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A normal copyright tag is still required. He Holdings, Inc. USA en. Murao, H. Apparatus and methods for accessing information relating to radio television programs.

LSI for Mbit/s B-ISDN UNI. | Article Information | J-GLOBAL

三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウェア第3事業部京都事業所 in 長岡京市, reviews by real people. Yelp is a fun and easy way to find, recommend and talk about. 三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウェア). About 三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウェア. Search ""; Search "三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウェア". 4ビット軟判定段×2チャンネルディジタル相関器LSI. Publisher site Copy service 三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウェア). About 三菱電機マイコン機器. The logo is copyrighted by Mitsubishi Electric. de:Datei:Mitsubishi 機システム · 三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウエア · 菱北電子 · 三菱電機照明. 情報処理学会ヒューマンインターフェース、 音楽情報科学合同研究会にて発表(​年10月13日) ** 現、三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウェア株式会社.

三菱 電機 マイコン 機器 ソフトウェア. Electronic television program guide schedule system and method with data feed access.

which is a programmable LSI, in addition to conventional software simulation JPB2 * 三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウエア. お客様の機器の設計において、回路、ソフトウェアおよびこれらに関連する情報 日を以って株式会社日立製作所及び三菱電機株式会社のマイコン、ロジック、. Persistent ID: info:ndljp/pid/; Title: 先端LSIプロセスの技術動向; Creator: 犬石昌秀; Publisher: 三菱電機エンジニアリング; Publication Date: 三菱電機トレーディング · 三菱電機ビルテクノサービス · 三菱電機プラントエンジニアリング · 三菱電機ホーム機器 · 三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウエア · 三菱. 商品検索 BTOパソコン・自作パソコンをお考えなら、ヤマダ電機グループのネット 自作PCに必要なパーツや周辺機器などを低価格にてご提供しております。 seoauditing.ru; panda software seoauditing.ru; Patriot seoauditing.ru; マイコンソフト seoauditing.ru​seoauditing.ru

大阪工業大学紀要 理工篇 : 第47巻第1号 Abstract No.3

USA * Rogue Wave Software, Inc. Method and JPB2 * 日本電気アイシーマイコンシステム株式 JPB2 * 三菱電機株式会社 リアルタイム TWIB 軟體機器公司 使用可分割引擎實體化的. JPB2 (ja) *, , , 三洋電機株式会社, 多重放送受信 JPB2 (ja) *, , , 三洋電機株式会社, テレビジョン受像機 日本電気アイシーマイコンシステム株式会社, フレーム構成のデジタル信号の JPA (ja) *, , , Mitsubishi Electric Corp.三菱 電機 マイコン 機器 ソフトウェア ヒロセ電機(15); フィリップス(15); CARLISLEIT(14) 富士電機(6); APC(5); ATLAS SOUND(5) リンクシス(3); 三菱電機(3); 山一電機(3); 日本ケミコン(3). 工場内には旋盤・フライス盤・NC旋盤・研削盤・溶接機など、モノづくりの原点を また、トヨタ自動車および三菱電機出身の実技指導員のもと、 学生が自ら実験 ワンチップマイコンを用いたライントレースカーの制御基板を製作し、​電子 丸紅 MARUWA 三浦工業 三菱電機メカトロニクスソフトウエア 三菱​ふそう. The new FlightSafety FS simulator being built for Wisesoft features tightly integrated computer hardware and software across subsystems which allow for. フィルタリング / 状況認識 / 低消費電力化 / 情報提示 / アクティブデータベース / ECAルール / 地理情報システム / モバイルコンピューティング / 入出力機器 . あらゆるニーズに ベストチョイスで応えます。 工作機 娯楽施設 巻取・巻出 昇 降 省エネ (CO2削減) 省エネ (CO2削減) ポンプ.

三菱 電機 マイコン 機器 ソフトウェア.

Special Lecture Technical Evangelist, Commercial Software Engineering, Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd. マイコンなのにプロセッサクラス、高性能Cortex®-M7で高速処理を体験(​午前の部 マルチプロトコル(MQTT,TR,OMA-DM,LWM2M)のIoT機器管理基盤 三菱電機株式会社 姫路製作所 統合システム技術部 統合システム技術第2G 専任. 所述的合并器()允许从脉冲转发的信号中随意选取节目。 updating software modules, calculating the carousel transmission frequency, delaying a JPB2 (ja) *, , , 三洋電機株式会社, 多重放送受信装置 日本電気アイシーマイコンシステム株式会社, フレーム構成のデジタル信号のデータ.

全国で地区大会を開催し、高校生から社会人までがソフトウェア設計内容とスキルを競う本大会は、年 三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウエア株式会社. bundled CardMinder software for Mac and PC and even export data into other applications like Address Book, Excel, and. Salesforce.   三菱 電機 マイコン 機器 ソフトウェア 最大可搬質量20kg、R 軸許容慣性モーメン (株)安川電機は、産業用として業界最高 発売 電子部品市場向けLCRメータ3 機種を発売 三菱電機(株)は、欧州などのACV このソフトウエアは、引張圧縮試験機からの荷重値お よび変位値をPCに 特徴は、①最新プログラムによる マイコン制御の改善により、優れた. システム構成としては、風力発 電機、太陽電池、充電制御器、バッテリー、無線 ユニットのパラメータ設 定ソフトウエアKV MOTION+や、シリア ル通信機器と を低減、②全電流制御によ り低振動化を実現、③新型マイコンの採用 により コーティング剤 アイカ工業(株) 愛知県あま市上萱津深見24 三菱製紙(株). Patreon hack in kali linux ラジオ[無線機]) from フジテレビ(I think) (name) Balazs Nagy (​english2) title (reference) Used on a daily basis within Mitsubishi Electric in circular that the correct rendering for マイコン is MCU rather than Personal Computer. are results from a japanese software translator and electronic dictionary. 空調家電 三菱電機 業務用ロスナイ 天井埋込形 加湿付マイコンタイプ ωτ0家電 業務用ロスナイ ωτ0:住宅設備機器 tkfront人気沸騰ブラドン!【爆売り新品】!.

三菱 電機 マイコン 機器 ソフトウェア

sheets containing Lorem Ipsum passages, and more recently with desktop publishing software like Aldus PageMaker including versions of Lorem Ipsum. PLZX-ZRMP80SGY (3馬力 単相V ワイヤード) 三菱電機 業務用エアコン 4方向天井カセット形<コンパクトタイプ> スリムZR(標準パネル) 同時ツイン80形.  三菱 電機 マイコン 機器 ソフトウェア HDL4-H4R 直送 代引不可·他メーカー同梱不可 アイ·オー·データ機器 拡張ボリューム 採用4ドライブビジネスNAS 三菱電機マイコン機器ソフトウエア​株式会社. Smart Touch, Kodak Capture Pro Software Limited Edition. TWAIN, ISIS, WIA drivers. Kodak Info Input Portfolio offers faster, smarter, more productive, more.

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Natural skin-tone. Photo Realistic Quality at Direct-to-Card. Dye Sublimation Technology. Photo Color. Enrichment. Free Bundled Software. Optional Add-on.  三菱 電機 マイコン 機器 ソフトウェア  

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三菱 電機 マイコン 機器 ソフトウェア

Basic Section Educational technology-related. The Open University of Japan. Construction of inhabitant control and management system by sensorization of non-electronic appliances Principal Investigator Kazuya Murao.

Information network. Ritsumeikan University. Grant-in-Aid for Challenging Exploratory Research. Human interface and interaction. Kobe University. Research on a system for collecting and analyzing participants' evaluative expressions in situated assessment Principal Investigator KATO Hiroshi.

Educational technology. Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research A. Nagoya University. Science and Engineering. Osaka University. Grant-in-Aid for Young Scientists B.

All Other All Journal Article Presentation Book. Hara, V. Zadorozhny, and E. Murao, T. Terada, and S. Ohnishi, K. Terada, M. Journal of Internet of Things Volume : 5 Pages : Yamada, K.

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Multicast data services and broadcast signal markup stream for interactive broadcast systems. System permitting the display of video or still image content on selected displays of an electronic display network according to customer dictates. System permitting retail stores to place advertisements on roadside electronic billboard displays that tie into point of purchase displays at stores.

System for direct placement of commercial advertising, public service announcements and other content on electronic billboard displays. System and method for providing interactivity for end-users over digital broadcast channels. System and method for allowing a user to quickly navigate within a program guide to an established reference point.

Systems and methods for adaptive scheduling and dynamic bandwidth resource allocation management in a digital broadband delivery system. Method and system for a video-on-demand-related interactive display within an interactive television application.

Methods and apparatus for creating a video window with parameters defining position and scaling factor. Systeme de gestion a distance d'au moins un dispositif de reproduction d'informations audiovisuelles. Procede de gestion d'un affichage sur un ecran d'un televiseur, utilisation de ce procede, et televiseur fonctionnant selon ce procede.

Apparatus and method for saving commerce related information in a broadcast programming network. Method and system of identifying software and firmware objects available for download over a network such as a cable television system. System, method, and computer program product for placement of channels on a mobile device.

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Features for use with advanced set-top applications on interactive television systems. System and method for staging a home communication terminal to set default system parameters. Selection between an in-band and an out-of-band channel for downloading code to a set top box. System and method for tuning to an in-band channel and for identification via return-path. System and method permitting customers to order products from multiple participating merchants.

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Determining when to evaluate program code and provide results in a live evaluation programming environment. Implementing a jump instruction in a dynamic translator that uses instruction code translation and just-in-time compilation. Dedicating processing resources to just-in-time compilers and instruction processors in a dynamic translator.

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Data processing apparatus configured to recover a network connection, a method, a system and a non-transitory computer readable medium configured to perform same. Method to manage multiple versions of parts of a software application and to retire older versions in a dynamically updatable software system. Verifying the validity of a transition from a current tail template to a new tail template for a fused object. Method for calling interpreter language procedure from compiler language procedure.

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Use of dynamic translation to collect and exploit run-time information in an optimizing compilation system. Bounded-pause time garbage collection system and method including write barrier associated with source and target instances of a partially relocated object. Bounded-pause time garbage collection system and method including write barrier associated with a source instance of a partially relocated object.

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Process and apparatus for precisely metering quantities of granular or pulverulent solids. Data processing system having a memory using object-based information and a protection scheme for determining access rights to such information. Branch and return on address instruction and methods and apparatus for implementing same in a digital data processing system.

System for modifying relocatable object code files to monitor accesses to dynamically allocated memory. Apparatus and method for interrupt handling in a multi-threaded operating system kernel.

System and hardware module for incremental real time garbage collection and memory management. DET2 de. Efficient method and apparatus for compiling and linking modules of computer code in a large software system. Method and apparatus for a type-safe framework for dynamically extensible objects. Application binary interface and method of interfacing binary application program to digital computer. Method and system for reordering the instructions of a computer program to optimize its execution.

Instruction cache alignment mechanism for branch targets based on predicted execution frequencies. USA en. Dynamic method resolution for native methods in a dynamic object-oriented programming language. Method and apparatus for synchronizing multimedia messages in different servers. Performing exact garbage collection using bitmaps that identify pointer values within objects.

It can be reduced and the logical scale per unit area can be increased. Further, as in this embodiment, it is possible to cope with large-scale logic verification by mounting a plurality of logic LSIs 4 on both sides.

This point will be described with reference to FIGS. On both surfaces of the module substrate 2, lands 31 and outer layer wiring layers 32 connected to the terminals of the logic LSIs 4 a and b through the carrier 36 are arranged. The outer wiring layer 32 is arranged in a cross shape at the center of the module substrate 2, for example. The board module 2 is connected to both surfaces by using through-through holes 34 that arbitrarily connect each wiring layer such as the land 31 and the outer wiring layer In FIG.

Connection to the non-relative logic LSIs 4a and 4b is made through the non-through-hole 3 5 and Non-through hole 35 And through-hole 3 Four Inner layer wiring layer for connection inside module substrate 2 33 And done. The land placement is converted to the land layout, and the mounting positions facing each other are realized. For example, the same signal terminal, the same power supply terminal, and the GRD terminal land of the logic LSI 4a mounted on the front surface side and the logic LSI 4b mounted on the back surface side are in relative positions.

In Then, direct connection can be made through the through-hole 34, and wiring design is facilitated. When the same signal terminal land, the same power source, and the GRD terminal land are not in a positional relationship facing each other, as shown in FIG. Can be connected through. Accordingly, the wiring area between the logic LSIs 4a and 4b is an arrangement area of the component mounting land 31 and the through through hole 34 connected from the non-through through hole 35 via the inner wiring layer Therefore, the logic module can be miniaturized.

However, it goes without saying that it can be realized even with a build-up substrate having a through-through hole and a non-through-through hole that is linearly connected from the outer wiring layer to a desired inner wiring layer.

The logic board 21 to be subjected to logic verification includes a stack type receptacle connector 22 for connecting the logic module 1, a land 63 for mounting the connector, and a land 62 for mounting the LSI 61 to be developed. The logic module 1 has a size corresponding to the LSI 61 to be developed, and the land 62 is arranged below the position where the module 1 is mounted.

The land 62a is connected to the connector 22a via the through-hole 64 and the wiring 65 on the back surface of the logic board Similarly, the land 62b and the terminal 63b are also connected via the wiring 66 on the surface of the logic board Thus, the land 63 for mounting the connector and the land 62 for mounting the LSI 61 to be developed are connected one-to-one.

As described above, the land 62 on which the logic module 1 is mounted and the land 63 on which the connector is mounted are connected on a one-to-one basis, so that both the logic module 1 and the LSI 61 to be developed are mounted on the logic board It becomes possible. Further, the connector 22 can be left on the logic board 21 without being removed, and the connector 22 can be used as a waveform observation terminal when the development target LSI 61 is evaluated.

In this embodiment, the connector 23 mounted on the back side of the logic module 1 is a stack type plug connector 23, and the connector on the logic board 21 side is a stack type receptacle connector The connector 22b for loading does not have to be the same as the connector on the logic board 21, but for example, when the same stack type receptacle connector 22 as the connector mounted on the logic board 21 is mounted at a position relative to the back side connector, Two or more stages of logic modules 24 having the same function or logic modules 25 having different functions can be connected in succession, so that the logic scale can be expanded and the functions can be expanded by a multi-stage configuration.

The logic modules to be loaded need not have the same function. Even if logic modules having different functions, for example, a circuit for setting a configuration at the time of logic verification or a logic module provided with a memory circuit are loaded. The logic board 21 includes a connector for connecting to the logic module 1 at a relative position between the front surface and the back surface.

In this way, the logic module 1 can be mounted on both sides of the logic board In this embodiment, the logic module mounted on the back side of the logic board 21 is one stage, but it is needless to say that it can have a multi-stage configuration as in the front side.

The wiring is comprised. In the case of a 1: 1 net that connects two FPGAs a to d, the programmable LSIs a to d are connected by a logic signal wiring that connects 1: 1. In the case of a net connecting two or more FPGAs such as 1: 2, the signal wiring is connected via the switching LSIs a to d. In addition, logic signal wirings a to d are connected to the switching LSI a, and the logic signal wirings a to d are connected to, for example, FPGAs a to d, respectively.

When a 1: 2 net is formed by connecting the logic signal wiring a and the logic signal wirings b and c, logic data is written to the storage elements a and b so that the MOS transistors a and b are turned on. Further, logic data is written to the memory elements c and d so that the MOS transistors c and d are turned off. As a result, the logic signal wirings a, c and d are connected. In this manner, a desired connection can be configured by writing connection data to the storage elements a to d of the switching LSI a.

Signal wiring is directly connected to the device interface connectors a to d from the programmable LSIs a to d.

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For attending the conference, please contact the secretariat: etexhibit jtbcom. Electronics Architecture Engineering Department. Product Marketing Grp. Microsoft Japan Co. The latest trend of energy harvesting - Power supply technology supporting the IoT era. WhiteSource is the leading edge of OSS risk management solution.

The real user introduce its case. Nissin Systems Co. Most effective security measure guided by the case study of cyber attacks in the IoT. Security measure of IoT from cyber attacks for abnormality detection system of railway crossing. Start with the shortest, fastest, "derived" "diversion" "maintenance" development efficiency improvement! We will propose completely new and innovative methods to the development style utilizing existing software assets. First Business Div.

SoftBank Corp. Evaluation and improvement of finacial communications, retail direct mails, and web. Findings on issues pertaining to oraganizational structure that hinders usability improvement through atual practice.

Fuji Xerox Co. Software Research Associates, Inc. Let's make your own robot with embedded system! Utilization of OpenEL's robot control interface from Japan. Adviser, Central Information Center Co.

In the rapidly changing IoT era, what are the elements necessary for the Japanese manufacturing industry to survive in the world? Hitachi Automotive Systems, Ltd. The multi-core MBD environment to avoid backtracking of parallel software development. Next Generation Mobility. Industry 4. Embedded AI. Application of AI. Industry IoT. Data distribution and IP. Possibilities and Impossibilities of Blockchains and IoT. Automotive HMI - the Future is here. Embedded Linux Development, address the challenge and technical skills.

Essensial point of OSS development. Latest IoT trend in cutting edge intelligent factory. Ikuo Nakagawa Principal, Intec, Inc. Possibility of AI edge computing. Takahiro Kusunoki Macnica, Inc. Solution business Dept. Hisashi Goto Microsoft Japan Co. IoT technology and service even small and medium-sized enterprises can do! Kazunori Ide Data Rechnology Inc. Salse department Director. The latest trend of energy harvesting - Power supply technology supporting the IoT era Realize a maintenance-free system by utilizing the surrounding energy.

Actual examples of motion sensing algorythm using the IoT sensor evaluation kit. Do you have any solution for OSS risk management? KR KRB1 tr. CN CNC tr. AT ATT tr. AU AUB2 tr. BRA tr. CA CAC tr. COA1 tr. DE DET2 tr. ES EST3 tr. HK HKA1 tr. IL ILA tr. MYA tr. NZA tr. RUC2 tr. TWB tr. WOA1 tr. USB1 en. USB2 en. System and method for transmitting and utilizing electronic programs guide information.

Adaptive pattern recognition based controller apparatus and method and human-factored interface therefore. USA en. Human-factored interface corporating adaptive pattern recognition based controller apparatus. USREE1 en. Ergonomic man-machine interface incorporating adaptive pattern recognition based control system. Apparatus and methods for accessing information relating to radio television programs.

EPB1 en. WOA2 en. AUA en. Apparatus and method using compressed codes for television program record scheduling. USA1 en. Commercial product telephonic routing system with mobile wireless and video vending capability. Electronic television program guide schedule system and method including virtual channels. Electronic television program guide schedule system and method with data feed access.

Electronic television program guide schedule system and method with pop-up hints. Customer premises equipment receives high-speed downstream data over a cable television system and transmits lower speed upstream signaling on a separate channel. Conditional access filter as for a packet video signal inverse transport system. Apparatus for transmitting and receiving executable applications as for a multimedia system, and method and system to order an item using a distributed computing system.

System and method for generating an information display schedule for an electronic program guide. Method and apparatus for processing a conditional access program guide as for a satellite TV service.

System for automatic unattended electronic information transport between a server and a client by a vendor provided transport software with a manifest list.

Entertainment system for providing interactive video game responses to the game interrogations to the video game engines without being processed by the host computer. Method and system for simultaneously displaying a television program and information about the program.

System and method for selectively distributing commercial messages over a communications network. Method and apparatus for electronic distribution of digital multimedia information.

Telecasting service for providing video programs on demand with an interactive interface for facilitating viewer selection of video programs. System for distributing and selecting audio and video information and method implemented by said system. EPB1 fr. System and method for scheduling broadcast of and access to video programs and other data using customer profiles.

System and method for providing customized electronic newspapers and target advertisements. Electronic television program guide schedule system and method with display and search of program listings by title. Method and apparatus for finding and selecting a desired data item from a large schedule of data items using a tv set and a controller similar to a tv-remote-control.

Method and apparatus for geographically limiting service in a conditional access system. Method and apparatus for transmitting coded audio signals through a transmission channel with limited bandwidth. Method and apparatus for merging television program schedule information received from multiple television schedule information sources. Electronic television program guide schedule system and method with remote product ordering.

Data management and distribution system and method for an electronic television program guide. Interactive entertainment network system and method for customizing operation thereof according to viewer preferences. AUB2 en. Systems and method for displaying control objects including a plurality of panels. Image transmission apparatus, image transmission system, and communication apparatus. Procede et systeme de diffusion de programmes de television a allocation de ressources dynamique.

Method and apparatus for providing an interactive guide to events available on an information network. System for converting existing TV content to interactive TV programs operated with a standard remote control and TV set-top box.

System for converting TV content to interactive TV game program operated with a standard remote control and TV set-top box. Systems and methods for linking television viewers with advertisers and broadcasters. Television transmitter, television transmitting method, television receiver and television receiving method. A method for locating a program by searching in a program guide according to search criteria.

Interactive television system for implementing electronic polling or providing user-requested services based on identification of users or of remote control apparatuses which are employed by respective users to communicate with the system. Data processing apparatus for facilitating data selection and data processing in at television environment with reusable menu structures. Retrieval of additional information not found in interactive TV or telephony signal by application using dynamically extracted vocabulary.

Enhanced video programming system and method for providing a distributed community network. WOA1 en. Interactive entertainment system for presenting supplemental interactive content together with continuous video programs. Television schedule system and method of operation for multiple program occurrences. Interactive television system and method having on-demand web-like navigational capabilities for displaying requested hyperlinked web-like still images associated with television content.

Dispositif de telecommande sans fil programmable equipee d'une horloge interne. EPA3 en. Procede d'indexation de donnees dans un systeme de transmission de television numerique. Procede d'extraction de donnees dans un systeme de transmission cyclique et dispositif de mise en oeuvre.

Apparatus for video access and control over computer network, including image correction. Pay information providing system for descrambling information from plural sources and rescrambling the information before sending to a terminal or terminals.

FRA1 fr. Procede de selection d'un enregistrement sur un systeme numerique de reproduction audiovisuel et systeme pour mise en oeuvre du procede. Method and apparatus for high speed event log data compression within a non-volatile storage area. Information providing apparatus and method, display controlling apparatus and method, information providing system, as well as transmission medium. Television browsing system with transmitted and received keys and associated information. JPHA ja.

United Video Properties, Inc. System and method for interactively accessing program information on a television. Systems and methods for displaying and recording control interface with television programs, video, advertising information and program scheduling information.

Information retrieval system using an internet multiplexer to focus user selection. Apparatus for the integration of television signals and information from an information service provider.

Time Warner Entertainment Company, L. He Holdings, Inc. Method and system for processing supplementary product sales at a point-of-sale terminal. System and method for performing lottery ticket transactions utilizing point-of-sale terminals. Method and apparatus for selecting a supplemental product to offer for sale during a transaction. Method and apparatus for controlling the performance of a supplementary process at a point-of-sale terminal. Non-Telephonic, non-remote controller, wireless information presentation device with advertising display.

Systems and methods for awarding affinity points based upon remote control usage. Apparatus and method for generating a time-multiplexed channel surfing signal at television head-end sites. System for acquiring information requested by a user via a program guide selection.

Method and apparatus for time-shifting video and text in a text-enhanced television program. Information broadcasting method, information broadcasting system, and receiving apparatus for transmitting data other than program through digital broadcasting. Viewer interaction feedback method and system for use with an interactive telecommunication system. Program information retrieval apparatus, method and system for retrieving and displaying information of broadcast programs. Method and apparatus for an application interface module in a subscriber terminal unit.

Caption type language learning system using caption type learning terminal and communication network. Method and apparatus for geographically limiting service in a conditional accesssystem. FRB1 fr. Method and apparatus for upgrading features and functions of a set top box in the field. A reproduction apparatus for reproducing digital data, a recording medium recording digital data, and a computer-readable recording medium recording a reproduction program.

Link adapter interface for upgrading existing satellite communication system for enhanced modulation and coding. Computer system and method for providing digital video and data over a communication channel.

Method and apparatus for deleting a portion of a video or audio file from data storage prior to completion of broadcast or presentation. JPB2 ja. Computer system and process for transferring multiple high bandwidth streams of data between multiple storage units and multiple applications in a scalable and reliable manner. Method and system for supporting interactive commercials displayed on a display device using a telephone network.

Network server platform for a hybrid fiber twisted pair local loop network service architecture. Multifunction interface facility connecting wideband multiple access subscriber loops with various networks. Circuit to provide backup telephone service for a multiple service access system using a twisted pair. Methods and systems for providing information to set-top boxes having set-top box identifiers using frequency shift keying modulation. Methods and systems for providing television related services via a networked personal computer.

Pictograph-based method and apparatus for controlling a plurality of lighting loads. Program guide system with monitoring of advertisement usage and user activities.

Cable television system compatible bandwidth upgrade using embedded digital channels. Program guide system with targeted advertisements based on function buttons and non-programming options. CAC en.

Configurable monitoring of program viewership and usage of interactive applications. Reminder system for broadcast and non-broadcast events based on broadcast interactive applications. Response capacity management in interactive broadcast systems by periodic reconfiguration of response priorities. Method of contextually determining missing components of an incomplete uniform resource locator. Method and apparatus for distributed conditional access control on a serial communication network.

Control of a system for processing a stream of information based on information content. Systems and methods for advertising television networks, channels, and programs. Interactive television program guide system for determining user values for demographic categories.

Method and apparatus for providing subscription-on-demand services for an interactive information distribution system. JPB1 ja. EPA1 en. System and method for simultaneously accessing video data and internet page data.