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Add to Favourites. See More by ichan-desu. Suggested Collections. Sneedham by Rayos1. By ichan-desu. Updated character sheet for Elder's Floating Temple. Isabella is a 23 year old warrior banished from her people's home. A fantastic fighter of great strength, she now drinks her sorrows away at a local tavern.

Image details. Published: Jul 29, Comments Join the community to add your comment. Already a deviant? Log In. Very beautiful fun. Very good work! Amazingly sexy. I love the fluidity of the pose, and her shapeliness! She reminds me of Amber rose. Reply 1 like. Very sexy work I love it, she looks to got some attitude.

Is it wrong to say that she has a nice ass? She is very strong! Love this character, and her curves. Ripped as fuck. The character design seems really nice. I like how she's not stick-skinny because that expresses a more realistic body image. However, seeing her occupation, I would like to note something rather important if you want to make her character believable: I know people please hear me out always show big chested women in all these fighting roles, saying they're awesome fighters--but not really.

First, most women who are athletic typically lose their chest and get a smaller one replaced by more muscle in fact, it's a joke among women that that is the first place you lose weight. Second for those who don't lose it serious physical problems occur when you're athletic and that big up top--including extreme pain, strained tissues, loss of balance, severe and sometimes hindering back pain, and pulled ligaments. Plus, women get floppy, saggy grandma boobs really young because of the damage caused to them.

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