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The questionnaire was conducted during the school year And when did he start caring for him in Algeria? This is based on the different perspectives of many qualitative research specialists and qualitative research methodologies such as Croswell and Mason. The study's results showed that the level of practice of good study habits by the study sample is low and that the prevalence of academic procrastination is moderate.

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بكالوريا 2018 الاجابة النموذجية. Although we are aware of the extent to which modern technology contributes to facilitating communication and reduces effort, time and cost, this study aims to find out the relationship between administrative communication and performance. › /09 › ajab-amthan-all. › showthread. › SHOPMOKDAD. More ideas from SHOPMOKDAD · تصحيح الفيزياء بكالوريا ع ت · This is Keyword Researcher · Trending Top List · PLAYERUNKNOWN'S. Convert any WMA file, together with the DRM-protected ones, to any model of iPhone supported MP3. To re-encode compatible formats (e.g. if.

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بكالوريا 2018 الاجابة النموذجية.

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  بكالوريا 2018 الاجابة النموذجية ツバサ 18才 女子校生編 vol.14

بكالوريا 2018 الاجابة النموذجية

  بكالوريا 2018 الاجابة النموذجية

تصحيح موضوع اللغة الانجليزية بكالوريا شعبة لغات أجنبية | Onomastics | Linguistics

  بكالوريا 2018 الاجابة النموذجية  

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بكالوريا 2018 الاجابة النموذجية

Related titles. Carousel Previous Carousel Next. Kieran's mutant's and masterminds character sheet. Revere Concept w Mercury Series Bulletin Jump to Page. Search inside document. Paragraph identification m 0. Answering comprehension questions co 3 pts 1 a- to obtain certain advantages. Silent letters 0. Do accept any relevant answer n. Sammy Bodan. Nato Chikhladze. Jen Quiambao. John Dave Paras. Ghalib Hussain. Alan Masters. Aunty alonso. Sridhar Jayaraman. Matt Kalland.

GhanShyam Parmar. Kieran Karnn Hoare. David Taylor. The experimental sample consisted of 11 players Age Key words small sided games, repeated sprint ability, strength explosive, youth Players U Abstract: This study aimed to identify to what extent strategic planning indicators available at the University of Oum El Bouaghi from the viewpoint of teachers stuff and student. This study was conducted on a sample of student and teachers stuff.

The researcher used a questionnaire consisted of 46 items. The statistical treatment of data has led to the following results: 1 The strategic planning indicators at Oum El Bouaghi University are available to a medium degree from the perspective of both students and teachers stuff. Abstract: This study aimed to reveal the relationship between the academic consensus and the learning motivation, among the students of the third year of secondary education, by knowing the level of both the academic consensus and the learning motivation, in each of the two secondary schools in Ain el-Hadjel, - M'Sila.

Ahmed Duchess and others, and the measure of conformity of the researcher, on a sample of pupils and students. The results of the research have resulted in the following: There is a positive correlation between the academic consensus and the learning motivation of third-year students of secondary education, as revealed by the level of both the academic consensus and the learning motivation below the average.

The aim of this study was to reveal the degree of knowledge of the teachers of intermediate education graduates of higher schools for the competencies of The aim of this study was to reveal the degree of knowledge of the teachers of intermediate education graduating of higher schools for the competencies of constructing the tests of achievement.

To measure these competencies, we used an objective test of the type of right and wrong, prepared by the researcher based on previous studies and educational literature related to the subject of study. The study sample consisted of 28 teachers of higher schools graduates, in the averages of the Directorate of Education Algeria East. The study results showed that degree of teachers knowledge in the field of constructing the tests of achievement were low.

In addition to the degree of knowledge displayed by competencies were about below the theoretical level specific to possess these competencies. The promotion of traffic awareness among the drivers is one of the most positive behaviors that different institutions are trying to highlight from the role that traffic awareness can play in reducing traffic accidents that have become a problem for many countries.

The study relied on the descriptive approach and the questionnaire as a basic tool for the study, where it was applied to a sample of 89 university students, where the study reached several results that the meeting sites A representative in Facebook contributes to the promotion of traffic awareness among university students by recognizing the rules of traffic safety, as well as spreading the dissemination of traffic culture.

In addition, there are significant statistical differences at the significance of 0. Abstract: The aim of the study is to identify the reality of the educational competencies of the kindergarten teachers in Algeria, and from their point of view, as the kindergarten teacher is the cornerstone in achieving the goals of education at a crucial stage that has its specificity in building and forming the personality of the individual.

Of competencies, this helps them to achieve the goals of raising children. Based on a manual for the form and another for observation, and applied to a sample of 25 teachers representing the whole study community. The study concluded a number of results, the most important of which are: The kindergarten teachers of Al-Rashad, have a high degree of planning and enforcement skills, and need to improve the efficiency of the assessment, because it came to a medium degree.

Keywords: competencies; educational; kindergarten; teacher, child. Summary: The objective of our current study is to highlight the role played by some of the personal variables professional experience, academic composition, gender of the professor of education and physical to raise the motivation of the performance of the motor skills of secondary stage students The study population consisted of students in the secondary stage.

The sample of the study was secondary school students We found that tribal gains, seniority, and pedagogic formation influence the increase in the skillful performance of students in the secondary stage. This is why we have examined the subject of our research, professional experience , academic composition ,gend professor of physical education and sports to increase the motivation of motor performance skills of the students of the secondary stage for some high schools Djelfa.

Abstract: The present study aimed to reveal the participation of the family in the teaching process from the perspective of the teachers of middle and secondary school, and to measure the significance of the differences between the professors in this participation due to their job position and their professional seniority. The study was applied to a sample of 52 teachers, and using the descriptive method.

The study tool is the questionnaire. After testing the hypotheses, the main results of the study were: - The family participates in the teaching process with avredge degree. Keywords: Family participation in the teaching process; Parents; Teachers of middle and secondary school. This research aims to identify and diagnose the phenomenon of one of the most prominent current problems that appear in most countries and growing in developing countries.

Namely, the reasons for dropping out of school and the methods of treatment. The family has an important role in guiding the children's behavior and helping them to acquire good habits that strengthen the Creator and discipline, and reduce the phenomenon of leakage. There is also a role for the teacher and the role of the learner himself.

The research found that the reasons for the dropout are due to the learner himself, the family, the school, and the society in which the learner lives. Any treatment of the leakage phenomenon should be taken into account. Abstract : The study aims to identify the violence against working women in the health sector according to some variables Family status, age, employment , by following the descriptive approach and distributing a questionnaire to a sample of workers in the sector, and the study has reached the following results: - There are differences between working women In the practice of violence against them inside the institution according to the family situation variable - There are differences between working women In the practice of violence against them inside the institution according to age variable.

Keywords: violence; violence against woman; violence in the workplace. By identifying the differences between the tribal and remote measurements of the experimental group on the level of athletic performance in the tests of physical education, sports and tribal and remote measurement of the control group at the level of sports performance in the tests of physical education and sports, and knowledge of the differences between the control and experimental groups in the tribal measurement, And then in the telemetry, ie, after applying the proposed mathematical guidance program to the experimental group only, and determining the direction of the differences.

Abstract: The aim of this study is to identify the reasons for regression in the acquisition of physical concepts among Algerian middle school pupils. The sample of the study was composed of fourth-grade pupils in Algiers, direction of western education.

In this study, a questionnaire was used that included questions about pupil attitudes, and a set of physical concepts included, in the program; fourth grade level. The questionnaire was conducted during the school year The results of the study showed that the physical concepts most likely to be misunderstood are those that are rooted in the cognitive structure of the pupils which they train with them in the physics course; the main reasons that led to a weak acquisition of physical concepts are the concepts themselves.

Keywords: physical concepts, physics course, regression in acquisition, middle school education. Study aimed to discover the Level of psychological security of the adolescents students in secondary school and deference's between their due to gender and school level. It used in this study the descriptive and analytical methodology, and sample consisted of students, apply on them measure of psychological security from fahd ben Abdullah addelaim The study concluded that the level of psychological security of the students adolescents is medium, it also does not any statistical significant differences between the students adolescents levels in psychological security due to gender and school level.

Our study focused on trying to identify the psychometric characteristics of the scale honesty and stability In order to achieve these objectives, a sample of male and female students were selected in the departments of the Faculty of Social and Human Sciences at the University of Djelfa, of which males and females were randomly selected.

In order to verify the hypotheses of the study, the stability of the scale was calculated using two methods: the Alpha Cronbach method and the midterm fragmentation method Guttmann coefficient , and the validity of the scale was verified by the discrete honesty of the items and the internal consistency of the scale and its sub-dimensions was confirmed. The results of the study confirmed the quality of the psychometric properties of the scale of perfection in the Algerian environment Keywords : Psychometric properties, Perfectionism , University students.

Abstract: The present study seeks to shed light on one of the most effective models in the field of attention to the levels of personal structure of individuals, which is based on the assumption of both.

This framework has been linked to providing support in the positive personal aspects of ordinary people, to try to crystallize it in the field of special education, specifically in the category of the hearing impaired, in order to overcome the difficulties and barriers of education that will hinder the educational process, in the absence of appropriate educational curricula and activities provided to the students with different degrees Their disability, or the design of educational programs, and the obvious differences in teaching methods based on sign language.

We will therefore demonstrate the importance of this model, its dimensions and theoretical frameworks inspired by the support and care of teachers and learners with hearing disabilities. Abstract: The purpose of this study was to identify the effect of a mental activity in the cognitive development of pre-school children from years. The sample included 30 "Massabih el Amal" nursery children in the country of Tissemsilt, selected at random, and also divided into two control groups.

And experimental, the researchers followed the experimental approach by designing the pre-post-test of the cognitive development scale of preschool children by implementing a program of 16 kinetic activity units educational. Mathematical averages, standard deviations, for homogeneity, and study results on:-There are differences in statistical significance between the control group and the experimental in the cognitive development for the benefit of the experimental group.

Therefore, the researchers recommended the inclusion of special programs of kinetic activities in the general curriculum of physical education and sport in kindergartens because of the great importance in the development of mobility, knowledge and children of this stage.

Abdeladim Sihem,. The results of the study reached: 1- The study sample has a positive academic consensus. This study was applied to a sample of employees who were selected in a comprehensive survey method. The study population is equal to the sample of 15 the study. After the confirmation of its validity and stability , and was adopted descriptive method in the analysis of data to answer the following questions: 1 - What is the level of professional pressure of the employees of the hospital of the province of Bashir in bousadaa?

Professional pressures - motivation of achievement - Employee - Hospita l. Abstract : The present study aims to identify the relationship between the skills of designing the concept map and the academic achievement in the French grammar of the students of third year middle school stage; in Gouaned Mohammed middle school in Chetma city of Biskra State. To achieve the objective of the study, the researcher used the descriptive method. The sample was chosen in the intended manner.

Two tools were used: Concept map, consisting of thirteen words, and an achievement test in the French grammar, be of twenty-one words. Abstract : The current study is aiming at discovering the inadequate early cognitive schema prevalent for breast cancer patients taking a sample of 22 women who are affected by breast cancer chosen intentionally aged between 32 to 46 years old. They are frequently visiting the hospital of Abd Errezak Bouhara in the city of Skikda.

This study aimed at clarifying the most important assumptions of the coefficient alpha and the consequences of its violation, in addition examining some of the Arabic studies master thesis and doctoral dissertations to find out the extent of the researcher's realization of these assumptions and if they took them into account in their estimation of coefficient alpha.

The study sample consisted of studies, of which 74 were master thesis and 42 doctoral dissertations in psychology from nine Arab countries. None of the studies verified the assumptions of the coefficient alpha before using it to estimate the reliability of the test scores used, even those that used factor analysis. The sample of the study consisted of teachers, Have been chosen at random.

The researcher adopted the descriptive approach. There are differences between teachers in the direction of control according to the gender variables and the type of leadership, whereas there were no differences in the direction of control between teachers according to the variable of the teacher. School phase Through the results obtained show that the checkpoint helped determines the type of attitude to the use of e-learning.

The study recommended the need to uncover the reasons behind these alternative conceptions carried by students, and reconsideration the curricula of the physical sciences. ABSTRACT This study aimed to reveal the effectiveness of educational module in the development of the formative evaluation competencies among primary school teachers ,by studying the differences between pre-tests and post- tests of the experimental group, and measuring the effect size of the educational module.

The researcher adopted a quasi-experimental approach with one group design composed of 14 teachers, where the sample benefited from the training using the educational modules. The group was given a pre-test and post-test measure through the use of a type of multi-choice objective test.

The study revealed the existence of differences between the two pre-test and post-test applications in favor of the post-test, this result conform with the assumptions related to the differences in formative evaluation.

Also it revealed the effectiveness of educational modules in the development of the formative evaluation. Keywords effect - educational module - competencies - formative evaluation - primary school teachers. Abstract: Autism spectrum disorder affects the fields of Natural Child Growth in communication in general, and verbal communication in particular, affecting them in different social situations and communicating with others, therefore, it is regarded as one of the most difficult disorders for the autistic child behaviour.

The objective of the study is to determine the effectiveness of the Luvas program in the development of the verbal communication in autistic children. And Does the training program really affect the development of verbal communication. To see how well the children have improved, we applied the verbal communication test for pre-measurement before the program was introduced and after the program was applied for the post-measurement In order to verify the hypotheses and Make sure it is true or not, the application results of the verbal communication test were compared for the pre and post measurement.

The results showed quantitatively and qualitatively an existence of Variation in the results and individual differences in the study sample in favor of the post measurement. Therefore, it was confirmed that the luvas program is effective in the development of verbal communication skills. Keywords : luvas program, Autistic children, verbal communication, Attendance and attention skills, Understanding and expression skills. After subjecting the questionnaire to methodological rules and calculating the characteristics of the psychometric , it was found that the questionnaire has achieved a high level of validity and reliability.

This study concluded that all methods used to confirm the characteristics of the psychometric questionnaire confirmed the validity of the questionnaire for use, and therefore its results can be trusted if applied to samples similar to the current study sample in the Algerian environment.

Keywords: psychosocial risks questionnaire copsoq v3 , psychometric characteristics validity, reliability. Positive psychology aims to achieve personal well-being. Its central tenet is based on identifying and activating and developing personal strengths, as a multidimensional construct that helps to understand and develop the characteristics of good personality, which helps towards the positive development of young people what may achieve happiness and prosperity, which results confirmed by several international studies.

The current relationship is positively related to personal well-being, satisfaction with university life and excellence in university academic performance. Abstract: The aim of this study is to learn the teaching practices of high school physical education and sports teachers in Algeria from a sample of physical education and sports teachers.

The researchers designed a questionnaire on evaluation practices and checked their psychometric properties by the reliability of the content and by the exploratory factor analysis that resulted in 05 factors identification of evaluation criteria with 12 items, identification of skills to evaluate with 10 items, the planning of the evaluation process with 08 items, the use of tools and evaluation methods with 05 items, implementation evaluation with 04 items , the validity is checked by Cronbach's alpha coefficient and Guttman's coefficient, the questionnaire is finalized with 39 item.

Abstract : This study aimed to identify the attitudes of individuals in southern Algeria towards the exercise of recreational sports activity in light of both factors of social change and social values, through the problem posed as follows: How responsive are individuals' attitudes towards recreation through sports activity in southern Algeria to the pressures of both social change and community values?

A descriptive analytical method was used in this study with a sample of individuals engaged in different recreational activities. Social changes have contributed a great deal in building positive attitudes towards recreation through physical activity sports, so that there have been psychological and social changes in habits and attitudes towards sports recreation, and the values of society still affect the appetite of individuals to practice Riyadh In his spare time in southern Algeria.

Abstract: The present study aims to examine the relationship between the types of cerebral dominance left, right, mixed and the degree of difficulties of learning to read Dyslexia of pupils in third graders in primary school and to examine differences in the level of this difficulty by sex. By Using the IQ test for Ahmed Zaki Saleh , Reading test ,Battery tests diagnosis of basic skills in Arabic for Radhi Wakfi,a questionnaire of Mustafa Al - Zayyat for diagnosis dyslexia ,observation grid ,interview economic and social level questionnaire.

The study found the following results: There is a relationship between right cerebral dominance and severe dyslexia, there is a relationship between mixed cerebral dominance and mean dyslexia, there is a relationship between left cerebral dominance and light dyslexia. Abstract:The purpose of this study is to examine the relationship between the determinants oforganizational justice and the behavior of organizational silence.

This study also aims to evaluate the reality of each variable in the primary education sector from the point of view of primary education teachers. The study adopted the descriptive approach.

The questionnaire is a data collection tool. Abstract: The goal of the current research is to know the level of scientific tendencies among students of the second year of secondary specialization of experimental sciences, and the limits of the study were limited to the students of the second year of secondary, specialization of experimental sciences, high school March 19, - Belil - State of Agawat, All 47 members of the community were taken into consideration, and to achieve the objectives of the research, the researchers used the scale prepared by Aish Zaytoun , and the results of the research showed that Abstract :The aim of this study was to identify the social skills of children in the autism spectrum in a sample of autistic children.

Abstract : Measure treats maaslaash for the mental burning in this study level of the burning enemy secondary professors of the education baal'aGwaaT and leads depended hereunto the measure is his sight for availability on all distances which the burning measures, and leads secondary study to the acquaintance during spreading the mental burning between professors of the education aimed our, in addition to the acquaintance on her reasons and leads individual for the realization from competence depended on 20 haadhh the studious instrument about road the characteristics aalsykwmtryt for the test, just as essential individuals of the sample on 50 individual.

Abstract : This study aims at presenting the most important methods of psychological and educational care for people with simple mental disabilities and integrated school in the Psychiatry Department of Pediatric Psychiatry in Maadhar Batna. The descriptive approach based on the case study was based on a semi-structured interview with a sample of psychologists 04 cases. After analyzing the content of the interview, we concluded with a set of results: - The tools used to detect mental disabilities were mainly the Columbia Intelligence Test.

Abstract: The study aims to determine the relationship between the physical and sports education curriculum at the secondary stage under the Competencies based approach and the social change. To achieve this, we inquired; Is there a correlation between the physical and sports education curriculum and social change in the light of competencies based approach?

So, the researcher relied on the descriptive analytical method. The sample was selected by the comprehensive survey method for Teachers in Laghouat and Boumerdes. A questionnaire was created as a research tool and after analyzing the results; we concluded that there is no positive correlation between social change and the physical and sports education curriculum.

Accordingly, the researcher recommends trying to link the objectives of the curriculum to social to social reality and nature. Curriculum physical ;and education ;competency approach social change. Abstract : The general aim of this study was to test the hypothesis: mental health is a basic component of well-being WB as assessed with the self-rating scales of happiness, satisfaction with life, physical health, and religiosity.

Results indicted that women obtained statistically significant higher mean scores on the ASH, the rating scales of happiness, satisfaction with life, and religiosity than did their male counterparts. All the Pearson correlation coefficients, except one, were significant and positive. Principal component analysis extracted one component in both sexes and labeled: Well-being and mental health.

These components accounted for a large percentage of common variance. It was concluded that mental health is a basic component in WB. Abstract : The aim of this study was to find out the availability of critical thinking skills among second year secondary students in some of the secondary schools in Laghouat Algeria.

The study were applied to a sample of students, including 43 students and 57 students randomly selected. The descriptive approach was adopted to achieve the study objective. It was weak in the skills of interpretation, accuracy in examining facts, extremism in opinion , mediocrity in skill frame of right relationship , and poor critical thinking as a whole.

Abstarct: The aim of this research is to identify the role of pre-school education in the development of writing skills in first year primary students, where the sample of research selected intentionally consisted of pupils in the first year of primary school was 90 students enrolled in preschool education and 62 students who did not attend, we used The writing test for the Saliha researcher, and the use of the T-exam for independent samples where the results showed that there are statistically significant differences in writing skills between the first year students enrolled in pre-school education and not enrolled in it for the benefit of the enrollees.

Key words : Preschool education, writing skill, students first year primary school. This research aims to find out the impact of cooperative learning strategy on academic achievement in mathematics among students the first year average, find out the differences between the scores of the experimental group and the control group in mathematical achievement test posttest of the respondents, have been used test in mathematics applied to a sample of 77 students, Based on the similarity of experimental methods, the research results show that the effectiveness of cooperative learning strategies in the use of first-year students' math scores, and the existence of There is no difference between the experimental group and the control group in the dimensions of the mathematics achievement test and the degree that is beneficial to the experimental group, and there is no difference between the average scores The application of male and female average student size in the first year between the average scores of the experimental group in the mathematics achievement test.

Abstract : The present study aimed to identify the prevailing school climate pattern in secondary schools from the point of view of the pupils. The prevailing school climate in secondary institutions in the three administrative departments of the governorate of Ouargla is the average school climate.

Keywords: High school, social behavior , The social system ,school climate. Abstract: The present study aims to reveal the level of the use of students of the University of kasdi Merbah OurgLa of self-organized learning strategies and whether these strategies vary according to sex, academic level, academic specialization and interaction between them.

The study sample consisted of students from the University of Ouargla. Randomly selected. To achieve the objectives of the study we have built a self-organized learning strategies scale.

The results showed that the level of use of students University profitable self-organized learning strategies came within the average level. The results also indicated that there were no statistically significant differences in the use of these strategies by sex, level, specialization and interaction between them.

To achieve this, the descriptive approach and a sample of 40 children were divided equally between deaf children and ordinary children belonging to the age group From 7 to 11 years, a number of tests have been applied: the testing of similar matrices to measure visual perception, and triangulation to measure problem solving. The study was conducted at the primary school of Abdallah Malakhso and the school of junior in Batna.

Abstract: This study aimed at finding out the influence of the proposed courses of problem-solving in learning some basic volley-ball skills pass, underhand pass and ready position for first-year middle schoolers. To achieve the purpose of the study we used an experimental method with a quasi-experimental design and applied it on two equal groups.

Our sample 40 students were divided into two groups of 10 males and 10 females. One of the groups was controlled through the standard method, while the other, the experiment group, attended the suggested courses of problem-solving.

We collected data through an accurate skills test with high validity and reliability rates. The outcomes of comparing the a priori and a posteriori results of the experiment group showed that the proposed courses with problem-solving method affected learning basic skills positively. Furthermore, comparing the results of the experiment group with the controled group also showed the effectiveness of problem-solving method during the process of learning basic skills as compared to the standard method.

Abstract: The present research aimed to reveal the relationship between the big five factors of personality and optimism and pessimism in a sample of marital Adjustment. Where the sample of the study consisted of husbands and wives in some states of the West of Algeria, After the application of the big five factors of personality of Costa and McCrae, the measure of optimism and pessimism of Abdul Khaliq, and after statistical treatments the results of the study revealed there is a negative correlation between neuroticism and optimism, Also there is a positive relationship between extraversion and pessimism.

Abstract : This study aimed to reveal the content of social representations of risky behaviors on the road, in both sexes, and was adopted in this exploratory approach, using the technique of free association to collect the content of the representation and clarify its central and peripheral elements.

Abstract: The current study aimed to attempt to identify the most important abnormal sexual symptoms and features that are caused by compulsive sexual behavior disorder in autistic adolescence. Individual, 34 Parents, and 20 specialists, and the descriptive approach that relies on the survey method was adopted at the beginning, and it was applied in psychological pedagogical centers for some regions in the eastern Algerian region of Constantine, Medea, Batna, and the following results were reached: With regard to the first question, it was found that the characteristics predicted by the disorder of sexual compulsive behavior the most common ten most common characteristics according to Arithmetic averages were for the following phrases: 10, 16, 20, 44, 03, 24, 07, 39, 23, 32 and their arithmetic meanings were respectively: 2.

As for the second hypothesis, it was not achieved where it was found that there were no statistically significant differences attributable to the variable degree of injury Autistic spectrum disorder for adolescent autism. Abstract : In this article, we will focus on the interaction of Algerian university students with the concept "model", we will identify the distinctive features of their epistemological views on the notion of "model", soliciting them by interviewing students from Yahia Fares University of Medea.

It seems to us that the results of this study can be taken into account in the design of the programs so as to put the students in favorable conditions when integrating the model into teaching physics. Abstract: The present Study aimed to investigate the level of value Conflict in a sample of adolescents aged years, and identify the statistically signifiant Differences In the level of values Conflict to the gendre variable and eduational level.

The Study revealed the flolloing results : 1- the level of value conflict is hight among secondary education students. Keywords: value conflict, student, secondary education, variable the gender, educational Level.

Summary: The study aimed to identify the most important manifestations of the school revolt common to adolescents in secondary school. The study concluded the following results: - The most common manifestations of school revolt among adolescents are the revolt against the school system and colleagues.

Key words: Aspects of the school revolt, the school teenager, high school. Abstract : Administrative communication is a prominent element of school management. Since the school is as an integrated system, all active partners share information and send messages among themselves to accomplish their work to achieve the goals of the school.

Although we are aware of the extent to which modern technology contributes to facilitating communication and reduces effort, time and cost, this study aims to find out the relationship between administrative communication and performance. In order to achieve the purposes of the study; the researcher adopted the descriptive analytical method using the questionnaire and interview tools.

The sample of the study reached individuals, and five oral interviews were conducted. The study showed the following result: Administrative communication and job performance in the school administration in Ghardaia appeared at a high level. Abstract : The purpose of this study is to present the protocol of the basic version and the complex version of the variable-size card counting test after having translated the instruction in the Algerian environment and transmitted it to a problematic sample of 80 children aged 3 to 7 years old, that the majority of children aged 3 to 4 make mistakes in the post-commutation phase, unlike 4 and 5 year olds who do this, but most fail to copy the border, and in the 5 and 7 age group, most succeed in testing all three steps.

There is also a correlation between age and test dimensions, the correlation between the color dimension years is equal to 0. Abstract: In a world that aspires to prosperity and sustainable development, the child is still suffering from early employment, which is tiring and puts him in front of responsibilities and challenges prematurely, despite many international conventions, decrees and laws that are in place to protect children from all kinds of violations and abuses.

In the content of this idea, we seek through this studying to provide reading in some variables contributing to child labor and the effects of such practice on the health of children from different aspects through: - Presenting a range of factors that push a group of children to early work, - Highlight the dangers and risks of child labor.

Keyword: Threats; child labor; childhood. Abstract: The Algerian educational system seeks a permanent movement in order to provide all the means that would achieve a successful education that leads to efficient outputs in various fields away from every school failure, through the adoption of what is called pedagogical remediation , and this study aims to identify the realy of the application of pedagogical remediation in solving mathematical problems and thier role in reducing the phenomenon of school failure.

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Abstract: The study aims to identify the differences in driving styles in sample of drivers according to variables such as sex, age, educational level and experience. The researcher based to the descriptive approach, because the study is looking for the differences. The sample composed of 80 drivers chosen by the intentional sampling method. The multidimensional measure of driving style was the research tool. The results were interpreted in the light of the psychological heritage results and previous studies on the subject.

Keywords: driving , driving styles , traffic accidents. The Pearson correlation coefficient is considered one of the most important and most statistical tests used in the social sciences, especially in the descriptive approach, and given its multiple uses by students and researchers in their various studies and research to test their relational hypotheses, except that through our scientific career and our humble experience in the field of teaching the scale of statistics in the field of social sciences, we noticed that there are some errors when using this statistical parameter, which often leads to misleading results.

In order to realize this study, a sample of male and female students was selected in the fifth grade of primary school. Abstract: The current study aims to reveal the extent to which secondary school students practice good study habits and to know the prevalence of academic procrastination in the study sample. The study also aims to reveal the relationship between the study habits and academic procrastination and whether the relationship between the study habits and academic procrastination is quite different among second-year secondary school students and third-year secondary school students, as well as between the students of the literary and scientific streams.

In order to collect the data, the study was based on the study habits scale and the academic procrastination scale after ascertaining their psychometric characteristics. The study's results showed that the level of practice of good study habits by the study sample is low and that the prevalence of academic procrastination is moderate. There is a statistically negative relationship between the study habits and academic procrastination.

The correlation between the study habits and academic procrastination varies between second-year students and third-year secondary students while the correlation between study habits and academic procrastination does not vary significantly between literary and scientific pupils..

Key words: study habits - academic procrastination. The current study aimed at identifying attitudes towards educational leadership, and Level of Academic Ambition, and its relationship between them among primary school teachers in Laghouat. The tools were used its: measure of attitudes toward educational leadership, and A questionnaire of Level of Academic Ambition, and The results of the study found that There are positive attitudes towards the educational leadership of primary education teachers in Laghouat.

And Primary school teachers possess a medium level of Academic Ambition. Two intact third-year English-major groups 40 students participated in the study. Each group consists of 29 girls and 11 boys. The pretest and posttest data were collected through a ten-item discourse completion test. The results revealed that the explicit group significantly improved in the posttest over the pretest, greatly outperforming the implicit group.

Additionally, there is no significant difference between the males and females of the implicit group. However, in the explicit group, gender came out to exert a significant impact on the way male and female participants produced the speech act of complaining.

The present study aims to identify the level of self-efficacy of the PhD L. D students at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences at Ouargla and Ghardaia universities, and to identify the differences according to the gender variable male and female and specialization psychology and sociology. The study found the following results: The respondents have an average level of perceived self-efficacy.

There were no statistically significant differences in the level of perceived self-efficacy between male and female students. There were no statistically significant differences between the level of psychology and sociology students. After applying the study tool, the results showed an average level of satisfaction with Braille, also there were no differences attributed to sex, and the type of visual impairment in level of satisfaction with Braille.

Thus, there are trends of a negative nature for working women towards a quality change in the career. Keywords: directions, working women, quality, quality of life, quality of work life.

This paper aims to provide that learning reading and writing is a complex process that envolves many linguistic orthographic depth , psychologic phonological awareness and didactic teaching method : global or syllabic factors that effect the level and capacities of learners. This is based on the different perspectives of many qualitative research specialists and qualitative research methodologies such as Croswell and Mason.

Abstract: The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of exercise on improving the body of athletic students by comparing them to non-athletic. The researcher used to verify the hypotheses of the study descriptive approach, the sample of the study included 60 students from the University of Batna 2 and from all levels, 30 students from the Institute of Science and Technology of Physical and Sports Activities representing the sample practice and 30 non-practice students from different fields of the University Batna 2 as a non-practice sample.

The researcher used the measure of the concept of the physical self-Mohammed Hassan Allawi as a tool for study and statistical package spss version The researcher has found after analyzing and discussing the results that the exercise of sports activities increase the level of self-esteem in female students atheltic and the existence of a relationship between the ideal self and the actual self in the female students.

This crisis has led the ministry of higher education and scientific research to adopt online-courses. On the other hand, learning has most of the time been associated to inside classroom practices and activities; however, little attention is given to learning outside the classroom in the absence of the teacher.

Thus, this paper attempts to explore the effectiveness of distance learning as an alternative option to cope with this unprecedented situation and to develop learner autonomy.

Two questionnaires were administered to 22 teachers and 72 students at Ahmed Zabana University of Relizane via email and Facebook. The respondents of this research include 10 teachers and 38 EFL students. The aim of this research is to understand the importance of sports recreation activities at the level of Quality of life for practitioners and non practitioners of sports recreation activities years. The descriptive method was adopted because of its suitability to the aim of research.

A sample of persons was chosen practitioners, non-practitioners in province of Tiaret Algeria. The measurement of the quality of life was applied according to the measure of the quality of life for the World Health Organization WHO translated into Arabic by Bashir Ismail Ahmed After processing the results statistically, we obtained the following: The overall degree of the quality of life among practitioners of sports recreation activities was high in comparison with the results of non-practitioners which were medium, and it was obvious that practicing sports recreation activities was positive in raising the level of the quality of life for old people comparing with non-practitioners.

The sample of the present study consists of 16 autistic children were chosen in purposive way, to ensure the effectiveness of the program, the verbal communication skills scale was applied by the researcher to the sample of the study, before and after the application of the proposed program to identify the change in the research group, after the data were collected and analyzed, the findings of the study revealed that the proposed training program were effective on enhancing verbal communication skills on the sample of the study.

This study aimed to determine the dominant patterns of brain dominance among a sample of second-year secondary students, and examining the differences in the degree of each type of brain dominance according to gender and scholar branch.

We used the descriptive approach. The sample reached male and female students from two high schools in Medea in The data were collected using the Arabic version of the brain dominance scale "Herrmann" developed by "Al-Toraihi and Kazem" The results showed that the dominant pattern is the pattern B , followed by pattern C. There are differences between males and females in the patterns of brain dominance: A in favor of males, C in favor of females.

There are differences in the choice of scholar branch by students due to their different patterns of brain dominance. Keywords: The brain dominance patterns; Herrmann's model; choice of scholar branch.

This study aims to find out the extent of sexual violence at the university and what are its most prevalent types among students. University Student, Sexual Violence, Violence.

Our study included 75 small and medium-sized enterprises equivalent to 75 managers of small and medium-sized companies in Tizi-Ouzou, Algeria. For that, we relied on the training needs analysis designed by Kenneth. Field data were subjected to statistical analysis of descriptive and inferential types. The current study aimed to identify the existence of a correlation between electronic addiction and strategies to cope with the stressful daily life events in the adolescent school, as well as to identify the differences in electronic addiction, and strategies to confront the events of daily life stressed according to the sex variable, where the study was applied to a random sample of strength from teenagers who study in some secondary schools in The City of Msila, and was relied on the descriptive method of association, and to verify the hypotheses the researchers used the measure of internet addiction for Ahmed referred to in the study of Al-Hosani , and the measure of the Strategies to counter the stressful daily life of Leonard w.

Drid Dr. Touria, Benguega Souad,. Sentence opening, using different forms to begin a sentence, is beneficial for writers as well as readers.

As a matter of fact, EFL students are not able to vary their sentences in terms of openings; rather they rely on the same sentence starter. The aim of this study is to suggest for teachers a new and practical strategy: Serial Sentence Opening, through which EFL students are taught the different forms of sentence opening to boost their writing production. In the present study, experimental design is selected to examine the impact of teaching different forms of sentence opening on the writing of second year licence EFL students at Kasdi Merbah University, Ouargla.

The findings of this study reveal that using serial sentence opening strategy to teach EFL students the different forms of sentence opening has a positive impact on their writing performance.

This study aimed at identifying the attitudes of students of the College of Education at the Islamic University towards E-learning. The study used the descriptive approach, and the study sample consisted of 97 male and female students from the Faculty of Education at the Islamic University in the Gaza Strip-Palestine. To achieve the goals of the study, the tool of study was used after making sure of its sincerity and consistency, and the scale of attitudes towards E-Learning prepared by the two researchers.

The study aimed to explore the reality of using a cooperative learning strategy by French language teachers in the fifth year of primary school and whether there are differences in their use attributable to the gender and seniority variable and the most important difficulties facing them, and to achieve the purposes of the study a questionnaire consisting of three axes was designed, the indications of which were verified Validity and reliability using the appropriate statistical methods.

It was applied to a randomly selected sample consisting of male and female teachers at the level of 96 schools in the state of Laghouat for the academic year to reveal to us the results of not using the cooperative learning strategy regularly by language teachers. French in the fifth year of primary school because there are many obstacles that prevent this, as the study showed that there are no differences between the sexes in the use of cooperative learning strategy, while there are differences with different seniority.

Scholars argued that emotional intelligence includes everything that is not measured by Intelligence Quotient IQ. Bar-On, developed a test that attempts to assess emotional intelligence called Bar-ON quotient inventory.

This paper sheds light on the importance of Bar-On EQ. Finally, drawing a general conclusion about this tool of emotional intelligence measure.

After its use in EFL classroom, it was, at the beginning, limited to the teaching of oral skill. The near-confinement we face necessarily leads to greater mixing within homes or more isolation of people who live alone.

This has implications for relationships and social ties, Pandemic represents the threat of "each other's war," to borrow the philosopher Thomas Hobbes's formula. It makes our loved ones, our neighbors or our family, potential enemies.

In this regard, the epidemic is destructive to social ties Aldhafri Said, Alalawi Salma,. The current study examined the possibility of predicting study anxiety among Omani university students, through intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation, and learning strategies during the Corona Covid 19 crisis.

The study employed the descriptive approach, and the sample consisted of students from various Omani universities and colleges. Participants responded to three questionnaires related to study anxiety, intrinsic motivation, extrinsic motivation and study strategies memorization, clarification, organization, and work with peers.

The results showed that the students had high levels of study anxiety, extrinsic motivation, and learning strategies, with a low level of intrinsic motivation. The regression model demonstrated the possibility of predicting study anxiety directly through extrinisc motivation, and the learning strategy with peers, and inversely through intrinsic motivation. Maouche Salima,. Algeria is not of any exception since most of its institutions mainly in economy and education are still threatened causing the collapse of years of progress.

However, the sanitary crisis has stimulated innovation within the education sector. Distance learning solutions have been developed as quick responses to the government in order to support the education follow up. The present paper provides a critical analysis of the online education in the Algerian universities during the pandemic crisis. An electronic interview designed to teachers and learners as a research design based on a mixed research methodology was implemented to set the future framework of a successful e-Learning in the Algerian Higher Education.

The results show that Education Continuity through e-learning platforms remains a debatable concern especially during unexpected situations. It causes acute respiratory problems. This virus is highly infectious and can be transmitted by droplets or by close contact. The data were collected from students through a survey distributed by an online questionnaire, assessing personal information four items , COVID knowledge five items , and related behaviors one item , from April until June The samples gathered students who were willing to fill an online questionnaire.

Microsoft Excel was used to present the data. The results showed that the cultural level of the students reflects a large knowledge of this virus, its contagion, its transmission and the methods of prevention. Abstract : This study aims identify the reality of digital e-learning in the Algerian educational system and this is in light of the Covid pandemic highlighting the various directives and stakes expected from this modern education that complements traditional educational, as we finally concluded that the Algerian educational system has initiatives striving to move towards digitalizing the educational sector, especially with the emergence and spread of the Covid pandemic in the current period and the state for educational institution, which is the bet especially on the bet expected from it in the future due to its many gains and outputs, especially on the educational level and skills for learning, which is the educational field.

After analysing the obtained data using SPSS Aissa Nadour, Seghir Messahli,. Hence, this study was conducted on a purposive sample which included teachers males and females. To achieve the goals of the study, a descriptive method was used through distributing questionnaire forms on the participants. The percentage and the chi2 test were adopted to analyze and interpret the results.

The main results that were concluded are: sports activities programs of recreational nature have effective contribution to reducing acute anxiety and stress among teachers, especially in this phase we are going through corona pandemic.

To achieve that, we followed the clinical approach based on a case study. The study has revealed a psychological pension characterized by psychopathological tendencies through an increase in both fear of coronavirus 19 and depression. Arrar Salah,. The descriptive curriculum was used and a sample was chosen consisting of 60 male and female students in the third year of high school at the secondary level of Qadi Muhammad Saida State They were randomly selected and applied to the Boufatah Muhammad Psychological Stress Scale , which includes six axes: parental pressure, school pressure, peer pressure, review pressure, exam pressure and life events stress.

By calculating the statistical analysis of the data, the following results were reached:The presence of a high level of psychological pressure among students coming to the baccalaureate exam, with regard to the scale as a whole. With regard to the dimensions, a low level of psychological stress was found after peer pressure and an average level of parents and school dimension, while the results recorded a high level of psychological stress in the following dimensions: examination pressure, stress of life events, review pressure.

There are no differences in the level of psychological stress among students coming to the baccalaureate exam due to the variable of gender and scientific specialization. In light of these results, a set of suggestions was developed.

Having an exam by the end of the academic year, Bac students, had to adapt to distance education and its vagaries instead of the habitual face-to-face instruction. The present exploratory study investigates how both secondary school SC EFL Teachers and SC FL students have managed to prepare for the Bac exam in the light of the pandemic and distance education as well as the place of critical thinking CT in distance instruction.

For that, in parallel with the literature review, the researcher opted for a qualitative approach using questionnaires as research tools, one addressed to 3rd year SC FL students and another to SC EFL teachers. The findings showed that CT is important to distance teaching but distance instruction has a long way to go in the field of education in Algeria. The study aims to disassemble the role of social and human sciences in the fight against the covid19, by focusing of the psychologies and social impacts as social isolation panic and stress and carelessness.

The depth understanding of covid19 pandemic necessitated multidisciplinary looks of various specialties as medicine, biology, anthropology,psychology, and sociology. Nevertheless the look in psychology is much more accentuating on the discovery of the means of life adaptation with the pandemic, and the propose solution for possible treatment also means of psychological care, and intervention and support to achieve this goal we used the descriptive and analytical method.

Key words : Pandemics, virus coved19, psychologies and social impact. In this context a television channel has been opened up for the benefit of baccalaureate students and students who are about to undergo the basic education certificate examination.

Moreover, a platform has been set up to download lessons for university students. In this context, new concepts have emerged in the field of work, including telecommuting as well as online lessons, but these procedures have to fulfill many requirements, including broadband and training professors to be able to use modern technologies, especially videoconferencing. The aim of the present study is to identify the level of psychological pressuresunder home quarantine among a sample of the Algerian society, and to reveal statistically significant differences, if it exists, in the degree of psychological pressures that are attributed to the variables of sex and age.

To achieve the objectives of the study, the descriptive approach has been used. For the collection of data a questionnaire,consists of 24 items that cover three dimensions psychological, economic, and social ,has been designed. The research sample consists of individuals from the Algerian society. The results reveal that there is an average level of psychological pressures among the sample members and there are no statistically significant differences due sex and agevariables.

The descriptive approach is used. A questionnaire was distributed to a random sample of university professors from different universities of the country with various scientific ranks to investigate their views.

After data collection, the analysis of determinants was conducted using the method of analyzing the main components. Boussafsaf Zoubir,. We selected 31 international studies which met our inclusion criteria from databases of sciences direct, Springer and with scholar Google. Overall, results showed a less severe impact of the pandemic covid19 and the lockdown on mental health.

This study aimed at exploring the level of death anxiety leading to covid 19 via some variables and identify the level of death anxiety caused by this pandemic depending on both sex and age variables.

The study took place in the city of Mascara and its original sample consisted of individuals was chosen randomly. To achieve the objectives of this work,the researcher designed a questionnaire of death anxiety. The data were processed using statistical analysis package SPSS. The study revealed the following results : -There is a high level of death anxiety caused by covid Abstract: This study aims to evaluate the experience of distance learning technology in light of the Covid pandemic according to psychology, education sciences and Orthophonia students point of views at the University of Batna 1.

The sample of this descriptive study consisted of male and female students, the study questionnaire developed by the researchers. Abstract This research aims to test the perspective of Algerian students on distance learning in the era of the pandemic caused by the Coronavirus. It is based on the statistical analysis of a survey by an online questionnaire among 50 students enrolled at the University of Biskra.

The results obtained show that the technical and environmental conditions of the training are not very favorable. They also highlight disparate levels of satisfaction, particularly with regard to the pedagogical quality of teaching and support for teachers, and trace the difficulties encountered by students during training. On the basis of the observations, a few recommendations were recommended which were considered important to improve training.

Boukhentache Slimane,. This study reports the problems and impacts that the English language Master students experienced in writing their dissertations at Mohamed Seddik Ben Yahia University, Jijel amid Coronavirus pandemic and describes how they coped.

A questionnaire was administered to 13 supervisors and 33 Master candidates. The Results indicate that the students faced problems like the decline in mental health and deficiency in telecommunication means, which resulted, for instance, in the tardiness of assignment completion and lower quality end-products. However, the students, teachers, and administration employed successful coping strategies and the students discovered new research techniques such as Google Form questionnaires.

Consequently, this study suggests a better preparation of the Algerian students, teachers, and universities to remote education through information and communication technologies and online skill-training. Abstract: The difficulties of childhood in general, and the disorders of the spectrum of autism in particular, are among the psychological problems that are of great interest to scientists of various specialties, especially since the issues of effectiveness of care are real public health issues These difficulties were accentuated by the circumstances crossed at the beginning of the year by the whole of humanity: the arrival of an unknown virus, the deaths and the forced confinement that follow, cause the interruption of many processes of medical and psychiatric follow-up, thus plunging parents and children into deep disarray.

It is for this reason that we will propose in what will follow a look at the essence of the aid strategies proposed to this segment of the population, and, with the help of a cases study, the effectiveness of these proposals for the children concerned and their families.

This scale assesses fear of covid The CPS consisted of 10 statements; A principal component analysis identified one high loaded factor. Cronbach alpha 0. The reliability test showed that the scale had good internal consistency reliability and Split-Half reliability, and the validity test showed that it had good structure validity, content validity. Doctors have been undergoing exceptional and unexpected conditions, that have negatively impacted both their mental and physical health, because of their constant contact with patients, and overinvestment in their suffering, and compassion on their case, in addition to fear of contagion.

Their priorities, and goals have gotten mixed up in the midst of the commotion, which eventually showed symptoms of compassion fatigue burnout. Through this essay, we aim to suggest some strategies that could pave the way to begin a resilient process to help doctors overcome the pressures they constantly live in, by relying on their sense of self-compassion development. We used the descriptive approach with the application of two measurement tools, namely, the big-five personality traits measure and the stress scale in addition to the statistical treatment linear regression, T test for single sample.

The results of the study demonstrated the predictive power of traits: Agreeableness and Conscientiousness regarding the level of psychological stress, while the three other factors extraversion, Neuroticism and Openness to Experience did not have any predictive power regarding stress level. Abstract:The current Corona virus Covid 19 , since its emergence and spread, has become a hot and venerable topic for study in various scientific fields, which has made many researchers collect it and work on treating it for many purposes, either as to provide scientific knowledge about this virus.

Therefore, this article touches upon a central problem revolves around the social readiness for the Corona virus from a sociological perspective that sometimes touches other scientific branches such as psychology and health, in light of which we worked together to achieve a main goal revolving around knowing the dimensions of this readiness, where a questionnaire was distributed to a sample It consisted of individuals in the city of Skikda, which allowed field results to be reached that indicate the different dimensions of this readiness in terms of interacting with the spread of the virus, increasing knowledge about it from multiple sources and taking preventive measures to confront it.

It also investigates its effects on students, how they can manage it and possible solutions for the post-coronavirus stage.

In other words, this study is diagnostic and predictive, are taken as sample. In accordance with the research aims, a descriptive approach is used in which hundred students from the university of Adrar; situated in Algeria,.

After a careful review of the related literature, an electronic questionnaire was submitted to the participants. The findings indicate that the participants are suffering from stress during the coronaviru COVID crisis, resulting in psychological effects.

In order to face stress; therefore relieve it, the sample has used beneficial strategies among plenty of useful ones.

The study concludes that a university student essentially needs assistance during the coronavirus pandemic crisis, psychological and social support as well as trainings on the use of skills and strategies compatible with crisis management for overcoming stress.

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