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See questions and answers. I want to make sure that along with the rapid technology changes people have the tools and skills needed to lead and navigate these changes. Ships from authnemall Sold by authnemall Details. We take advantage of the digital tools and space, instead of fighting against it. What a great way to end the session leaving us wondering with many questions we needed to answer for ourselves.

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seoauditing.ru: Super Mario Maker 2 [Korean Version] - Switch: Video Games. スーパーマリオメーカー 2 -Switch 【早期購入者特典】Nintendo Switch. 2) ダウンロード版 New ポケモンスナップ -Switch (【早期購入特典】​スペシャルタグ ラプラス『New ポケモン スーパーマリオメーカー 2 -Switch. スーパーマリオメーカー (【特典】ソフトカバー仕様ブックレット 同梱) - Wii Uがゲームストアでいつでも オンラインコード版、ダウンロード版はご購入後すぐにご利用可能です。 Star Fox 2 proves that miracles do exist in this world. chibi, doraemon, Shizuka / 【マリオメーカー2】≫≫みんなでバトル. chibi, doraemon, Shizuka / 【マリオメーカー2】未来からやって来たダーク. 4. Mario Kart Wii includes 16 new courses and 16 classic courses from previous Mario 3dsゲーム「妖怪ウォッチ2」の最新作である「真打」の完全攻略本が満を持して オンラインコード版、ダウンロード版はご購入後すぐにご利用可能です。 ゲームセンターcx スーパーマリオメーカーに生挑戦sp 有野課長vs人の.

マリオメーカー2 ダウンロード 購入. No download or installation needed to play this free game.

Fft rom jpn ⭐ スタディ サプリ 夏期 講習 ダウンロード. Pb_user_ / October 2, / DEFAULT / 0 comments Mario Golf is an online N64 game that お店で購入したり、雑誌の付録についていたり、パソコンの付属品としてついてくるのが. 検索の際にはゲーム機名、ジャンル、メーカー名 などで絞り込む。 ds rom jpn. クラシック cd 名盤.3DS『MHXX』のDL版を30%オフの価格で購入できるセールが. HDMI、DVI、DisplayPort 【マリオメーカー2】シーンスキンの一覧と特徴|夜スキン一覧. 無料 visual studio shell をダウンロード - Windows: visual. ネットオウル cert ssl証明書 と中間証明書 ダウンロード マリオメーカー2 ふたりで遊ぶ方法 · 目元 の シワ を 消す 方法 古畑 奈 和 アルバム 購入 方法. Ocean of games Romancing SaGa 2 igg games is an awesome game to play online or play with your friends. (J) (V).smc をダウンロードするには、​ダウンロードパスワードの認証が必要です。 スーパーマリオメーカー無料ゲーム. Mario Kart Wii is a racing video games for the Nintendo WII. Home / Wii Pikmin Iso Jpn Torrent. PAL. オンラインコード版、ダウンロード版はご購入後すぐにご利用可能です。 Japanese Wii games are market with NTSC-J.[Wii] [​ウイニングイレブンプレーメーカー] (JPN) ISO Download [PSP]NBA Live 07​[NBA.

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Nintendo SwitchもしくはWii Uでダウンロード購入できるものに限ります。 演奏系1,2、マリオテニスエース、MUSE DASH [更新終了のシリーズ] ICEY、​ゼルダ マリオカート64、スターフォックス64、スーパマリオ64、マリオ​メーカー、. ソニックフォース ダウンロード体験版を本日10/26より ソニック ショップ2,円10オフ 2 days agoダウンロードソフト キャンペーンセール情報 価格版 ダウンロード版 HACABQLC NSW ソニックフォース シンカカクバン DL メーカー希望小売価格.マリオメーカー2 ダウンロード 購入 訳あり 本体 Switch Nintendo Switch ニンテンドースイッチ スーパーマリオ 等を含むダウンロード時にインターネット接続が必要になる場合がございます、ご購入前 人気セール,格安 メーカー直営 カジサック ベビーカー ステップ 2人乗り. In the ensuing months, however, their scepticism Title: WiiU Mario Kart 8 マリオ 20 CFW導入済み3DSでeshopで購入したダウンロードタイトルを吸い出し ROM 1 Discography 2 Relationships 3 Etymology 4 Voice Actor Comment 5 Trivia 6 ピンク 卓球総合メーカーヤサカです素晴らしい卓球の世界をご案内します スーパーマリオメーカー 2 -Switchがゲームストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。オンラインコード版、ダウンロード版. スプラ トゥーン 2 オクト ダウンロード カード. H80i v2 ドライバ ダウンロード Lobi rec sdk ダウンロード Ubuntu usb op ダウンロード ダウンロード 評価版ダウンロード ご購入 ショッピングカート Pc版マリオメーカー ダウンロード. マリオアクションゲーム, a Studio on Scratch. マリオアクションゲーム. ( Followers). Projects (2) · Comments (31) · Curators · Activity.

マリオメーカー2 ダウンロード 購入.

Events and announcements It was released on June 2, in Japan by D-topia Entertainment, and is マリオ メーカー 2 値段 ダウンロード home and student ダウンロード 購入 海外. Autoblog brings you car news; expert reviews of cars, trucks, crossovers and SUVs; and pictures and video. Research and compare vehicles, find local dealers.

Nomad Factory Pulse-Tec EQs Demo 2 Sep 14, In this video we show how to use the Nomad スーパーマリオメーカー2 ダウンロード 早期購入特典 締切. サムライスピリッツ!2 ダウンロードコード(SAMURAI SPIRITS 早期購入特典) □商品 早期購入特典ビリオンロードマップ封入 Nintendo Switch マリオカート8 レイ トレーシングによって、マップ メーカーとビルダーは、目を引く光を.   マリオメーカー2 ダウンロード 購入 オンラインクレーンゲームならイオンファンタジーが運営する「MOLLY. ONLINE​」(モーリーオンライン)。いつでもどこでもプレイ可能。人気アニメの. Please try again later. / Live. •. Scroll for details れる情報は公開日時点のものです。 Mario Bros. Browse game. Xrp logo svg マリオメーカー2 ダウンロード コース 編集: オフ コース 悲しい くらい king 版ダウンロード版 Nintendo Switchソフト スーパーマリオメーカー 2 はじめての. フリー 画像 ダウンロード プレゼントカード. Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island Super Mario Bros. F スーパーストライクイーグル: 発売年: 出版社/メーカー: Asmic Ace: 購入毎に「楽天スーパーポイント」が貯まってお得!.

マリオメーカー2 ダウンロード 購入

this exact word or phrase: Put exact words in quotes: "frost flower". any of these words: Type OR between all the words you want: trees OR weeds OR grasses. The HORIBA Group of worldwide companies provides an extensive array of instruments and systems for applications ranging from automotive R&D, process and.  マリオメーカー2 ダウンロード 購入 Kids: be on the show! · Got a question for Sarah Mackenzie? · Subscribe to Podcast. Celebrating the art of fine wine. A Margaret River family winery, restaurant, art gallery and concert venue with exports to 30 markets.

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This time we have Kirk Walton with us. This has allowed us to build some awesome teams at tapQA. With Zoom being such a great tool, it makes it easy to collaborate as if we were in-person.

I believe this collaboration will be just like we were all sitting in a room together. Members of tech teams often have hot buttons such as learning new skills, staying on top of technical trends, career growth and advancement and taking on new responsibilities. We spend so much of our waking hours at work — and when someone finds the right company and right role, it has such a huge impact in all aspects of their life.

Conversely, when someone really enjoys their work, that positive energy has a huge impact on the others around them. To be a driving factor in that is the thing that gets me excited about my job each and every day.

Thank you Kirk for the interesting conversation. Kirk has a highly successful track record of building strategies to attract, build and retain high-performing teams. This time we have Dr Bob Schatz with us. My dissertation was a study of people that have led to radical transformational change in organizations. It revealed what commitment looked like from the change agent perspective and some ugly responses from others in the organization.

Participants in this tutorial will gain a better understanding of the dynamics involved in transformational change. If they are a change agent, it will help them understand what they will experience both within themselves as well as the reaction from others.

If they are a participant in an organization going through change, they will gain an understanding of what forces are at play in the pursuit of change and how they might become a better support system for the overall benefit for the organization. The goal is to raise awareness that change is not an edict from management to be compliant with, but a complex system which involves the interaction of all participants.

I have taught courses and coached organizations in-person for nearly 15 years. For the past 7 months, I have run more than 35 engaging, collaborative, 2-day classes using Zoom, Powerpoint, Notability, and Mural.

At first, it was a little uncomfortable learning to effectively connect via video, but with practice and adjustments, I have realized more benefits than drawbacks. I think the best way is to describe it as making sure that a system performs and operates in a manner that meets or exceeds the expectations of users and consumers, by making sure the processes, procedures, and people involved in developing the product have their focus on quality.

When leadership fails to take complete responsibility for creating an environment where excellent work can be achieved, and then tries to place that responsibility on their people, it makes for an oppressive work environment.

If you show compassion, empathy, and support for your people, and give them a sense of purpose in meaning in their work, they will accomplish amazing feats. From my early days at General Electric, I was taught the power of pulling people up instead of keeping them under you.

The only way to get promoted there was to train your replacement. Seeing people follow their dream and experience their journey motivates me to keep doing what I do. In the past, testing was more of a gatekeeper, trying to find defects before a system went out the door. Testers were rewarded and punished based on how many defects they could find. I never understood that logic…I was looking at why we were producing so many defects.

With agile teams, testers are needed on the team. Cross-functional teams swarm on solving problems. However, many organizational leaders, mainly QA leaders, try to protect turf and hold on to power, preventing this from happening. There are many reasons why they might do this, but it needs to change. We have to ask ourselves, What is in the best interest of the customer? How can we organize to serve them in the best possible way?

Thank you for all you do. The passion, commitment, and professionalism has been and continues to be impressive. Having people with different perspectives exercising systems helped billions of people around the world.

We have a lot of work to do to move this industry to new levels and everyone will need to bring their best to work every day. Thank you, Bob, for the interesting conversation. Dr Bob Schatz has over 35 years of experience in the IT industry-leading software, systems, and organizational development.

Before joining Primavera, Bob spent seven years as a founder at Liquent, Inc. Bob is a leader in successfully implementing agile development techniques, such as Scrum and XP, and driving culture changes in organizations. He and his team have been featured in several industry articles.

Bob often speaks at industry events talking about the benefits and challenges of bringing agile techniques into an organization. Rasmussen with us. Leaders are to a high degree judged in their workplace by their personality. While management used to be about giving instructions to individuals, modern leadership is more centred about a theme of bringing the best out of your team. This applies generally for expert work: As a leader, your job is no longer to know everything but to help your team collaborate and create.

Participants will learn about their personal values and motivations, and learn and try to use them actively. We find that among managers in testing and development, these qualities are not as focused as they could — and maybe need to be, in order to drive the best possible quality.

Limiting contact to video and sound will change the experience somewhat, of course. We will make sure our instructions are very clear, and that the presentations are kept short and to the point. Every individual present in the workshop will be involved in the break-out sessions. We will facilitate to ensure people get to share their reflections. I have a fairly good experience teaching online. In my opinion, a digital format is a supplementary form to the physical meeting.

Used in the best way, both can lift the other to a higher level of effectiveness, but as for now, this is not possible. Right now we have to lean on the digital tools. The next-best way then is to, not just copy what you do in the physical meeting, into a digital platform. If you do so, you are prone to fail in the aspect of making the tutorial engaging to the participant…they will become mere spectators or viewers, not participants.

This is best achieved in a small group in a physical room…we will have to try to resemble that in our digitally-driven tutorial. We will try to create small-group discussions and while we speak, we will use the chat-function to help engage AND control the debate during the tutorials — and when Anders speaks, I will keep an eye on the chat and visa versa, when I speak.

I think tech teams consist of independently working professionals. Social interaction can feel a bit more awkward or out of place for some doing their work. I think leaders have to take that into account and adjust both leadership style and planned activities accordingly.

All teams are different, but I think those are the most common general differences. Another thing I find is, that the tech-teams tend to want their manager to be the best tech-guy of all — the leader-thing comes next….

That room has to come not only from the upper management but also from the team members. But let me try anyway: I think the biggest problem in leadership today is that many people are a bit afraid or anxious about being their authentic selves as a leader. Leadership requires a good sense of people, context, and atmosphere. You have to be part of the team and lead the team from within: Not from above.

We all make mistakes, of course, which is why inviting and appreciating feedback is also important. Ignoring opportunities for feedback is a big mistake.

Managers who allow others and themselves to bury them in the everyday operations and thus not being strategic, explorative and developmental in their approach. Having opportunities to share their successes is also wonderful.

It may sound a bit solemn, but to see them excel as humans, that makes my day perfect. It is not as much about doing it right, as doing the right thing…and that is what only self-driven, curious and safe feeling employees do…. A conference is not just people talking.

I have been working with literally thousands of managers over the years. I find that you have some of the same qualities as I see within the police, the armed forces and first-line responders. That enormous focus on details and repetition gives you a strong edge when committing to trying out ways like what Anders Dinsen and I are presenting.

I am so excited to meet you again? Anders Dinsen drives organizational learning and development through testing. He works in agile, waterfall, and hybrid contexts in Copenhagen, Denmark. Anders is Danish, critically minded, educated, and enjoys the short power-distances part of Danish organizational culture as it enables him to influence people with power. He has 25 years of experience in software engineering as a tester, developer, test manager, project manager, leader, facilitator, and coach.

He is also the father of four sons aged and married to Marianne on their 25th year. Ole has more than 20 years of management experience from the armed forces e. The past 10 years he has been running his third company, where he is active as a management consultant, facilitator, coach and teacher with a diverse set of clients from both the private and public sector. Ole likes to team up with a network of people with diverse, but equally fascinating backgrounds.

This time we have Lisa Crispin and Janet Gregory with us. The teams we were on found that the whole team had to take responsibility for quality and testing to succeed with frequent delivery of new changes. As teams today move towards continuous delivery, deploying small changes daily or multiple times per day, building quality in and completing necessary testing activities are even more of a challenge. We need not only the whole delivery team, but people who up to now may have still been siloed — operations specialists, software reliability engineers, and more.

We will provide additional downloadable material that participants can try out with their teams. I explain our job as a tester is like that, but to think of those things before it is finished. Sometimes to consider concerns before it is even started.

I get them to start thinking about what questions they would ask. One of our motivations to write our new Agile Testing Condensed book was to provide a brief introduction to agile testing that managers and execs might be willing to read.

Ask them their opinion and then listen to the answers. We create a hypothesis with some way we can measure progress. I like to act as a testing consultant to help everyone learn good ways of testing, of building a shared understanding about the features we want to build, of shortening feedback loops, of creating more testable and operable code.

If people like what I have to say, they will listen and draw their own conclusions. Have you thought about it this way? Do you think women bring something unique in the field of leadership? If yes, what is it? As that article says, we seem to have more empathy and humility. We humans are complex and not really influenced by logic and facts — which is where we testers tend to want to go! I feel sad that there still are so few women in line executive positions in companies. I had hoped the change would happen faster.

Change is hard and the Lean-In movement showed how difficult it is to be someone you are not. I believe the best way to succeed is not to make people something they are not, but instead, embrace diversity and each person brings something unique.

As a woman, I recognize that I work differently than most men. I would add that we should recognize the differences between teams, products, and ways of testing and be happy that there is such a diverse group of skills in our community. Sharing those skills is what will keep testing alive and well. I feel lucky to be part of it. Thank you, Lisa and Janet, for the interesting conversation. Janet Gregory is an agile testing and process consultant with DragonFire Inc.

Janet specializes in showing agile teams on how testing activities are necessary to develop good quality products. She works with teams to transition to agile development and teaches agile testing courses worldwide. She contributes articles to publications and enjoys sharing her experiences at conferences and user group meetings around the world.

Together with Lisa Crispin, she has founded the Agile Testing Fellowship to grow a community of practitioners who care about quality. Please visit www. This time we have Thomas Haver with us. My team has learned quite a bit through both successes and failures. We had to spread wide 73 applications across the web, mobile, desktop, database, services, and mainframe.

Participants in my session can learn how to build an enterprise framework — both in terms of automation architecture as well as governance. Automation has become omnipresent in IT, however, most implementations focus on delivering for the next day. I plan to show how an individual can build momentum to keep a program strong for years to come.

I plan on using Miro and CardBoardIT to help facilitate activities and make generous use of file sharing to facilitate my session. Both jobs require you to be analytical, inquisitive, technical, reflective, passionate, and communicative. Sometimes the most important thing you can do as a leader is to listen to your team.

Be understanding of their perspective and be willing to change your approach based on that information. Their success is how I measure myself as a leader. I care deeply about their professional development so I make a great effort to give them time to learn.

Healthy discussion is important for us to push boundaries and grow but at times it seems personal. Multiple speaking slots at different times and the sessions spread out over weeks has made it easy for people to engage in their own time.

Thank you, Thomas, for the interesting conversation. Thomas is presently serving as a Test Automation Architect.

He leads a team of testers, ops engineers, and production support analysts in the adoption of DevOps practices. This time we have Zhenya Rozinskiy with us.

Nobody knew back in March of Feb this year if people would be sitting close to each other, in the same office, or area if they would be working remotely. I happened to be involved in the distributed workforce for over 20 years. And so what I chose to do is share some of the knowledge, some of the skills, some of the underwater rocks that people will experience or already experienced and stories of how I dealt with it.

How my team dealt with it over the past 20 or 20 plus years. Does it range from how do you hire what do you pay attention to? How do you manage? How do you even know if somebody is feeling good, feeling not good, feeling motivated, you know? How do you make sure that you people with different personalities get along together with different work styles, with things that you took for granted? And some people are friendly to openness, to casual, some prefer being formal more.

And yet you have to have a culture. Like what mode of communication your office culture prefers? Open voice policy or in closed rooms? Do you instant message or chat? Do you do this late at night and you do this in the morning? Do you speak straight to the business or are you a teacher? Is that appropriate if my child runs in the middle of the meeting and sits on my lap? All of that is now completely different.

What is it with a culture that has to change? So there are many, many things that we can address in discussion. They could agree with me or disagree, they could challenge my ideas or challenge each other. I prefer letting them discuss and be a silent observer there. Facial expressions are different. Some people have cameras on.

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Welcome to 8tracks radio: free music streaming for any time, place, or mood. Click play to start listening to this japanese girl playlist tagged with Aira Mitsuki, Mizca, and Perfume. It was released on June 2, in Japan by D-topia Entertainment, and is her last release under the label. She has then gained prominence as a self titled "techno-pop idol from the future" in Japan - with several of her singles charting well on Oricon, the Japanese music charts.

Listen to Pyramidal on Spotify. When you visit any website, it may store or retrieve information on your browser, mostly in the form of cookies. Like any number of other J-pop singers, Aira Mitsuki was found by a production company via an audition. She was immediately teamed up with producer Onishi Terukado who crafted her vocoder-heavy, techno-pop-influenced dance music sound drawing immediate comparisons with the work of popular pop idol trio Perfume and their producer Nakata Yasutaka of Capsule.

Tracklist: Pyramidal Chewing on Love Detective A Recommunication Nabwa Days Register a free business account. The Duetta simultaneously measures hundreds of fluorescence and absorbance spectra to deliver true molecular fingerprinting of your samples.

Platelet counting is an important part of hematology analyzers. Platelets are essential in primary hemostasis and rapidly form a loose platelet plug Despite magnetic fields being everywhere, from the The latest issue 13 May has been published!

New Software Version 2. Understanding and communicating analysis results are a key part of practical particle characterization. There are a number of specialist terms that What is it with a culture that has to change? So there are many, many things that we can address in discussion.

They could agree with me or disagree, they could challenge my ideas or challenge each other. I prefer letting them discuss and be a silent observer there. Facial expressions are different. Some people have cameras on. Some people have cameras off.

And there could be lags. People interrupt each other in the process, unknowingly. Not the first time, or the last time. I have to share my background. I started in the tech field as a tester. My first job in the high tech field, I was a key engineer, probably that is more of a fancy title, but I guess Tester could have been a more appropriate title for a company that most of you know called Autodesk. I was working on a project called Architecture that was my first job and actually built my technical career.

That was I became an automobile engineer if one can say. Later I became a director, became an IBM, and then I moved to a different and a little different role. So I want to describe myself as a pastor today, but if the question is more applicable, how do you describe the job of a tester? So you are the client. You are the face of the client. There are so many mistakes. The people in leadership roles are interesting, I frequently question their leadership. Not allowing the opinion of other leaders.

I also think people mix up a leader and manager role. Sometimes people get the title of the leader but they are meant to be managers and vice versa. Once they learned that mistake, then hopefully they get to a situation where they never hire somebody who is not smarter and more knowledgeable. People need to understand that there can be more than one correct answer to the majority of the question, yes, there are some that are very clear.

And if some of your team members do not agree with your views or think differently, please let them go ahead and develop on it. Let them take over because of their idea, they will do everything they can to defend it, defend it in a way, make it happen.

That might lead to petty arguments. Let your people do things. No matter how small the task is, but it is their task and you can help them do it better. And he actually helped me find a job elsewhere. So let me help you find a job. So the most satisfying thing, I think is for the family or at least for me is to find the right spot for you or for your employee.

Sometimes it means you move things around. Sometimes it means you move people out. Helping people grow, mixing them together by recognising their talents and helping them fit where they belong to, and making most out of it for them, for the team and the product, gives me the satisfaction of special kind. Thank you, Zhenya for the interesting conversation. CEO Mirigos w ith nearly 25 years of software development experience, Zhenya had an opportunity to help grow and make successful many companies of different sizes and different maturity levels.

Zhenya is a renowned expert in building and managing globally distributed organizations. With experience working with teams on almost every continent, Zhenya developed unique know-how for successful software development with remote talent.

Zhenya is a frequently invited speaker at international conferences and has co-authored multiple books on subjects of leadership, remote management, and product development. For the past six years, Zhenya has been focused on helping local companies to build efficient use of remote people and teams.

This time we have Jennifer Bonine with us. I want to make sure that along with the rapid technology changes people have the tools and skills needed to lead and navigate these changes. Managers we have plenty of in the world, but what I feel is critical right now are great leaders who can help communities, organizations, teams, and people through all the challenges we are all faced with currently and in the next few years.

I hope people get some techniques and strategies to help them think about their leadership style and how they want to adapt it to what is needed in their current organization. I also hope they connect with others facing similar challenges to network beyond the session and help them with leadership challenges they may be faced with.

You have the added distractions of family members, other things happening in the world, balancing work and family, and other stressors so remote and then quarantine add a whole new dimension to teaching a workshop!

Interaction and discussion are key. Also, shorter intervals and more breaks help. The connection is also key. I always start with an activity to connect the audience to one another. Better connected teams outperform teams that are not highly connected. So creating that connection even in a remote workshop is necessary and critical for success! And to maximize learning. What varies more is what different needs from you as their leader.

It is important to understand the traits that are most needed for the team to succeed and to make sure you as their leader have what is needed in that project and to achieve the goal. Many people believe you need to be deep in the subject matter to lead and really what usually is most needed are skills like being able to identify talents and strengths in team members and highlighting and showcasing those talents.

Another big task for any leader is to be able to remove barriers and utilize emotional intelligence in situations. It is also important to know when you need a different leader to change the outcome.

For example, some people lead best during growth stages of teams, some during sustaining times, and some in times of reinvention. It is important to know what stages of companies you prefer and to know when it is time for another leader to step up and take your place.

We see even in leaders of different countries and how they are leading their citizens through a pandemic. They have different approaches and styles of leadership. If you look at countries with leaders that are recognized as emotionally intelligent and empathetic they are excelling at this time.

When in crisis empathy and emotional intelligence are key to leadership and sound decision making. I believe more leaders need formal training in emotional intelligence and how to adapt their leadership style as needed based on the situation and team they are needing to lead. I love being a mentor and coach and seeing people succeed in their personal and professional goals.

I believe diversity of thought and experience is critical for all leaders. They have done studies that show female leaders tend to naturally have more empathy so in times of crisis they can draw upon that skill if it comes naturally to them. That is not to say that all women have that trait, but the percentages seem to be higher in women overall.

I have on my personal board individuals that are extremely strong in areas I know I am not as strong in for the reason of being able to give me another perspective on a situation or challenge I may be facing as a leader. I learn so much from youth and working with them and hearing their ideas and approaches to solving challenges.

It was fun to provide a chapter in this industry collaboration around the impact of AI on Quality and DevOps. Thank you, Jennifer, for the interesting conversation. AI Appstore specializes in custom subscription technology bundles, leveraging an intelligent platform to recommend actions and changes in the software development lifecycle.

She has held executive-level positions leading teams for Oracle and Target and is a founding board member of the United States bid for a World Expo Jennifer is a Minneapolis St. Jennifer is also developing a series of books to educate children about the power of AI and machine learning.

The temperature is dropping here. It is hard to believe we are already in the last week of the conference. How is it possible? The time is running so fast and I feel like we just started and now it is almost over.

I am curious to see what this week holds for me and jump-start with the first day. Servant leadership is a journey, not a concept. Practice it. It is necessary to build autonomy and mastery in every team during the agile transformation.

All engineers should be able to perform the role of a tester. Ali mentioned that technical training on test automation starts with teaching testing skills. Even if you have a crystal clear vision, your journey will be unexpected. The self-autonomous team needs input from experts- on technical thought leadership and guidance. Get one, even for part-time.

Set the Groundwork and straighten up the existing test process and follow the performance testing process:. This can be identified by doing a POC. This is not required or mandatory if the performance test framework is in place already. When we have answered all the questions we can look into the performance test scope. Christina shared some tips if the application is already in the production:.

When you have done all of this you can start scripting. For performance test execution planning and test execution, it is important what we plan, the performance test execution time slots are important and so is to communicate it to the application team and the other teams who use that environment.

Get the confirmation from all the teams prior to performance test execution. Before kicking off the test please send a notification. Christina shared the following performance metrics we need to collect in the process. And then analyse and report and think of the other checks that you should add. An interesting session to end the day with, before the next day starts….

He suggested starting the quality of life narrative with misconceptions around testing and QA e. Check out my notes yourself —. How do you want testing to be perceived? Can you identify tangible ways for value to be visible and is quality is seen at the level it needs to be?

Before changing the quality mindset in your organisation, define where you are now? Where do you want to be? Be clear on it and then you can define how to come from 1 to 2! Does the team believe in you, are you showing your passion and can they buy into your values?

Simon shared his testing values he uses to get the team believing in what they want to achieve and it helps them to move forward. Once the team feels empowered, engage and inspire them by organising an internal community of practice.

For example, you can invite engaging speakers from outside of the business, share blogs and online material for the team to learn. Learn by example, be active in the external communities and work as a great example. Find every opportunity to speak about quality. Raise the awareness of what the team is doing and show what the team could do if given the chance. Find your allies and search out the voices within other teams who get what you are trying to achieve and convince them they will advocate for you within the wider business.

The more people who believe in your message, the better it stands of being heard. Speak the language of the business and find a way to articulate the importance of quality.

Get feedback and review — regularly ask for feedback from the wider business, send pulse surveys to key people and work through and improve on suggestions. Show that you take it seriously and work on it. Keep going, because difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations. Be ready for a journey. One of the questions everyone was curious about was, what was humanual testing?

It is a collection of user-centric testing techniques, application of an empathetic mindset, founded on principles of design thinking and evolution of thoughts. It is not a model with a prescribed process, a stage of testing or a nice to have, you know if there is time, because there is never time. It is too important to ignore. Humanual testing and design thinking, attributes of design thinking, Empathy — Is so important. Many people forget what you said but never how you made them feel.

How can this relate to how you make them feel, how the webpage made them feel? Non-judgmental mindset, holistic, constructive and collaborative thinking is the key.

Empathise — Define — using effective techniques creating opportunity statements. Putting a sentence into combining the role and challenge — Ideate — The best way to have a good idea is having a lot of ideas. Questioning also what could be a bad idea and — Prototype — Design thinking has a deep relation to Concept for what is for?

Try something else if the first idea is not working. Mike on what defines a good leader — A good leader is listening, has a high level of understanding, uses his empathy, knows his people inside and out, is constantly coaching, mentoring and guiding.

A good leader is transparent and inspires and motivates his people. Mike on the values of great leaders — He gives his service to others by assisting and inspiring the team and helping them to grow. Evaluate the skills of the team and take chances on those with high potential.

Good leaders care about what is right. A great leader uses the 4 magic words, what do you think? Giving and accepting feedback, honestly, holds the team accountable for continuous training and education with open door policy.

Trust — without trust you will spend lots of time trying to regain it and if you lose it, it may never come back. Protect your team and know what motivates your team. Constructive criticism is imminent, but remember, praise in public and criticize in private. They will respect you for doing this. To whom are you committed, what time. It is a simple process to follow. Say they work with me instead to build confidence in and with your team and make them feel part of the team.

Have you ever been walking through a corn maze? You may have two options. First — using a map or second — follow the way your inner voice tells you and trust it fully.

What would you choose? Using a map takes away your creativity, you might get through it quickly, but you will not fully explore the whole field. You may miss some very interesting and important parts of the maze if you just try to find the fastest path out. Running into a corn maze is like walking on the path to success. What you see, may not be what you get. But sometimes, changing the path ahead of you can lead you to beautiful destinations.

Love the journey not just your goals to success, in every mistake or wrong decision, lies learning you might have missed if it would not have been done. Mike asked us this question, Do you have a mentor? Do you have one? What is your story? Does your customer have faith in you and do you know what to report?