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It is a diether, a primary alcohol and a hydroxypolyether. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policy , including cookie policy. The handset does not float on water. It may cause damage to the rubber gasket and allow liquids or dust to get inside.

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Looking for a way to Download Jspeak – Japanese translator for Windows Jspeak – Japanese translator Download for PC Windows 10/8/7 Laptop: マネレコ-ドコモの安心、簡単、便利な無料家計簿アプリ- Download. When activating for the first time, download and install the. "Instruction Manual" マネレコ (MANERECO): A banking application that allows you to check the. operations of functions. Download from the DOCOMO website access them from smartphones, tablets,. PCs, etc. マネレコ. (manereco)*1,. 2. A household. マクドナルド. マネレコ. d book MyShelf DL. フォトコレクション Download Manager. Gallery. Iris. trouble/manual/download/so03j/ マネレコ. (Manereko). *1. A bank​ing app that allows you to check the If downloading an application is not.

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マネレコ ダウンロード

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Your HTC Inspire 4G User guide 2 Conventions used in this guide In this user guide, we use the following symbols to indicate useful and important information: This is a note.

A note often gives additional. Skelly Drive P. Setup and Startup Hacks 1 Hack Disable Windows 8's Lock Screen 1 Hack What s Included 2. Getting Started 3. Customizing the Pogoplug Interface a. Custom UI b. Custom Domain Name c. Please follow the instructions.

Support for Certificate Based Authentication Exchange Administrators will be able to use a more secure. ShareSync is a cloud backup and file sync and share service. ShareSync allows you to easily sync files between multiple computers, the ShareSync web App and. Mobile has taken the world by storm largely because of the applications that users are able to download and use on their smart phones. They provide instant information and provide customers with a direct.

User manual Smart 4 1. Your mobile 1 1. Tip: Select a link above or use Bookmarks in your Acrobat Reader to jump to a topic. It runs on the smartphone which is connected to the watch via Bluetooth. Web Share. The Wireless. All rights reserved. Edition 1. Table of Contents General notices for use The specifications and software in this manual are subject to change without.

Using the IPad and Browsing the Web a. Hardware Controls i. Log in Registration. Search for. Size: px. Start display at page:. Leslie Wade 2 years ago Views:. Similar documents. New features. Getting started. Transferring data. Managing your phone. User Guide V1. Please read the safety precautions and important notes in the supplied manual before use.

More information. After More information. Quick Start Guide. This guide describes features that are common to most models. Some features may not be available on your tablet. Personal Cloud. You More information. User Guide.

  dカードアプリ for PC – Technical Specifications

Do Not doing so may affect the performance of electronic medical equipment. Handling precautions - The rapid change in temperature may cause condensation, causing internal corrosion and malfunction. Also, animals, etc. If you carry the terminal close to your body, moisture - If you use optional products other than specified, it may from sweat may corrode the internal parts causing a cause malfunction or damage.

Continue to use it. Also, bringing strong magnetism close may cause a malfunction of the terminal. Li-ion 00 Li-ion battery - May cause an abnormal operation of the function using the proximity sensor. Do not deform the charging jack. UIM card. Be aware of security risks stations used to identify mobile objects used in when using Bluetooth. Frequency bands used by the terminal Bluetooth function 1.

Before using the terminal, check whether "other radio are as below. If radio wave interference occurs between the terminal and "other radio stations", use the terminal in a 2.

For details, contact "General Inquiries" on the last page d of this manual. Use of Bluetooth function is limited in some countries. To use in airplane, confirm with airline company in advance. On the a b cd other side, if you communicate without appropriate 2. It is recommended to make necessary security settings on your judgment and e responsibility. To use WLAN affect the terminal. Before using this device, confirm that in-plant radio , , , , , , , , , , , stations for identification of mobile objects, specified Ch low power radio stations or amateur radio stations are not in operation in your neighborhood.

Before using, of partitions etc. If this device generates harmful radio wave interference against in-plant radio stations for frequency band nearby. Also, the and as a proof of it, the "Technical Compliance Mark " is terminal comprises the shock resistant structure which depicted on the electronic nameplate of the terminal.

FJ is slowly submerged to depth of 1. Telecommunications Business Act. Change1 Method Also, it does not guarantee the non- Storage at Storage environment : High damage and trouble-free. After use, press it in the direction indicated by the arrows - Do not use brush, sponge, soap, detergent, etc. Ensure times in tap water put in a washbowl or other container to that there are no gaps between the slot cap and the body. Also, do not use the terminal in hot water.

May cause malfunction. In case the terminal gets wet with water other than tap water, wash it in the procedure above. Do not perform actions shown in the illustrations below. Do not damage or remove the rubber seals. Also, prevent dust from adhering to them. Upon properly. Do not use the terminal with the AC adapter is connected to its specified repair office. Even if the FJ is waterproof in IPX5 waterproof, water may enter inside from a damaged section and cause troubles such as electric shocks or corrosion of the battery.

If they dry out, it is hard to remove the dirt and it may cause damage or malfunction. In a cold region, terminal surface and back side with dry, clean cloth etc. Such water may interfere with talking.

Malfunctions deemed to be caused by inappropriate operation by the customer are not covered by the warranty. May cause fire or electric shock. May cause electric shock. RGB sensor senses ambient light and brightness and automatically adjusts the display backlight.

Do not cover it. Covering around the antenna by the hand t may affect the quality. Trying to remove it w with excessive force may cause damage or malfunction. Failure to do so may cause a malfunction. Also, be aware that trying to insert or UIM card slot d remove the docomo nano UIM card using excessive force may cause it to break.

Doing so may IC damage the tray. Tray Also, please note the following. At the time of subscription, the code microSDXC card. Do not insert one. If you want to reuse a is set to "", which you can change by yourself. For information on compatible microSD cards, contact manufacturers of microSD cards. The data may corrupt. Each time it is charged, time available with each charging reduces. When the terminal becomes warm, charging life of the internal battery is assumed to be over.

We may stop temporarily for the safety. When the terminal recommend you to replace the internal battery ahead of becomes extremely hot, stop using immediately. Wait until the temperature is dropped and then retry charging. Remove the terminal from the charger and retry. Immediately exit any applications you might be using. Remove the terminal from the charger and charge it again in the proper manner.

A conversion plug adapter for the destination country is required when using an AC adapter compatible from AC V to V. Also do not use a transformer for overseas travel to charge. Press and hold P 2 sec. Restart : Restart the terminal. Some operations can be operated by keeping touching the screen with a finger. Slide Swipe : Touch the screen with your finger and drag to The touch panel is designed for being touched lightly with the desired position.

Note that it may cause malfunction. Pan : Drag the screen in a direction to view the desired part - Operation with tip of fingernail when whole web page etc. Example : Drag Double-tap : Tap twice quickly. You can save a screen displayed on the terminal as an image. Press and hold P and volume down key at the 1 same time 1 sec. When you approve these access rights, the and hold P until the phone options menu 1 Press appears corresponding functions and information become available to the application or function.

Check the displayed content carefully and operate. You can select a keypad. You can rewrite keypad]. To show the keypad again, tap the Flick towards the desired character without releasing your character entry field. Tap consonant characters, tap once or twice after flicking.

Password manager to relate to the entry screen. To enter quotations, tap [Quote from Password manager]. However, ID and password may not be entered that key. Slide your finger to the desired character without automatically as the quotation according to the screen releasing your finger from the screen.

Slide your finger to the desired character without releasing. Set by character entries. You can also switch to another input method such as the Google keyboard to enter characters. Initialize : Initialize settings or Initializing learning data. Open source software license : Display the open source software license.

Selected text is highlighted. Call history saved to the terminal before Install all apps : Install applications necessary for using data transfer is deleted.

The last registered Google account is set as an account to move to. From here on, follow the onscreen instructions. Names and actions of icons are as Turning on the terminal : Light once in green follows. For some applications it may work according to Touch and hold : Activate Google the settings of application.

However, this function comes first History icon when turning on the terminal. Tap to display the whole screen with it moved to the Notification icon Status icon direction of the navigation bar Slide display.

However, the status bar will not move. However, when there are 2 or more missed calls, they do not appear. Flick the status bar downward with two fingers to open the Touch and hold the panel switch to open the corresponding Panel switch.

You can also reduce battery consumption. Tap on the lock screen to activate the camera. Task manager 2 Touch and hold the application thumbnail, and then drag to the [Drag here to use split screen] If you stop operation of an application by tapping Home appeared at the top of screen. This function allows you to check running this function.

To end all applications, tap [Delete all]. To switch applications, tap and select a thumbnail of the application, or tap Home and activate an application to display. When an application is displayed in full- and hold P until the phone options menu screen, tap to return to the split screen. Home" and "NX! Home sleep mode by pressing P or no operation in a certain period Simple" home apps are available in the terminal. Apps button : Display the application list screen.

Home screen g Folder Store multiple applications. On the Home screen, you can add widgets or activate applications. You can locate desired applications, widgets, etc. Activate applications. To on the Home screen, from the Home screen, 1 Touch area and hold blank area in the customize. Application list. Or, pinch-in at any position on the Home screen to b display the home screens. The options menu such as Kisekae, settings, etc.

Duo : Allows you to enjoy one-to one video calls. You can f Recommends button share any moments with your important persons.

Facebook : Facebook is a social service that allows users to communicate with friends, family, colleagues, and classmates and see what is happening in the world today.

Gmail : You can use email provided by Google or other general providers. KSfilemanager : An application for managing data contents Anshin Scan : Ensure your smartphone by checking virus, in the terminal, microSD card, etc. You can when you attempt to access a non-secure website, etc. An terminal operations by remote-checking the display of your application for collecting coupons or latest information. Camera : Shoot still images or videos. Mail : Configure and manage multiple accounts of Calendar : View calendar and register schedule.

You can also enjoy chatting with Twitter : An official client application of Twitter. Public various characters. It supports i-concier service. You can enjoy downloaded from websites.

Data Copy : An application that allows you to transfer data Photos : View or edit photos. Data Storage BOX is a service which then accessing the backup data from smartphones, tablets or allows you to upload files to easily manage them in the cloud.

PC etc. The phonebook data of docomo account can be Media Player : Play music and videos. It supports address docomo. Additionally, i-concier service.

Home" or "NX! Home Simple". A search service for Drive : Upload photos or videos saved in the terminal to the displaying articles for categories you selected. Documents can be created to share or to edit. Instruction Manual : Instruction Manual for this terminal in Japanese only. You can start function directly from the description. Confirm the some of them again from Play Store etc.

Tap an application in the page to activate the application. Tap to jump to the screen where the application is displayed with the icon focused. It helps to set search words based on You can restore the Home screen layout such as applications your tendency of articles to read or profile information to and widgets using docomo LIVE UX data backed up in bring them closer to your preference. You can also configure docomo cloud.

If you use it, docomo service page will be My Magazine so that it can be customized using notifications, added to the home screens at the end. Confirm the content and tap [OK]. So, talking. You can also switch between voice and video calls. When you tap [YES], call, the display goes out. It is redisplayed by moving away the additional code is sent. If you use the terminal to place a call to and the display remains on even when the face, etc.

However, if the agency you called considers Emergency call Phone number your location information and phone number necessary for important purposes such as life saving, the agency can Police call retrieve your accurate location information obtained via Fire and emergency rescue GPS and phone number regardless of your mobile settings.

Also, make a point to call in a stationary position to prevent the call from being dropped. Emergency call may not be available via some networks.

Touch and hold [0] to connected network, it may not be displayed. Tap [Convert number] or [Use original number]. The following operations are possible in the screen during a call.

Tap a caller's name or phone Since Voice adjusting also activates while using Voice clear, number on the incoming call screen, the incoming call screen the sound quality will be adjusted to more suitable than full-screen. Voice clear. P52 to check missed calls, dial or send SMS.

Send touch-tone signals DTMF tones. If Tap to display a selection screen for switching to video call the other party speaks without pause, the voice is heard with on the other party's terminal.

If it is accepted, switching to normal speed. Select the voice output device. You can check call history. Touch and hold to edit phone number and call or to delete from the history.

Caller ID notification : Set notification or confirm settings. When a message notifying registered numbers or the Advanced settings. English guidance : Set or check the settings. Phone memo settings : Set answer time or reply message.

Mute, Reject : Set whether to reject a call by placing the Reject unregistered call : Set whether to reject incoming terminal horizontally with the screen facing down or by calls unregistered in the phonebook.

Call ranking : Check the parties whom you made a lot of Reject call from pay phone : Set whether to reject call from calls. Specified number rejection : Set to not receive calls and Sending of use information : Allow to send use SMS messages from the specified parties. You can use the Suguden incoming call.

Answer : Set whether to answer by placing the terminal to Open source licenses : Confirm open source licenses. The that registers as an operating motion may cause the call to be name may not be hidden on other screens. To use the function overseas, set When answering a call If hair is blocking the earpiece as you Disable Suguden during roaming to OFF in the bring the phone to your ear, the proximity sensor may have Suguden setting. Clean the sensor regularly.

Note that you cannot end call by setting is set to ON, disconnection is activated in the pressing P in sleep mode. You can contact registered parties through In this case, perform the motion slowly so that the terminal simple operation.

When you application is needed. For the first time activation of docomo use the Suguden answer function, the terminal detects that phonebook application including after the application is it is near your ear and sets the proper sound volume, but if initialized , "Use of Cloud" screen appears and you can start the terminal does not detect it, loud sound may emit near use of cloud.

Set the ring volume to a properly. In the profile screen, you can make a call, send SMS, etc. Activate docomo Data Copy app : Activate docomo Data a Copy application and back up or restore the phonebook b d entries or other data to or from a microSD card collectively. Open the Notification panel and c then tap the notification of "Finished exporting contacts. Tap to share contacts".

Select the application such as Bluetooth or the mail application to perform sending operation. Added to "Favorites". You can also register or edit your own information. Alternatively, enter "", "Country code" and "the recipient mobile phone number" to send messages.

Enter a phone number without a leading "0", if any. Delete unnecessary applications etc. Delete old messages : Set whether to delete old messages if the number of saved messages reaches upper limit.

Notifications : Set whether to show notification on the status bar when receiving a message. Sound : Set ringtone when receiving a message. Vibrate : Set whether to vibrate the terminal when receiving a message. Set the smsc number : Set the message center number.

Mail Set docomo mail address docomo. Mail, download the application from Google Play. Mail] displayed below the address field you previously entered in. From here on, follow the on-screen instructions and enter 5 Enter a message in the message field mail addresses and passwords etc. If the receiver sets operate. Mail, the mail list in the specified folder is displayed.

Mail Make Email settings. Incoming settings : Set the operation when receiving an mail. Account settings : Add the account and settings. Mark : Set the mark available for received mails. Signature : Set the signature. Receive interval : Set the receiving interval of emails. Incoming server settings : Set the received mail server. Other : Perform other settings related to NX! Mail such as Outgoing server settings : Set the sending mail server. Mail version, saved Ringtone : Set the ringtone for incoming mail.

Vibration : Set whether to vibrate the terminal when an email is received. Character code when sending mail : Set the character codes for emails. When the terminal is low on. You Check screen image and beep tone : Check the reception can set to disable the sound. Browser You can view web pages like on a PC using Browser. However, downloaded files or web page added to bookmarks. URL : Open the web page. You can print a displayed web page using a Wi-Fi supported Email address : Create a new mail.

Set connection with a Phone number : Call to the phone number. Double-tapping text string adjusts the text to be fitted with the screen width.

Bandwidth management : Set Web page preloading and Load images. In dmenu, you can easily access sites recommended by 1 From the Home screen, [dmarket] Top screen of dmarket appears. Also, movie contents introduced in dmenu, packet communication charge is can be rented to view.

Play Store for the first time. Be careful especially about applications which access many functions or large amount of data. The terminal may be infected with a virus and the data may be damaged. Note that packet communications including Google Inc. For details, in the Google Play. IC card reader in stores etc.

Also, you can check balance of electric money and screen appears. Follow the onscreen instructions to set. By locking Osaifu-Keitai functions, you can prevent the terminal from being used without your permission in case of theft or loss.

For more information remains powered off for a long time or battery is low, the about reissuing and restoring data, and support for saving function may not be available. For important data, be sure to use an background communication necessary for providing the Osaifu-Keitai compatible service with backup service. In that case, remove the case or cover. You can register the Settings appears, follow the onscreen instructions and information of up to two cards and use either one depending set a password.

You can obtain by various ways such as mails, web 1Seg is a digital terrestrial TV broadcasting service for mobile download, Bluetooth function, IC tag, etc. You can easily devices that allows you to receive data programs along with update your ToruCa. You can easily update your ToruCa.

Receiving video and audio is free. For provider, the following functions may not be available. Some sites require information charges to be used. For this reason, the signal cannot be received at pulling it out. Do not put an excessive force. Also, in the following places, the signal status may become weak or the signal may not be received even if the terminal is inside the area of a terrestrial TV broadcasting service.

Signal reception may be improved. Do not hold the top end to stow. To operate data 1Seg keeps coming out. To end Background play of the 1Seg, broadcasting, touch the screen to operate or tap control return to the 1Seg watching screen and tap Back.

You can reserve watching TV programs. A reservation list appears. Save TV links to display related websites directly. If the Reserve Viewing time comes while it is switched to users or guests, Reserve watching is not performed. Check your reservation. Notes : Display the information of terms of use. Camera Subtitle position : Set the position of subtitles for the horizontal screen. This is not a malfunction. Wait until the terminal cools down to use again. Fully charge the terminal before using the camera.

Wipe with a soft cloth before shooting. When you are approximately 10 cm or more away from an object, the camera automatically focuses on the object according to the set scene mode. Avoid using or altering pictures of others without d h their consent, because they may infringe on portrait e rights. Please be considerate of the privacy of individuals around f you when taking and sending photos using camera- equipped mobile phones.

Icons indicating the settings of white balance appear at the side of the icon. Icons indicating the settings of exposure correction appear at the side of the icon.

Before shooting, a still image or video is not displayed. When the face is detected, the camera part of the volume key. Zoom function is not available for in- Indicates the current shooting mode is still image shooting camera. While pressing , continuous shooting and saving are Shooting start sound is heard and a shooting is started.

Move the camera so that the message does not appear. With [Touch shutter] set to ON, the camera makes an auto change the following shooting settings. If to use an object as the base, tap the object to fix the exposure. If auto flash or off is set, the fluorescent lamp etc. You can change the settings by tapping the displayed icon. Also depending on the night scene, it may not turn on. Set to shoot a picture 2 seconds , 3 seconds , or 5 Shooting start sound is heard and a shooting is started.

Location : Set to add location information to shot images. Touch shutter : Set to shoot with auto focus lock sound and shutter sound by tapping an object when the object is focused on.

Zoom function is not available for in- fluorescent lamp etc. The terminal automatically adjusts settings and records video in the following functions.

Select shooting size. Reading with QR code reader. Scan QR code data and use it. A confirmation sound is played when scanning is complete and the scanned data appears. Scanning divided data : One data item divided into multiple up to 16 QR codes can be scanned and be displayed as a combined data.

Continue reading if unscanned data exists. Frame in light previous and next screen. Tap to deselect. Tap a number of pause, fast-rewind, fast-forward, etc. Playable video file formats are a i H. However, some b files may not be played back. Playing is possible when the file is selected in c other application etc. To change order of songs, drag of song up or down. When using GPS received or might be difficult to receive.

Also, do not cover the function, a packet communication charge may be applied. For this reason, note that terminal DOCOMO is not liable for losses incurred by navigation performed by using location information. Note that DOCOMO shall have no liabilities whatsoever even if you suffer damage or loss due to a deviation of the location information.

Therefore, the magnetic field may not be sensed or a direction may not be displayed correctly when the terminal is used inside or near buildings including underground shopping area , vehicles, metal facilities an elevator etc.

You can manage your schedule. The measurement starts. Resetting the countdown : While pausing the countdown,. Follow the on-screen mathematical expression to the result. Home", you can You can copy the phonebook entries, images, etc. Settings of search target of handwriting search communication which does not use the internet.

You can transfer or back up data such as phonebook entries or images using a microSD card. The data may be damaged. Also, some text may be deleted in copied destination, because character 3 [Back to top] type that can be saved in the phonebook varies by terminal. Restore the phonebook data, media files, etc. In that case, delete unnecessary files to make available space. The data stored in a microSD card cannot be backed up. However, while you connect Wi-Fi network, Wi-Fi comes first.

Note that packet the same frequency band 2. If you use the wireless communication fee may apply if network connection stays LAN function and Bluetooth function of the terminal at the switched. Also, you may hear noise or needs to be set.

To make settings, from the Home screen, tap have a connection problem. In this case, do the following. If connection is failed, use WPS. If you do not want to use packet communication, turn off Multi-connection. Multi-connection target. In - VPN in connection such case, connect manually. Set whether to disconnect Wi-Fi when the screen of the Network notification : Set whether to notify when a Wi-Fi terminal turns off or while charging.

IP address : Display the IP address. Cellular data usage : Display the cellular data usage for the period specified in "Billing cycle" in a graph. Network restrictions : Set to restrict usage of the specified Wi-Fi network. Airplane mode. Set a billing cycle measuring period , a data amount for warning, or an upper limit of data usage. To check the actual data usage amount, refer to "My docomo". When authentication is not available, disable tethering to use.

Change the settings as needed. You can add and change access points if necessary. For details on mopera U, refer to mopera U website. Packet communication is kept active unless you cut off the connection or the time-out occurs. The networks] setting disappears from the screen. Best view adjust : Set whether to adjust screen color shade matching the visibility for your age.

Set brightness of screen backlight. Video correction : Set whether to correct image quality of videos 1Seg, YouTube, etc. Set screen saver which is displayed when the terminal goes into the sleep mode while charging. Set the display method of notification of each application or function. Block all : Set whether to block all the notifications. Show silently : Set whether to notify without sound, vibration, screen display.

On the lock screen : Set whether to display the notification content on the lock screen. Make settings for volumes, ringtone, etc. Phone ringtone : Set phone ringtone. Default notification ringtone : Set the notification sound. Sound at start charging : Set whether to notify by sound when starting charging. And the vibration turns to ON.

Manner mode Alarm : Same operation as Manner mode mode] except alarm volume and vibration go along to the alarm. Original manner : Set sound volume for each sound type the status bar. The icon varies by Manner mode type. For each icon, see "Icons on the status bar".

And if pre-installed applications are unistalled, you applications in the terminal can reset the terminal to restore. Disabled applications are not displayed on the applications list screen or the Home screen, or cannot be launched either. In such case, enable the application again to operate them correctly. You can also set a password to a microSD card. SD card : Check the usage status of microSD card. Tap App battery check : Display applications which affect the to unmount the microSD card release recognition to take battery life such as applications running in the out safely.

To use Battery saver, turn it on again after charging. Add a user to share the terminal with multiple users the function with which users and a guest can use the terminal. The information that is necessary for emergency or your To suppress battery consumption for each application, the profile information can be registered, too. Tap to edit the user names and icons. Guest : When a guest uses the terminal, "Remove guest" is displayed and you can remove the applications or data that the guest used.

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