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After consulting with my team and doctor I decided to press on with the attempts. Show more: SuuntoDive. Time Remaining 20 hour s Number of Bids 1 Seller saitamacarp. With this experience as a start, I gradually started to be concerned and care about chickens and all the barn animals I used to eat without giving it a second thought before. However, now the record attempt team has increased and it is nice to connect and have more of a support group for training.

William Trubridge reaches for another world record in freediving

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ジャパン ヴィンテージ コレクション vol.6.

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ジャパン ヴィンテージ コレクション vol.6

In the event that all of us had been regular from delivery (6 or even 8 pounds), ジャパン・ヴィンテージ“コレクション”〈vol.6〉アリアプロ2の壱 発売元:. All 6 different types are included in the box. Related Products.  ジャパン ヴィンテージ コレクション vol.6 Concept; Story Collection; Basic Collection; Standard Collection; Look Book 1 · Episode.1 「現代に蘇るヴィンテージウール Vol.1」. Episode.2 Vintage Wool Blanket Making Revives in Modern Times Vol. 2 Soto blends the traditional techniques of Bishu, Japan with the world's latest digital fabric 6 Kimo(Nap-​Raising). Merzbow (メルツバウ, Merutsubau) is a Japanese noise project started in by Masami Masami Akita was born in Tokyo, Japan on December 19, The Collection series consisted of ten cassettes, the first five were recorded in a studio for Recordings from this time are mostly recorded at extreme volume, some.

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STAGEAELアーチストシリーズ (グレード98級) Vol.4 AKB48 2,STAGEA曲集ヤマハ ジャパン・ヴィンテージ“コレクション”〈vol.6〉アリアプロ2の壱.  ジャパン ヴィンテージ コレクション vol.6  

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  ジャパン ヴィンテージ コレクション vol.6  Skyhd-131 スカイエンジェル ブルー vol.125 みやび真央

ジャパン ヴィンテージ コレクション vol.6

Also in , Akita released Merzbeat , which was seen as a significant departure from his trademark abstract style in that it contains beat-oriented pieces. This has sparked some controversy among fans, [32] though some reviewers pointed out that it sounded very similar to Aqua Necromancer , which features samples of progressive rock drumming.

Starting in the mids, Masami Akita began to reintroduce junk metal and effects pedals back into his setup. By the early s, he was using a large number of pedals, oscillators and tone generators, and reduced to a single laptop running granular synthesis software. In , Akita reintroduced the drum kit , his first instrument. At this time he changed the name of his home studio to Munemihouse. Beginning in November , Merzbow started releasing archival material from the s and s, both reissues and previously unreleased material, several of which were released on cassette.

The Kibbutz cassette was reissued on vinyl by Urashima. It is a double album, one disc is by Boris and one by Merzbow, that are meant to be played at the same time.

Starting in April , the Japanese label Slowdown Records began releasing a series of archival recordings spaning Merzbow's career, starting with Hyper Music 1 Vol. The label has released at least two CDs a month since then. Slowdown has also released several new recordings in addition to the archival releases. Merzbow's sounds employ the use of distortion, feedback, and noises from synthesizers, machinery, and home-made noisemakers.

While much of Merzbow's output is intensely harsh in character, Akita does occasionally make forays into ambient music. Vocals are employed sometimes, but never in a lyrical sense. Contrary to most harsh noise music , Akita also occasionally uses elements of melody and rhythm. Akita's early work consisted of industrial noise music made from tape loops and conventional instruments.

Similar to his present albums, he produced lengthy, disorienting pieces. He also became famous for the sheer volume of his releases. The avant-garde nature of Akita's work made acceptance by mainstream and unprepared audiences difficult.

When he performed with Kiyoshi Mizutani in at the Jazz-on-Amur festival in Khabarovsk in the Far East of the USSR , his improvised, experimental electroacoustic set was praised by fellow musicians as well as the festival's producer.

The number of the - jazz-oriented and - even just curious - crowd, however, had been expecting a more traditional and much-much more quiet performance, and started walking out. Prior to his second performance at the festival — which was to be made to an even more conservative audience— [39] Akita was asked to play "more musically.

During the s Akita's work became much harsher and was generally mastered at a louder volume than usual. These were heavily influenced by death metal and grindcore bands of the time a prime example is the Venereology album. In addition to Merzbow, Masami Akita has been involved in a number of side projects and groups. After completing his degree, Akita became a freelance writer and editor for various magazines in Japan.

None have been published in English. Note: English title refers to English writing on the cover, sometimes it's a translation of the Japanese title, or a completely different phrase. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Japanese noise project. Main article: Masami Akita discography. Bid: 1 JPY Time left: 4day s. Bid: , JPY Time left: 3day s. Bid: 5, JPY Time left: 4day s. Bid: 2, JPY Time left: 1day s. Bid: 2, JPY Time left: 6day s.

Bid: 20, JPY Time left: 22hour s. Bid: 1, JPY Time left: 24hour s. Bid: 51, JPY Time left: 2day s. Bid: JPY Time left: 3day s. Bid: 2, JPY Time left: 4day s. Top reviews from United Kingdom. There are 0 reviews and 0 ratings from United Kingdom. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Make Money with Us. Amazon Payment Methods. Let Us Help You. I've been able to focus on training but mostly it has just been me and one other person here. However, now the record attempt team has increased and it is nice to connect and have more of a support group for training.

The biggest impact has been the uncertainty. As an athlete, with sports like freediving, you are aware of the fact that it is an expendable job, not as important socially as a Doctor and a teacher.

More of a luxury in society as the arts, the sports, they are the first to go in a major fallout or crash. Now having a family has been the main impact on me but luckily I have been able to train consistently through this period with the hope to capitalize on that. What drives you to continue with this? Surely, you've found the human limits for apnea now? No, we have not found the human limits, we never will.

We know we can go at least one or two more meters, maybe ten, twenty, who knows! It becomes more and more improbable and our job as athletes is to stretch into that zone and redefine human limits as much as we can. Ah, Did anyone other than Jeff Bezos escape its infamy? I was hoping to end the year on a good note, by attempting a world record in Free Immersion.

In training, I logged a dive to m that was not just a personal best and one meter deeper than the current world record, but also one of the strongest and most enjoyable dives in this discipline of my career. Based on the strength of this dive, I announced a world record attempt for December The worst incident of my life.

A deep underwater blackout in training was caused not by low oxygen but most likely by toxic levels of carbon dioxide. It was something that has to date been a hidden risk, lurking latent in the deepest depths of competitive freediving. I was under the water for almost 7 minutes and revived by the impeccable action of my safety team as well as a lot of luck.

William surrounded by safety divers, who in training revived him after disaster hit while deep underwater. I took two weeks off and enjoyed being a father to my month-old daughter. But when I tentatively returned to breath-hold and the water I found miraculously that my form had remained, or even improved.

After consulting with my team and doctor I decided to press on with the attempts. I built back through the depths again to the point where I was diving close to the record depth. Then threw me some more challenges: bad weather, a problem with my ear and jaw, a commercial shoot with dates that had to change and overlap with the record attempts… I was still diving strong, but not with the consistency I need in the build-up for an attempt.

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