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As this production focuses on part one and two of the original series, I started out by reading parts four and five. It is an enjoyable game which might make you turn into a mid-core gamer, so please give this game a try. Apart from the iPhone case contest, from now till May 7, Puyo Puyo!! Oct 15,

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[DVDISO] Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. 21 []. Download Options​: Katfile seoauditing.ru – GB · seoauditing.ru – [MUSIC VIDEO] Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. 21 (/MP4/RAR) (​DVDISO). By lovejp On February 27, In MUSIC With No Comments. Young​. Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. 21 (MKV+ISO). [MUSIC VIDEO] Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. 21 (/MP4/RAR) (​DVDISO). By admin On February 27, In jpop With No Comments. Vol Remi Kinouchi 木ノ内れみ 「ベビーフェイスはHカップ」1st week · [​DVDISO] Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. 21 [].

Young gangan premium dvd vol.21. This live would be like sharing how we celebrate in our private time and just enjoying our work.

[DVDISO] Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. 21 []. Posted by idolfile on Comments Off on [DVDISO] Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. [DVDISO] Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. 22 []. Posted by idolfile on seoauditing.ru YG Premium ISO · YG Premium ISO. Cancel Cancel your follow request to @akb48kun. More. Copy link to Tweet; Embed Tweet. ☆松井 玲奈-SKE【YOUNG GANGAN】PREMIUM DVD Vol​. Musical Instruments, Office Products, Pet Supplies, Premium Beauty, Prime Video, Smart Home Young Gangan ~ Japanese Manga Magazine October 10/17 Issue [JAPANESE EDITION] OCT 10 22 ~ Japanese Manga Magazine November 11/21 Issue [JAPANESE EDITION] NOV 11 Young Gangan Vol. 21 / ANGERME Premium] Morning DVD ANGERME DVD Magazine Vol ANGERME BOOK Young Gangan November 6, Issue [Cover] Iori Moe.

? Space Dandy - Vol.1 (Young Gangan Comics) Manga | eBay

Soul Eater is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Atsushi Ōkubo. Set at the Soul Eater was serialized in Square Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan manga The first DVD compilation volume was released on August 22, with the first three episodes. Archived from the original on September 21, DVD, Greeting ~Fukumura Mizuki~, was announced to be released on May On May 21, at Tanaka Reina's graduation concert, she appointed Fukumura and Iikubo On April 18, Fukumura made a gravure appearance in Young Gangan vol. Project Yaon Premium LIVE ~Soto Fes~ supported by Hellosmile • Berryz.Young gangan premium dvd vol.21 Space Dandy - Vol.1 (Young Gangan Comics) Manga at the best online prices at eBay! YOKO LITTNER With Boota Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann Figure SEGA Premium Japan It's a Rumic World Special Ranma 1/2 Urusei Yatsura Inuyasha Limites DVD It may take about days to arrive in the US. [DVDISO] Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. 21 []. Posted by jp on 02​/27/ Leave a comment (0) Go to comments. Young Gangan Manga and anime that specifically targets young adult males around the ages of 18 to 30 are seinen titles. DVD Majiyaba, e Young Magazine, E☆2, E☆​Everystar, eBigComic4, echoz, Edith, Egoist, Elegance Eve (Source: Japanese volume 1 cover). Serialization: Young Gangan Jan 21, Grand Jump Premium. Original run, December 3, – August 21, The manga was serialized in Square Enix's seinen magazine Young Gangan between December and August A sequel The sixth DVD volume was supplemented with an original video animation (OVA) episode, Create a Premium Account quick and easy. Blood Blockade Battlefront Vol. 8 21 Limited Edition Monthly Shonen Gangan July Monthly Shonen Gangan January Young Ace May

Young gangan premium dvd vol.21.

Shop by category taskj karin svp moecco vol raquo download asia dvd idols movies rba minisukatv hinari sawa premium gallery movie asami kondou girlzhigh bfaa seoauditing.ru​seoauditing.ru seoauditing.ru​nodvd-. god mina kamiya - (rba x - gb) » download asia dvd idols like calendar archives studios login top overage premium radio japan whats friends yes chuboh vol hashimoto kaede mook moecco magazine htc sasaki miyu friends seoauditing.ru​dvd-.

The cover to this year's 19th issue of Square Enix's Young Gangan magazine is will come with two controllers and 21 pre-loaded games, including Star Fox 2, which was The Radio The [email protected] Cinderella Girls DereRaji DVD Vol. Evil: Vendetta Premium Edition (Limited First Pressing) 6, 6, 17/9/6 SP​. //seoauditing.ru+pink/talk+(music+fair+21)+​html seoauditing.ru+airi/young+gangan+premium+dvd+vol​html.   Young gangan premium dvd vol.21 Original run, May 15, – January 21, The ninth and final DVD included an original video animation, which expanded upon the Volume 4 was released on May 5, with Volume 5 released on June 23, In the 14th issue of Young Gangan, the title was revealed as Darker than Black: Gemini of the. It was serialized in Square Enix's seinen manga magazine Young Gangan from Golden Premier, The premium movie channel and Telehit, the music channel, and Mini OVAs were included with each volume of the Blu-ray/DVD packages. Transcription: "Kuroi suisei arawaru" (Japanese: 黒い彗星現る), April 実powerhul8rom Fullmetal Alchemist: Premium Collection (OAV): Production Fullmetal Restaurant to Another World (manga): Publisher (Young Gangan Comics) Rose Guns. Séries Manga VF () · Volumes Manga VF () · Séries Dvd () · Volumes Fuyumi; Audition () KYE Young Chon; Dragon Hunter () SEO Hong Seock Kenshin le Vagabond - Coffret 2 (dvd 8 à 13) · Serial Experiment Lain vol.1 28/06/; Un premier light novel pour Spy X Family > Japon 21/06/​

Young gangan premium dvd vol.21

Square Enix published the manga's 15th compiled book volume last November, and Yen Press published the manga's 14th volume on May The manga. This S/mileage special was published in Young GANGAN magazine in February It was part of the promotion campaign of group's fourth.  Young gangan premium dvd vol.21 The cover of the first Japanese manga volume featuring Alphonse and. The manga was serialized in Square Enix's Monthly Shōnen Gangan magazine Funimation Entertainment also released the same series of DVDs from February 8 was released in Japan with the name of Fullmetal Alchemist: Premium Collection. The Atelier Premium Live will take place on May 26 at Pasela Resort Ginza and So what better way to promote the upcoming Saint Young Men anime film, The first Blu-ray and DVD volume of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) will be May 21st, Published by: VR-Zone 1 SGCafe: Cosplay | Vocaloid | Otaku.

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January issue of Square Enix's Young Gangan seinen manga magazine. The first bound volume was released in November in Japan; as of March.  Young gangan premium dvd vol.21  

Young gangan premium dvd vol.21. [MUSIC VIDEO] Young Gangan Premium DVD Vol. 21 (/MP4/RAR) (DVDISO) - Japan Music Blog

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Young gangan premium dvd vol.21

Ando Natsu, whose dream is to become a patissiere, finds herself jobless after the shop owner's sudden death. She goes to Tokyo in search of another job at a confectionery but the recruiting period has just ended and there are no available positions. This is when she makes her first encounter with the well-established Japanese confectionery "Mangetsudo". It is run by the veteran confectioner Umekichi, Takezo, and Mitsuko, and they happened to be looking for a part-time worker.

A number of chance events follow and Natsu starts working at Mangetsudo. Although her job is to serve customers, Natsu becomes interested in the world of Japanese confection.

Having only worked in cake shops, everything is new to her and she is gradually drawn into the deepness and profoundness of Japanese confection. Tsuruta, Hirohisa 5 vols. Seinen Comedy Drama Ecchi. Kotono, Wakako 4 vols. Included one-shot: Volume 2: Oshiete Nagisa-sensei! Oct 29, Touei, Michihiko , Ishizeki, Hideyuki 21 vols. She's working under the famous chief concierge Mogami Hai, who is an expert at knowing or figuring out exactly what customers need.

Ryouko is eager to become a fantastic concierge herself, and help the lives of everyone who stays at the Quincy Hotel run more smoothly! Oct 31, Yamada, Yoshihiro 4 vols. Seinen Sci-Fi Drama.

For the search of the Mars Exploration Corps, astronaut selection test begins. Dec 24, Kawata, Yushi , Yukito 2 vols. Jan 21, Hayashizaki, Fumihiro 5 vols. Apr 24, Ikuya, Daikokudou 3 vols. Seinen Comedy School Gender Bender.

Hashinomoto Maaya has wanted to marry her little brother Rintarou since she was a little girl. Rintarou seemed to feel the same way, claiming that he wanted to be together with his sister when they were all grown up.

Now, after going to separate elementary and middle schools, Rintarou is about to enter Maaya's high school! Maaya is filled with excitement for her school life together with her precious brother. But when she finally sees him, she realizes the true meaning of Rin-chan's words all those years ago.

He didn't want to marry his sister, he wanted to be just like her. So now, he is beginning his high school life dressed as a girl! Dec 13, Imashiro, Takashi 3 vols. Satou attends with horror the disaster of Fukushima.

Whereas most of Tokyoites seem to want to resume a normal life, Satou is angry with the government, the unspoken, and against the company society which turns a blind eye to the real consequences of the disaster.

Feb 10, Matsumoto, Leiji , Shimazaki, Yuzuru? Kio, Shimoku? Seinen School Music. Feb 24, Ono, Youichirou , Ueno, Jirou 7 vols. Seinen Action Drama Thriller. Comedian, Sano Youhei, is aboard an airliner when it is hijacked by terrorists.

In an act of bravery, he helps stop the terrorists and helps land the plane safely. It is an event that drags him into a conspiracy much larger than a single hijacking of an airliner.

Jan 4, Betten, Court , Aoyama, Hiromi 3 vols. Seinen Game Psychological. Jul 14, Shimizu, Aki 1 vol. Seinen Drama Historical. Hayashiya, Shizuru 1 vol.

Seinen Comedy Supernatural Ecchi. Juukai no Camilla Jigoku NEET Tokumei Nurse Shiroi Usagi to Kuroi Usagi Blade and Maiden Fushigi na Yousei Pisachi Tomita, Douji? Seinen Drama Horror. After the death of their mother, two brothers decide to take revenge on their abusive father. Hanamizawa, Q-tarou 2 vols. May 16, Seshimo, Takeshi? Dec 14, Edoya, Pochi 3 vols.

Feb 19, Fujisaka, Kuuki 1 vol. Dec 29, Arai, Hideki , Yamada, Taichi 1 vol. Hanten, Sharou 2 vols. Seinen Comedy Mystery. Jan 5, Teri, Terio 2 vols. Seinen Action Comedy Fantasy Ecchi. Jun 19, Nakamura, Enjitsu? Seinen Supernatural Romance. Sep 16, U-jin 2 vols. Ooishi, Hiroto , Ooga, Hiromichi?

Seinen Drama Psychological. The number of incidents increase day by day and are far from being solved. The curtain rises on a picaresque story set in a wonderfully distorted contemporary Japan where the warped are gathered and purified with poetic justice. What can purify darkness is darkness. Source: Kodansha, translated Serialization: Evening. Jul 10, Honda, Yuuki 4 vols. Yamamoto, Yasuhito 10 vols. Sato, Shuho 1 vol. Seinen Action Game. Jiro gambles at mahjong, but loses big.

His opponent, however want him as a partner and takes Jiro to a factory where the Uehara yakuza group are gambling about something more than money - a man's life. No matter if he wins or loses, somebody has to die.

The game quickly turns into a violence story about life and death. Together with Takeda, whom he had managed to save from said game, they try to take down the Uehara group once and for all. And the yakuza - they have their matters to settle. May 22, Tsunashi, Kazutora? Seinen Comedy Sci-Fi. Nov 16, Ishida, Ira , Umino, Yuuko 2 vols.

It was adapted from an award winning novel. A drama involving puppy love and life trauma, which became the growing ingredients of the Four Teens. Akimoto, Osamu? Seinen Action Adventure Historical. A girl named Allie goes up against some outlaws using her six-shooter. Yuzuki N'? May 26, Itakura, Toshiyuki , Takemura, Yuuji 4 vols. Seinen Drama Psychological Thriller. Mar 27, Takahashi, Kouji 6 vols. The story follows Tachibana Misaki, a year-old girl who's bullied at school.

In her quest to become stronger, she decides to enter the delinquent path, aiming for a shinny tomorrow. Nagai, Go , Hanakouji, Yumi 4 vols. Seinen Magic Romance Harem. Jun 22, Seinen Action. A 4-page abstract one shot that takes you a couple of reads to realize what exactly happens, and even then you're still unsure I challenge you to try and dig up the meaning of this odd full color fantasy manga.

Knife, Senno 1 vol. Seinen Horror. Eden no Saigo ni 2. Shinderu Family 3. Umi wa Maneku yo 4. Jigokujou no Ousama 5. Kuro no Rakuen. P 2 vols. Aug 16, Miyasu, Nonki 3 vols. Seinen Sports Ecchi. A star tennis player that can no longer play due to a trauma finds refuge from her angry sponsors in another sport - golf. Oct 23, Kagesaki, Yuna 1 vol.

Shiawase no Minami no Shima 2. Suiyou 3. Secret Princess 4. Alice in the dream 5. Chiisana Koi no Tomadoi 6. Yukiyama 7. Karate Baka Hakoiri Warashi Saitou, Takao 5 vols. Ryou Takashina is saved from the guillotine at the last minute by a bribe of 2 million dollars and a promise of 1 million a year from the secret police organization EDC. Working under the codename "Hawking" at the same time as the spies of the Cold War between East and West Satomi, Kei , Izuki, Keigo 5 vols.

Seinen Action Adventure Drama Police. Sakuragi Kasuyoshi recently retired from his career as a bodyguard and is now prepare to get married with his girlfriend. However, she got kidnapped a night before the wedding take place. Jun 1, Takao, Jingu? Marta is a Portuguese graduate student looking for work in Japan. She lives in an apartment alongside other Japanese girls of her age who she interacts with in a daily matter.

Her income is tight if she has any at all so she has to resort to using unorthodox methods to make food. Her neighbours consistently help her overcome her daily mishaps. Feb 26, Matsumoto, Leiji 1 vol. Seinen Adventure Drama. Manga from Matsumoto Leiji which action happens in the world of dreams of the author. Apr 10, Kunimoto, Takashi 2 vols.

Seinen Comedy School Ecchi. Dec 4, Bandai-Namco , Yoshii, Aki 2 vols. The new story episode is the second in a series of story episodes focusing on each of the main characters of Final Fantasy XV. An episode focused on Ignis is slated for December. Square Enix released the "Episode Gladiolus" story episode on March An upcoming "Comrades" expansion will add multiplayer to the game.

Additionally, an update for the g. The anime will premiere on AT-X on October 3 at p. Crunchyroll will simulcast the anime. Source: Comic Natalie. The video reveals the anime's October 4 premiere, and additional staff. Special airs on October 1 The official website for the One Piece anime revealed on Tuesday that Nami Amuro will perform the theme song for the anime, starting with the upcoming fall special.

The theme song is titled "Hope. The one-hour special will air on Sunday, October 1 starting at a. One Piece usually airs back-to-back with Dragon Ball Super, which will get its own one-hour special on October 8 at the same time.

Each one-hour special will feature two episodes of the television series. Crunchyroll and Funimation streamed the special. Source: Animate Times.

The Justice League is undoubtedly the most famous and most revered superhero team in the DC Universe. They have gone through many incarnations and many rosters since their debut in , and they often include some of the most powerful beings Earth and beyond has to offer.

The magazine will feature all new series. Writer Kenji Saito Trinity Seven and artist Shoji Sato Triage X are collaborating on a new series, pictured right, that will feature on the first volume's cover. The company has not yet revealed a new release date. The PC version was previously slated for September NISA describes the story: Ys returns with a brand new adventure for the first time in 8 years!

Adol awakens shipwrecked and stranded on a cursed island. There, he and the other shipwrecked passengers he rescues form a village to challenge fearsome beasts and mysterious ruins on the isolated island. Amidst this, Adol begins to dream of a mysterious blue-haired maiden living in an unknown world. Nihon Falcom released the game in Japan on May America, Europe.

Sachika Misawa Sachika Misawa is a rising star who debuted as a voice actress with her role as Yuri in the anime Shangri-La. She went on to voice the idol Arisa from the movie Toaru Majutsu no Index: Endymion no Kiseki and has sung the second ending theme of Accel World and a song from the Toaru movie.

The group has been releasing singles and animated music videos since , but because of the anime series that aired this year, their popularity has skyrocketed, so you can look forward to seeing their real life counterparts performing at AniSummer this summer. Which songs do you want to hear? After Nanjou replaced the past vocalist in , they released their first single together, only my railgun, which peaked at no. Last year, they celebrated their 10th anniversary with their album Decade and two solo lives in Tokyo and Osaka.

Furthermore, they performed the opening theme of the first and second seasons of Toaru Kagaku no Railgun, so fans can look forward to seeing fripSide perform songs from the anime live. You can look below for the current list of artists coming to AniSummer this year warning: it is huge, and it is going to get bigger.

Bizan were escorted by the heroines of OreImo. Bizan is a landmark of Tokushima City, where Machi Asobi vol. Ropeway Guide Kirino Kousaka Ropeway Guide Kuroneko In addition to being escorted by these girls, visitors who rode the ropeway also received a ticket holder featuring illustrations by the original character designer of OreImo, Hiro Kanzaki.

If you want to hear more of Kirino and Kuroneko, you can watch the second season of OreImo airing this season. If you want to see more of Mt. Bizan, go to the travel agency of your choice. May 6th, Published by: VR-Zone 2 SAO fans, what if you have not one, but two manga adaptations of your favourite light novel and anime series to look forward to?

Our Battle at the Tobu Zoo! Momoiro Clover Animal Z! Before the concert began they put on a show for the kids and parents that showed up, where they transformed into Momoiro Animal Z and beat up the bad guys that are trying to kill off all the cute animals in the zoo. By calling on the heroes, the audience is able to summon Momoiro Clover Z to the stage. Apart from Momoiro Clover Z, other special guests were also present to help with the performance of the songs, all of which were songs the kids would know.

Preorder her T-shirt! Meanwhile, the back of the shirt features a close-up of the Idolm ster character. The silhouette you see in the image above belongs to the new character in question, who will be voiced by Kana Akutsu.

At the moment Gust is not ready to reveal specifics on the new character — things like what her personality is like, or which part of the game would player meet her at. Apart from the character silhouette, Gust also showed off a new gameplay video that includes an event scene explaining the origins of the animal tail clothing accessory that heroine Escha always wears on her. The inner workings of the accessory as in, how it was made are kept a secret from Escha herself.

The results will be revealed this June 8 in Nissan Stadium, Yokohama. For those not familiar, before the votes are cast, the group releases appeals for votes from each member. Each member can use the one to two minute appeal time as they see fit and decide on their own what to say and what to wear. Some opt to go for that serious, passionate appeal while some go for that nonsensical, funny appeal. Here are transcripts of their videos.

I would now like to put all my ardor and enthusiasm into one kanji character. Of course, as Japanese, a character must be written with a brush and in ink, right?

It has been that kind of year. From now on too, I will spend my days doing my best in returning the favor. As the voting comes, please support Watanabe Mayu once again.

I will work so hard that you will be glad that you supported me. And for my fans, I will put you all in a daze her signature line! With that said, I am now at my most motivated this year! Everyone, please favor me this year! The Senbatsu Elections has always been the most tense and arguably the most looked forward to event of the AKB48 year. All eyes on Oshima Yuko and Watanabe Mayu as they battle for the top spot.

It will also be interesting how now research student Minegishi Minami, infamous for shaving her hair as apology, will fare this year. Can you figure out what it is by looking at this poster?

The manga is made by ufotable and has been running in Monthly Newtype since last August. Also coming this autumn is Kara no Kyoukai: Mirai Fukuin, the brand new movie and epilogue, so this will be a good year for fans of the Kara no Kyoukai series.

May 6th, Published by: VR-Zone 8 you see above — to get fans to visit the actual setting of the manga. Both bento sets are limited to 20 pieces per day, and available exclusively at Tachikawa Takashimaya from now till May A series of anime flags have also been planted at various locations within Tachikawa. May 6th, Published by: VR-Zone 9 1.

Perfume 2. Momoiro Clover Z 3. AKB48 4. Morning Musume 5. SKE48 6. Nogizaka 46 7. NMB48 8. HKT48 9. Fairies Berryz Kobo Smileage Flower Happiness Sphere The female idol group rankings is only one of several published in the June issue of Nikkei Entertainment magazine. The survey was conducted independently by marketing research firm, Architect Co. The survey was conducted earlier this year in February.

Once the talent power scores were decided, only then are the various ranking lists formed, based on which artistes would fall under which category. Arashi is no. Kyary Pamyu Paamyu is no. This bonus volume is a page prototype of the Attack on Titan manga written by the original creator Hajime Isayama when he was 19 years old he is 26 now.

The series won the Kodansha Manga Award in the shounen category in and has sold over nine million copies. Though no prototypes or dates have been revealed, we are able to catch a glimpse on the designated swimwear for the two ladies from the series, which just had a swimwear episode aired last week. Source: Crunchyroll, blog. Porno Graffitti —————————————— Q. During one of those days, around 5 years ago, we started talking about making this kind of celebration into an event. What would be the highlight of this event?

Of the numerous groups some of them might be thinking to knock one out of the park [in terms of their performance]. What would be the unique point of interest for this event? Also, surely most of those that will come will get to watch an artist new to them. What are you most excited about in the event? Kashiyuka: This is our first time in holding an event with people from our agency, so even we are looking forward to what the content will be.

I would like to! This live would be like sharing how we celebrate in our private time and just enjoying our work. I think it would be great if we could make the audience feel this bond we have among us. Nocchi: I think that all of lives in this event would definitely be fun!

Please give a message to the fans who are going to attend the event. K: I would also like the fans to interact with each other — I want them to do stuff like talk about the artistes they like in common.

I would be happy if they could all enjoy together. The female. How enthusiastic are you for this event? Amakawa Genki B : We got close to our colleagues in the agency through barbecue so I think that through this event, we would be able to close the gap between us and the audience.

I would like everyone to feel that Amuse is this much fun and that everyone gets along so well. To promote the event, all participating artists did a special photoshoot together. The confirmed number of artistes at this point is 14 groups totaling 41 people for the two-day event. May 8th, Published by: VR-Zone 5 The photoshoot was held on one April day when all of the artists schedules miraculously matched.

Before the shoot, the artists were all making friendly talk with each other and those with instruments even held a short jamming session. However, once the godfathers of the event, Porno Graffitti, entered, the atmosphere became a little heavier. The photoshoot was done with three variations: one with instruments, one without, and one with the artistes holding a board with written messages. The photographer, Makoto Okuguchi, can only say words of amazement and wonder with each shot as he sees all 41 members perfectly matching each other.

After which, all 41 members broke out of their shyness and the shoot proceeded smoothly. Both limited editions will come with a DVD containing the PV music videos for the aforementioned previously released singles as well as the lead song from the set of nine new tracks.

Well, apparently only the limitedtime production edition will include the sleeve case designed by anime studio Shaft. May 8th, Published by: VR-Zone 7 like you are ordering your Stand to launch an assault on your lunch!

Talk about a snack attack. Each pack of three is also available in your choice of any of three colours — blue, orange, or yellow — for a total of 18 varieties. The anime is based on the manga of the same name written by Ikoma and drawn by Momoka Midorito. Curiously, it includes stars like Miyuki Sawashiro, as well as a complete newcomer.

The birthday party has become a traditional closing event on the last day of Golden Week in Japan. A great number of fans of the white cat mascot showed up to congratulate him on another year passing. Tsukiko Cake yen Modeled after the heroine of the series, this cheesecake features a base with mango seasoning and a surface topped with lemon cream and decorated with a checkered moon and a cute ribbon.

Stony Cat Statue Cake yen Modeled after the Stony Cat statue, this cute cake sits atop a chocolate base covered in caramel mousse and chocolate cream. Just like the Stony Cat statue in the anime, this cake will make your wish come true maybe. Kantoku fans, do you recognize these characters? May 8th, Published by: VR-Zone 10 Each cookie costs yen and comes with a 9-cm coaster or mm can patch.

Other than platforms and the vague release date, Maxis has not revealed any other details on the new title. However, according to a post on their official blog, more information on the game will be released later today: The Sims franchise is fueled by the passion and creativity of its millions of fans around the world.

More information will be revealed later today here on The Beat, so stay tuned. Source: Maxis blog [via ShackNews]. Just look at the gorgeous details in that illust!

A total of 12 designs are available, sporting characters from Tales of Xillia 1 and 2, as well as those from Tales of Graces and Tales of Vesperia. May 9th, Published by: VR-Zone 2 The Tales of nail polishers nail filing are priced at 1, yen each, including tax.

Available exclusively from online shop BrainPolice. Pre-orders start today, and end on May The final products are expected to ship out sometime in late June. May 9th, Published by: VR-Zone 3 a month from its release. With such good results, we cannot help but to wonder about the secret behind their success.

This game is released on the iOS and is free for download in the App Store. The game play is engaging and it boasts a wide range of customizable attire for your avatar. Here is a short interview with the producer of the game himself, Shunsuke Sasaki. It has hit downloads on the first day of its release and got first place in free apps ranking in the App Store.

Now, we are targeting to hit downloads. What did you do to make that happen? Sasaki: I thought that hitting downloads is rather difficult on the first day.

But SOP caught a lot of attention as compared to the other games as the opening sequence and theme song was released. Also, most of its success is due to the large amount of reporting done by the media.

So when we announced the closed beta for this game, there were many people who signed up for it. As a result, this closed beta for this game was spread by word of mouth and in the end we had 20 beta testers. This has really helped in boosting the popularity of SOP in the beginning. Sasaki: Indeed. The cute avatars you see in SOP are all created by our female graphic designers. Unlike other games with an equipment hierachy, we have a user demographic which prefers the joy in customizing the avatar for aesthetic appeal.

I think what makes SOP so interesting is that the users are able to create their own style of playing. I want some cat related equipment! Sasaki: There are many staff members who love cats, so the cat themed avatar might happen. Since this is a social RPG, I had no trouble getting into the game at all. Sasaki: I thought of making this become game where light users such as yourself can enjoy the game with your friends.

Unlike regular card games, there are a total of 16 different job classes with different specialties and as such, users who like speedrun games will also be able to enjoy it.

You can also enjoy the game by playing in party battle mode with a maximum of 20 players. So please check out.

Sasaki: When I play consumer games, I always loved the animated cut scenes in them. Since I asked an ex Studio Ghibli staff to direct the opening sequence, we actually spent more time on the opening sequence than the game itself.

So we decided to use them. Sasaki: As this is the first time we were ever had a singer for our opening theme song, we felt really excited about it. Once the opening sequence was matched with the song, it really felt like an opening for a typical anime. Sasaki: As we have official in-game events, we would also like to expand a casino and pet system for the game. The casino is for the players to get rid of unwanted equipment and gamble for the item they want and as such there is mobility in attaining more equipment.

The pet system works in a way that, it can act as a weapon which will help out during boss battles. We are also thinking of adding on voices for the characters, so please look forward to that!

It is an enjoyable game which might make you turn into a mid-core gamer, so please give this game a try. Check out some screenshots of the game play! She has also starred in other live action movie adaptations such as Gachaman and Kuroshitsuji. Ayame commented that since she never tried living alone before, there were many times when she felt embarrassed just thinking about acting out the various closed-quarter fighting scenes between Aoi and the male protagonist Shuusei depicted in the manga.

Ayame also said that she wishes to recreate an Aoi that is true to the original work. Since its release in , more than 2 copies were sold till this date, making this a huge hit. The script will be written by scriptwriter, Yuko Matsuda, who is known for her work in the Gokusen series. The movie is slated for release in spring The studio Xebec has opened a teaser site announcing the second season of Maken-Ki!

The story is centered around a high school boy named Takeru Ooyama who enters a formerly all-girls school, hoping for a happy school life surrounded by cute girls. Nyaruko-san These staff members are also responsible for the Maken-Ki OVA that will be included on a Blu-ray Disc with the limited edition of volume 11 of the manga, which will be released in late September, so fans of the series should get that as well.

Now, we have a short interview with the director, Hiroko Utsumi! Hiroko: Although the original story was set in a primary school, if I were to show this in an animation, I feel like creating cool high school students as compared to primary school students. So I changed it. Hiroko: Since I was trained in drawing, I thought that I would want to show an animation that features physical beauty.

Hiroko: This series does not show the so called fighting spirit usually featured in sports anime. I decided that it is more important to show a teenage drama where friendships are formed through swimming. From there, I created the five characters. Then, I wish to go in a direction where the anime shows a kind of strong passion that everyone would want to see.

Hiroko: He looks cool on the outside, but he is someone with flaws who only cares about nothing but the swimming pool. But I think that this part of his personality is his charming point. Hiroko: Of course. The way the muscles that were subtly shown when wearing parkas, are very beautiful. Hiroko: I love rib cages too. The show is hosted by Yoshida Hisanori, a radio station announcer who often hosts anime event stages and is also famous for being a heavy anime otaku.

Throughout the show, Isayama donned a rubber mask of the Colossal Titan which he eventually remove and discussed his favorite idols while leaving a few memorable quotes. The novel series is written by Jun Sakyou and illustrated by Masaki Inuzumi, and currently has five volumes, along with two different manga adaptations. The story is centered around a boy named Raul who has always dreamed of becoming a hero and defeating the demon lord. You did well to arrive at my cash register, o customer!

The new series entitled Kill La Kill is set in an all-girls school. Satsuki the one holding the sword tries to overthrow the student council by force. Its official site is registered at www. This time around, the battle cinematics are rendered in 3D, and all the robots are featured in their original propotions rather than super-deformed dimensions — the latter is usually the case in SRW games.

Story event cutscenes appear to be mostly rendered in 2D. Want to see how Momiji or the new stage plays like? Source: Famitsu. Because of this, flumpool has arranged a search for their temporary guitarist with the following search conditions: 1.

Must look like Kazuki Sakai 2. Must look stylish in a jacket 3. Must be used to standing on stage 4. Not any taller than cm. Can be funny 6. Must be from Kansai 7. While Sakai has already tried to diet time and again, he never seems to get it right and just rebounds. He has tried so many times that when he tells the members that he will diet, they already expect that it will not succeed.

So this time, in order to be more focused and determined, he announced his plans and put a pause to his visual activities. To the fans of flumpool, please watch the reveal with considerate eyes and along with the members, support Kazuki Sakai as he tries to reach his goal of 64 kg. Hopefully, we will see a new Sakai Kazuki as they hold their 5th anniversary live in Budoukan this October.

Decked out in a casual full black ensemble, with matching jacket and dotted stockings, Kyary Pamyu Pamyu will be having her last overseas concert leg in Singapore. The Singapore concert tickets were officially sold out yesterday. For more information, please visit the App Store or visit their forums.

For more information on Haunted Hollow, please visit the App Store. Inu to Hasami wa Tsukaiyou is about a high school boy named Kazuhito Harumi who spends all of his time reading books — until he is shot by a robber! The good news is, now he belongs to one of his favorite authors, Shinobu Akiyama, aka Kirihime Natsuno. The bad news is, Kirihime is a sadist who abuses Kazuhito with scissors. This album will be released on July 3 in all major music stores. GACKT commented that, he hopes that more people will be able to experience his song and the movie through the Gothic and whimsical feel depicted in this tieup.

The plot follows the main character, Heather Manson who has lost her memories of when she was a child and gets nightmares every night about monsters chasing her.

She then steps on a journey to search for her missing father in a mysterious place called Silent Hill. This would be one horrifying journey beyond imagination. The Japanese version of this movie will be out in theaters across Japan on July 12 Save on proxy shopping fee Most of the major import stores even the online ones do not typically carry Moekore Plus and Charagumin kits as Volks has traditionally not worked with overseas partners.

But if you do not live in Singapore, ToyCoin ships internationally as well. As a bonus, ToyCoin gets its own allotment of stocks from Volks, so it may be easier to secure a particularly popular model from them than your usual Japanese online shopping sites. At the moment, apart from current Moekore Plus PVCs, ToyCoin are also doing pre-orders for older figures that were initially released years ago. Alien Kyary then gets close to the Merlion and, in an attempt to attract the attention of unwary passers-by a Singaporean family , begins to sprout water from her mouth just like the Merlion statue.

Then she strikes. She said that she wanted to be mimic the Merlion not just in terms of spirit, but also in terms of physical features. So she requested for the director to make changes to the video to make her forehead portrude further, and for her mouth to open wider.

This live was done in front of a crowd of last February and will be released on June All the articles she wore for the jacket are one-of-a-kind items with the head accessory being handcrafted especially for her. The doll that Kashiwagi is holding is actually an original character called Yukirindaruma and was created from an illustration done by Kashiwagi.

The final product is a picture sure to put Yukirin fans into a daze. This has become my most beloved work. The first press edition of the release will have a hologram jacket and will contain a random picture among seven different ones. Kuchiutsushi No Chocolate 2. Enkyori Poster 3. Shonichi 4. Dragon Fruit No Tabegoro 5. Shortcake 7. Oshio Kotaro 8. Sore Demo Nakanai 9. May 10th, Published by: VR-Zone 10 Jealousy Punch Class-kai No Ato De Miraibashi Temodemo No Namida Gingham Check Encore: 1.

Eien Pressure 2. Iiwake Maybe 3. Romance Privacy Encore 2: 1. This music festival will be held on 29 and 30 June at Zepp Tokyo, with a price of 6, yen for one day and 10, yen for two days. They have since then performed most of the songs on the Sonic Adventures series.

They have planned for live performances and live streaming in the Tokyo Game Show before and have performed for a wide range of music events. Other than that, they are also active as a band and album producers, performing many roles in the Japan music scene. He is also critically acclaimed for his original works in electronic music.

This band is a definite must listen for the fans who wish to experience the game once more. What makes this new jdkBAND special is that they have added a violinist to their lineup.

They were formed in and they are specialized in rock and electro music. May 10th, Published by: VR-Zone 12 Representing game music production company, Noisy Croak, this band was formed in March with composer Hideki Sakamoto leading the band with the members also from the same company. Known works: Time Travellers EchoChrome The Musicolors This band has been performing live recently and their musical focus is on game music.

With Kenji Ito on the keyboard, Kazuko Suematsu on guitar, Chiaki Yoshiike on bass and Kiyotaka Takiyama on drums and they aim to put up a colorful performance for the audience attending this festival.

So have any of these bands perked your interest yet? Although it was not mentioned in the Nikkei story, typically external directors are not required to leave their current jobs for the new post, so this is unlikely to affect his duties there. He has also served on the boards of Kadokawa Group Holdings, Inc. Source: Nikkei. A donut, black tea, and Meat. Oh my, think of… all the… calories!

Teatime has never felt this sinful. All three decorative plates measure the same dimensions clearly not very faithful to the original work, shame on you Cospa! Made of ceramics. The only difference across all three plates appear to be its illustrated design — what you see is what you get. All three are priced at 1, yen each including tax , and are expected to ship at the end of June. Not much else to say, except bon appetit! Figuarts treatment after all! If you happen to be in the area, the store in question where you can check out the exhibit yourself is Sofmap one of the several branches in Akihabara, anyway.

Figuarts Sailor Moon started earlier this week. The actual figure itself will begin shipping out from Japan on August Figuarts Sailor Moon might help you decide:. The company is also considering brining the product to distributors outside of Japan, due to having received a significant number of orders from US and Australia anime fans.

Are we witnessing the advent of a brand new era of moe character goods here? Imagine a world, several years from now, where anime fans all over Japan carry these moe seal stamps to use on legally-binding documents.

And, yes, as it turns out, in real life you can actually make a contract with a Kyubey… seal stamp. Getting banks and the relevant authorities to recognise these moe seal stamps was something e3company really wanted to push for. And although the Madoka Magica seal stamps were the first to be based on an officially licensed anime series, e3paper has actually been making moe seal stamps — based on their own doujinshi designs — for almost a year.

They were also involved with the manga creation software ComiPo, and the inspiration behind these moe seal stamps were a result of discussions — with a seal stamp production company — to create and sell character goods based on ComiPo, e3paper founder Takafumi Nakagawa told ITMedia. The seal stamp maker reached out to e3paper and asked if they could explore merchandising options based on ComiPo, and initially they wanted to make towels and other such typical character goods.

At some point, e3paper asked if the seal stamp maker if they were willing to consider character goods apart from those based on ComiPo, and what they thought about carving an illustration onto a seal stamp. As seal stamps were not something affected by fashion trends and apparently did not require a lot of manpower to make, e3paper and their partner thought the risk for this venture was quite low.

So they jumped straight in. The service to make customised moe seal stamps begun in June Only 50 sets of the Blanc et noir character goods set was made, and each went for 12, yen.

The sets were sold out in 20 minutes, and went for as much as 60, yen on Yahoo Japan Auctions. It may even be an investment. Would you buy one of these Itaindou moe seal stamps, if they were themed after other anime series? The Maji area is where the Hatsune Miku concert will be held.

And finally, the Mirai area showcases collaborations between companies dealing with Hatsune Miku commercial goods. Serious concerts Maji , a look at the Hatsune Miku culture from past to present Karu , and its future Mirai.

Another concert, a more casual one that would let you invite all of your friends and family to attend and join the fun: The U Priority Concert. Experience the joy of creating: Workshops. Trace the trails of the Hatsune Miku boom: Special Exhibition s.

Exciting plans and collaboration goods lined all the way up to your eyeballs: Commercial Booth. Etc, etc. As a superdeformed 3D character model in the debut trailer Nintendo put out, that is. The magazine scan also reveals that for the first time in Pokemon game history, you will be able to customise the look of the protagonist slightly, confirmation speculations by fans who thought that the designs this time around looked a little generic.

On these two particular pages of Coro Coro as shown in the image above, there was also mention that you could ride certain types of Pokemons in certain towns, which was mentioned in a previous post we did.

Check that post out for more information on the new Pokemon who are slated to be announced next week. Both reveals come from the issue of Coro Coro Comics due to hit newsstands in Japan a couple of days from now. This is the issue to buy if you want the full scoop: Pokemon X and Y for the Nintendo 3DS is slated to be released later this year in October, for all regions.

Along with the previously released details about Fenekin, Froakie and Chespin, four more new Pokemon can be seen in the newest scans from Coro-Coro. The one that features the biggest breakthrough in terms of game mechanics is Gougoat, the Riding Pokemon. As its classification suggests, players will have the ability to ride this Pokemon outside of battle. More details will emerge about this specific mechanic when the full magazine releases. It will be a Grass type weighing in at 91 kilograms.

May 12th, Published by: VR-Zone 8 Yancham, the panda looking Pokemon, is listed as the Mischievous Pokemon, a play off the Japanese word yancha, which also appears in its name. It is a Fighting type weighing 8kg and standing at. In a screenshot towards the middle of the page it also appears to be using sand-attack in battle.

The final Pokemon to be announced is Electail, and it will be a dual Electric-Normal type, hinting it might appear early in the game. It weighs 6kg and is known as the Generator Pokemon According to a small caption it will, like previous electric types, store electric power within itself somehow, hinting at its generator status. The Fire Hiiragi sisters unite!

Volume 4 of Love Live! The anime aired just earlier this year, but the Love Live! Just like the previous Blu-ray discs, the limited first press release edition will include a CD with a never before released song. Luckily, the music publisher Lantis has shared a preview for both Beat in Angel and the event, so you can listen to them both below. The video of the New Year event continues from part 1, which was included with the second Blu-ray disc, and features these songs.

Is your favorite song in there? Koi no Signal Rin Rin Rin! Someday of my life Honoka Kousaka. Mahoutsukai Hajimemashita! School Idol Festival Of course, the limited and normal editions will both come in a package with the adorable illustrations of Maki and Rin at the top of this article. The limited edition of volume 4 will be available for 7, yen, while the normal edition will cost 6, yen. Source: Love Live! SeaA, of course, is the anisong artiste behind CarfFight!! The fan meeting will be held two Wednesdays from now, on May 22, and take place 7.

Do note that in the event that there are too many ticket applications, the organisers will randomly draw applicants from a hat.

  Gravure Idol

Square Enix. Foundation date: Official website: Gangan Net Japanese. Square Enix Global site. Square-Enix Japanese.

Square-Enix USA. About: Established by the merger of Square and Enix. Anime's Ending Jun 13, Song Artists, April 10 Debut Jan 31, Love Live! Bandai Namco Entertainment, Love Live! Square Enix, Dempagumi. Staff Mar 21, Japanese Comic Ranking, January Jan 10, Akame ga Kill Manga's Volume 1. Erased and Soul Eater Not! Released Monday Aug 6, Staff Oct 24, Soul Eater Not! Australian Release List - June Jun 21, Japanese Comic Ranking, June Jun 15, Disney Infinity 3.

Nov 17, Kiichi Hotta's Kimi to Boku. Manga to Get Spinoff in January Nov 5, Kingdom Hearts HD 2. Jun 24, America for iOS May 29, Akame ga KILL! Manga's Last Volume Mar 12, Announcement Jan 12, Anime Dec 7, America Nov 18, Anime Adaptation Nov 14, Kadokawa Registers souleaternot.

Manga to Resume Serialization in October Aug 17, Square Enix Opens Countdown Website Sort Of May 23, Dusk maiden of amnesia Manga to End in June May 22, America, France Apr 24, Yen Press Industry Panel Mar 30, Square-Enix Reports 5.

Kingdom Hearts HD 1. Offices Dec 17, Japanese Comic Ranking, January Jan 25, Japanese Comic Ranking, January Jan 18, Japanese Comic Ranking, January Jan 11, Japanese Comic Ranking, December Dec 28, Japanese Comic Ranking, November Dec 1, Japanese Comic Ranking, October Nov 2, Japanese Comic Ranking, October Oct 12, Dragon Quest Manga's Fujiwara,.

Crunchyroll to Simulcast Working'!! Japanese Comic Ranking, September Sep 21, Japanese Comic Ranking, August Aug 17, Japanese Comic Ranking, August Aug 10, Hyper Japan Message to Attendees Jul 23, Japanese Comic Ranking, June Jun 29, Premieres on U. Japanese Comic Ranking, May Jun 1, Adult Swim Network in June May 28, Japanese Comic Ranking, May May 25, Kimi to Boku.

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Promo Videos Streamed Jan 30, Japanese Comic Ranking, January Jan 20, Crunchyroll Confirms Simulcast of Durarara!! TV Anime Update 2 Jan 6, Japanese Comic Ranking, December Dec 30, Japanese Comic Ranking, December Dec 16, TV Commercials Streamed Dec 15, Japanese Comic Ranking, November Dec 2, Eva 1.

Musashi, Ghost in the Shell 2. Japanese Comic Ranking, September Sep 30, Japanese Comic Ranking, September Sep 23, Japanese Comic Ranking, September Sep 16, Japanese Comic Ranking, August Sep 3, Japanese Comic Ranking, August Aug 27, Japanese Comic Ranking, August Aug 19, Japanese Comic Ranking, August Aug 12, Karino Takatsu's Working!!

Japanese Comic Ranking, July Jul 29, Trapped at Anime Expo Jul 5, He plans to use Amestris as a gigantic transmutation circle in order to transmute the entire country for reasons unknown to the Elrics. When Edward and Alphonse discover Father's plans, they, along with other members of the State Military, set out to defeat him.

As the forces collide, one by one, the remaining homunculi are defeated and Central city's troops are enlightened about the truth of the situation. Father tries to transmutate Amestris to gain god-like powers but fails due Hohenheim's actions. A weakened Father is defeated by Edward with his original arm, Al having sacrificed himself to bring it back. After Father is trapped within the Truth, Ed sacrifices his ability to use alchemy to bring Alphonse back in his original body.

The Elrics return to Resembool, but two years later, they separate in order to repay the people who helped in their journey. The first half of the anime 's plot basically follows that of the manga , but the plots severely diverge from each other near the middle of the story, [ 1 ] when Ed and Alphonse reunite with their teacher. A former lover of Hohenheim, the former mentor to their own teacher, Dante , acts as the series' main antagonist, appearing only in the anime. Centuries ago, the two perfected methods for making the Philosopher's Stone, achieving a sort of immortality by transferring their soul and intellect into others' bodies as they age.

Hohenheim was eventually overcome by the guilt of sacrificing lives to make the Stone and left Dante. Although Dante is still able to jump from body to body with the last stone she and Hohenheim created, she does not possess the complete knowledge on how to make one. She uses the homunculi to spur Edward and Alphonse, along with other Alchemists equally desperate, into creating another complete Philosopher's Stone for her. When Scar creates the Philosopher's Stone, he infuses the stone into Alphonse's metal body, making him the main focus of Dante's efforts leading to him being kidnapped.

Alphonse uses the Philosopher's Stone to revive his brother but disappears in the process. Dante tries to escape, but she is killed when the homunculus Gluttony , whose mind she had earlier destroyed, fails to recognize his master. After being revived, Edward risks his life to bring back his brother in exchange. As a result, Edward ends up in a parallel world , while Alphonse recovers his original body.

Determined to reunite with Alphonse, Edward becomes involved in rocketry research, with the intention to use that technology to try to get back to his home world. The story is followed in the film Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa , which takes place two years after the anime's narrative. While Ed is working in Germany to find a way to return to Amestris, Dietlinde Eckhart, a member from the Thule Society , discovers the existence of Ed's world and starts giving him hints to open a portal to Amestris.

Alphonse, having been looking for his brother after two years, also discovers the portal and opens it at the same time as his father Hohenheim opens the one from Germany, allowing Dietlinde to enter Amestris and try to conquer it. Edward reunites with his brother and they join forces to defeat Dietlinde. Knowing the danger that both worlds are now connected through the portal, Edward returns to Germany to destroy that side of the portal, knowing that he would be trapped there forever.

Alphonse secretly follows him, having decided to stay with Edward. After reading about the philosopher's stone , Arakawa said that she became attracted to the idea of using alchemy in the manga. She liked it so much that she started reading books relating to alchemy, which she found very complicated because some books contradicted others. Arakawa was attracted more by the philosophical aspects than the practical aspects.

Arakawa wanted to integrate social problems into the story. She gathered information watching news programs and talking to people, such as refugees, war veterans and former yakuza. Several plot elements expand on these themes, such as Pinako Rockbell caring for the Elric brothers after the death of their mother, and the brothers helping people all over the country, to gain an understanding of the meaning of family.

When creating the fictional world of Fullmetal Alchemist , Arakawa was inspired after reading about Europe during the Industrial Revolution period; she was amazed by how different the people from different countries were, in terms of their culture, architecture, and clothes.

She was especially interested in England during this period and "added to it her own original flavor to turn it into a fantasy world. When the manga began serialization, Arakawa had in mind how the story would end. As the plot continued, however, she felt some characters were maturing and decided to change some scenes, resulting in some sketches of the faces of the characters being improvised.

The easiest of the series characters for her to draw was Alex Louis Armstrong , as well as little animals. Due to the fact she likes dogs, Arakawa added several of them in the story.

When the number of manga chapters was around 40, Arakawa commented that as the series gets near the end, she will try to make the story faster until getting to the conclusion. To avoid making chapters less entertaining than others, unnecessary details from each of them are removed and a climax is developed. As such, certain characters' appearances were limited in some chapters. During the development of the first anime , Arakawa allowed the anime staff to work independently from her, and requested having a different ending from the one in the manga.

She said that she would not like to repeat the same ending in both media, as well as to make the manga longer to work more in the development of the characters. When watching the ending of the anime, she was amazed about how different the homunculi creatures were from the manga and enjoyed how the staff speculated about the origins of the villains. The first volume was released on January 22, , with the last one released on November 22, The first volume was released on May 3, , and the latest volume it has released is volume 25 on June 7, The content of the manga released by Viz in the United States were mostly consistent with the original material.

As of October , the only edits that have been made were to a set of twelve panels from the original volume 8, depicting the character Greed tied to a cross-shaped stone slab in crucifixion style. In the North American version the stone was redesigned to become round in each panel, [ 18 ] as commented by Viz to avoid references to Christianity.

This change in the manga was made with the approval of Arakawa. In Singapore , the manga is being published by Chuang Yi. Publishing in both English and Simplified Chinese, nineteen volumes have been released in English, while twenty-one volumes have been released in Simplified Chinese. In Poland, Japonica Polonica Fantastica is publishing the manga [ 20 ] - as of January , eighteen volumes have been released. In France, the manga is being released by Kurokawa. The animation studio Bones adapted the manga into a episode anime series.

The majority of these OVAs are side stories and do not expand on the plot. It includes the first anime of 51 episodes, the film, the CD soundtracks, and guidebooks from the series. In the 20th volume of the manga, creator Arakawa announced that a second Fullmetal Alchemist anime series was being produced. Other volumes feature four episodes and no OVAs. A total of sixteen volumes were released, with the last one on November 24, On April 3, , Funimation announced it would stream English subtitled episodes four days after they air in Japan.

Madman Entertainment will also stream it "within days" of the episodes airing in Japan. A film sequel to the first anime, Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa , was produced by the Bones, and premiered in Japanese theaters on July 23, Following the second anime's ending, an announcement was shown regarding a new Fullmetal Alchemist film.

The first novel, Fullmetal Alchemist: The Land of Sand , was animated as the episodes eleven and twelve of the anime series. The first was authored by Makoto Inoue and the rest by Jun Eishima. There have been two series of Fullmetal Alchemist audio dramas.

The first volume of the first series, Fullmetal Alchemist Vol. The Tringham brothers reprised their roles in the anime. There are two stories in this series, each with two parts. A bonus DVD, exclusive to the U. It featured performances by several of the musical artists from the television series as well as narrations by the voice actors and actresses. Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood ' s music composer is Akira Senju.

The first CD soundtrack from this anime was published on October 14, Video games based on Fullmetal Alchemist have also been released. The storylines of the games often diverge from those of the anime and manga and feature new characters. Funimation licensed the franchise to create a new series of Fullmetal Alchemist related video games to be published by Destineer Publishing Corporation in the United States. This title was released October 15, For the RPG games, Arakawa oversaw the story and designed its characters, while Bones , the studio which would be responsible for the anime series, produced several animation sequences.

The developers looked at other titles for inspiration, particularly Square Enix's action role-playing game Kingdom Hearts , in addition to other games based on manga series, such as Dragon Ball , Naruto or One Piece games.

The biggest challenge they had to overcome was to try to make the title a "full-fledged" game rather than a simple "character-based" game. The manga also has three guidebooks; each of them contain timelines, guides to the Elric brothers' journey, and gaiden chapters that were never released in a manga volume.

Action figures, busts, and statues from the Fullmetal Alchemist anime and manga have been created by leading toy companies; primarily Medicom and Southern Island. Medicom has created high end deluxe vinyl figures of the characters from the anime.

These figures and a 12" statue were scheduled to release in Southern Island has since gone bankrupt, putting the figures on permanent hiatus. The physical game was retired on July 11, In March , the manga has sold over 27 million volumes in Japan, while as of March , the number increased to more than 30 million. Prior to the second anime's premiere, each volume sold about 1. Fullmetal Alchemist has generally been well received by critics.

Though the initial volumes were felt to be formulaic, critics noted that the series grows in complexity as it progresses. Arakawa was praised for being able to keep all of her character designs unique and distinguishable, despite many of them wearing the same basic uniforms. Like other reviewers, he praised the dark mood from the manga and how it balances the humor and action scenes. She also praised the development from the homunculi such as the return of Greed as well as their fights.

The anime premiered in Japan with a 6. They commented that although it's mostly upbeat with amazing action scenes, it also touches on the human condition. They described it as "more than a mere anime," and "a powerful weekly drama.

Flashbacks have been criticized to be annoying as they are repeated several times. The plot and the music have been celebrated to be very entertaining. The ending was also the basis of one negative review noting that Edward's beliefs did not change at all as he tried once again to bring somebody back to life. The initial episodes of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood received criticism from members of the Anime News Network staff, who felt that repeating events from the first anime led to a lack of suspense.

The animation was also noted to be superior than that of the first anime, with comments focused on the characters' expressions as well as the way the fight scenes were executed. The way the series closed was found satisfactory by critics to the point of being called "A virtually perfect ending to an outstanding series.

The first Fullmetal Alchemist novel, The Land of the Sand , was well received by Jarred Pine of Mania as a self-contained novelization that remained true to the characterizations from the manga series.

He notes that while the lack of backstory makes it geared more towards fans of the franchise than new readers, it was an impressive debut piece for the Viz Fiction line. As a whole, the reviewer felt it was a "work for young-ish readers that's pretty clear about some darker sides of politics, economics and human nature. Wikimedia Foundation. Fullmetal Alchemist. See also: List of Fullmetal Alchemist characters. Main article: List of Fullmetal Alchemist chapters. This panel from volume 8 shows some of the changes in the graphics that Viz Media made in changing from the original release of Fullmetal Alchemist left to its English release right.

Main article: List of Fullmetal Alchemist episodes. Main article: List of Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood episodes. Main article: List of Fullmetal Alchemist light novels. Anime and Manga portal. Newtype USA A. January Director: Seiji Mizushima. Cartoon Network. February 4, November 12, March 18, Archived from the original on February 20, Retrieved April 6, Fullmetal Alchemist Profiles.

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