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Ocampos scored on his first Ligue 1 appearance following his return to Marseille, netting the only goal in a 1—0 win over Nantes on 12 August I do not believe I have read through a single thing like that before. It is clear that certain scientific and technological advances of the last thirty years have produced, and are continuing to produce, hazards of an altogether intolerable kind. Started off like a machine on question of sport. Hope all is good!

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Porque monacoin esta subindo

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Porque monacoin esta subindo

Freedom of speech and press were declared, and arbitrary arrests outlawed. It called for the destruction of aristocratic privileges and proclaimed freedom and equal rights for all men, as well as access to public office based on talent rather than birth.

In November , the Assembly decided to nationalise and sell all property of the Roman Catholic Church which had been the largest landowner in the country. In July , a Civil Constitution of the Clergy reorganized the French Catholic Church, cancelling the authority of the Church to levy taxes, et cetera. This fueled much discontent in parts of France, which would contribute to the civil war breaking out some years later.

While King Louis XVI still enjoyed popularity among the population, his disastrous flight to Varennes June seemed to justify rumors he had tied his hopes of political salvation to the prospects of foreign invasion.

His credibility was so deeply undermined that the abolition of the monarchy and establishment of a republic became an increasing possibility. In August , the Emperor of Austria and the King of Prussia in the Declaration of Pillnitz threatened revolutionary France to intervene by force of arms to restore the French absolute monarchy.

In the newly established Legislative Assembly October , enmity developed and deepened between a group, later called the 'Girondins', who favored war with Austria and Prussia, and a group later called 'Montagnards' or 'Jacobins', who opposed such a war.

A majority in the Assembly in however saw a war with Austria and Prussia as a chance to boost the popularity of the revolutionary government, and thought that France would win a war against those gathered monarchies. On 20 April , therefore, they declared war on Austria. In early September, Parisians, infuriated by the Prussian Army capturing Verdun and counter-revolutionary uprisings in the west of France, murdered between 1, and 1, prisoners by raiding the Parisian prisons.

The Assembly and the Paris City Council seemed unable to stop that bloodshed. France had declared war on Great Britain and the Dutch Republic in November and did the same on Spain in March ; in the spring of , Austria and Prussia invaded France; in March, France created a "sister republic" in the "Republic of Mainz". A factionalist feud in the National Convention, smoldering ever since October , came to a climax with the group of the 'Girondins' on 2 June being forced to resign and leave the convention.

Paris' Convention government between October and December with brutal measures managed to subdue most internal uprisings, at the cost of tens of thousands of lives. Some historians consider the civil war to have lasted until with a toll of possibly , lives. France in February abolished slavery in its American colonies, but would reintroduce it later.

Political disagreements and enmity in the National Convention between October and July reached unprecedented levels, leading to dozens of Convention members being sentenced to death and guillotined.

Meanwhile, France's external wars in were going prosperous, for example in Belgium. In , the government seemed to return to indifference towards the desires and needs of the lower classes concerning freedom of Catholic religion and fair distribution of food. Until , politicians, apart from inventing a new parliamentary system the 'Directory' , busied themselves with dissuading the people from Catholicism and from royalism. Napoleon, Emperor of the French, built a vast empire across Europe.

His conquests spread the ideals of the French Revolution across much of the continent, such as popular sovereignty, equality before the law, republicanism and administrative reorganisation while his legal reforms had a major impact worldwide. Nationalism, especially in Germany, emerged in reaction against him. Napoleon Bonaparte seized control of the Republic in becoming First Consul and later Emperor of the French Empire —; As a continuation of the wars sparked by the European monarchies against the French Republic, changing sets of European Coalitions declared wars on Napoleon's Empire.

His armies conquered most of continental Europe with swift victories such as the battles of Jena-Auerstadt or Austerlitz. Members of the Bonaparte family were appointed as monarchs in some of the newly established kingdoms. These victories led to the worldwide expansion of French revolutionary ideals and reforms, such as the metric system, the Napoleonic Code and the Declaration of the Rights of Man.

In June , Napoleon attacked Russia, reaching Moscow. Thereafter his army disintegrated through supply problems, disease, Russian attacks, and finally winter. After the catastrophic Russian campaign, and the ensuing uprising of European monarchies against his rule, Napoleon was defeated and the Bourbon monarchy restored.

About a million Frenchmen died during the Napoleonic Wars. The discredited Bourbon dynasty was overthrown by the July Revolution of , which established the constitutional July Monarchy. In that year, French troops conquered Algeria, establishing the first colonial presence in Africa since Napoleon's abortive invasion of Egypt in In general unrest led to the February Revolution and the end of the July Monarchy.

The abolition of slavery and introduction of male universal suffrage, which were briefly enacted during the French Revolution, were re-enacted in He multiplied French interventions abroad, especially in Crimea, in Mexico and Italy which resulted in the annexation of the Duchy of Savoy and the County of Nice, then part of the Kingdom of Sardinia.

By , the French conquest of Algeria was complete and approximately , Algerians were killed as a result. France had colonial possessions, in various forms, since the beginning of the 17th century, but in the 19th and 20th centuries, its global overseas colonial empire extended greatly and became the second largest in the world behind the British Empire. Including metropolitan France, the total area of land under French sovereignty almost reached 13 million square kilometers in the s and s, 8.

In , state secularism was officially established. A small part of Northern France was occupied, but France and its allies emerged victorious against the Central Powers at a tremendous human and material cost. World War I left 1. In , France was invaded by Nazi Germany and Italy. Metropolitan France was divided into a German occupation zone in the north, an Italian occupation zone in the southeast and Vichy France, a newly established authoritarian regime collaborating with Germany, in the south, while Free France, the government-in-exile led by Charles de Gaulle, was set up in London.

This interim government, established by de Gaulle, aimed to continue to wage war against Germany and to purge collaborators from office. It also made several important reforms suffrage extended to women, creation of a social security system. Charles de Gaulle took an active part in many major events of the 20th century: a hero of World War I, leader of the Free French during World War II, he then became President, where he facilitated decolonisation, maintained France as a major power and overcame the revolt of May The GPRF laid the groundwork for a new constitutional order that resulted in the Fourth Republic, which saw spectacular economic growth les Trente Glorieuses.

France was one of the founding members of NATO Only months later, France faced another anti-colonialist conflict in Algeria. The systematic torture and repression, as well as the extrajudicial killings that were perpetrated to keep control of Algeria, then considered as an integral part of France and home to over one million European settlers,[78][79] wracked the country and nearly led to a coup and civil war.

In , the weak and unstable Fourth Republic gave way to the Fifth Republic, which included a strengthened Presidency. The Algerian independence came at a high price: namely, the large toll on the Algerian population. It resulted in half million to a million deaths and over 2 million internally displaced Algerians.

The May 68 protests, a massive social movement, would ultimately led to many social changes, such as the right to abortion, women empowerment as well as the decriminalisation of homosexuality.

In the context of the Cold War, De Gaulle pursued a policy of "national independence" towards the Western and Eastern blocs. To this end, he withdrew from NATO's military integrated command while remaining in the NATO alliance itself , launched a nuclear development programme and made France the fourth nuclear power. He restored cordial Franco-German relations to create a European counterweight between the American and Soviet spheres of influence.

However, he opposed any development of a supranational Europe, favouring a Europe of sovereign nations. In the wake of the series of worldwide protests of , the revolt of May had an enormous social impact. In France, it is considered to be the watershed moment when a conservative moral ideal religion, patriotism, respect for authority shifted towards a more liberal moral ideal secularism, individualism, sexual revolution.

Although the revolt was a political failure as the Gaullist party emerged even stronger than before it announced a split between the French people and de Gaulle who resigned shortly after.

In the post-Gaullist era, France remained one of the most developed economies in the world, but faced several economic crises that resulted in high unemployment rates and increasing public debt. In the late 20th and early 21st centuries France has been at the forefront of the development of a supranational European Union, notably by signing the Maastricht Treaty which created the European Union in , establishing the Eurozone in and signing the Lisbon Treaty in Republican marches were organised across France after the January attacks perpetrated by Islamist terrorists; they became the largest public rallies in French history.

Since the 19th century France has received many immigrants. These have been mostly male foreign workers from European Catholic countries who generally returned home when not employed. It resulted in hundreds of thousands of Muslims especially in the larger cities living in subsidised public housing and suffering from very high unemployment rates.

They were encouraged to retain their distinctive cultures and traditions and required merely to integrate. The vast majority of France's territory and population is situated in Western Europe and is called Metropolitan France, to distinguish it from the country's various overseas polities. It is bordered by the North Sea in the north, the English Channel in the northwest, the Atlantic Ocean in the west and the Mediterranean sea in the southeast.

Its land borders consist of Belgium and Luxembourg in the northeast, Germany and Switzerland in the east, Italy and Monaco in the southeast, and Andorra and Spain in the south and southwest.

With the exception of the northeast, most of France's land borders are roughly delineated by natural boundaries and geographic features: to the south and southeast, the Pyrenees and the Alps and the Jura, respectively, and to the east, the Rhine river.

Due to its shape, France is often referred to as l'Hexagone "The Hexagon". Metropolitan France includes various coastal islands, of which the largest is Corsica. Its continental part covers about km from north to south and from east to west.

Metropolitan France covers , square kilometres , sq mi ,[99] the largest among European Union members. France possesses a wide variety of landscapes, from coastal plains in the north and west to mountain ranges of the Alps in the southeast, the Massif Central in the south central and Pyrenees in the southwest.

Due to its numerous overseas departments and territories scattered across the planet, France possesses the second-largest Exclusive economic zone EEZ in the world, covering 11,, km2 4,, mi2 , just behind the EEZ of the United States, which covers 11,, km2 4,, mi2 , but ahead of the EEZ of Australia, which covers 8,, km2 4,, mi2.

Metropolitan France has a wide variety of topographical sets and natural landscapes. Large parts of the current territory of France were raised during several tectonic episodes like the Hercynian uplift in the Paleozoic Era, during which the Armorican Massif, the Massif Central, the Morvan, the Vosges and Ardennes ranges and the island of Corsica were formed.

These massifs delineate several sedimentary basins such as the Aquitaine basin in the southwest and the Paris basin in the north, the latter including several areas of particularly fertile ground such as the silt beds of Beauce and Brie.

The Alpine, Pyrenean and Jura mountains are much younger and have less eroded forms. At 4, Corsica lies off the Mediterranean coast. The Garonne meets the Dordogne just after Bordeaux, forming the Gironde estuary, the largest estuary in Western Europe which after approximately kilometres 62 mi empties into the Atlantic Ocean. France has 11 million square kilometres 4. The French metropolitan territory is relatively large, so the climate is not uniform, giving rise to the following climate nuances:.

Summers are hot and dry, while winters are mild and wet. Summers are warm and dry, while winters are cool and wet. Summers are hot and wet, while winters are cool and damp. Summers are pleasantly warm and wet, while winters are cool and damp.

Summers are hot and wet, while winters are cold and gloomy. Summers are short, cool and wet, while winters are moderately cold and damp. No major cities are affected by this climate. Summers are pleasantly warm and dry, while winters are very cold and snowy. City affected by this climate: Barcelonnette. Summers are cool, short and dry, while winters are very cold and snowy. Place affected by this climate: Isola Summers are pleasantly warm and wet, while winters are very cold and snowy.

Cities affected by this climate: Chamonix, Mouthe. Summers are cool, short and wet, while winters are very cold and snowy. Summers are chilly and wet, while winters are extremely cold, long and snowy. Summers are cold and wet, while winters are extremely cold, long and snowy. A tropical climate Am in most overseas regions including eastern French Guiana: high constant temperature throughout the year with a dry and a wet season. An equatorial climate Af in western French Guiana: high constant temperature with even precipitation throughout the year.

A subpolar oceanic climate Cfc , characterised by mild, wet summers and cool, but generally not cold, damp winters. France was one of the first countries to create an environment ministry, in This is due to the country's heavy investment in nuclear power following the oil crisis,[] which now accounts for 75 percent of its electricity production[] and results in less pollution.

Forests account for 31 percent of France's land area—the fourth-highest proportion in Europe—representing an increase of 7 percent since The parks foster ecological research programs and public education in the natural sciences. The French Republic is divided into 18 regions located in Europe and overseas , five overseas collectivities, one overseas territory, one special collectivity — New Caledonia and one uninhabited island directly under the authority of the Minister of Overseas France — Clipperton.

Since France is mainly divided into 18 administrative regions: 13 regions in metropolitan France including the territorial collectivity of Corsica ,[] and five located overseas.

This number is used in postal codes and was formerly used on vehicle number plates. The departments are subdivided into arrondissements, which are, in turn, subdivided into 2, cantons. The regions, departments and communes are all known as territorial collectivities, meaning they possess local assemblies as well as an executive.

Arrondissements and cantons are merely administrative divisions. However, this was not always the case. Until , the arrondissements were territorial collectivities with an elected assembly, but these were suspended by the Vichy regime and definitely abolished by the Fourth Republic in Overseas collectivities and territories form part of the French Republic, but do not form part of the European Union or its fiscal area with the exception of St.

Bartelemy, which seceded from Guadeloupe in In contrast, the five overseas regions used the French franc and now use the euro. Clipperton IslandState private property under the direct authority of the French governmentUninhabited. French PolynesiaDesignated as an overseas land pays d'outre-mer or POM , the status is the same as an overseas collectivity. Still referred to as a territoire. The French Republic is a unitary semi-presidential representative democratic republic with strong democratic traditions.

The executive branch itself has two leaders. The president of the Republic, currently Emmanuel Macron, is the head of state, elected directly by universal adult suffrage for a 5-year term formerly 7 years. Senators are chosen by an electoral college for 6-year terms originally 9-year terms ; one half of the seats are submitted to election every 3 years.

The Senate's legislative powers are limited; in the event of disagreement between the two chambers, the National Assembly has the final say. Since World War II, they were marginalized while French politics became characterized by two politically opposed groupings: one left-wing, centred on the French Section of the Workers' International and its successor the Socialist Party since ; and the other right-wing, centred on the Gaullist Party, whose name changed over time to the Rally of the French People , the Union of Democrats for the Republic , the Rally for the Republic , the Union for a Popular Movement and The Republicans since In the presidential and legislative elections, radical centrist party En Marche!

As of , voter turnout was 75 percent during recent elections, higher than the OECD average of 68 percent. France uses a civil legal system, wherein law arises primarily from written statutes;[99] judges are not to make law, but merely to interpret it though the amount of judicial interpretation in certain areas makes it equivalent to case law in a common law system.

Basic principles of the rule of law were laid in the Napoleonic Code which was, in turn, largely based on the royal law codified under Louis XIV. In agreement with the principles of the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen, law should only prohibit actions detrimental to society.

As Guy Canivet, first president of the Court of Cassation, wrote about the management of prisons: Freedom is the rule, and its restriction is the exception; any restriction of Freedom must be provided for by Law and must follow the principles of necessity and proportionality. That is, Law should lay out prohibitions only if they are needed, and if the inconveniences caused by this restriction do not exceed the inconveniences that the prohibition is supposed to remedy.

The basic principles that the French Republic must respect are found in the Declaration of the Rights of Man and of the Citizen. French law is divided into two principal areas: private law and public law.

Private law includes, in particular, civil law and criminal law. Public law includes, in particular, administrative law and constitutional law. However, in practical terms, French law comprises three principal areas of law: civil law, criminal law, and administrative law. Criminal laws can only address the future and not the past criminal ex post facto laws are prohibited.

To see 13 species of N. Ligue 1 in French. AS Monaco in French. Archived from the original on 3 September Retrieved 27 August Ligue 1. La Pagina Millonaria in French. Le Phoceen in French. Retrieved 21 August Retrieved 17 October Retrieved 7 November La Gazetta dello Sport in Italian. Retrieved 30 January Caught Offside. AC Milan. Retrieved 31 January Gianluca Dimarzio. Galliani chiude con 3 innesti".

Foot Marseille in French. Retrieved 5 February Eurosport in French. Retrieved 12 August Retrieved 13 October Retrieved 16 January Retrieved 8 February Retrieved 21 May Hope you have your umbrella with you at Yas Links today! Weather looks a bit dodgy! Agree rafael shouldn't have been sent off, but his attitude doesn't do him any favours. He's a great player and he'll learn. Decent result for united.

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Need Fred back in the commentary booth to get me watching again! PaulMarshall9 haha! Let me know if u need any tips on ur box kicks!? I'll gladly give u a few pointers! MeganPura I could never compare myself to Jack Bauer! The guy is superhuman! I'll do very well to make it thru 1 series today!! WestwoodLee is it just the finely tuned athletes like ourselves that are getting the flu??

All this training has our immune systems low! I hate the flu!! Been wrapped up all day watching day 8 of Going to try and make it all the way thru to 3am. Wish me luck! WestwoodLee I told u, anytime u want a mcdonalds it's on me! Surely the most deserving on achievements and great moments this year! Yes I was in t shirt and shorts! Was coming back from the gym so was feeling ok. That and I'm hard as nails!! CharLouJackson flights were cancelled last night as well!

I'll hopefully get on the show in the new year sometime. RT jbhgn: McIlroyRory a mate and I were in Nando's last nite and agreed to see who the most famous retweet we can get is. Go on Rors, Was wondering where u were going with the beiber comment! Haha racing by more than 10?? More followers still won't get him into nightclubs in London! Ok guys that's it for me! Thanks for all your questions! Sorry to the people that had their timeline filled up because of me! Thorbjorn olesen RT steelmondo McIlroyRory who looks like a golfer who is about to emerge from the shadows and become a force?

I have! Twice at dunhill this year Very close, his 20kgs weight advantage might help him! In bath hopefully!! That would be some sight!!! I'll have a bet with him!! I scrub up well! Could they do 9 holes each?? Miami heat, new york jets RT dcolton20 McIlroyRory whats your sport and team to watch when you are in the states?

Sorry mate! Its good in this weather! Your jag would struggle! A range rover? Me hopefully!! No, titleist all the way! Sometime in the future, not right now. PGA Tour? Not very nice!! Explosive power, u should learn about it! At university somewhere! RT akaolly McIlroyRory who would win at tiddlywinks? You or IanJamesPoulter? All the time!! I like that idea! Actually nothing! I think im hard to buy for!

Sometime on monday night, cant remember much!! Beat tiger, gmac banter RT tonylloydfisher McIlroyRory who would you rather beat, poulter, gmac or tiger and who's got the best banter? Haven't played them! Waterville or Ballybunion? Ulster definitely!! IanJamesPoulter, pure self belief!! I'll try to answer as many as I can! Just wanted to spend more time standing up for the ulstermen!! PeteSnodden more chance with a PW!! Game is tomorrow, darrencave13 not travelling, being soft saying he has an injury!

Somehow managed to acquire my very own ice rink overnight!! Time to get the boots on! His favourite past time! Just had a great curry with darrencave13 and StephenFerris6 in Bengal brasserie. Has been great viewing. Ulster have Bath away on Saturday. Big game for us!! Vintage westwood!! Did you also forget to mention that Don't listen to him, he'll give u a bad deal!

I wish RT mattjsdawson McIlroyRory harry did have a point though!! Is it the same with golf? Angry elf anyone?? Will be a messy one no doubt! How's NYC?? Too much golf as a kid!! RT niallmcgill McIlroyRory quality film, i'm watching it with my 4 year old daughter, what's your excuse?! WestwoodLee stayed up for the AmirKingKhan fight.

Legendary performance! So a little tired right now. Elf is making me feel better tho. Its f king close to water , and from good guiness boys One of my mates birthdays. Saying that they've been going alright this season.

I'll enjoy watching. Kstupples I'll get you all the ulster shirts u want, as long as you give WestwoodLee some tips on how to hit it further! WestwoodLee haha! No worries i'll buy you your usual post round big mac next time i see you! Always great to get home! Miss the banter on tour sometimes tho! WestwoodLee all my mates were playing and no I was hard at work with our trainer!! Good luck with everything! RT siyoung McIlroyRory hey Rors how about a shout out for me and the wife expecting first baby in may.

Play good Greg!! Congrats guys! Hopping on a flight home to belfast at 7. Got the easiest question ever about one of your stablemates! Disappointed I didn't go away now! Had a great night with PatricKielty in London. A quiet dinner turned into a few too many drinks!

Good fun tho! Must say, felt like a one man band at times! Was a good laugh though! Started off like a machine on question of sport. Mystery guest did us in! Was on Xmas special, should be shown just before Xmas. Loving their work. Thx lads! RT paudiehunt11 McilroyRory you should have done A league of their own Just arrived in london to do question of sport this evening.

Should be a good laugh with mattjsdawson. Just had my first christmas dinner of the season! I love this time of year! Photoshoot with oakley DONE!! Waiting in LA to get a flight home. Playing at We'll have a good laugh out there if nothing else! A pair of 64's would do nicely! U agree!? One more round then off for 6 weeks. Can't wait!! RT WestwoodLee Hey these triumph stags are common! There's one parked outside the sun city hotel too!

Or maybe it was your playing partner?? RT TigerWoods 66 today. Maybe it's the shirt? Played solid today, bad finish! Need a good weekend to have a chance! Taking my mind off it, heading to the lakers game now! WestwoodLee i know, i will miss him. The past and probably future world number 1 will have to do for company ;.

WestwoodLee I can stay up late tonight because i'm last off tomorrow. A little treat for shooting 66 ;. WestwoodLee grown up women maybe No bigger shades for me but I hear the prototypes are ready for u! WestwoodLee I'll get you a few pairs if u want! Those Louis Vuitton things u wore in dubai were shocking!

Thought they were ur wife's! Very useful during the day though, seemed to worked for my It is soooo funny! Yeah played good today. Looking forward to playing with TigerWoods tomorrow. Too funny!! RT IanJamesPoulter westwoodlee how's the food down at sun city. I was just hanging on to his coat tails most of the da WestwoodLee well the world number 1 is going grey so thought I'd try it out!

Just for men for you Mr. RickieFowlerPGA no worries dude! The tweeps appreciate it! Enjoy your downtime, see you in Arizona! I'm tweeted out!! Thanks for all the questions! Love liverpool! Just not the football team! Interaction with fans and banter with the boys! RT rocshot McIlroyRory whats the best thing about twitter?? All the time! I will play, just not 15 events to be a member.

No secret! Hard work! RT allybrough mcilroyrory man your my idol. How did you manage to get soo good? Like what's the fcken secret? Not sure, luck maybe? Autographs after chicken! Thankfully not! Wouldn't that be silly?! Being home with friends and family.

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On the voice kids belgium, he competed as a member of laura tesoro's team. When a 13 year old boy named abu stepped on stage for a blind audition on the voice kids belgium, the audience wondered what he would sound like.

Voor team sean laat ze nu haar klok van een stem horen in 'when the party's over' van billie eilish. The voice kids is a belgian music talent show for aspiring singers aged 8 to 14, based on the concept of the show the voice van vlaanderen. The first broadcast took place on 5 september on vtm. The first season was won by mentissa aziza, the second by jens dolleslagers, the third by katarina pohlodkova, and the fourth by jade de rijcke.

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