quaint techno-pop, there are loose sound experiments here that revolve around the musicians dabbling with little more than beeps and boops. The experimentalism is appreciated, but not wholly successful.

If I was going to explain the effect of this music, I may label it as incredibly surreal elevator music. The melodies are light, the rhythms are soothing, and everything is doused in a layer of potentially drug-laced icing. For their debut album, the band were already very creative and innovative at the time, as such musical marriages were entirely new for the the late 70's. Once said, how does it look like?

The two "Computer Game" pieces are fun short compilations of ancient computer and console games sounds, with a few known themes. Cool and refreshing. A pioneering Japanese trio of electronic musicians sets out to make lounge music for the space age.

To read it today, there was a whole generation of music fans who were heavily influenced by the work of Yellow Magic Orchestra, Yello and Sparks. Maybe YMO is trying to make a statement here that video games have become the new background music to modern life, or that computers have a place in art. Or maybe they just thought that bringing in video game sounds instead of bullfrogs and birds was a cool idea. Simoon is a noirish song with a vaguely European feel that includes some interesting electronic insect sounds at the end.

All in all, the first side of music feels like lounge music for the sci-fi set. The second side would seem to take a playful poke at western stereotypes of eastern music. The album ends with the same computer games that began things, suggesting that the whole exercise has been a game.

The US version deletes this last track, Acrobat , and also features a different mix. A connoisseur of electronic music would tell you that Yellow Magic Orchestra is an early classic, but I draw the line at disco, and this album sounds like electronic disco music to me about half the time.

I guess you can pity me my provincial western ears or a troubled soul that prefers Teutonic tone poems to bubbly synthesizer music. YMO sails over my head or breezes past my ears or some combination of the two. I know, why even review it then, but fate has set my hand to this Sisyphean task, and so I roll along…. Firecracker A3. Simoon A4. Yellow Magic Tong Poo B2. La Femme Chinoise B3. Bridge Over Troubled Music B4.